Shepherd, Luke?

STC 19463
Ringler 19463 and TP 2119. Copies in University Library, Cambridge (C) and National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth (A). A is copytext except for A1-A1v (where A is wanting). A3-A6v are wanting in C. A is not noted in STC. Rpt. Friedrich Germann, _Luke Shepherd_ (Augsburg, 1911), pp. 104-11. UMI microfilm reel 519

Pathose, or an inward passion of the pope for the losse of hys daughter the masse
London: J. Daye and W. Seres,1548?.

Composition Date: 1548?.

The dislocated "s" has dropped down from the previous line
sig: [A1]
ΒΆPathose, or an inward passion of the pope for the losse of hys daughter the Masse.
sig: [A1v]
WHat hatefull hap
What carefull clap
What rattellyng rap
Is light in my lap
5 Whiche weareth the cap
Of myghti mayntenaunce
And greatest gouernaunce
Whose only ordinaunce
And prudent puysance
10 Brought to obeysaunce
All princely power
Me to adoure
With high honoure
And towne and towre
15 To lowt and lowre
At my comaundement
Yelding to myne intent
And were beniuolent
To such as I haue sent
20 To passe in perliament
Or councells generall
Or matters speciall
I was the capitall
And ruled ouer all
25 But yet nowe heare ye shal
Of maruailles late befall
sig: A2
A, C misnumber as A.iii.
And of the greate displeasure
And myscheffe out of measure
Betid my greatist treasure
30 In whome I had moste pleasure
As ye may here at leasure

My daughter and myne heire
Most beautifull and fayre
That sat most cheiffe in chaire
35 And on the supreme stayre
Alasse doth sore appayre
My glory and my goste
My braggyng and my boste
Whome I haue loued moste
40 And ruled all the roste
In country and in cooste
And now, alasse, is tost
From pillar vnto post
I feare me she be lost

45 Ah that my daughter messe
Shuld be in suche a sickenes
And brought in such weakenes
That by all maner of lykenes
She loseth life and quiknes
50 And therfore wo is me
This doleful day to se
That my darling shulde be
sig: [A2v]
In this infirmytye
And great calamytye
55 For poysoned is she

A_lasse sum Edomite
Some Iewe or Iacobite
Some turke or thraconite
Hath gyuen hir aconite
60 In-steade of arthanite
Wherfore I must of right
With all my mayne and might
A messenger forth dight
That is both quike and light
65 To labor day and night
And seke that cursed wight
That did me this dispyte

And well he muste hym quite
Till he cum in the sight
70 Of mighty mahomyte
And tell hym that his nese
The messe that prope[r] piece proper] prope A, C
In deadly danger is
And that he may not mysse
75 But send some arabies
That worthie be and wise
In phisike and in phisnomyes

But O most Ientill Iupiter
sig: [A3]
C breaks off here
That named art Diespiter Diespiter: a name for Jupiter, a contraction of Diovis pater
80 Be thou oure holy helper
And send vs soone a messenger
That is a perfyt passenger.
I call to the O Iuno
And also to Neptuno
85 To Phebe and to Phebus
That nowe ye wolde not leue vs.

O most faye[r] venus fayer] faye A
On whom we chiefly leane vs
We serue the night and day
90 Let vs not nowe decaye
And helpe vs nowe Mercurius
Against this feuer furious
Thi godly disposition
Is all in expedition

95 O excellent king Aeolus
Be not thou maleuolous
Nor cast vs not behinde
But temper well the wynde
And cause it to be kynde
100 The soner shall we fynde
The meanes to haue our mynde
Concernyng the redresse
Of this oure great distresse
And woofull heauynesse
sig: [A3v]
105 So shall my daughter messe
The goodly yong goddesse
Recouer her sicknes
To you I call and crye
That are the goddes on hie
110 That ye will all applie
To send some remedye
For sure I am that you
Will sone enclyne and bowe
To them that maketh vowe
115 As I doo to you nowe
To offer sacrifice
For that in any wyse
Ye neuer wolde dispise
It hath not ben your guise
120 I offer here therfore
Of oxen thre scoore
Of Ramys as many more
And got[e]s no small store gotes] gots A
With pige and sowe and bore
125 Of euery birde a brode
And washe them in their bloude
To mytygate your moode
And that ye shulde be good
And helpe vs in oure nede
130 For sore I am in dreede
Excepte you help in-dede
sig: [A4]
We shal but euel spede

