Antipus and Antigraphe

Shepherd, Luke and Sir John Mason?

STC 5605a
Ringler 5605a and TP 187 ('As verily as Adam created firste his God'); TP 188 ('As verely as Adam was create by God'); and TP 1533 ('Right rougheli ...'). "The 1st poem, which is a reprint of [STC] 683, and the 3rd are attrib. to L. Shepherd; the 2nd poem, the Antigraphium, is possibly by Sir John Mason" [STC]. UMI microfilm reel 17

The comparison betwene the Antipus and the Antigraphe or answere therunto, with. An apologie of the same Antipus
London: [J. Day],1548?.

Composition Date: 1548?.

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¶The c[o]mparisonletter broken betwene the Antipus and the Antigraphe or answere therunto, with. An apologie or defence of the same Antipus . And reprehence of the Antigraphe.
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To heare of suche thynges ye be not wont
Nam horum contraria verissima sunt
AS verily as Adam created firste his God,
So verily he tasted not, the fruite that was forbod
As verily as Abell, dyd kil his brother Kayn
So verily the shippe made Noe, this is playne
5 As verily as Isaac, his father did begette
So verily the Sodomites remayne vnburned yet
As verily as the Isralites, the Egiptians dyd oppresse
So verily did Moyses gyue God the law doubtles
As verily as Sampson was slayne, of the lion rampinge was] was, 1548
10 So verily dyd Goliath distroye Dauid the Kynge
As verily as in Babilon the meates were eate of Bell
So verily the dragone of brasse deuoured Daniell
As verily as Christe dyd crucifye the Iewes
So verily the Apostles the Gospel dyd refuse
15 As verily as Simon_Magus the Apostles dyd confute
So verily the Apostles dyd princes persecute
As verily as the deuel hath perfecte loue and hope
So verily goddes worde doeth constitute the pope
As verily as Isicles within be hote and holowe
20 So verily proude prelates our maister Christe do folowe
As verily as breade doeth make and bake the baker
So verily these thefes the priestes can make their maker

If Leighton wyll neades his maker make
That these are true he can not forsake
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25 A Papiste he is and the popes owne knyght
That preacheth falshed in-stead of ryght
He knoweth not howe to paye his dettes
But wyth catchinge his creditors in the Popes nettes
A thefe, a robber, by preachinge sedicion
30 Is better regarded then the kinges commission

Amonge Papistes.
Heare of suche true thinges,
As ye haue ben wont
Nam ea audite verissima sunt

AS verely as Adam was create by God
So verely he tasted the fruite was forbode
As verely as Abel was killed of Cayn
So verely made Noy the ship, this is plaine
5 As verely as Isaac was of his father gotte
So verely was the Sodomites consumed by fire hot
As verely as the Egiptians God did opresse
So verely gaue God Moyses the lawe doubteles.
As verely as Sampson killed the lion rampinge,
10 So verely was Golias killed of dauid the Kinge
As verely as in Babilon the meates were not eaten of Bell
So verely the dragon of brasse deuowred not Daniel
As verely as Christe was crucified of the Iewes
So verely the Apostles taught vs gods word and true newes
15 As verely as the deuel hath not perfecte loue and hope
So verely consente not I to the falsenes of the pope
As verely as the Isickelles with-in be not hot and hollow
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So verely meke prelattes oure master Christe do folowe
As verely as breade is made of the baker
20 So verely by gods worde we consecrate our maker
As verely as gods worde did tourne Moyses rod
So verely gods word consecrates the body of God
As verely saynt Paulle with me doth well accorde
Who makes no difference is giltie of the body of our Lord.

25 Leiton can neuer of his owne pore his maker make
But only gods word no christian can this forsake
No papiste he is nor yet the popes knight
That preacheth the trueth and abhorreth the vnright
He willeth to paye his creditors his dettes
30 Desiringe God to kepe him frome the popes nettes
No thefe nor robber but voide of sedicion
A man well regardynge oure soueraignes commission

¶The writer.

And you that call you Gospellers that in Ire do swell
You are as fare frome the Gospell as heauen is from hell
35 Amende your liues and folowe charitie
Leaue your presumptuouse and folishe vanitye
The misteries of God ye knowe thys is playne
Ye cannot conceyue in your fantasticall brayne
Commite your-selfes to God, and the Kynge
40 And folowe holy churche to your endynge
For vnto these three I wyll sticke
And neuer regarde no false hereticke false] flalse 1548
But praye vnto God that I maye se hym burne
If he from heresy wyll not tourne

Of the Sacrament.

