The Complaint of the Lover of Christ, Mary Magdalen


STC 17568
Brown and Robbins 2759 (no MS extant), Ringler 17568 and TP 1472. Lacks sig. A1. Rpt. with erroneous attribution to Chaucer, STC 5088 [Pynson, 1526] and again STC 5068 [Thynne, 1532], entitled 'The lamentatyon of Mary Magdaleyne'. UMI microfilm reel 604.

Here endeth the complaynte of the louer of cryst Saynt mary Magdaleyn
London: Wynkyn de Worde,1520? [STC].

Composition Date: 1520?.

eage: =ageMy loue[s] corse: cf. my loues chere, above
sig: A2
PLonged in the wawe of mortall dystresse
Alas for wo to whome shall I complayne
Or who shall deuoyde this huge heuynesse
From me moost wofull mary_Magdeleyne
5 My lord is gone alas who wrought this tr[ey]n treyn] tryen 1520
This sodeyne chaunce perseth my herte so depe
That nothynge can I do but wayle and wepe

My lorde is gone that here in graue was layd
After his grete passyon and deth cruell
10 Who hath hym this agayne betrayde
Or what man here-aboute can me tell
Where he is becomen the prynce of Israell
Iesus of Nazareth / my goostly socoure
My perfyte loue / and hope of all honoure

15 What creature hath hym hens caryed
Or how myght this so sodeynly befall
I wolde I had here with hym taryed
And so sholde I haue hadde my purpos all
I bought oyntementes full precyous and ryall
20 Wherwith I thought his cors to haue anoynted
But he thus gone / my mynde is despoynted despoynted ='disappointed, balked'; see OED s.v. dispoint v1

Whyle I therfore aduertyse and by_holde
This pyteous chaunce here in my presence
Full lytell meruayle thoughe my herte be colde
25 Consyderynge loo my lordes abscence
Alas that I so full of neclygence
Sholde be founde / because that I come so late
All men may saye that I am in_fortunate

sig: [A2v]
Cause of my sorowe men may vnderstonde
30 (Quia tulerunt dominum meum)
Another is that I ne may vnderstande
I wote not (vbi posuerunt eum
Thus I muste be_wayle (dolorem meum
With herte wepynge I can no better deserue
35 Tyll deth approche my herte for to kerue

My herte opprest with sodeyne auenture
By feruent anguysshe is be_wrapped so
That longe this lyfe I may not endure
Suche is my payne / suche is my mortall wo
40 Nedeles / to what partye shall I go Nedeles ='without compulsion'?
In hope to fynde myne owne turtle true
My lyues Ioye my souerayne lorde Iesu

Syth all my Ioye / that I call his presence
I[s] th[u]s remoued now I am full of mone Is thus] I this 1520
45 Alas the whyle / I made no prouydence
For this myshap wherfore I syghe and grone
Socour to fynde to what place I myght gone
Full fayne I wolde to some man my herte breke
I note to whome I may complayne or speke note: =ne wot, 'know not'

50 Alas here I stande full sory and sadde
The whiche hoped to haue sene my lord and kynge
Small cause haue I to be mery or gladde
Remembrynge this bytter_full departynge
In this worlde is no creature lyuynge
55 That was to me so good and gracyous
His loue also / then golde more precyous

sig: A3
Full sore I syghe withouten comforte agayne
There is no cure to my saluacyon
His brennynge loue my herte so doth constrayne
60 Alas here is a wofull permutacyon
Wherof I fynde Ioye nor consolation
Therfore my payne all-onely to confesse
With dethe I fere wyll ende my heuynes

This wo and anguysshe is intollerable
65 Yf I byde here lyfe I can not sustayne
Yf I go hens my paynes be in_curable
For hym to fynde I knowe no place certayne
And thus I note of these thynges twayne
Whiche I may take and whiche I may refuse
70 My herte is wounded here-on to thynke or muse

A whyle I shall stonde styll mornynge
In hope of ony vysyon wyll appere
That of my loue myght tell me some tydynges
Whiche in-to ioy myȜt chaunge my wepynge cher
75 I trust in his grace and in his mercy dere
But at the leest thoughe I therwith me kyll
I shall not spare to wayle and wepe my fyll

