A Metrical Declaration of the Seven Petitions of the Paternoster


STC 16816
Ringler 16816 and TP 1966. UMI microfilm reel 1385.

A metricall declaration of the vij. petitions of the pater noster
London: Robert Wyer?,c. 1530 [STC].

Composition Date: c. 1530?.

sig: [A1]
¶A metricall declaration of the .vij. petitions of the pater-noster.
Luce .xi. when ye pray, saye. Our father whiche arte in heuen. &c.
sig: [A1v]
THough I be wyllynge and feruent of desyre
Yet for vnkonnynge I dare not me auaunce
Of the heuenly misteryes though ye wold requyre
Of the pater-noster to declare in substaunce
5 Recordyd in scrypture / yf ye call to remembraunce
This prayer exciteth crysten hartes with deuout maters
Onely in chryst_Iesu to fynde all suffysaunce
As therin is taught by the .vii. prayers

¶Groundely and bryefely also comprehendyd
10 Whyle he was here / of trouth it is thus falle
Taught his dyscyples / which may not be amendyd
For it transcendeth other prayers all
Most auctorysed / whan we for socour call
Most celestyall and most of dygnite
15 Crouned amonge prayers in the heuenly stall
Yf it be sayd in perfyt cheryte cheryte: =charity

¶I haue no mouth / playnly to deuyse
Fyrst to remembre / the great dygnyte
Ferefull to take / on me so hygh enterpryse
20 Moste celestiall / most aungelyk of degre
For to the hygh myghty trinyte
It is dyrecte / lorde of most puissaunce
Whiche called is / one two and thre
All one in vertue / and all one in substaunce

25 ¶This word pater sheweth in substaunce
His myght is most greatest of excellence
Of heuen and erth / hath all the ordynaunce
Called welle of grace / myrour of sapyence
sig: A2
Whiche to his chyldren / of fatherly prouydence
30 Hath gyue a fraunchyse / aboue fraunchyses all
That we may boldly / with deuout reuerence
Agayne all myschyefe / to hym for helpe call

¶Fyrst this worde Pater / set us in assuraunce
And this worde / noster / gyueth vs humblenesse
35 Of hym to requyre with deuout obeysaunce
Remedy / agayne all worldly dystresse
So that charyte with her suster mekenesse
Fayth / trust / and hope / be with them present
Then whan we praye / and saye of faythfulnesse
40 Pater noster we shall haue our entent

¶In this worde Pater standeth all our confidence
Our hole beleue / whan we say Qui es
Our stedfast fayth / and fully our credence
In heuen abydynge / as souerayne lorde of peas
45 Where thre iera[r]chyes / day and nyght not ses ierarchyes] ierachyes 1530
To crye in celis / with heuenly melodye
Cherubyn nor seraphyn / not slouth nor reckles
Synge Osanna / with feruent armonye.

¶Whose gloryous name / for to magnyfye
50 Mouth and tonge / be lame of theyr langage
But the holy-gost / by grace lyst vs to guye
Us to enspyre / in our mortall passage
As goostly chyldren / borne of hye lynage
Neuer to thyne hyghnesse / be no mortall offence
55 In this dredfull perylous pylgrymage
Tyll clere contrycion / our gyltes recompence

sig: [A2v]
¶We were renewed / full nye to thyne alye
By the holy-gostes / gracyous influence
Fyrst by baptyme / to begynne at that partye
60 Next confermed / by thy magnyfycence
To ben acceptyd / to thy beniuolence
As chose chylderne to thyne herytage
That we may saye / with deuout reuerence
Lorde haue mercy / on all our olde outrage

65 ¶These .vii. peticions / be of vertue most
Onely to god / of hole harte applyed
To the .vii. vertues / of the holy-gost
Fyrst whan we saye / this name be sanctifyed
Name of all names / halowed and gloryfyed
70 As the gospell playnly doth commaunde
But here my symplenesse / with Argus not clere-eyed
Meue this questyon / askynge this demaunde

¶How myght in vs be kyn[d]led suche desyre kyndled] kynled 1530
Boldly to saye / conceyued our feblenesse
75 Though charyte brent in vs as flame of fyre
Lyke as in Seraphyn / brenneth all perfytnesse
I answere thus / a ground take of mekenesse
Uertue of vertues / doctours saye the same
Under support / of his paternall goodnesse
80 To say or thynke / halowed be thy name

¶Without addicyon to sette our harte at reste
That therwithall we haue this sentence
For our party / to conclude for our beste
In our inwarde / gostly intellygence
sig: A3
85 Fyrst that his name / name of moste excellence
Within hym-selfe / euery houre and space
Be sanctifyed so / that by his prouidence
It maye in vs / be sanctifyed by his grace.

