A Short Recital of Certain Holy Doctors

Mardeley, John

STC 17318
Ringler 17318 and TP 965. UMI microfilm reel 137

Here is a shorte resytal of certayne holy doctours whych proueth that the naturall body of christ is not in the sacrament ... collected in myter
London: T. Raynalde,1548?.

Composition Date: 1548? [STC].

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Here is a shorte Resytal of certayne holy Doctours whych proueth that the naturall body of christ is not conteyned in the Sacrament of the Lordes supper but fyguratyuely / collected in myter by Ihon_Mardeley
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IT is marueled moche
Mens myndes is soch
To sow discorde
In hande to take
5 Any boke to make
That dothe not accord

Wyth Goddes holy worde
That twoo-edged sworde
Whych cutteth bothe wayes
10 Frome that Testament
They do dyscente
Into prophane wayes

For many whych lokes
Upon soche bokes
15 Playnly dothe see
Wythe woordes confuse
Suche doo a_buse
The verytye

For where they saye
20 Presente alwaye
Is flesshe carnall
As they defyne
Under bread and wyne
A bodye naturall

25 That is easyer sayed
Than can be proued
By the scriptures
For bread and wyne
To all mens eyen
30 Be two creatures

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Of theyr probacion
To make relation
Where-as they veryfye
Christ at his maundye
35 Gaue hys naturall body
That scripture dothe denye

They saye he is almyghtye
And able for to supplye
And performe hys sayinge
40 Or els it shulde be counted
In hym somwhat wanted
And not able to do all-thynge

To answere thys
The scripture is
45 Heare my defence
And Doctours auncyent
Doo full consente
To thys pretence

Where Christ at hys maundye
50 Spake these woordes truly mat .xvi
It was but fyguratyuely
When-as he sayde
Take eate thys bread
Thys is my bodye

55 Whych is for many broken
When he had so spoken
He toke the cup sayinge
Thys cuppe here presente
Is the newe testament
60 In my bloude-sheddynge

sig: [A2v]
Saynct Augustyne doth saye
Loke where ye haue allwaye
Any scripture whych seameth to be
Of any-thyng commanded
65 That muste then be applyed
To be spoken but figuratyuely Augu. in libro .iii de doctrina christiana. si aut flagitium aut facimus iubere videtur figurata locutio est .xvi

And also Orygen that clerke
Wylleth vs for to marke
Wyth our myndes spiritually
70 Sayinge all soche scriptures
That they be but fygures
And not to be taken carnally Origen in le[u]it homi .vii agnosce quod figure sunt que in [u]oluminibus, domini scripte sunt .etc.

Now take thys and eate
Is after the letter meate
75 For they dyd eate in-dede
That bread mistycally
So eate we hys body
Yf we be spiritually-mynded

Now to vse that ordynaunce
80 Is but a remembraunce
Of Christes payne and passion
For by it we do knowe
And to the faythful showe
Hys deathe vntyll he come

85 S. Augustyn also affyrmeth
And to Bonyface wryteth
Christes body and bloude to be
Celebrated but vnder
A shadowe and fygure
90 Of a secret mysterye Augu. in libro .ii. de doctrina christiana

sig: [A3]
So that thys holy mysterye
Of christes bloude and bodye
It is spirituall in operacion
For it geueth lyfe by faythe
95 Thus S. Augustyn saythe
And of his death a representacion

For to make relation
Of the true signification
Thys is hys sayinge
100 He saythe a sacrifice playnly
Is a thyng done whych is holy
Or a holy thyng in doyinge s. ysodore in his boke of true signification of wordes saithe

For by a woorde mysticall
It is consecrate in the memoriall
105 Of the Lordes deathe and passion
And to be called the bodye
And bloude of Christ verely.
Thys is hys declaration

Though it be made he saythe
110 Of the fruytes of the earthe
Yet is it made and sanctifyed
A sacrament by worke inuysyble
Of the holy-ghost incomprehensible
When that the worde is pronounced

115 The Grecians they do call
Thys sacrament eucharistia all
That is by interpretacion
Good grace, as nothing more holy
Then Christes bloude and bodye
120 Fygured in thys celebracion

sig: [A3v]
Thys bread and wyne mystically
Be compared vnto the bloud and bodye
Of Christe, because the inuysyble
Substaunce, of wyne and bread
125 Doth inebriate norryshe and fead
The externe man corruptyble

By the woorde of god beleued
Is that lyuely bread fygured
By hys participation
130 Whych dothe the myndes recreate
And the faythfull renouate
To the memoriall of hys passion

Thys he sayth that a mysterye Thys=Thus
Is the signification and certentye
135 Of a secrete hid disposycion
So that a deuyne vertue
Dothe inwardly therin insewe
By that visible operacion

Thus declareth he in soome
140 That the Lordes deathe and passion
Was ones done for all
So that the remembraunce of it
Is represented to vs yet
In thys holy thynge solempnisal