And yf that I dye in suche aduenture
I can no more but welcome is my chaunce
80 My bones shall rest here in this sepulcre
My lyfe / my deth is at his ordynaunce
It shall be tolde in lastynge remembraunce
Thus to departe it is to me no shame
And also therof I am nothynge to blame

sig: [A3v]
85 Hope a_gaynst me hath her course ytake
There is no more but this shall I dye this: =thus
I se ryght well my lorde hath me forsake
But in my concyte cause knowe I none why
Thoughe he be ferre hens and no-thynge nye
90 Yet my wofull herte after hym doth seke
And causeth teeres ren downe by my cheke

Thynkynge alas I haue loste his presence
Whiche in this worlde was all my sustenaunce
I crye and call / with herty dyly[g]ence dylygence] dylydence 1520
95 But here is no wytte gyued attendaunce
Me to certefye of myne inquiraunce
Wherfore I wyll to all this worlde bewray
How that my lorde is slayne and borne awa[y] away] awas 1520

Thoughe I morne it is no grete wonder
100 Sythe he is all my Ioye in specyall
And now I thynke we be so ferre a_sonder
That hym to se I fere neuer I shall
It helpeth no more after hym to call
Ne after hym to enquyre in ony cost
105 Alas how is he thus gone and lost

These Iewes I thynke full of mysery
Sette in malyce by theyr besy cure
With force and myght of gylefull trechery
Hath vndermyned my lordes sepulture
110 And borne a_waye that precyouse fygure
Leuynge of it nothynge / yf they done so
Marryd I am alas what shall I do

sig: [A4]
With theyr vengeaunce insacyable
Now late they hym entreated so
115 That to reporte it full lamentable
They bete his body fro toppe to the to
Neuer man was borne that felte suche wo
They wounded hym alas with all greuaunce
The blode downe rayled in moost abundaunce

120 The blody rawes stremed downe ouer-all rawes: =rows, 'streaks, stripes'; this sense is not recorded in OED, but see MED s.v. reue(=row) n2, 2a
They hym assayled so malycyously
With theyr scourges and strokes bestyall
They spared hym not but smote incessauntly
To satysfye theyr malyce they were full besy
125 They spytte in his face they smote here and there
He groned full sore and swette many a tere

They crowned hym with thornes most sharp and kene
The vaynes rente the blode ran downe a_pace
With blode ouercomen bothe were his eyen
130 And bollen with strokes was his blessyd face
They hym entreated as men without grace
They kneled to hym and made many a scorne
Lyke hell-houndes they haue hym all to_torne

Upon a huge crosse in length and in brede
135 These tormentours shewed theyr cursydnesse
They nayled hym without pyte or drede
His precyous blode braste out in largenesse
And treyned hym a_longe as men mercylesse
Thy vere Ioyntes all to myn apparence
140 Ryued a_sondre for theyr grete vyolence

sig: [A4v]
All this I beholdynge with myn eyen twayne
Stode there-besyde with rufull attendaunce
And euer me-thought he beynge in that payne
Loked on me with deedly countenaunce
145 Fare-well magdaleyn departe must I nedes hens
As he that sayd in his specyall remembraunce
My herte is (Tanquam cera liquescens

Whiche ruthfull syght whan I [g]an be_holde gan] can 1520
Out of my wyt I was almoost dystrawght
150 I tare my here / my handes I wronge and folde folde ='clasped together'
And of that syght my hert dranke suche draught
That many a fall sownynge there I caught
I brosed my body fallynge on the grounde
Wherof I fele many a greuous wounde

155 Than these wretches full of all frowardnesse
Gaue hym to drynke aysell tempred with gall
Alas that poyson full of bytternesse
My loues chere caused then to be pall
And yet therof myght not he drynke at all
160 But spake these worde as hym thought best
Fader of heuen (Consummatum est

Than kneled I downe in paynes outrage
Clypynge the crosse within myn armes twayne
His blode dystylled downe on my vysage
165 My clothes eke the droppes began to steyne
To haue dyed for hym I wolde full fayne
But what sholde it auayle yf I dyde so
Sythen he is (Suspensus in patibulo)

sig: [A5]
Thus my lorde full dere was all dysguysed
170 With blode / with payne / with woundes many one
His veynes breste / Ioyntes ryued
Partynge a_sonder the flesshe fro the bone
But I sawe he henge not there alone
For (Cum iniquis deputatus est)
175 Not lyke a man but lyke a leprouse best

