Agaynste a Comely Coystrowne

Skelton, John

STC 22611 (=R)
Ringler 22611 and TP 1400 [Brown and Robbins 2609.5]; also TP 2311 [Brown and Robbins 4217.3] ("Womanhod wanton ...") and TP 2344 [Brown and Robbins 4284.5] ("Your vgly tokyn ..."). Ed. Dyce 1.15-21; ed. Scattergood, pp. 36-41. UMI microfilm reel 860

Skelton laureate agaynste a comely coystrowne
London: [J. Rastell],1527?.

Composition Date: 1495-1500 [Scattergood].

sig: [A1]
Skelton Laureate agaynste a comely Coystrowne that curyowsly chawntyd And curryshly cowntred / And madly in hys Musykkys mokkyshly made / Agaynste the .ix. Musys of polytyke Poems and Poettys matryculat.
sig: [A1v]
Of all nacyons vnder the heuyn. 'O' of 'of' is guide letter in space set for large capital
These frantyke foolys I hate most of all.
For though they stumble in the synnys seuyn.
In peuyshnes yet the[y] snapper and fall. they] the R
5 Which men the .viii. dedly syn call.
This peuysh proud thys prendergest.
When he is well yet can he not rest.

¶A swete suger-lofe and sowre bayardys-bun.
Be sumdele lyke in forme and shap.
ref.ed: 37
10 The one for a duke the other for dun.
A maunchet for morell thereon to snap.
Hys hart is to hy to haue any hap.
But for in his gam_vt carp that he can.
Lo Iak wold be a Ientylman

15 ¶Wyth hey troly loly lo whip here Iak.
Alumbek sodyldym syllorym ben.
Curyowsly he can both counter and knak
Of Martyn_swart and all hys mery men.
Lord how perkyn is proud of hys Pohen.
20 But ask wher he fyndyth among hys monacordys.
An holy-water clarke a ruler of lordys.

¶He can not fynd it in rule nor in space.
He solfyth to haute hys Trybyll is to hy.
He braggyth of hys byrth that borne was full bace
25 Hys musyk withoute mesure to sharp is hys my
He trymmyth in hys tenor to counter pyrdewy.
Hys dyscant is besy it is withoute a mene.
To fat is hys fantsy hys wyt is to lene.

sig: [A2]
¶He lumbryth on a lewde lewte roty bully Ioyse.
30 Rumbyll downe tumbyll downe hey go now now.
He fumblyth in hys fyngeryng an vgly good noyse.
It semyth the sobbyng of an old sow.
He wold be made moch of and he wyst how.
Wele sped In spyndels and turnyng of tauellys.
35 A bungler a brawler a pyker of quarellys.

¶Comely he clappyth a payre of clauycordys.
He whystelyth so swetely he makyth me to swete.
His descant is dasshed full of dyscordes
A red angry man but easy to intrete.
40 An vssher of the hall fayn wold I get.
To poynte this proude page a place and a rome
For Iak wold be a Ientylman that late was a grome

Iak wold Iet and yet Iyll sayd nay.
He counteth in his countenaunce to checke with th e best.
45 A malaperte medler that pryeth for his pray
In a dysh dare he rush at the rypest.
Dremyng in dumpys to wrangyll and to wrest.
ref.ed: 38
He fyndeth a proporcyon in his prycke-songe.
To drynk at a draught a larg and a long

50 ¶Nay iape not with hym he is no small fole
It is a solempne syre and a solayne.
For lordes and ladyes lerne at his scole
He techyth them so wysely to solf and to fayne.
That neyther they synge wel prycke-songe nor playne
55 Thys docter deuyas commensyd in a cart. Deuyas] dellias M
A master a mynstrell a fydler a farte

sig: [A2v]
¶What though ye can cownter Custodi nos.
As well it becomyth yow a parysh towne-Clarke.
To syng S[o]spitati dedit Egros. Sospitati] Suspitati R
60 Yet bere ye not to bold to braule ne to bark.
At me / that medeled nothyng with youre wark.
Correct fyrst thy-self / walk and be nought.
Deme what thou lyst thou knowyst not my thought.