145 S. Ambrose wryting of thys mistery
Of Christes bloude and body
Sayth ther is a commutacion
Whych is maruelously wroughte
Sayinge that it is broughte
150 To an incomprehensyble alteracion s. ambro in hys .i. boke of Sacraments wryteth thys

sig: [A4]
Now here sayth he let them
The whych dothe not esteme
This secrete vertue so hyd
But thynke that the hole body
155 To appere therin visibly
And to [be] carnally presented be] 1548 omits

Thynke in what poynte and howe
Here happeneth let them saye nowe
Any soche holy commutacion
160 For bread and wyne we fynde
Whych styll appere in kynde
Before and after consecracion

Therfore it is made internly
By powre of gods spirite verely
165 Whych onely fayth loketh vpon
That whych the soule fedeth
And euerlastynge lyfe mynistreth
Is beleued in that mutacion

Wherfore yf ye saye I see
170 Christes body and bloude to bee
In order of nature here
You coulde not then saye
I beleue the body and bloude allwaye
Of Christ for to be there

175 Than for-asmoche as faythe
Loketh vpon the hole he saythe
And the fleshe apprehendeth nothing
So that the body and bloud of Iesu
Be not in the forme but in vertue
180 Of that sacramentall ministring

sig: [A4v]
Affyrmynge also the ministrie suche
Whych is done in the churche
To be but a sacrament memoriall
Of that fleshe wherin christ suffered
185 And was crucified dead and buryed
Whych was very flesh naturall

But thys fleshe saythe he
In symilitude conteyned to be
Of that very fleshe in mysterye
190 Yet is it not fleshe in kynde
Nor in forme we fynde
But in sacrament verely

Yet in this sacrament Christ is
But yet he saythe not thys
195 That wyne and bread is hys bodye
For then Christ muste pronounciat
Hys body for to be corporat
And subiecte to mortalitye

For what-soeuer is perceaued
200 And in meate corpor[a]ly tasted corporaly] corporly 1548
That is subiecte to corruption
But here it is spirituall
And not tasted corporall
Thys is saynct Ambrose conclusion

205 Can then the worde sayd
Transforme the breade
Into fleshe naturall
Then muste it bee
That we shulde see
210 A bodye anymall

sig: [A5]
For and yf it turne
From the fyrste forme
Of bread and wyne
Then must the bodye
215 Appere to vs openly
Before euery mans eyen

Yf when a thynge
Is brought from hys beynge
And actually chaunged
220 Into that whyche
Hath bene none suche
Neades must be perceyued

As when qualities be altered
As blake to whyte chaunged
225 By wordes of consecracion
So chaunged in colloure
Sight taste and sauoure
Then is transubstaunciacion

But in thys permutacion
230 Is made no innouacion
Then in the fyrste certeigne
For that kynde of creature
Whych was theyr before
Is knowen styll to remeigne

235 Nowe yf we fynde
No chaunge in kynde
But as it was before
Howe nowe let vs see
Than can it bee
240 That bread remayneth no more

sig: [A5v]
For it can be no sacrament
Yf the body be present
That the whyche it dothe fygure
S. Augustyn he saythe
245 We apprehende by fayth
That mysticall nature

Other els it is playne
Our faythe to be vayne
Yf reason haue experience
250 Therfore the veritie
Calleth it a mysterye
Of a deuyne enfluence

So that thys holy sacrament
By olde fathers iudgement
255 Is but a mysterye hyd
As ther is in baptysme
Doctours dothe defyne
A promyse therto annixed

Christes fleshe and bloude he sayes
260 Is vnderstond twoo maner of wayes
Makyng therof a distinction
Betwext the body and bloude
That suffered death vpon the rode
And that which we receyue to our saluacion s. Hiero in his comentary of paules Epistles to the Ephe.

265 For that fleshe and bloude he saythe
Whych the faythful receyue in faythe
Is of a spirituall enfluence
From that fleshe whych was crucifyed
And bloud which on the crosse was shed
270 He putteth a full great difference

sig: [A6]
As may be betwene thinges spiritual
And thinges visible and corporall
So moche they dyffer vndoubtedly
From that fleshe whych was crucifyed
275 And that bloude the whych was shead
Thys doctour affirmeth playnly

For they be not all one sayth he
For that Crucifyed fleshe pardy
Was made of the fleshe of a vyrgyn
280 Compact of bones synewes and vayne
With the liniaments of mans members playne
And quyckened with the spirite deuy[n]e

Hauing also a reasonable soule
Thus the proper mocions he doth exstole
285 Of hys naturall fleshly body
But this fleshe which fedeth the faithfull
Hath hys forme of corne frutefull
And is eaten of them spiritually Spiritus ante faciam nostram christ[u]s christus] christes 1548 dominus. christus] christes 1548

Yet this body we do vnderstande
290 Is made by an artificers hande
Without any reasonable substaunce
Compact with nether synewes nor fingers
Distinct with no varietie of members
Nor able to exercise ani proper puissaunce

295 But what substaunce soeuer geueth life
Parteyneth to a spirit intelectyfe
Which worketh an inuisible efficacye
Now this is cleane an-other thynge
Whych externally is perceyued be seing
300 From that beleued in the misterye

sig: [A6v]
Thus S. ambrose maketh distinction
Betwene christes fleshe and the communyon
As here I haue declared
Yf ye doubt loke in hys comentarye
305 Then shal ye se yf I do varye
From hys sentences before resyted

