Ware the Hauke

Skelton, John

STC 22598 (=L)
Ringler 22598 and TP 1924 ("This worke deuysed is ..."). Brown and Robbins 3648.5. UMI microfilm reel 19

Here after foloweth certayne bokes compyled by mayster Skelton
London: R. Lant for H. Tab,1545?.

Composition Date: 1505? [Scattergood].

sig: B4
Here-after foloweth the Boke / entytuled Ware the Hauke. Per Skelton Laureat.
sig: [B4v]

Prologus Skeltonidis Laureati / super ware the Hawke.

THis worke deuysed is
For suche as do a_mys
ref.ed: 62
And specyally to controule
Such as haue cure of soule
5 That be so far abusyd
They can not be excusyd
By reason nor by law
But that they playe the daw
To hawke or els to hunt
10 From the Auter to the funt
Wyth cry vnreuerent
Be_fore the sacrament
Wythin the holy church bowndis
That of our fayth / the grownd is
15 That preest that hawkys so
All grace is far hym fro
He semeth a sysmatyke
Or els an heretike
For fayth in hym is faynte
20 There-fore to make complaynt
sig: B5
Of such mysaduysed
Parsons / and dysgysed
Thys boke we haue deuysed
Compendyously comprysed
25 No good preest to offend
But suche dawes to amend
In hope that no man shall
Be myscontent withall Be] By K
I Shall you make relacyon
By way of apostrofacyon
Under supportacyon
Of your pacyent tolleracyon
5 How I Skelton Laureat
Deuysed and also wrate
Uppon a lewde Curate
A parson benyfyced
But nothynge well aduysed
10 He shall be as now nameles
But he shall not be blameles
Nor he shall not be shameles
For sure he w[ro]ught a_mys wrought] worught L, wrought K, D, M
To hawke in my church of Dys
ref.ed: 63
15 This fonde frantyke fouconer
sig: [B5v]
Wyth his polutyd pawtenar
As preest vnreuerent
Streyght to the sacrament
He made his hawke to fly
20 With hogeous showte and cry
The hy auter he strypte naked
There-on he stode and craked
He shoke downe all the clothys
And sware horryble othes
25 Be_fore the face of god
By moyses and Arons rod
Or that he thens yede
His hawke shulde pray and fede
Upon a p[i]g[e]ons maw pigeons] pegions L, pigeons K, D, M
30 The blode ran downe raw
Upon the auter-stone
The hawke tyryd on a bo[ne] bone] bonne L, K, D, M
And in the holy place
She mutyd there a chase
35 Upon my corporas face
Such sacrificium laudis
He made with suche gambawdis


His seconde hawke wexyd gery
sig: [B6]
And was with flyenge wery
40 She had flowyn so oft
That on the rode-loft
She perkyd her to rest
The fauconer then was prest prest] priest K, D
Came runnynge with a dow
45 And cryed stow stow stow
But she wold not bow
He then to be sure
Callyd her with a lure
Her mete was very crude mete] mere K
50 She had not wel endude
She was not clene ensaymed
She was not well reclaymed
ref.ed: 64
But the fawconer vnfayned
Was moch more febler brayned
55 The hawke had no lyst
To come to his fyst
She loked as she had the frounce frounce] fronnce K, fronce D, fronce M
Wyth that he gaue her a bounce
Full vpon the gorge
60 I wyll not fayne nor forge
The hawke with that clap
Fell downe with euyll hap
sig: [B6v]
The church-dores were sparred
Fast boltyd and barryd
65 Yet wyth a prety gyn
I fortuned to come In
Thys rebell to behold
Wher-of I hym controld I hym] him I K, D, hym I M
But he sayde that he wolde
70 A_gaynst my mynde and wyll
In my church hawke styll


