Agenst Garnesche

Skelton, John


Brown and Robbins 3154.5 [individual poems not numbered separately]. Harley 367 is not listed by Ringler

: ,.

Composition Date: 1514? [Scattergood].

folio: 101

Skelton lauriate defender a_genst master garnesche chalenger et_cetera

Sithe ye haue me chalyngyd master garnesche
Rud[e]ly reuilyng me / In the kynges noble hall Rudely] Ruduly H
Soche an-odyr chalyngyr cowde me no man wysch
But yf yt war sir tyrmagant that tyrnyd without nall 'nall' after cancelled 'alle'
5 For sir frollo_de_franko / was neuer halfe so talle
But sey me now sir Satrapas what autoryte ye haue
In your chalenge sir chystyn / to cale me knaue

¶What haue ye kythyd yow a knyght sir dugles the dowty
So currys[h]ly to be_knaue me In the kynges place curryshly] currysly H
ref.ed: 122
10 Ye stronge sturdy stalyon / so sterne and stowty
Ye bere yow bolde as barabas / or sir terry of trac[e] trace] tracy H
Ye gyrne grymly with your gomys and with yor grysly face
But sey me yet sir satropas / what auctoryte ye haue
In yor chalange sir chesten to calle me a knaue

15 ¶Ye fowle fers and felle / as sir fervmbras the ffreke
Syr capten of catywade / catacumbas of cayre
Thow ye be lusty as sir lybyus / launces to breke
Yet your contenons on_comly yor face ys nat fayer
For alle your proude prankyng yor pride may a_payer
20 But sey me yet sir satrapas / wat auctoryte ye haue
In yor chalange sir chesten to cal me a knaue
folio: 101v
Of mantryble the Bryge / malchus the murryon
Nor blake baltazar with hys basnet routh as a bere
Nor lycon that lothly luske In myn opynyon
25 Nor no bore so brymly brystlyd ys with here
As ye ar brystlyd on the bake / for alle your gay gere et_cetera

¶Yor wynde-schakyn shankkes yor longe loth[l]y legges lothly] lothy H
Crokyd as a camoke / and as a kowe calfles
Bryngges yow out of fauyr with all femall teggys
30 That mastres punt put yow of yt was nat all causeles
At Orwelle hyr hauyn your anggre was laules et_cetera

¶I sey ye solem sarson all blake ys yor ble
As a glede glowynge your Ien glyste[r] as glasse glyster] glyste H, glyster Scattergood
Rowlynge In yower holow hede vgly to see
35 Your tethe teintyd with tawny your'your' added above line semely snowte doth passe
Howkyd as an hawkys beke lyke sir topyas
Boldly bend you to batell and buske your-selfe to saue
Chalenge yor-selfe for a fole call me no more knaue

Be the kynges most noble commandement /

Skelton lauryate defender a_genst master garnesche chalangar / with gresy gorbelyd godfrey et_cetera

ref.ed: 123
[H]ow may I your mokery mekely tollerate bottom corner of fol. 101 torn off; readings for lines 1-5 supplied
[Your] gronynge yor grontynge yor groinynge lyke a swyne
[Your] pride ys all to peuiche / your porte Importunate
[You] mantyca[re] ye maltaperte ye can bothe wins and whyne mantycare] mantyca H
5 [Your l]othesum lere to loke on lyke a gresyd bote dothe schyne
folio: 102
Ye cappyd Cayface copious your paltoke on your pate
Thow ye prate lyke prowde pylate be ware yet'yet' added above line of chek-mate

¶Hole'hole' after cancelled 'thow'deurandall] deundall H ys your brow that ye brake / with deu[ra]ndall your awne sworde deurandall] deundall H
Why holde ye on yer cap sir then yor pardon ys expyryd
10 Ye hobble very homly / before the kynges borde
Ye countyr vm_whyle to capcyously and ar ye be dysiryd
Yor moth-etyn mokkysh maneres / they be all to_myryd
Ye cappyd Cayface copyous / your paltoke on your 'your' over cancelled 'yow' pate
Thow ye prate lyke prowde pylate / be ware of cheke-mate