Now S. augustyn sayth playnly
Where-as he spake of hys body
It was a spirituall vnderstandinge
310 For it saueth hym that beleueth
Where-as the letter kylleth
But the spirite quyckeneth all-thynge Augu in sermone ad infantes .xix Quando loquebatur dominus noster Iesus_christus de corpore suo etc

Where christ saythe except ye eate
My fleshe whyche is very meate
315 Ye shall haue no lyfe in you
It seamethe here saythe he
To commaund a thyng to be
Fowle wycked and vntrue

By these wordes ye shall knowe
320 That christ ment it not soo
To geue hys fleshe to be eate
Wyth your tethe, but thys vnderstande
To heauyn whole he shal assende
Up to hys fathers seate

325 Nowe syth he it called
To be a fowle thyng and a wycked
To eate hys flesshe naturall
You maye perceaue playnly
For to eate hys bodye
330 Were wycked and brutall

sig: [A7]
Seyng hys body is fleshe in-dede
Then consequently must procede
To take and eate must be taken
But spoken mere spiritually
335 Or els this is my body
Muste be figuratyuely spoken

Now he that abydeth not in me
And in whom I abyde not sayth he
Let hym not saye nor thynke
340 That he dothe eate
My body as meate
Nether yet my bloude dothe drynke

Christ sayth they byde not in me
Nor yet they my membres be
345 Whych dothe theym-selues blote
In fylthynes beyng vncleane
For then do they remayne
The members of an harlote Aug. de ciuitate dei libro xxi.

S. augustyn and venerable bede
350 Sayth the vnfaythfull and wycked
Whych be not members to christ our brother
They do not eate hys body
Nor drynke hys bloud verely
Yet eat they the sacrament as wel as the other s. Augu. and bed super Corint .vi. et .i. cor .x. Idem Cori .xi.

355 Therfore ye muste of necessite
Graunte the sacrament not to be
Christes body naturall
But a fygure and token
Of hys body once broken
360 Therof to be a memoriall

sig: [A7v]
Thus S. Augustyne doth deny
That we eat not hys naturall body
Wherfore it must neades insewe
Yt is but a mistacall fygure
365 Thus he approuethe by the scripture
Representyng hys passion new Roma .v

And also Bead that worthy prieste
Saythe he eateth not Christ
Whych is wycked in hys lyuynge
370 Nor yet drinketh hys blood
Nether hys flesshe doth hym no good
Though he receyue so worthy a thyng bed super cori .i. et .x. chapi.

Yf thys be not true ye must deface
Saynct Augustyn in this place
375 And not to be approued
A holy doctour of the churche.
But I truste theyr be none suche
That wyth hym wylbe offended

Nowe where he is almyghtye
380 No man wyll that denye
But he may do what he lyste
At hys good pleasure all-thyng
Because theyr is no superiour power beynge
Hable his might to resiste

385 Yet all-thyn[g]e he can not doo thynge] thynke 1548
S. Hierome and S. Thomas sayth so Paula and eustochium.
Wrytyng of virginytie
He cannot synne sayth Dunce at all
He cannot deny him-self sayth Paul
390 In hys Epystle vnto Timothie

sig: [A8]
I thynke yet god by his sonnes blood
Myght haue saued all men bad and good Ihon .iii.
Yf he had so intended
But the scriptures thus standinge
395 He cannot now do that thynge
And yf he were so mynded

Then hys woord he muste forsake
And hys sonne a lyer make
For he sayth the vnfaythfull is dampned
400 Nor the vnbeleuers shall no lyfe se
But gods wrath is vpon them sayth he
Coulde they then haue bene saued

Nowe here for to conclude
I truste noo man is so rude
405 To construe any-thynge amisse
Whyche playnly devulgate
And also truely insinuate
What these Doctours iudgementes is.

For seyng they do it call
410 The Sacrament of a fygure mystical
Of Christes bloude and body
They ought to be beleued
By_cause theyr doctryne is receyued
Of the Catholike churche verely

415 Now bycause ye shall fynde
More Doctours of that mynde
Whych hath wrytten manyfestlye
As prosper, crisostim, Eusebius and Tertulian
Fulgentius , athanasius , Bartram and Ciprian
420 Al these declare it to be a misterie prosper in lib. sentenciarum . crisostim super mat. et ad hebre ho .xvii. Eusebius quia corpus etc. tertulian lib .ii et .li .iiii ad mercione fulgentius .ii li. de fide bartram ad carelos emperatur Cyprian ad cecilium Athana .iii. li qui dix verb also druthmarius saith hoc est corpus meum in misterio

sig: [A8v]
Therfore all those whych be anoynted
And by gods holy spirit appointed
Iudge you here now indifferently
Whether these fathers doctryne
425 And the papisticall leuen
To be beleued is moste worthy


ΒΆIMPRINTED AT LONdon in Sainct_Andrewes Paryshe in the_Waredrop, By Thomas_Raynalde

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