A blyndfull knyght men called hym longyous blyndfull ='blind, blinded'; see OED s.v. blindful, where the sole attestation is dated 1621
With spere approched vnto my souerayne
Launsynge his syde alas full pyteouse
That precyous herte he clefte [in] peces twayne in] 1520 omits
180 The purple blode eke from that hertes vayne
Downe rayned ryght fast in most rewfull wyse
With crystall water brought out of paradyse

Whan I behelde this wofull passyon
I wote not how by sodayne auenture
185 My herte was perced with very compassyon
That in me remayned no lyfe of nature
Strokes of dethe I felte withouten mesure
My dethes wounde I caught with wo opprest
And brought to that poynt as my hert shold brest

190 That wounde that hert / that blode of my derlynge
Shall neuer slyde from my memoryall
The bytter paynes also of tormentynge
Within my soule be grauen pryncypall
The spere alas that was so sharpe withall
195 So tyrled my herte as to my felynge tyrled: =thirled 'pierced'
That body and soule were at departynge

sig: [A5v]
As sone as I myght I releued vp agayne releued ='raised (myself)'; see OED s.v. relieve v, 6a
My breth I coude not very well restore
Felynge my-selfe drowned in so grete payne
200 Bothe body and soule me-thought were all to_tore
Uyolent falles greued me ryght sore
I wepte I bled and with my-selfe fared
As one that for his lyfe nothynge had cared

I lokynge vp towarde that rufull rode
205 Sawe fyrst the vysage pale of that fygure
But so pyteous a syght spoted all with blode
Sawe neuer yet no lyuynge creature
So it exceded the boundes of mesure
That mannes mynde with all the wyttes fyue
210 Is nothynge able that payne to dyscryue dyscryue] dyschryue 1520

Than gan I there myne armes to vnbrace
Up-lyftynge my hande mournyngly
I syghed and sore sobbed in that place
Bothe heuen and erth myght haue herde me crye
215 Wepynge I sayd alas incessauntly
A my swete-herte my goostly peramoure
Alas I may not thy body socoure

O blessyd lorde how fyerse and how cruell
These cursed wyghtes now hath the be_slayne
220 Keruynge thy body alas euery-dele
Wounde within wounde full bytter is thy payne
Now wolde that I myght to the attayne
To nayle my body fast vnto a tree
So that of this wo thou myght go fre

sig: [A6]
225 I can not reporte ne make rehersayle
Of my demeanynge with the cyrcumstaunce
But well I wote the spere with euery nayle
Tyrled my soule by inwarde resemblaunce
Whiche neuer shall out of my remembraunce
230 Durynge my lyfe it wyll cause me to wayle
As ofte as I remembre that batayle

A ye Iewes worse than dogges rabyate rabyate: this is the sole attestation in OED s.v. rabiate
What moued you thus cruelly hym to aray
He neuer dyspleased you nor caused debate
235 Your loue and trwe hertes he coueyted ay
He preched he teched he shewed you the ryght way
Wherfore ye lyke tyrauntes wood and waywarde
Now haue hym thus slayne for his rewarde

Ye ought to haue remembred one thynge specyal
240 His fauour his grace and magnyfycence
He was your prynce borne / and lorde ouer all
How-be-it ye toke hym in small reuerence
He was full meke in suffrynge your offence
Neuer-the-lesse ye deuoured hym with one assente
245 As hungry wolues doth the lambe Innocente

Where was your pyte / o people mercylesse
Armynge your-selfe with falshode and treason
On my lorde ye haue shewed your goodnesse
Lyke no man but beestes without reason
250 Your malyce he suffred all for the season
Your payne wyll come thynke it not slacke
Man hauynge no mercy mercy shall lacke

sig: [A6v]
O ye traytours and maynteners of madnesse
Unto your foly I scrybe all my payne
255 Ye haue me depryued of Ioye and gladnesse
So dealynge with my lorde and souerayne
Nothynge sholde I nede thus now to complayne
Yf he had lyued in peace and tranquylyte
Whome ye haue slayne thorowe your iniquite

260 Fare-well your noblenesse that somtyme dyde reyne
Fare-well your worshyp both glorye and fame
Here-after to lyue in hate and dysdeyne
Meruayle ye not for your trespasse and blame
Unto shame is torned all your name
265 Upon you wyll wondre now euery nacyon
As people of moost vyle reputacyon