15 ¶O gabionyte of gabyone / why do ye gane and gaspe
Huf a galante Garnesche / loke'loke' after cancelled 'k' on your comly cors
Lusty garnysche lyke a lowse / ye Iet full lyke a Iaspe
As wytles as a wylde goos / ye haue but small remorrs
Me for to chalenge that of your chalennge makyth so lytyll fors
20 Ye capyd cayfas copyous your paltoke on your pate
Tho ye prate lyke prowde pylate be ware of cheke-mate

Syr Gy sir gawen sir Cayus for and sir olyuere
Pyramus nor priamus nor sir pyrrus the prowde
In arturys auncyent actys no-where ys'ys' added above line prouyd your pere
25 The facyoun of your fysnamy the devyl in a clowde
Your harte ys to hawte I_wys yt wyll nat be alowde
Ye capyd cayfas copyus your paltoke on your pate
Thow ye prate lyke prowde pylate be ware of cheke-mate

folio: 102v
¶Ye grounde yow vp-on godfrey that grysly gargons face
30 Your stondarde sir Olifranke / a_genst me for to splay
Baile. baile. at yow bothe frantyke folys follow on the chase
Cum garnyche cum godfrey with as many as ye may
I advyse yow be ware of thys war rannge yow In a_ray
Ye'Ye' after cancelled 'Thow' cappyd Cayfas copyous et_cetera

35 ¶Gup gorbellyd godfrey / gup garnysche gaudy fole
To turney or to tante with me ye ar to fare to seke
ref.ed: 124
For thes twayne whypslouens call for a coke-stole
Thow mantycore ye marmset garnyshte lyke a greke
Wranglynge waywyrde wytles wraw and no-thyng me[k]e meke] mete H
40 Ye cappyd et_cetera
Mirres vous y
Loke nat to hy

By the kynges most noble commaundment /

Skelton lawryate defender a_genyst lusty garnyche Welle be seyn Crysteouyr chalannger et cetera

¶I haue your lewde letter receyuyd
And well I haue yt perseyuyd
And your skrybe I have aspyed
Yt your mad mynde contryuyd
5 Sauynge your vsscheres rode
I caste me nat to be ode
Wt neythyr of yow tewyne'tewyne' after cancelled 'teyne'
[W]her-fore I wryght a_geyne first letter of 'Wher' supplied due to damage to fol. 102
folio: 103
How the fauyr of your face
10 Is voyd of all good grace
For alle your carpet cousshons
Ye haue knauyche condycyonns
Gup marmeset Iast ye morelle
I am laureat I am no lorell
15 Lewdely your tyme ye spende
My lyuyng to reprehende line added right margin in another hand
And wyll neuer In_tende
Your awne lewdnes to amende

¶Your englyshe lew[d]ly ye sorte lewdly] lewly H
20 And falsly ye me reporte
Garnyche ye gape to wyde
Yower knavery I wyll nat hyde
For to aswage your pride

¶Whan ye war yonger of age
25 Ye war a kechyn-page
A dyshwasher a dryvyll'dryvyll' corrected from 'dyvyll' by addition of superscript 'r'
In the pott your nose dedde sneuyll
ref.ed: 125
Ye fryed and ye broylyd
Ye rostyd and ye boylyd
30 Ye rostyd lyke a fonne
A gose with the fete vp-on
Ye slofferd'slofferd': letter cancelled after 'sl' vp sowse
In my lady brewsys howse
Wher-to xulde I wryght
35 Of soche a gresy knyght
folio: 103v
A bawdy dysche-clowte
That bryngyth the worlde a_bowte
Wt haftynge and with polleynge
Wt lyenge and controlleynge