O ceres goddes of grayne
Which doth the worlde sustayne
135 Let vs not cal in vayne
But rid vs from this payn
We knowe it for certayne
That of thi great humylity
Thou geuyst vs fertility
140 Of corne for our vtility
And we for our hability
Haue daily offered
A sacrifice of breade
To the for quicke and deade
145 Did we not worship the
That all the worlde might se
When high and lowe degre
Did bend and bowe the kne
In tyme of ministracion
150 When we did make oblacion
To the when messe my daughter
Should do as I had taught her
To offer breade of wheate
Why shouldest thou vs forget

155 O Bacchus god of wyne
Who gouern[est] grape and vine gouernest] gouernteh A
And sendest liquor fine
Thyn earis (to heare) inclyne
sig: [A4v]
My daughters mone and myne
160 Thou myghtest well behold
How willingly we woulde
The worship as we shoulde
Wyth wyne in cuppes of golde
Offering to the, thyn owne
165 Which by thi grace hath growne
And nowe compelled are we
By greate necessitye
To you our goddes to fle
To seke a remedye

170 For Christ in euery place
Away hath turned his face
And woulde nothing embrace
Oure sacrifice with grace
I passe not of an ase
175 Though I do him forsake
Yet dare I vnder_take
(At pleasure) him to make
And vse him as me listis
Betwene my holy fistis
180 I can not be debarde
To handle hym softe or harde
But if he be frowarde
He shall fynde me waywarde
I get no-thing hym by
sig: [A5]
185 I Recke not of him I
For if my daughter lyue
I will dwell by his sleue sleue? sieue?
With-out his loue or leaue
Yea and he shall not chose
190 But what I bynde and lose
In earth as I will proue
He muste it graunt aboue
Well well if he me moue
I will do I wot what
195 And tell hym this and that
How barely here he sate
He scarsly had a brat
His carkas for to hide
Or no good thing beside
200 Howe porely dide he ride
Vpon a pore asse
Was he a lorde, alasse
On that fation to passe
Into a noble cytie?
205 Alacke alacke for pitie.
That I thus longe haue bene
So lewdly ouersene
To put so much my triste
In these beggerly Christ
210 But if I had it wist
sig: [A5v]
Some-what he shulde haue myst
Of that that he hath had
I was a_curst or mad
So blyndly to be lad
215 For well I do perceiue
That he will not receiue
Such thinges as I him send
Wherfore I nowe intend
No more my tyme to spende
220 Or wast to suche an ende
Well wel it shal amende

For synce he doth neglect
And my good-will reiect
And sacrifice despect
225 I will my ways direct
To them that haue respect
And will my workes affect
For I am none abiecte
For Bacchus and Ceres clere
230 Disdayne not to drawe nere
And take with godly chere
Such as I offer here
And this I knowe certayne
Venus will not disdayne
235 Such thinges as they retayne
For without them twayne
sig: [A6]
Full sone she waxeth colde
Leane, witherd and olde.
Wherfore I dare be bolde
240 To say she wilbe pleased
To se my daughter eased
And euen so wil Priapus
With gentil Fauna and Fa[u]nus

Now Dromo that arte swyft
245 Apply the and make shift
To helpe me at a lifte
And golde shalbe thi gift
The goddes appoynted the
My messenger to be
250 Be nymble and make haste
For messe begynnyth to wast
She hath cleane lost hir tast
Hir body swelleth so fast
That it is like to brast
255 Wherfore I am a_gast
Hir life is almost past
Yet shall she not away be cast
As long as euer life wil last

A iournay moste industrious
260 To Appollo thou must make for vs
And to his son Aesculapius
That Raised from death androgeus
sig: [A6v]
As wi[t]nesseth Propertius witnesseth] winesseth A
He dwellith at Epidau[r]us Epidaurus] Epidauus A
265 Go to Chiron_Centaurus
Machon and Podalirius
That lerned medicyne precious
Of their father Aesculapius
But come not at Archagathus
270 And conninge men of Egypt
In no wise may be ouer_hipt
The wise men asclepiades
Of whom chiefe was hipocrates
Must say their minde in this disease
275 Forget not Dioscorides
No nor doctor Galenus
Whom some call Pergamenus
Full well he will demeane vs
In Rome longe did he dwell
280 And their-in phisicke mell
Maruaill it were to tel
How much he did excell
All that were hym before
Syx hundreth yere and more
285 I dare lay all my landes
If it lye in his handes
Upon hym will he take
Euen for the contreiths sake contreiths: see OED, s.v. country
sig: [A7]
C resumes here
My daughter hole to make
290 But harke gentill Dromo
Remembre that ye go
To the learned woman Areta
And to Paulus_aginita
To doctores of vienna
295 And also to rauenna
And then to auicenna
To Rasis and to Mesue
The learned men of Arabie
And like-wise to all other
300 That worshippeth my brother
Machomet the stronge
Declare them amonge
All the whole matter
And let them se hir water
305 And tidinges loke thou bring
How they do like the thing
And whether by their connyng
They hope of hir amending