Adueniat regnum tuum.

¶Thy kyngdome lorde illumined with thy face
90 Where is full gladnes / of all goostly lyght
May come to vs at the tyme set and space
Whan thou assygnest / by thyne eternall myght
Of thy presence / that we maye haue a syght
O gracyo[u]s lorde / our tyme, so prouyde
95 Claymed with mekenesse / of mercy more than ryght
Be mene of thy passyon / that we may there abyde Be: =By

¶Thy kyngdome lorde fyrst in this present lyfe
Come to vs / to rewle vs and gouerne
Agayne the assawtes / and the treble stryfe
100 Of our thre ennemyes / lorde holde so the lanterne
By thy grace whiche that is eterne
Reygne so in vs / of reason holde so our brydell
Betwene good and euyll / we may so dyscerne
Agayne thy pleasure / to do nothynge in idell

105 ¶Lorde by thy mercy / reygne in vs so here
Of all vyces / that we maye haue vyctory
To clayme a tytle / aboue the sterrys clere
Thy passyon chyefe / set fyrst in memory
With the to reygne / in thyne eternall glory
110 Asked by bylle wrytte / with thy precyous blood Asked ='Proclaimed'? See OED s.v. ask v, 20
Sheed from thy body for our carefull mysery
On hygh vppon the mount / at caluary on the rood

sig: [A3v]

Fiat voluntas tua.

¶So as thy wyll fulfylled is in heuen
Ryght so in erth / fulfylled mout it be mout: =might
115 Lyke as the court / aboue the sterres seuen
Of orders nyne / and ierarchyes thre
Syngynge sanctus / thryes before the trinyte
So make vs lorde / with deuout obseruaunce
Daye and nyght / knelynge on our kne
120 Thy deth thy passyon to haue in remembraunce

¶Fyrst thy preceptes / and ten comaundementes
We may fulfylle bytwene hope and drede
And forsake with all our hole ententes
All that sholde dysplease the in dede
125 Syth to a pyller / thou lyst for vs to blede
Therwith to do / all that thou lyste commaunde
Suffre thy mercy / so vppon vs sprede
Part to receyue / that thou gafe at thy maunde maunde: =maundy, 'the Last Supper'

To thy dyscyples for a memoryall
130 For a perpetuall commemoracyon
Of thy fleshe and thy blood / take in especyall
Of a pure mayde / thyne incarnacyon
Thy meke sufferaunce / for our redempcyon
With minde also / thou lyst for vs be ded
135 That we may clayme for our saluacyon
Receyue thy body amonge in fourme of bred

Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie

¶That we dare say with all humilyte
Under the wenges of thy proteccyon wenges: =wings
Panem nostrum da nobis hodie
140 Knoden afore Pilat / baken in thy passyon Knoden: =Kneaded
sig: A4
Our dayly brede our restauracyon
Our fode our manna / agayne fendes violence
Stronge with Helyas / byble maketh mencyon
To mount_Oreb / to haue there resydence

145 ¶This brede of lyfe gyueth vs force & myght
Agayne gostly enemyes / when they wolde assayle
Helthe of the soule oure body stronge in fyght
With spyrites infernall / to holde a batayle
Sathan abydeth not for all his apparayle
150 Where this brede is sacred with chrystes mouth
Clenly receyued / the fende may not auayle
So great vertue / this brede hath east and south

¶This brede of aungels / brede celestyall
Brede that excellyth / reason and nature
155 Callyd brede of lyfe and repast eternall
Gyueth lyfe euer-lastyn[g]e / and euer shall endure euer-lastynge] euer-lastynke 1530
Most commendyd by prophetes in scrypture
Bothe to soule and body / brede of most comfort
Folke in sykenesse / this bred doth them recure
160 To poore pylgrymmes restoratyfe and support

Et dimitte nobis debita nostra &c.

¶In this peticion o lorde do vs socourre
Fyrst consyderynge / our fragilitye
Forgyue our dettes / as we forgyue oure
Aboue all-thynge / to loue and drede the
165 Next oure neyghbour / in perfyt cheryte
Fyrst deme my-selfe / worst of any man
Uoyde of presumpcyon / bowynge done my kne done: =down
And to remembre vppon the publycan

sig: [A4v]
Durst not lyfte his eyen / vp vnto heuen
170 To loke vp ferefull / on the sonne-streme
And I am soyled with the synnes seuen
That in myne eyen / can not se a large beme
Though it spredde / all abrode this reame reame: =realm
Yet can I se well motys in other mennes syght
175 A small sparke / that castyth out no beme
Blent in fautys / though torches were clere lyght Blent ='Blinded'? (see OED s.v. blend v1), or 'Shone, glittered'? (see OED s.v. blenk v, 6)