40 ¶At Gynys when ye ware
But a slendyr spere
Dekkyde lewdly in your gere
For whan ye dwelt there
Ye had a knauysche cote
45 Was skantly worthe a grote
In dud frese ye war schrynyd
Wt better frese lynyd
The oute-syde euery day
Ye myght no better a way
50 The in_syde ye ded calle
Your beste gowne festyvalle
Your drapry ye ded wante
Ye warde'warde': letter cancelled after 'war'loss of text in following seven lines due to damage to fol. 103 with yow was skante loss of text in following seven lines due to damage to fol. 103
[W]hen ye kyst a shepys-ie'ie'after cancelled 'ye'
55 [..........] mastres audelby
[..........] gynys vp-on a gonge
[..........] sat sumwhat'sumwhat' corrected from 'sumhat' by addition of superscript 'w' with caret to longe
[..........] hyr husbandes hed
[..........] malle of lede
60 [..........] that ye ther prechyd
folio: 104
To hyr loue ye nowte rechyd
Ye wolde haue bassyd hyr bumme
So that sche wolde haue kum
On-to your lowsy den
65 But sche of all men
Had yow most In despyght
Ye loste hyr fauyr quyt
Your pyllyd'pyllyd' after cancelled 'pll' garleke-hed
ref.ed: 126
Cowde hocupy yer no stede 'yer'='ther'
70 She callyd yow sir gy of gaunt
Nosyd lyke'lyke' after cancelled 'ky' an olyfaunt
A pykes or a twybyll
Sche seyd how ye ded brydell
Moche lyke a dromadary
75 Thus with yow sche ded wary
Wt moche mater more
Yt I kepe In store

¶Your brethe ys st[r]onge and quike stronge] stonge H
Ye ar an eldyr-steke
80 Ye wot what I thynke
At bothe endes ye stynke
Gret daunger for the kynge
Whan hys grace ys fastynge
Hys presens to a_proche
85 Yt ys to your reproche
Yt fallyth for no swyne
Nor sowtters to drynke wyne
Nor seche a nody-polle
A pryste for to controlle
folio: 104v
90 Lytyll wyt in your scrybys nolle
That scrybblyd your fonde scrolle
Vp-on hym for to take
A_gennst me for to make
Lyke a doctor dawpate
95 A lauryate poyete for to rate
Yower termys ar to grose
To far from the porpose
To contaminate'contaminate' after cancelled 'canto'
And to violate
100 The dygnyte lauryate

¶Bolde bayarde ye ar to blynde
And grow all oute of kynde
To occupy so your mynde
For reson can I non fynde
105 Nor good ryme In yower mater
I wondyr that ye smatyr
So for a knaue to clatyr
ref.ed: 127
Ye wolde be callyd a maker
And make moche lyke Iake_Rakar 'Rakar' after cancelled 'crakar'
110 Ye ar a comly crakar
Ye lernyd of sum py-bakar
Caste vp your curyows wrytynge
And your dyrty endytynge
And your spyghtfull despyghtynge
115 For alle ys nat worthe a myteynge loss of text in following four lines due to damage to fol. 104
[A] makerell nor a wyteynge
[H]ad ye gonne with me to scole
[A]nd occupyed no better your tole
[Y]e xulde haue kowththyd me a fole
folio: 105
120 But now gawdy gresy garnesche
Your face I wyse to varnyshe
So suerly yt xall nat tarnishe
Thow a sarsens hed ye bere
Row and full of lowsy here
125 As heuery man wele seethe
Ful of greet knauys tethe
In a felde of grene peson'peson' after cancelled 'pesyn'
Ye ryme yet owte of reson
Your wyt ys so geson
130 Ye rayle all out of seson