45 The breade which I wyl gyue, so cleane, so pure
Christe sayeth is very fleshe stedfaste and suer
sig: [A3v]
I thinke him a beast and a moste vile noddy
That wyl not beleue Christ that sayth it is hys body
I beleue it with stedfaste herte and mynde
50 As gods owne wordes doth me commaunde and bynde
So as I beleue he made althinge of nought althinge] althinges 1548
So I beleue it is the body that on the crosse me boughte
And the verye bloude as scripture maketh mention
Was shed on the crosse for mankinde[s] redemption. mankindes] mankinde 1548

Apologia Antipi.
To speake false latine, I perceyue ye be wont
By your writinge, ea audite verissima sunt.

RIght rougheli and rashli, and wel ouer-sene
With ruggid reason, vnclerkly conueied
Ye cowcher of stones, reproued I wene
The proper antipus that truly had saide
5 Without lyne or leuel, foundacion ye laide
Wherfore it apereth, your worke muste decaye
For thinges euill-grounded, will moulder awaye.

To builde your baggage, on an-other mans grounde
As it hath ben the costome, so wil ye stil vse
10 But the trade of your trechery, shall sone be confounde
Wher-with ye were wont, the trueth to abuse
Your doctryne and order, are bothe but confuse
To maynteyn your errours, the scripturs ye frame
So that ye muste be ouerthrowe with the same.

sig: [A4]
15 To comende your diligence more then your wyt
It is my parte, I can it not denaye
Your learning and connyng, I will not omyt
For thoughe it be not muche, it is not very gaye
Paraduenture ye will thinke, this is but homly play
20 So hastily your wit and learnyng to reproue
But ther be suche occasions, as me therto moue

How chaunced you to stomake at Antipus the littel
Sythen he taxed none, but such as papistes were
But it most nedes be so, a fooles brayne is shittil
25 And alwaies dothe showe, which way the hert doth bere
And euyn so did you nowe, without wisdom or feare
That ye haue ben and be? Right earnestly expresse
A papist most pestilent, no man will Iudge lesse.

And in your antigraphe, you shew your-selfe full wise
30 Which ye wrote to antipus, whose contraries be iust
And yet, I thinke ye toke some other dawes deuise
As of some smoky Smyth, and other that ye truste
To the which antigraphe, an answere make I muste
Wherin I trust the lorde, wilbe my helpe and ayde
35 To proue you an heritique, I am nothing afrayde

In all your hole Antigraphe, ye vary nothing fro
The antipus : but the contra[r]yes do declare contraryes] contrayes 1548
A boy of twelue yere olde, as well coulde haue done so
Wherfore ye showe your wyt, to be but weake and bare
40 To [e]nter in correction, of thinges that perfect are enter] inter 1548
But in the latter lines, greate grieffe, ye seme to take
Because he sayd such theues, could not their maker make

Ye bryng a pece of scripture, your heresy to maintaine
That as gods worde in Egipt, made a serpent of the Rod
sig: [A4v]
45 So goddes worde maketh God, ye haue a peuish brayne
Knowe ye not ye Romayne, that the very word is god?
Then howe can he make him-selfe, thou heretical clodde?
Art thou not ashamed, suche poison to spewe yet?
Christe is not made, nor create, but onely was beget.

50 I knowe full well [thy] shifte, and what thou wylt obiect thy] they 1548
I knowe well thou wilt saye, it is by concecration
For that is al the holde, of thy most cursed sect
And by that worde consecrate, came all the abhominacion
For as ye haue abused it ye made it execration
55 A worde I saye it is inuented but by man
Serch all the euangely and find it if ye can

As verily saint Paule with your sayinges doth accorde
As light doth with darcknes whiche easely maye be spied
For where he speaketh of difference of the body of the Lorde
60 He meaneth not as you flesh-flies do, and that shalbe tried
The christians the bodye, so Christ the heade, he applied
Prouinge the pore his me[m]bers as well as the riche to be members] menbers 1548
The whiche when ye regarde not no difference make ye

¶As when the congregation to the lordes supper shal come
65 To eate the breade worthely the Lordes death to betoken
They must accept al lyke and not some more then some
For all they be partakers of Christes body broken
This is the very meaning of that saint Paul hath spoken
Because this bread doth signifie the lords d[e]ath in our presence death] dath 1548
70 Betwen that bread and other neades must we make a difference

