Phyllyp Sparowe

Skelton, John

STC 22594 (=K)
Ringler 22594 and TP 1468. Brown and Robbins 2756.5. Ed. A. Dyce, _Poetical Works of Skelton_, 1 (1843), 51-94; vv. 1-845 ed. Robert S. Kinsman, _John Skelton: Poems_ (Oxford, 1969), pp. 29-52; ed. Scattergood, pp. 71-106. UMI microfilm reel 19

Here after foloweth the boke of Phyllyp Sparowe
London: [R. Copland for] R. Kele,1545?.

Composition Date: 1505? [Scattergood].

sig: [A1]
¶Here-after foloweth the boke of Phyllyp_Sparowe compyled by mayster Skelton Poete Laureate.
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sig: [A2]
Who is there who

Dame Margery.

5 Fa re my my
ref.ed: 72
Wherfore and why why

For the sowle of Philip_sparowe
That was late slayn at carowe
Among the Nones blake
10 For that swete soules sake
And for all sparowes soules
Set in our bede-rolles
Pater noster qui
With an Aue mari
15 And with the corner of a Crede
The more shalbe your mede.

WHan I remembre agayn
How mi philyp was slayn
Neuer halfe the payne
20 Was betwene you twayne
Pyramus and Thesbe
As than befell to me
sig: [A2v]
I wept and I wayled
The tearys downe hayled
25 But nothynge it auayled
To call Phylyp agayne
Whom Gyb our cat hath slayne

Gyb I saye our cat
Worrowyd her on that
30 Which I loued best
It can not be exprest
My sorowfull heuynesse
But all with-out redresse
For within that stounde
35 Halfe slumbrynge in a sounde
I fell downe to the grounde

¶Unneth I kest myne eyes
Towarde the cloudy skyes
But whan I dyd beholde
40 My sparow dead and colde
No creatu[re] but that wolde creature] creatuer K
Haue rewed vpon me
To behold and se
What heuynesse dyd me pange
45 Where-with my handes I wrange
sig: [A3]
ref.ed: 73
That my senaws cracked
As though I had ben racked
So payned and so strayned
That no lyfe well-nye remayned

50 ¶I syghed and I sobbed
For that I was robbed
Of my sparowes lyfe
O mayden / wydow / and wyfe
Of what estate ye be
55 Of hye or lowe degre
Great sorowe than ye myght se
And lerne to wepe at me
Such paynes dyd me frete
That myne hert dyd bete
60 My vysage pale and dead
Wanne / and blewe as lead
The panges of hatefull death
Wellnye had stopped my breath had] W, Kit, M omit

Heu heu me
65 That I am wo for the
Ad dominum cum tribularer clamaui

Of god nothynge els craue I

sig: [A3v]
BUt phyllypes soule to kepe
From the marees depe
70 Of Acherontes well
That is a flode of hell
And from the great Pluto
The prynce of endles wo
And from foule Alecto
75 With vysage blacke and blo
And from Medusa that mare
That lyke a fende doth stare
And from Megeras edders
For rufflynge of phillips fethers For] From W, Kit, M
80 And from her fyry sparklynges
For burnynge of his wynges
And from the smokes sowre
Of Proserpinas bowre
And from the dennes darke
85 Wher Cerberus doth barke
ref.ed: 74
Whom Theseus dyd afraye
Whom Hercules dyd outraye
As famous poetes say
F[rom] that hel-[h]ounde From] For K, W, Kit, M; hel hounde] hel bounde K, hell hounde W, hel hounde K, M
90 That lyeth in cheynes bounde
sig: [A4]
With gastly hedes thre
To Iupyter pray we
That Phyllyp preserued may be
Amen say ye with me

95 Do_mi_nus.
Helpe nowe swete Iesus
Leuaui oculos meos in montes
Wolde god I had zenophontes.

OR Socrates the wyse
100 To shew me their deuyse
Moderatly to take
This sorow that I make
For Phyllip_sparowes sake
So feruently I shake
105 I fele my body quake
So vrgently I am brought
In-to carefull thought