¶Your'Your' added left margin in another hand skyn scabbyd and scuruy
Tawny tannyd and shuruy
Now vp-on thys hete
Rankely whan ye swete
135 Men sey ye wyll wax lowsy
Drunkyn drowpy drowsy
Your sworde ye swere I wene
So tranchaunt and so kene'kene' after cancelled 'klene'
Xall kyt both wyght and grene
140 Your foly ys to grett
The kynges colours to threte
Your brethe yt'yt' added above line ys so felle
And so puauntely dothe smelle
And so haynnously doth stynke'stynke' after cancelled 'smell'
145 That naythyr pump nor synke
Dothe sauyr halfe so souer
A_geynst a stormy shouer

folio: 105v
ref.ed: 128
¶O ladi[e]s of bryght colour ladies] ladis
Of bewte that beryth the flower
150 When garnyche cummyth yow a_monge
Wt hys brethe so stronge
Wt-owte ye haue a confectioun
A_genst hys poysond In_feccioun
Els with hys stynkyng Iawys
155 He wyl cause yow caste your crawes
And make youer stomake seke
Ouyr the perke to pryk

¶Now garnyche garde thy gummys
My serpentins and my gunnys
160 A_genst ye now I bynde
Thy-selfe yer-fore defende
Yu tode thow scorpyon
Thow bawdy babyone
Thow bere thow brystlyd bore
165 Yu moryshe mantycore
Yu rammysche stynkyng gote
Yu fowle chorlyshe parote
Yu gresly gargone glaymy
Yu Swety slouen seymy
170 Yu murrioun thow mawment
Yu fals stynkyng serpent
Yu mokkyshe marmoset'marmoset' after cancelled 'mammos'
I wyll nat dy In [thy] det thy] they H

Tyburne thou me assynyd
175 Wher thou xulddst haue bene shrynyd
Ye nexte halter ther xall be
I be_queth yt hole'hole' over cancelled 'on' to the
folio: 106
Soche pelfry thou hast pachchyd
And so thy-selfe houyr-wachyd'wachyd' after cancelled 'ma'
180 Yt ther thou xuldyst be rachchyd
If thow war metely machchyd

¶Ye may wele be bedawyd
Ye ar a fole owtelauyd
And for to telle the gronde
185 Pay Stokys hys fyue pownd
ref.ed: 129
I say sir daly_rag
Ye bere yow bold and brag
Wt othyr menys charge
Ye kyt your clothe to large
190 Soche pollyng-paiaunttis ye pley
To poynt yow fresche and gay

¶And he that scryblyd your scrolles
I rekyn yow In my rowllys'rowllys' after cancelled 'rollys'
For ij dronken sowllys
195 Rede and lerne ye may
How olde proverbys say
That byrd ys nat honest
That fylythe hys owne nest
Yf he wyst what sum wotte
200 The f[r]esche bastyng of hys cote fresche] flesche H
Was sowyd with slendyr thre[de] threde] thre H
God sende you'you': above, in another hand wele good spede
Wt dominus vobyscum
Good latyn for Iake_a_thrum
205 Tyll more matyr may cum'cum' after cancellation
folio: 106v

¶By the kynges most noble commaundment

Donum laureati disticon contra goliardum Garnishe et scribam eius

Tu garnishe fatuus fatuus tuus'tuus' added above line est mage scriba

Qui sapuit puer In_sanyt vir / versus in hydram

Skelton laureate defendar a_geinst lusty garnyshe Well Be seen crystofer chalangar et_cetera