¶To eate christes flesh and eke to drynke hys bloud
As so to dwel in Christ as he maye dwell in vs
Lo here ye maye se playne it is a spirituall foode
Beleue and thou hast eaten saynte A[u]gustine sayde thus
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75 Christe when he gaue the breade, wyth handes so glorious
Sayde when ye shall, do this do it remembringe me
He sayde not when ye do it, my body shal it be

¶Thys is my body sayde he, which for you shalbe geuen
What thinke ye, dyd he meane a body made of bread?
80 No, but it that was present and was betrayed that euen,
He sayde for them and many, sone after shoulde be dead
He created not an-other, no such thinges shal ye reade
The death of that one body, for all men is sufficient
So wyth his holy memory, let al men be contente

85 ¶He toke the cup and sayde, this is the testament newe
In my bloud. How thinke ye, made he his bloud of wine?
He gaue it for a witnesse, of his bloude-shedynge true
Why should you any other wise, his holy wordes define
Or as men nothinge spirituall to fleshelynes incline
90 And take his wordes grosly after their Iwishe wayes
As saint Iohn the euangeliste in the sixt Chapter sayes

¶But O thou grosse pharisey, for_go thy fleshely mynde
Let scripture the Illuminate, thy Iudgment is but crasse
A man God made the, reasonable by nature in thy kynde
95 And thou by thyn vnthankefulnes wilt make thy-self an asse
Treadinge within the trade, of the moste wicked Masse
Wherin thou kepest compasse, as a blind horse in the myl
God graunte the to se better, when it shalbe his wyll

NOwe where-as ye stande in Leytons defence,
Papisticall actes, ye seme to commence
For standing by him stowtly as a champion cheife
It is foly to axe you, and your felowe be a thefe
5 Ye haue vnder-take he shall his dettes paye
But that shalbe the morowe after domes-daye
sig: [B1v]
Ye saye the kinges commission, full well he doeth regarde
Regarde ye it better boeth, or ye shall haue rewarde
With papistes.

10 Your other wordes also intituled the writer
A man maye sone perceyue sprange from some shepebiter
Ye cal men Gospellers, and saye they swel in Ire
But you be full of charitie, ye wishe them in the fire
Ye wyl teache men their duitie to God and to the Kynge
15 Which knowe their duitie, better then you in that thyng
Ye wil folowe holy church, ye saye to your endynge
The holy church of Rome, no dought is your meaninge
Ye saye in your Antigraphe that you forsake the Pope
But no thanke to you, gramercy gentyll Rope.

20 In your writing of the sacrament, ye playe sir hoddy_doddy,
In vnderstanding the scriptures as crafty as a calfe
He that beleueth not as you, ye call him a vile noddy
But you proue more a dawe, then I wold take ye by halfe,
I leaue ye as ye be, and make no more a_do.
25 Nothinge haue you written, but ye be answered there-to.

¶A Mason, a Smyth, and a Paynter fyne
Wyth a Mugge, and a Gray, and a Perkens grosse
Be fooes to Antipus, at whom thei repine,
And hym with great anger, thei turne and thei tosse.
5 As cruel as Iewes, that dyd Christ on the crosse,
To put hym to rebuke, thei do what they may,
But they mysse of their purpose, and go the wrong way.

¶The Mason first at Babilon began,
Byldyng of the towre that men cal Babel
10 Though he be a Babilonite, Nemprothes owne man.
That nowe raineth in Rome, it is no great maruaile
Thubalkaim the first smyth, and grauer of metell,
sig: [B2]
For antiquitie and frendshyp, must nedes stande hym by
To forge him his toles, to buylde Idolatrie.

15 An-other ther is, that hyght master Mugge
An ayder and a[b]bettour, with all his hole power abbettour] adbettour 1548
As nymble in cariyng, as is my spaniell rugge,
He wyll catch a lye by the ende, and wythin halfe an hower
Bear it a myle of, for feare it shoulde be sower,
20 The Paynter shal go wyth hym, to painte the matter faire
Whoso lacketh papistes, here he may haue a paire.

Then is there one Perkens, with a belly somwhat large
Of kin to Perken_Warbeck, as by his name appereth
Which for his good conditions, maye rowe in the barge,
25 At good he stoppeth hys eares, but euyl he sone heareth,
And al such as are papistes, full earnestly he chereth,
And Gray that badgerd, maye not be lefte behynde
Nor their sword-bearer of s._Mildredes who knoweth all their mind

In knauery.
30 In heresy
In baudry.
In popery.
Et cetera.