These wycked wretches these houndes of hell
As I haue tolde playne here in this sentence
Were not content my dere loue thus to quell
270 But yet they moost enbesyle his presence enbesyle his presence ='make away with his person'
As I apperceyue by couerte vyolence
They haue hym conueyde to my displeasure
For here is lefte but naked sepulture

Wherfore of trouth and ryghtfull Iugement
275 That theyr malyce ayen may be acquyted
After my verdyte and aduysement
Of faulse murdre they shall be endyted
Of thefte also whiche shall not be respyted
And in all hast they shall be hanged and drawe
280 I wyll my-selfe plede this cause in the lawe

sig: [A7]
Alas yf I with true attendaunce
Had styll a_byden with my lordes corse
And kepte it styll with trewe perseueraunce
Than had not befall this wofull deuorse
285 But as for my payne welcome and no force
This shall be my songe where-someuer I go
Departynge is grounde of all my wo

I se ryght well now in my paynes smerte
There is no wounde of so greuous doloure
290 As is the wounde of my carefull herte
Sythe I haue lost this my paramoure
All swetnesse is torned in-to soure
Myrth to my herte may nothynge conueye
But he that bereth therof bothe locke and keye

295 The Ioye excellent of blessed paradyse
May me alas in no wyse reconforte
Songe of aungell may me nothynge suffyse
As in my herte now to make dysporte
All I refuse but that I myght resorte
300 Unto my loue / the well of godlyhed
For whose longynge I trowe I shall be deed

Of paynfull labour and torment corporall
I make therof none excepcyon
Paynes of hell I wolde passe ouer-all
305 My loue to fynde in myne affeccyon
So grete to hym is my dyleccyon
A thousande tymes martyred wolde I be
His blessyd corse ones yf I myght se

sig: [A7v]
Aboute this worlde so large in all compace
310 I shall not spare to renne my lyfe durynge
My feet also shall not reste in place
Tyll of my loue I may here some tydynge
For whose absence my handes now I wrynge
To thynke on hym cease shall neuer my mynde
315 O trewe Iesu where shall I the fynde

Iherusalem wyll I serche frome place to place
Syon / the vale_of_Iosaphath also
And yf I fynde hym not in all this space
By mount_olyuyt to bethany wyll I go
320 These wayes wyll I wandre and many mo
Nazareth / Bethleem / Montana Iude
No trauayll shall me payne hym for to se

His blessyd face yf I myght se and hym to fynde
Serche I wolde euery coste and countre
325 The fardest parte of Egypte or hote ynde
Sholde be to me but a lytell Iourne
How is he thus gone or taken a_waye
Yf I knewe the full treuth and certaynte
Yet from this care released myght I be

330 In-to wyldernes[s]e I thynke best to go wyldernesse] wylderneste 1520
Syth I can no more tydynges of hym here
There may I my lyfe lede to and fro.
There may I dwelle and to no man appere
To towne nor yet village wyl I not drawe nere
335 Alone in woodes / in rockes / and caues depe
I may at myn owne wyll bothe wayle and wepe

sig: [A8]
Page blank.

sig: [A8v]
Page blank.

sig: B1
My Ioye is translate full ferre in exyle
My myrth is chaunged in-to paynes colde
My lyfe I thynke endureth but a whyle
340 Anguysshe and payne is all that I beholde
Wherfore my handes thus I wrynge and folde
In-to this graue I loke / I call / I pray
Dethe remayneth and lyfe is borne awaye

Now must I walke and wander here and there
345 God wote to what partyes I shall me dresse
With quakynge herte wepynge many a tere
To seke out my loue and all my swetnesse
I wolde he wyst what mortall heuynesse
Aboute my herte reneweth more and more
350 Then wolde he not kepe pyte longe in store

Without hym I may not endure
His loue so werketh all within my breste
And euer I wepe before this sepulture
Syghynge full sore as my herte sholde breste
355 Durynge my lyfe I shall optayne no reste
But mourne and wepe where that euer I go
Makynge complaynte of all my paynfull wo

Fast I crye but there is none audyence
My comynge hyther was hym for to please
360 My soule opprest is here with his abscence
Alas he lyste not to sette myne herte in ease
Wherfore to payne myselfe with all dysease
I shall not spare tyll he take me to grace
Or elles shall I sterue here in this place

sig: [B1v]
365 Ones yf I myght with hym now here speke
It were all my Ioye with perfyte pleasaunce
So that I myght to hym my herte out-breke
I sholde anone deuoyde all my greuaunce
For he is the blysse of veray recreaunce recreaunce ='recreation, refreshment'
370 But now alas I can nothynge do so
For in-stede of Ioye nought haue I but wo