Garnyshe gargone gastly gryme
I haue receyuyd your secunde ryme
Thowthe ye kan skylle of large and longe
Ye syng all-way the kukkowe songe
5 Ye rayle ye ryme with hay dog hay
Your chorlyshe chauntyng ys all o lay
Ye sir rayle all In deformite
Ye haue nat red the properte
ref.ed: 130
Of naturys workys how'how' after cancelled 'workys' they be
10 Myxte with sum In_commodite
As prouithe well In hys rethorikys olde Obserua prologus libri .2i. in vetery rethorica Cicero[n]i s Incipit autem sc. g Crotoniati quondam cum florerent omni[bus] copiis et cetera
Cicero with hys tonge of golde
That nature wrowght in yow and me
Irreuocable ys hyr decre
15 Way_wardly wrowght she hath in the
Be_holde yi-selfe and thou mayst se
Thow xalte be_holde no-wher a warse
[Thy] myrrour may be the deuyllys ars Thy] They H
folio: 107
Wyth knaue syr knaue and knaue a_genne
20 To cal me knaue thou takyst gret payne
Ye prowdyst knaue yet of vs tewyne
Wt-In thy skyn he xall remayne
The starkest knaue and lest good kan
Yu art callyd of euery man
25 The corte the contre wylage and towne
Sayth from thy to vnto yi croune line added in right margin, in another hand
Of all prowde knauys thow beryst the belle
Lothsum as lucifer lowest In helle
On that syde on thys syde thou dost gasy'gasy' after cancelled 'gasy'
30 Yu thynkyst thy-selfe sir pers_de_brasy
Thy caytyvys carkes cours and crasy
Moche of thy maneres I ca[n] blasy can] cam H

¶Of lumbardy Gorge_hardyson
Thow wolde haue scoryd hys habarion
35 That Ientyll Iorge the Ianuay
Ye'Ye' added in another hand, above uncancelled 'he' wolde haue trysyd hys trowle a_way
Soche paiantes with your fryndes ye play
Wt trechery ye them betray
Garnyshe ye gate of gorge with gaudry
40 Crimsin velvet for your bawdry
Ye haue a fantasy to fanchyrche_strete
Wt lumbardes lemmanns for to mete
Wt bas me buttyng praty Cys
Yower lothesum lypps loue well to kyse
45 Slaueryng lyke a slymy snayle
I wolde ye had kyst hyr on the tayle

folio: 107v
¶Also nat fare from bowgy_row
Ye pressyd pertely to pluk a crow
ref.ed: 131
Ye lost your [h]olde on_bende your bow holde] bolde H
50 Ye wan nothynge ther but a mow
Ye wan no-thynge ther but a skorne
Sche wolde nat of yt thow had sworne
Sche seyd ye war coluryd with cole-dust
To daly with yow she had no lust
55 Sche seyd your brethe stanke lyke a broke
Wt gup sir Gy ye gate a moke
Sche sware with hyr ye xulde nat dele
For ye war smery lyke a sele
And ye war herey lyke a calfe
60 Sche praijd yow walke on goddes halfe
And thus there ye lost yower pray
Get ye anothyr where ye may

¶Dysparage ye myn auncetry
Ye ar dysposyd for to ly'ly' after cancelled 'lay'
65 I sey thow felle and fowle flessh-fly
In thys debate I the askry
Thow claimist the Ientyll thou art a curre
Haroldis they know thy cote-armur
Thow thou be a Iantyll man borne
70 Yet Ientylnes In the ys thred-bare worne
Haroldes from honor may the devors
For harlottes hawnte thyn hatefull cors
Ye bere out brothells lyke a bawde
Ye get yerby a slendyr laude
75 Be_tweyn the tappett and the walle
Fusty bawdyas I sey nat alle
folio: 108
Of harlottes to vse soche an harres
Yt bredth mothys In clothe of arres 'arres' after cancelled 'arrers'

¶What eylythe the rebawde on me to raue
80 A kynge to me myn habyte gaue
At oxforth the vniversyte
Auaunsid I was to that degre
By hole consent of theyr senate
I was made poete-lawreate
85 To cal me lorell ye ar to lewde
Lythe and lystyn all be_chrewde
Of the musys nyne Calliope
Hath pointyd me to rayle on the
ref.ed: 132
It semyth nat thy pyllyd pate
90 A_genst a poyet-lawreat
To take vp-on the for to scryue
It cumys'cumys' after cancelled 'cuny' the better for to dryue
A dong-cart or a tumrell
Than with my'my' after cancelled 'y' poems for to melle