¶On saynt Iohnn decollacyon
He hawked on thys facyon
Tempore / vesperarum
75 Sed / non s[e]cundum sarum secundum] scundum L
But lyke a march-harum
His braynes were so parum
He sayde he wold not let
His houndys for to fet
80 To hunte there by lyberte
In the dyspyte of me
And to halow there the fox
Downe went my offerynge-box
Boke bell and candyll
85 All that he myght handyll
sig: [B7]
Cros staffe / lectryne and banner
Fell downe on thys manner

ref.ed: 65


¶Wyth troll / cytrace and trouy
They rangyd hankyn_bouy
90 My churche all a_bowte
Thys fawconer then gan showte then] D, M omit
These be my gospellers
These be my pystyllers
These be my querysters
95 To helpe me to synge
My hawkes to mattens rynge
I[n] thys preestly gydynge In] Is L, In K, D, M
His hawke then flew vppon
The rode with mary and Iohnn
100 Delt he not lyke a fon
Delt he not lyke a daw
Or els is thys goddis law
Decrees or Decretals
Or holy Sinodals
105 Or els prouincyals
Thus within the wals
Of holy church to deale
Thus to ryng a peale
sig: [B7v]
Wyth his hawkys bels
110 Dowtles such losels
Make the churche to be
In smale auctoryte
A curate in specyall
To snappar and to fall
115 In-to this opyn cryme
To loke on this were tyme


But who-so that lokys
In the offycyallys bokys
There he may se and reed he] her M
120 That thys is matter in-deed
How-be-it mayden meed
Made theym to be a_greed
And so the scrybe was feed
ref.ed: 66
And the Pharasay
125 Then durst nothynge say
But let the matter slyp
And made truth to tryp
And of the spyrytuall law
They made but a gew-gaw
130 And toke it oute [i]n drynke in] n L, in K, D, M
And this the cause doth shrynke
sig: [B8]
The church is thus abusyd
Reproched and pollutyd
Correctyon hath no place
135 And all for lacke of grace


¶Loke now in Exodi
And de archa domini
With regum by and by
The bybyll wyll not ly
140 How the tem[p]le was kept temple] temble L, temple K, D, M
How the temple was swept
Where sanguis taurorum
Aut sanguis vitulorum
Was offryd with_in the wallys
145 After Ceremoniallys
When it was polutyd
Sentence was executyd
By wey of expyacyon
For reconcylyacyon For reconcylyacyon] D, M omit


150 ¶Then moch more by the rode
Where Crystis precyous blode
Dayly offryd is
To be polutyd this
sig: [B8v]
And that he wysshyd with-all
155 That the dowues donge downe myght fall
In-to my chalys at mas
ref.ed: 67
When consecratyd was
The blessyd sacrament
O pryeest vnreuerent
160 He sayd that he wold hunt
From the Aulter to the Funt.


¶Of no tyrand I rede
That so far dyd excede
Neither yet Dyoclesyan
165 Nor yet Domysyan
Nother crokyd Cacus Nother] Nor yet K, D, M
Nor yet dronken Bacus
Nother Olybryus
Nor Dyonysyus
170 Nother Phalary
Rehersyd in valery
Nor Sardanapall
Unhappyest of all
Nor Nero the worst
175 Nor Clawdyus the curst
Nor yet / Egeas
sig: C[1]
Nor yet syr Pherumbras
Nother zorobabell
Nor cruell Iesabell
180 Nor yet Tarquinius
Whom Tytus_Lyuyus
In wrytynge doth enroll
I haue red theym poll by poll
The story of Arystobell
185 And of Constantynopell
Whych Cytie Myscreantys wan
And slew many a crysten man
Yet the Sowden nor the Turke
Wrought neuer such a worke
190 For to let their hawkys fly
In the church of saynt Sophy
With moch matter more
That I kepe in store

ref.ed: 68


¶Then in a tabull playne
195 I wroute a verse or twayne
Where-at he made dysdayne
The pekysh parsons brayne
Cowde not rech nor attayne
What the sentence ment
sig: [C1v]
200 He sayde for a crokyd Intent
The wordis were paruertyd
And this he ouerthwartyd
Of the whych proces
Ye may know more expres
205 If it please you to loke
In the resydew of thys boke

¶Here-after folowyth the tabull

LOke on this tabull
Whether thou art abull
To rede or to spell
210 What these verses tell

Sicculo lutueris est colo bumraaram
Nixphedras visarum caniuter tumtantes

Raterplas Natanbrian vmsudus itnugenus.
18. 10. 2. 11. 19. 4. 13. 3. 3. 1. temualet

215 Cartula stet precor hec [n]ullo temeranda petulco.

Hos rapiet Numeros non homo sed mala bos.