His noble corse within my hertes rote
Depe is grauen whiche shall neuer slake
Now is he gone to what place I ne wote
375 I mourne I wepe and all is for his sake
Syth he is past here a_vow I make
With hertely promyse and therto I me bynde
Neuer to sease tyll I may hym fynde

Unto his moder I thynke best to go
380 Of her happy sone comforte may I take
But one thynge yet me fereth and no mo
If I ony mencyon of hym make
Of my wordes she wolde tremble and quake
And who coude her blame she hauyng but one
385 The sone borne away the moder wyll mone

Sorowes many hath she suffred truly
Syth that she hym fyrst conceyued and bare
And .vii. thynges there be moost specyall
That drowned her herte in sorowe and care
390 Yet lo in no wyse may they compare
With this one now the whiche yf she knewe
She wolde her paynes euery_chone renewe

sig: [B2]
Grete was her sorowe by mannes seynge
Whan in the temple Symeon_Iustus
395 Shewed to her these wordes prophetynge
(Tuam animam pertransibit gladius)
Also whan Herode that tyraunt furyous
Her chylde pursued in euery place
She knewe for his lyfe went mercy ne grace

400 She mourned whan she thought hym lost and gone
Full longe she sought or she founde hym agayne
Whan he went to deth his crosse hym vpon
It was to her eye-syght a ruthfull payne
Whan he henge theron bytwene theuys twayne
405 And the spere vnto his hert was thryst ryght
She sowned downe to the grounde ther pyght

Whan deed and all blody in her lappe laye
His body with hande and fote all to_torne
She cryed out and sayd now wale_awaye
410 Thus arayed was neuer man be_forne
Whan hast was made his body to be borne
Unto this sepulture here to remayne
Unneth for wo she coude herselfe susteyne

These sorowes .vij. lyke swerdes euerychone
415 The moder herte wounded from syde to syde
But yf she knewe her sone were thus gone
Out of this worlde she sholde with deth ryde
For care she coude no lenger here abyde
Hauynge no more Ioye and consolacyon
420 Then I here stondynge in this stacyon

sig: [B2v]
Wherfore her to se I dare not presume
From her presence I wyll my-selfe with_drawe
Yet I had leuer to dye and consume
Then his moder sholde haue ony more payne
425 Nethelesse her sone wolde I se full fayne
His presence was very Ioye and swetnesse
His absence now but sorowe and sournesse

There is no more syth I hym may not mete
Whome I desyre aboue all other thynge
430 Nedes I must take the soure with the swete
For of his noble course I here no tydynge
Full ofte I crye my hondes ofte I wrynge
My herte alas relenteth all in payne
Whiche wyll brest I fere both senowe and vayne

435 Alas how vnhappy is this wofull houre
Wherin is thus spended my seruyce
For myne entent and eke my trewe laboure
To none e[f]fecte may come in ony wyse effecte] enfecte 1520
Alas I thynke yf he do me dyspyse
440 And lyste not to take my symple obseruaunce
There is no more but deth is my fynaunce fynaunce ='ending'; see OED s.v. finance n1, 1

I haue hym called (Sed non respondet mihi)
Wherfore my myrthe is chaunged in-to mornynge
O dere lorde (Quid mali tibi feci)
445 That me to comfort I fynde none erthely thynge
Alas haue compassyon of my cryenge
Yf from me (Faciem tuam abscondas)
There is no more but (Co[n]sumere me vis) Consumere] Comsumere 1520

sig: B3
Within my herte is grounded thy fygure
450 That all this worlde the horryble tormente
May not it aswage it is without mesure
It is so brennynge it is so feruente
Remembre lorde I haue ben dylygente
Euer the to please onely and no mo
455 My herte is with the where-so-euer I go

Therfore my derlynge (trahe me post te)
And let me not stonde here thus desolate
(Quia non est qui consoletur me)
My herte for the is all dysconsolate
460 My paynes also nothynge may moderate
Now yf it lyste the to speke with me a_lyue
Come in hast for my herte asonder wyll ryue