95 ¶The honor of englond I lernyd to spelle
In dygnyte roiall' roiall' after cancelled 'ra' that doth excelle
Note and mark wyl thys parcele
I yave hym drynke of the sugryd welle
Of eliconys waters crystallyne
100 Aqueintynge hy[m] with the musys nyne hym] hyn H
Yt commyth the wele me to remorde
Yt creaunser'creaunser' after cancelled 'grauc'sofreyne] sofre H was to thy sofre[yne] lorde sofreyne] sofre H
It plesyth that noble prince roiall
Me as hys master for to calle
folio: 108v
105 In hys lernyng primordiall
A_uaunt'A uaunt' partially cancelled rybawde thi tung reclame
Me to be_knaue thow art to blame
Thy tonge vntawte'vntawte' after cancelled 'w' with poyson in_fecte
Wt-owte thou leue thou shalt be chekt
110 And takyn vp In such a frame
That all the warlde wyll spye your shame ends of following two lines illegible because of staining on fol. 108
Auaunt auaunt thow slogysh [......]
And sey poetis no dys [.....]
It ys for no bawdy knaue
115 The dignite lawreat for to haue

¶Thow callyst me scallyd thou callydst me mad
Thow thou be pyllyd thow ar nat sade
Thow ar frantyke and lakkyst wyt
To rayle with me that the can hyt
120 Thowth it be now ful tyde with the
Yet yer may falle soche caswelte
Er thow be_ware that 'that' added above, in another hand In a throw
Thow mayst fale downe and ebbe full lowe
Wher-fore In welthe be ware of woo
125 For welthe wyll sone departe the froo
To know thy-selfe yf thow lake grace
Lerne or be lewde I shrow thy face

ref.ed: 133
¶Thow seyst I callyd the a pecok'pecok' after cancelled 'peke'
Thow lijst I callyd the a wod-coke
130 For thow hast a long snowte
A semly nose and a stowte'stowte' after cancelled 'st'
Prickyd lyke an vnicorne
I wold sum manys bake Ink-horne
Wer yi nose spectacle-case
135 Yt wold garnyche wyll thy face

folio: 109
¶Thow demyst my raylyng ouyr-thwarthe
I rayle to the soche as thow art
If thow war a_quentyd with alle
The famous poettes saturicall'saturicall' after cancelled 'saturiall'
140 As percius and Iuuynall
Horace and noble marciall
If they wer lyueyng thys day
Of the wote I what they wolde say
They wolde the wryght all with one steuyn
145 The follest slouen ondyr heuen'heuen' after cancelled 'heuyn'
Prowde peuiche lyddyr and lewde
Malapert medyllar no-thyng well thewde
Besy braynles to bralle and brage
Wytles wayward sir wryg-wrage
150 Dysdaynous dowble ful of dyseyte
Lijng spying by suttelte and slyght
Flerijng flatyryng fals and fykkelle
Scornefull and mokkyng ouer to mykkylle

¶My'My' after cancelled 'My' tyme I trow I xulde but lese
155 To wryght to the of tragydese
It ys nat mete for soche a knaue
But now my proces for to saue
I haue red and rede I xall
Inordynate pride wyll haue a falle
160 Presumptuous pride ys all thyn hope
God garde the garnyche from the rope
Stop a tyd and be welle ware
Ye be nat cawte In an hempen snare
folio: 109v
Harkyn her-to ye haruy_ha[f]tar haftar] hastar H
165 Pride gothe be-fore and schame commyth after

ref.ed: 134
¶Thow wrythtyst I xulde let the go pley
Go pley the garnyshe garnysshyd gay
I care nat what thow wryght or sey
I cannat let the the knaue to play
170 To dauns the hay or rune the ray
Thy fonde face can me'me' after cancelled 'I' nat fray
Take thys for that bere thys In mynde
Of thy lewde_nes more ys be_hynde
A reme of papyr wyll nat holde
175 Of yi lewdenes that may be tolde
My study myght be better spynt
But for to serue the kynges entente
Hys noble plesure and commandemennte
Scrybbyl thow scrybyll thow rayle or wryght
180 Wryght what thow wylte I xall the a_quyte

By the kyngys most noble Commandemennt