For vntill thou retorne
310 I shall but mone and morne
And inwardly shall burne
With the most feruent fyre
And depnes of desyre
Wherfore I the require
315 Right quickly to retyre

sig: [A7v]
Oh what inwarde passion
Doth torment on this fassion
Who wold not take compassion
To heare my Lamentacion
320 For who can me blame
Synce I take such shame
That bare the great name
They count but a game
My messe to defame
325 Oh so I inflame
My hart with heate
Doth bolke and beate
I swell and sweate
I can not eate
330 My sorowes great
Do me replete
My papall seate
They will defeate
And put me by
335 My papasye
If my glorye
My daughter dye
For if she faile
It will not auaile
340 To wepe or to waile
To rage or to Rayle
sig: [A8]
I shal not preuaile
In cootis of maile
To make battaile
345 Or them to assayll
If she be once gone
Comfort get I none
But lefte post a_lone
To mourne and make mone
350 With hert as colde as stone

Yet may I haue some hope
Though she be slyd a_slope
Some frendes to fele and grope
In Affrike and Europe
355 How they will with me cope
Bicause I am the pope
They will my part take
Euen for my daughters sake
I trowe they will awake
360 Thes Rigors to aslake
And cause them all to quake
That did this mischefe make
And thos that poyson gaue hir

Alasse I quake and quauer
365 And also swarue and swauer
I quiuer and I wauer
I stacker and I stauer
sig: [A8v]
For feare I shall not haue hir
To lyue here wyth me styll
370 According to my will
Hir sicknes doth me spill
But hir death should me kyll
My sorows do me fyll
And will encreace vntill
375 Some tidinges I may gete
That Dromo fare hath fete
Alacke I feare me yet
The man hath had some let
Or with our enimyes met
380 The which hath him beset

Beholde he cometh I trowe
Some news now shall I knowe
Which way the wynde wil blow
Me-thinke he is not slowe
385 As by his pace doth showe
Dromo, welcum thou art
For synce thou did depart
Full heauy was my hert
And still in payne and smart
390 But now thou art retorned
My care shalbe adiourned
For mycle haue I mourned
And in desire bourned
sig: B1
But nowe I thinke it best
395 That thou go take thi rest
For I haue made beheste
No meate within my breste
Nor body to be drest
Tyl I haue sene and sought
400 The writinge that thou brought
Full longe therfore I thought
I gyue the thankes in-dede
For thy greate hast and spede
Haue golde here for thy meede
405 And I wyl go to reede
These letters missiue,
No longer wil I driue
The tyme labefactiue
While messe is yet a_lyue
410 And lyeth in payne passiue
I truste she shal reuiue
Though some against hir striue
And woulde hir life depriue

Halasse what find I here?
415 Nowe doth it playne a_pere
That sure my daughter dere
Which dwelt in churche and quere
And euery mans chapel
With candell boke and bel
sig: [B1v]
420 No longer here maye dwel
As these phisicions tel
For they gyue their iudgemente
That hir nature is spent
Hir reynes be al to_Rente
425 This answere haue they sent
To me wyth one consent
Affirminge that by nature
She shoulde be grosse of stature
Wherfore she must corrupt
430 Since she was interrupt
From hir pristine volupt
And since she brake hir diete
She coulde neuer be quiete
Nor like to be none other
435 But grosse by father and mother
So shewe they plaine to vs
To be morbus hereditarius
But this venum pestiferus
Doeth make it mortiferus
440 And thus they sey that sure
She is without recure

O worlde vnstable
And most variable
O man miserable
445 And infortunable
sig: B2
Which was honorable
Nowe I am not abel
Longe to perseuer
Wyth al mine endeuer
450 I am loste for euer
My daughter decayed
That was my chiefest aide
My pompe is allayed
Wheron I most stayed
455 I am a_frayede
And so sore dismayde
I knowe not which way
Nowe turne me I may
Nor what I shal say
460 I may not delay
Nor tyme protraye
But applie me lyg[h]tly lyghtly] lygtly A, C
And gyue hir aquauite
Or sum-thynge that is mighty
465 As vinum absinthite
Or vinum apitie
Or eles abrotonite
Uinum chamedryte
Or eles aromatite aromatite] amorite C
470 To comfort with hir herte
Oh that she myght reuert Oh] C omits
sig: [B2v]
And turne agayne to sanitye
I swere by myne humanitye
I speake it not in vanitie
475 They that hir death conspired
And hath it m[o]st disired most] must A, C
As fast as time required
With faggottes shalbe fired