Ex parte. Rem carte aduerte aperte. pone musam arethusam hanc

sig: C2
¶Wherto shuld I rehers
The sentens of my vers
220 In them be no scolys
For braynsycke frantycke folys
Construas hoc / Domine daucock.
Ware the hauke.

Maister Sophista
225 Ye Simplex / silogista
ref.ed: 69
[Y]e deuelysh. dogmatista Ye] The L, K, D, M
Your hawke on your fista
To hawke when [you] lista you] your L, K, D, M
In ecclesia ista / domine [concu]pisti concupisti] cacapisti L, D, M, racapisti K
230 With thy hawke on thy fysty
Nunquid sic dixisti. Nunquid sic fecisti
Sed vbi hoc legisti
Aut vnde hoc / doctor dawcocke
Ware the hawke

235 Doctor. Dialetica
Where fynde you in. ypotetica
Or in Cathagoria. Latina / siue dorica
To vse youre hawkys / forica
In / propiciatorio /
240 Tanquam / diuersorio
Unde hoc, domine dawcocke
Ware the hawke

sig: [C2v]
¶Say to me Iacke_harys
Quare accuparis Ad sacramentum altaris
245 For no reuerens thou sparys reuerens] reuens K, D, M
To shake my pygyons federis
Super / arcam federis
Unde hoc / doctor dawkocke
[Wa]re the hawke Ware] Whare L

250 Sir dominus vobiscum Par aucupium
Ye made your hawke to cum
Desuper / candelabrum
Christi crucifixi
To fede vppon your fisty
255 Dic / inimice crucis Christi
ref.ed: 70
Ubi didicisti
Facere hoc / domine dawcoke
Ware the hawke

¶Apostata Iulianus
260 Nor yet Nestorianus
Thou shalt no-where rede
That they dyd such a dede
To let theyr hawkys fly
Ad ostium tabernaculi
265 In quo est corpus domini
Caue hoc / doctor dawcock
Ware the hawke

sig: [C3]
¶This dowtles ye rauyd
Dys church ye thus deprauyd
270 Wherfore as I be sauyd
Ye ar therfore be_knauyd
Quare / quia euangelia
Concha / et conchelia
A[c]cipiter / et sonalia Accipiter] Ancipiter L, K, D, M
275 Et / bruta animalia This line set to right of previous line in L
Cetera / quoque talia
Tibi sunt equalia
Unde hoc domine dawkock
[Wa]re the hawke Ware] Whare L

280 Et relis et ralis. Et reliqualis
From Granado to galys
From wynchelsee to walys
Non est braynsycke talys
Nec minus racionalis
285 Nec magis bestialis This line set to right of previous line in L
That synggys with a chalys
Construas hoc. doctor dawcoke
Ware the hawke

ref.ed: 71
¶Masyd wytles smery smyth
290 Hampar with your hammer upon thy styth
And make here-of a syckyll or a saw
For though ye lyue a .c. yere ye shal dy a daw
Uos valete doctor indiscrete.
sig: [C3v]

Skeltonis Apostrophat ad diuum Iohannem decollatum in cuius profesto fiebat / hoc aucupium

O Memoranda dies qua decol[l]a[t]e Iohannes decollate] decolare L, K, D, M
Aucupium facit h[au]d quondam quod fecerit in[t]ra haud] hod L, K, D, M; intra] infra L, K, D, M
Ecclesiam de Dis violans [t]ua sacra sacrorum tua] sua L, K, D, M
Rector de whipstok doctor cognomine daucock
5 Et dominus wodcock. probat is. probat hic. probat hec hoc.

Idem. de libera dicacitate poetica / in extolenda probitate et in perfricanda ignobilitate.

Libertas veneranda piis concessa poetis
Dicendi est quecunque placent quecunque Iuuabunt
Uel quecunque valent Iustas defendere causas
Uel quecunque v[a]lent stolidos mordere petulcos valent] volent L, K, D, M
5 Ergo dabis veniam.

Quod Skelton Laureat.