¶A prouerbe of old say well or be styll.
65 Ye are to vnhappy occasyons to fynde. occasyons] occasion M
Uppon me to clater or els to say yll.
Now haue I shewyd you part of your proud mynde
Take thys in worth the best is behynde.
Wryten at Croydon by Crowland_in_the_Clay.
70 On Candelmas euyn the Kalendas of May


Contra alium Cantita[n]tem
Cantitantem] Cantitatem R
et Organisantem Asinum / qui impugnabat Skeltonida pierium Sarcasmos

Preponenda meis non sunt tua plectra camenis.
Nec quantum nostra fistula clara tua est.
Sepe licet liricos modularis arundina psalmos.
Et tremulos calamis concinis ipse modos.
5 Quamuis mille tuus digitus dat carmine plausus.
Nam tua quam tua vox est mage docta manus.
Quamuis cuncta facis tumida sub mente superbus.
Gratior est Phebo fistula nostra tamen.
Ergo tuum studeas Animo deponere fastum.
10 Et violare sacrum Desine / Stulte / virum.

Quod Skelton laureat.
ref.ed: 39
sig: [A3]

Skelton Laureat vppon a deedmans hed th a t was sent to hym from an honorable Ientyll-woman for a token Deuysyd this gostly medytacyon in Englysh Couenable in sentence Comendable / Lamentable / Lacrymable / Profytable for the soule.

¶Youre vgly tokyn.
My mynd hath brokyn.
From worldly lust.
For I haue dyscust.
5 We ar but dust.
And dy we must.

¶It is generall.
To be mortall.
I haue well espyde.
10 No man may hym hyde.
From deth holow-eyed.
With synnews wyderyd.
With bonys shyderyd.
With hys worme-etyn maw.
15 And hys gastly Iaw.
Gaspyng asyde.
Nakyd of hyde.
Neyther flesh nor fell.

¶Then by my councell.
20 Loke that ye spell.
Well thys gospell.
For wher-so we dwell.
Deth wyll vs quell.
And with vs mell.

25 ¶For all oure pamperde paunchys.
sig: [A3v]
Ther may no fraunchys.
Nor worldly blys.
Redeme vs from this.
Oure days be datyd.
30 To be chek-matyd.
With drawttys of deth.
Stoppyng oure breth.
Oure eyen synkyng.
Oure bodys stynkyng.
ref.ed: 40
35 Oure gummys grynnyng.
Oure soulys brynnyng.
To whom then shall we sew.
For to haue rescew.
But to swete Iesu.
40 On vs then for to rew.

¶O goodly chyld.
Of Mary mylde.
Then be oure shylde.
That we be not exylyd.
45 To the dyne dale.
Of boteles bale. boteles] botemles M
Nor to the lake.
Of fendys blake.

¶But graunt vs grace.
50 To se thy face.
And to purchace.
Thyne heuenly place.
And thy palace.
Full of solace.
55 Aboue the sky.
That is so hy.
sig: [A4]
To beholde and se.
The Trynyte.
60 Amen.

Myrres vous y
WOmanhod wanton ye want. 'W' of 'Womanhod' is guide letter in space set for large capital
Youre medelyng mastres is manerles.
Plente of yll of goodnes skant.
Ye rayll at ryot recheles.
5 To prayse youre porte it is nedeles.
For all your draffe yet and your dreggys.
As well borne as ye full oft-tyme beggys.

¶Why so koy and full of skorne.
Myne horse is sold I wene you say.
10 My new furryd gowne when it is worne.
Put vp youre purs ye shall non pay.
ref.ed: 41
By Crede I trust to se the day.
As proud a pohen as ye sprede.
Of me and other ye may haue nede.

sig: [A4v]
15 ¶Though angelyk be youre smylyng.
Yet is youre tong an adders tayle.
Full lyke a Scorpyon styngyng.
All those by whom ye haue auayle.
Good mastres Anne there ye do shayle.
20 What prate ye praty pyggys-ny.
I truste to quyte you or I dy.

¶Youre key is mete for euery lok.
Youre key is commen and hangyth owte.
Youre key is redy we nede not knok.
25 Nor stand long wrestyng there-aboute.
Of youre doregate ye haue no doute.
But one thyng is that ye be lewde.
Holde youre tong now all be_shrewde.

¶To mastres Anne that farly swete.
¶That wonnes at the key in temmys_strete.
Cum priuilegio