O wher is my Gardnerus
480 That his good hert doth beare vs,
And more did and fisherus?
I feare he do not wel
Because we heare not tel
How he hath done his parte
485 I know I haue his herte
And also of many more
There is no smal store
That yet wyll sing and rore
Dayely my messe before
490 Though she be sicke and sore
But sore I am adred
Sum hath not wel sped
Or sume of them be dead
Or eles to prison led
495 For were they in prosperitie
I knowe it for a veritie
Sum-what they woulde haue prouid
sig: [B3]
These thinges to haue remoued
The whiche they neuer loued
500 That wrought were by lutherus
With helping of Bucerus
Zuingle and Bullingerus
Melancthon and Althamerus
Uitus, Theodor and musculus
505 And subtile Spaugelbergius
And by Urbanus_regius
Alesius and Brentius
And by Otho_Brumfelsius
By fagius and Pistorius
510 Petrus_martir and sarcerius
And by Oecolampadius
And also Carolstadius
By cursed Uadianus
And also Pomeranus
515 And perilous Pellicanus
Lykewyse by Iohn_cauinus
And spitfull Spalatinus
Coruinus and Epinus
And barkinge Bernardinus
520 Also by Osiander
Crucinger and Megander
And bablinge Bibliander
By Ionas and Capito
sig: [B3v]
And by that heritike Hedio

525 And then by Latymers Latymers] laytymers C
By bilnie and Turners
By bayle and by Tailers
And other of their faction
Beyond dinumeracion
530 That sprange in euery nacion
To put m[e] to thys passion me] mo A, C

But where is my cochleus
Iohn_Faber and Emserus Emserus] Euserus C
My champion Hofmisterus
535 Wher is my seruant Ecchius
And welbeloued Bilikius? Bilikius] Bilicius C
Where is my maluelda
With my most trusty Nausea Nausea] Naufea C
My Catharinus fyne
540 And Alfonsus my diuine
Al you wyth Sadoletus Sadoletus] Sandoletus C
Beholde how they entrate vs
Ech of you is a lim
To helpe vs interim This and the preceeding line are transposed in C
545 Ech of you is by right
My champion and my knight
For me and myn to fyght
As fast as ye may wright
For my knightes of England
sig: [B4]
550 As I may vnderstand
Ar far behinde the hande
And like to byde in bande
Ye knowe that for certaine
My daughter messe in peyne
555 And weaknes doeth remayne
Alasse she is but slayne
No medicine can I get
That wil amend hir yet
Wherfore ye may not let
560 Some comforting to fet
In England them amonge
That hath me serued long
Phisicians that ther be
I haue a skore and thre
565 That still doth worship me
And also my daughter
For stil haue they sought ####elidedh#### er
And glad when they cought ####elidedh#### er
As for communion
570 They set not an onion
But holde theyr opinion
My messe to be better
Eche one is hir detter
Agayne vp to sett ####elidedh#### er
575 I neade not them name
sig: [B4v]
For men can wel ame
That thei be the same
The which I do meane
Though I make no deane
580 For they wil not leane
But al one my syde
And so to a_bide
What-so-euer betide
Wythin the worlde wide

585 Ye thes be they that are
For messe so full of care
That nothynge wyll they spare
To make their purses bare
So they myght her repare
590 Wherefore it is lyke
That they wil not stike
To minister phisicke.
As muche as may be founde
Or sought aboue the grounde
595 To make hir hole and sounde
Nowe hie ye fast thyther
That you and they together
May bring some-thinge hither
Hir life for to length
600 And q[u]iken hir strenght

Yet am I in feare
sig: [B5]
Nothinge to be there
That hir stomach wil beare
I thinke that she wil weare
605 A_waye for al this geare
Beholde she doeth teare
And rende her golden heare

Oh so my herte doeth pricke
To se my chi[l]de so sycke childe] chide A, C
610 For she is frenticke
Distraught and lunaticke
Wo worth that heretyke
That firste beganne
To shewe any man
615 Hir nature to scan
For before than
No creature knewe
But that she was true
For whan she was newe
620 I did her endue
Wyth clothynge of Gospel
And of the Epistel
And nowe they be gon
She semeth as one
625 That is but skin and bon
As leane as a rake
As flat as a cake
sig: [B5v]
As stife as a stake
Hir lippes be pale
630 Hir eyes wexe smale
Hir checkes thyne
With a yealowe skine
And nought wythin
Hir nose is sharpe
635 And a_wrye doeth warpe
As heauy as leade
She is neare deade
Or eles in swo[u]ne
I am but vndone