This to saye I can be well vengeable
When my neyghbour / doth a small trespace
Though I be gylty / and horryble coulpable
180 Can fynde wayes / lyghtly for to passe
And agaynst my brother / great gyltes compasse
My-selfe also excuse / and put on hym the wrake
With lyke fals assemblaunt / shew out a fayre face assemblaunt: =assemblant, 'appearance, show'
As in my-selfe there founde were no lacke

185 ¶And to conclude who wyll no mercy haue
At his most nede he shall go mercyles
And who is besy his neyghbour to depraue
By fals report / escapeth not harmeles
Mourder at the back and language rekles
190 Ipocrysye / fraude / compassyth guyle
Symulacyon and flatry put in presse
This sort wyll out though they dure a whyle

¶But yf thou stonde in perfyt cheryte
To loue thy frende / and also thyn enemye
195 Without faynynge / or duplycyte
That there be no faute couertly
sig: [A5]
To shewe one outwarde / and another inwardly
In such wyse / thy prayer is not good
I dare affyrme / and wryte trewly
200 God louyd neuer / two faces in one hood

Et ne nos inducas in temptacione.

¶O lorde Iesu of mercyfull pyte
Under the banner of thy passyon
Agayne our dedly / dredfull foys thre
Suffer vs to falle / in no temptacyon
205 The fleshe the feende / by fals collusyon
The olde serpent / with many thousande treyne
Without blood / shad for our redempcyon
We may in charyte / not well this prayer saye

¶It is remembred / of Mathees the gospell
210 Of a seruaunt / as made is mencyon
Bycause his lorde / was agayne hym fell
He was feteryd and sygned to pryson
In sygne / who wyll do no remyssyon
At suche a streyg[ht] / his seruaunt for to saue streyght] streygth 1530
215 Dimitte nobis / put from this orison
Who doth no mercy / he shall no mercy haue

Sed libera nos a malo.

¶Of thy benygne / mercyfull pyte
Lorde in this perilous / dredfull pylgrymage
Saue vs from daunger / and all aduersyte
220 And vs delyuer / from all foreyn damage
From peryll passed / without present passage
Future swalowyng / of fortunes floodes
Dredfull carybdys / syrenes mortall rage
And transmutacyon / of all worldly goodes.

sig: [A5v]
225 ¶Pater-noster this prayer vertuous
Yf it be sayd / with dew reuerence
Of all prayers is most victorious
Agayne our thre enemyes / to stonde at dyffence
So that Maria lyst shewe her presence
230 And feruent charyte / be captayne of the felde
Fy on all infernall violence
So chrystes passyon / be portrayed in our shelde

¶Lyke a glenare vppon a large londe
Amonge shokkes plentuous of auctours
235 Though I were besy / to gader with my honde
Lyke myne desyre to haue founde out some flours
The grene was ropen / russet were the colours
I founde no suger / in my small liberary
Soil dryed vp / of Tullius syluer shours
240 Ferefull and dull / there longer for to tarry

¶In this processe any more to saye
Good-wyll abode in my inwarde entent
The aureate lycour was in my study dreye dreye: =dry
Of callyope / and all her fauour spent
245 Founde there no causes / but scrowles all to_rent
Nothynge ellumyned / with golde asure nor red
Whiche shalbe ioyned / with my testament
Layde on my brest / the houre whan I shall be ded

¶Though I was dull / in my deuocyons
250 Duryng my lyfe / with cordyall reuerence
Dayly to saye / these .vii. peticyons
Herte and mouth accordynge in sentence
sig: [A6]
With cyrcumstaunces / of intellygence
To please the lorde / with hole affeccyon
255 Ueyne thoughtes / voyde slouth and neglygence
Mor than a thousand without deuocyon Mor: =More


¶To all my maysters knelynge on my kne
That shall rede this compylacyon
I praye them mekely / of theyr benygnyte
Fyrste dewly done / examynacyon
5 And folowynge after iuste correccyon
Whan they haue leysoure and couenable space
That I maye fynde supportacyon
By godly fauour / to correcte of theyr grace.

¶Man lyfte vp thy harte / to the father in heuen
10 And praye vnto hym / whiche is eternall
That sytteth so farre / aboue [the] sterres seuen the] ther 1530
In his palays most imperyall
To graunte vs grace here in this lyfe mortall
Contricyon of synne / afore our departynge
15 And or we passe / remyssyon finall
Towarde that lyfe / where ioye is euer-lastynge.


sig: [A6v]