To the I profer my poore seruyse
The for to please after myn owne entente
465 I offer here as in deuoute sacrefyce
My boxe replete with precyous oyntemente
Myn eyen twayne wepynge suffycyente
My herte with anguysshe fulfylled alas
My soule eke redy for loue about to pas

470 Nought elles haue I the to please or paye
For yf my herte were golde or precyous stone
It sholde be thyne without delaye
With hertly chere thou sholde haue it anone
Why suffrest thou me than to stonde alone
475 Thou hast I trowe my wepynge in dysdeyne
Or elles thou knowest not what is my name

sig: [B3v]
Yf thou with_drawe thy noble dalyaunce
For ought that euer I dyspleased the
Thou knowest ryght well it is but ignoraunce
480 And of no knowlege for certente
Yf I haue offended lorde forgyue me
Glad I am for to make full repentaunce
Of all thynges that hath ben to thy greuaunce

My herte alas he welleth within my chest
485 So sore oppressed for anguysshe and payne
That all to peces forsothe it wyll brest
But yf I se thy blessyd corse agayne
For lyfe ne deth I can not me refrayne
Yf thou make delay thou may be sure
490 My herte wyll lepe in-to this sepulture

Alas my lorde why farest thou thus with me
My trybulacyon yet haue in mynde
Where is thy mercy where is thy pyte
Whiche euer I trusted in the to fynde
495 Somtyme thou were to me both good and kynde
Late it please the my prayer to accepte
Whiche with teres I haue here be_wepte

On me thou ought to haue very rewth
Syth for the is all this mournynge
500 For syth I to the applyed fyrst my trewth
I neuer varyed with dyscordynge
That knowest thou best myn owne derlynge
Why constreynest thou me thus to wayle
My wo for-soth can the nothynge auayle

sig: [B4]
505 I haue endured withouten varyaunce
Ryght as thou knowest thy louer Iust and trwe
With herte and thought ay at theyr ordenaunce
Lyke to the saphyre alway in one hewe
I neuer chaunged the for ony newe
510 Why withdrawest thou my presence
Syth all my thought is for thyn absence

With herte entyere swete lorde I crye to the
Inclyne thyne eeres to my petycyon
And come (Uelociter exaudi me)
515 Remembre my hertes dysposycyon
It may not endure in this condycyon
Therfore out of this paynes (Libera me)
And where thou arte (Pone me iuxta te

Let me beholde o Iesu thy blessyd face
520 Thy fayre gloryous aungelyke vysage
Bow thyn eeres to my complaynt
For to reconceyue me out of this eage reconceyue: an error for receyue?eage: =age

Alas my lorde take from me this domage
And for my desyre for mercy condecende
525 For none but thou my greuaunce may amende

Now yet good lorde the I beseche and praye
As thou reysed my broder Lazarus
From deth to lyfe vpon the .iij. daye
Come agayne in body and soule precyous
530 As grete a thynge mayst thou shewe vnto vs
Of thy-selfe by the power of thy god_hede
As thou dyde of hym lyenge in graue deed

sig: [B4v]
My herte is wounded with thy charyte
It brenneth it flameth incessauntly
535 Come my good lorde (ad iuuandum me) ad] ad ad 1520
Now be not longe my payne to multyply
Lest in the meane-tyme I departe and dy
In thy grace I put bothe hope and credence
To do it pleaseth thy magnyfycence

540 Floodes of deth and trybulacyon
In-to my soule I fele entred full depe
Alas that here is no consolacyon
Euer I wayle / euer I morne and wepe
Wherby care hath my herte wounded depe
545 O depe loue no meruayle it is though I dye
(Sagitte tue [f]ixe sunt michi) fixe] sixe 1520

Wandrynge in this place as in wyldernesse
No comforte haue I nor yet assuraunce
Desolate of Ioye replete with fayntnesse
550 None answere receyuynge of myn inquyraunce
My herte also greuyd with dyspleasure
Wherfore I may saye (O deus deus
Non est dolor sicut dolor meus)

My herte expresseth (Quod dilexi multum
555 I may not endure though I wolde full fayne
For now (Solum superest sepulcrum)
I knowe it ryght well by my huge payne
Thus for to loue I may not lyfe sustayne
But o god I muse what eyleth the
560 (Quod sic repente precipitas me)

sig: [B5]
Alas I se it wyll none other-wyse be
Now must I take my leue for euer-more
This bytter payne hath almoost dyscomfyte me
My loue[s] corse I can not in no wyse restore loues] loue 1520My loue[s] corse: cf. my loues chere, above