640 Thou son and thou mone
And the plannetes seuen
That ruleth in heauen
And also beneth
My daughter I bequeth
645 In-to your holy handes
To louse hir from these bandes
And from the cruel death
That sone wyll stoppe hir breth
And shortly deuoure
650 Thys beautiful flowre
Except by your powre
Ye send hir succoure
And that spedily
sig: [B6]
Or eles she must dye

655 Iupiter_ceraunus Iupiter_ceraunus] Iupiter_ceranus C
Send doune vulcanus
And fire doune-cast
Al suche to deuast
As causeth this carke
660 By theyr woful warcke
O Mars_Mauors
With strength and force
Reuenge wyth war
Both nere and far
665 Thys tresspasse cruell
Done to my Iuell
For well I espye
They set not a flye
By my greate cursse
670 They be not the wors
For mine interdiction
It is none affection
My strenght doth decrease
My doctrine doth cease
675 My daughter doth perishe
Nothinge wyll cherishe
Yet hath she good keping
Boeth waking and slepinge
But I wyth much wepinge
sig: [B6v]
680 Wyth crouchinge and creping
Wyth bassing and kissing
Wil gyue hir my blessing
O pulchra proles
Miranda moles
685 Infandum doles
Hactenus que soles
Quidquid ad nutum
Habere tutum
Corpus imbutum
690 Mollibus indutum
Heu stat exutum
Descis[c]unt gentes Desciscunt] Descistunt A, C
T[e] deridentes Te] To A, C
Meque abnuentes
695 Minime credentes
Te fore veracem
Asserunt mendacem
Garrulam loquacem
Esse et Rapacem
700 Te dicunt vagam
Ueneficam sagam
Heu michi quid agam
Nunc peribis filia
Olim dans vtilia
705 Supra mille millia
sig: [B7]
En sequar et ego
Quique reges rego
Uiuere sed nego
Tu quum defungeris
710 Sacro que vngeris
Oleo papali
Hoc genus sed mali
Ingruit infestans
Nostraque detestans
715 Ecce scripture
Predicantur pure
Quo perit (audito)
Lex mea quam cito,

O darlynge dere
720 I leaue the heare
With heauy chere
Holde here take this
A careful kysse
I wil the blisse
725 That thou maist the rather
Cum to thy grandfather
Pluto the king
Of whose ofspring
You cum by dissent
730 Wyth you shalbe sent
A godly conuent
sig: [B7v]
To wayte on ye than
Lyke a noble-woman
Lent and gange_dayes
735 Shal shewe ye the wayes
Wyth the dayes_embringe
To kepe ye remembringe
Of your Iournay
For going astraye
740 And pilgrimage
In your voiage
Shalbe your page
And popishe_procession
745 A_boute ye shal ride shal] C omits
On euery syde
The colettes by kynde
Before and behinde
Your fote-men shalbe
750 Ful comly to se
The cannone playne
Your chamberlay[n]e
Shalbe at your hande
When ye do commaund
755 The post-communion
sig: [B8]
Shalbe your minion
To shewe you sporte
For your comforte
Thus shall ye not trauile
760 Lyke beggar nor Iauel
But passe like a quene
Right comly besene
To Stix and Acheron
Ye shall cume a_none
765 And when they be past
Ye shal cum at the last
To the po[r]ter Cerb[e]rus porter] potter A, C; Cerberus] Cerbrus A, C
Whiche though he be barbarus
Ye shal hym intreate
770 Quickly in to get
Then shall ye se the Emperoure
Sitting stout and stoure
Hym shall ye honoure
Then open your coffer
775 And vnto him offer him] hi C
Holy breade and water
And then strewe and scatter
About hys vgly fete
Some of your palmes swete
sig: [B8v]
780 Then shal ye lowly
Offer ashes holy
Beades and sacring-belles
And al other Iuelles
Then shal he take you
785 And his heire make you
Nowe wyl I forsake you
And gyue you my blessing
I wyl not be missing
But wyth expedience
790 Shewe myne obedience
To the prince infernal
In derknes eternal
Who gaue to me my name
And did to you the same
795 For both did come him fro
An[d] to hym must they go And] An A, C
And there wyth fende[s] fendes] fende A, C
To make ther endes endes] endes s A, CThe dislocated "s" has dropped down from the previous line

As felowes and frendes
800 Thus Pope and messe
I must confesse
To be no lesse
Then deuelishnes
Im_printed at London by Iohn_Daye and Wylliam_Seres.