565 Alas to this wo that euer I was bore
Here at this tombe now must I dye and sterue
Deth is aboute my herte for to kerue

My testament I wyll begyn to make
To god the fader my soule I commende
570 To Iesu my loue that dyed for my sake
My herte-rote and all both I gyue and sende
In whose ardent loue my lyfe maketh an ende
My body also vnto this monumente
I here bequyeth with boxe and oyntemente

575 Of all my wylles lo now I make the laste
Ryght in this place within this sepulture
I wyll be buryed whan I am deed and paste
And vpon my graue I wyl haue this scrypture
Here within resteth a gostely creature
580 Crystes true louer mary_Magdeleyn
Whose herte for loue brast in peces tweyn

Ye vertuous women tender of nature
Full of pyte and of compassyon
Resorte I pray you vnto my sepulture
585 To synge my dyrige with grete deuocyon
Shewe your charyte in this condycyon
Synge with pyte and lette your hertes wepe
Remembrynge I am deed and layde a_slepe

sig: [B5v]
Than whan ye begynne to parte me fro
590 And ended haue your mournynge obseruaunce
Remembre where-someuer ye go
Alwaye to serche and make dewe inquiraunce
After my loue my hertes sustenaunce
In euery towne and euery vyllage
595 Yf ye may here of his noble ymage

And yf it happe by ony grace at the laste
That ye my trewe loue fynde in ony cost
Say that his magdaleyn is deed and paste
For his pure loue she hath yelde vp her goste
600 Say that of all-thynge I loued hym moost
And say that I myght not this deth exchewe
My paynes so sore dyde euer renewe

And in token of loue perpetuall
Whan I am buryed in this place present
605 Take out my herte the very rote and all
And close it within this boxe of oyntement
To my dere loue make therof a presente
Knelynge downe with worde lamentable
Do your message speke fayre and tretable

610 Say that I to hym my-selfe commende
A thousande tymes with herte so fre
This poore token say to hym I sende
Pleaseth it his goodnes to take it in gree
It is his owne of ryght it is his fee
615 Whiche he asked whan he sayd longe before
Gyue me thyn herte I desyre no more

sig: [B6]
Adieu my lorde my loue so fayre of face
Adieu my turtyll-doue frende of hewe frende of hewe ='of friendly appearance'
Adieu my myrth / Adieu all my solace
620 Adieu alas my sauyour lorde Iesu
Adieu the gentyllest that euer I knewe
Adieu my moost excellent peramoure
Fayrer than rose swetter than the lely-floure

Adieu my hope of pleasure eternall
625 My lyfe my welth and my prosperyte
My herte of golde / my perle orentall
My adamont of perfyte charyte
My chefe refuge and my felycyte
My conforte and all recreacyon
630 Fare-well parpetuall saluacyon

Fare-well myn emperour celestyall
Moost beaute_full prynce of mankynde
Adieu my lorde of herte moost lyberall
Fare-well swetenesse bothe soule and mynde
635 So louynge a spouse shall I neuer fynde
Adieu my souerayne and very gentylman
Fare-well dere lorde hertely as I can

Thy wordes eloquent flowynge in swetnesse
Shall no more alas my mynde recomforte
640 Wherfore my lyfe must ende in bytternesse
For in this worlde shall I neuer resorte
To the whiche were my heuenly dysporte
I se alas it wyll none other be
Now fare-well the grounde of all dygnyte

sig: [B6v]
645 Adieu my fayrest that euer was bore
Alas I may not se thy blessyd face
Now wayle_awaye that I shall se no more
Thy blessyd vysage so replete with grace
Wherin is prynted my perfyte solace
650 Adieu my herte-rote and all for euer
Now fare-well I must frome the dysceuer

My soule for anguysshe is now full thrysty
I faynt ryght sore for heuynesse
My lorde / my spouse (Cur me derelinquisti)
655 Syth I for the suffer all this dystresse
What causeth the to seme thus mercylesse
Syth the it pleaseth of me to make an ende
(In manus tuas) My spyryte I commende.

¶Here endeth the complaynte of the louer of cryst Saynt mary_Magdaleyn. Enprynted at London in Fletestrete at the sygne of the Sonne by Wynkyn_de_Worde.