¶Like Andromach Hectors wyfe
Was wery of her lyfe
110 Whan she had lost her ioye
Noble Hector of Troye
In lyke maner also
sig: [A4v]
Encreaseth my dedly wo
For my sparowe is go
115 It was so prety a fole
It wold set on a stole set] sit W, Kit, M
And lerned after my scole
For to kepe his cut
With Phyllyp kepe your cut

120 ¶It had a veluet cap
And wold syt vpon my lap
And seke after small wormes
And somtyme white bred-crommes
And many tymes and ofte
125 Betwene my brestes softe
ref.ed: 75
It wolde lye and rest
It was propre and prest

¶Somtyme he wolde gaspe
Whan he sawe a waspe
130 A fly / or a gnat
He wolde flye at that
And prytely he wolde pant
Whan he saw an ant
Lord how he wolde pry
135 After the butterfly
sig: [A5]
Lorde how he wolde hop
After the gressop
And whan I sayd / phyp / phyp
Than he wold lepe and skyp
140 And take me by the lyp
Alas it wyll me slo
That Phillyp is gone me fro

Si in_i_qui_ta_tes
Alas I was euyll at ease

145 De pro_fun_dis cla_ma_ui
Whan I sawe my sparowe dye

Nowe after my dome
Dame Sulpicia at Rome Sulpicia] Sulspicia K, Sulpicia W, Kit, M
Whose name regystred was
150 For-euer in tables of bras
Because that she dyd pas that] M omits
In poesy to endyte
And eloquen[t]ly to wryte eloquently] eloquenly K
Though she wolde pretende
155 My sparowe to commende
I trowe she coude not amende
Reportynge the vertues all
sig: [A5v]
Of my sparowe royall

¶For it wold come and go
160 And fly so to and fro fly] fle W, Kit, M
And on me it wolde lepe
Whan I was a_slepe
And his fether shake fethers] fether K, fethers W, Kit, M
ref.ed: 76
Where-with he wolde make
165 Me often for to wake
And for to take him in
Upon my naked skyn
God wot we thought no syn
What though he crept so lowe though] thought K, though W, Kit, M
170 It was no hurt I trowe
He dyd nothynge perde
But syt vpon my kne
Phyllyp though he were nyse
In him it was no vyse
175 Phyllyp had leue to go
To pyke my lytell too
Phillip myght be bolde
And do what he wolde
Phillip wolde seke and take
180 All the flees blake
sig: [A6]
That he coulde there espye
With his wanton eye

La soll fa fa
185 Confitebor tibi domine in toto corde meo
Alas I wolde ryde and go

A Thousand myle of grounde
If any such might be found
It were worth an hundreth pound
190 Of Kynge Cresus golde
Or of A[t]talus the olde Attalus] Artalus K, W, Kit, M
The ryche prynce of Pargame
Who-so lyst the story to se

Cadmus that his syster sought
195 And he shold be bought
For golde and fee
He shuld ouer the see
To wete / if he coulde brynge
Any of the of_sprynge of sprynge] sprynge Kit, M
200 Or any of the blode
But who-so vnderstode
Of Medeas arte
sig: [A6v]
I wolde I had a parte
ref.ed: 77
Of her crafty magyke
205 My sparowe than shuld be quycke
With a charme or twayne
And playe with me agayne
But all this is in vayne
Thus for to complayne

210 ¶I toke my sampler ones
Of purpose for the nones
To sowe with stytchis of sylke
My sparow whyte as mylke
That by representacyon
215 Of his Image and facyon
To me it myght importe
Some pleasure and comforte
For my solas and sporte
But whan i was sowing his beke
220 Me-thought my sparow did spek
And ope[n]ed his prety byll opened] open M
Saynge / mayd ye are in wyll
Agayne me for to kyll
Ye prycke me in the head
225 With that my nedle waxed red waxed] ware M
sig: [A7]
Me-thought of Phyllyps blode
Myne hear ryght vpstode
And was in suche a fray
My speche was taken away
230 I kest downe that there was
And sayd / Alas alas
How commeth this to pas
My fyngers dead and colde
Coude not my sampler holde
235 My nedle and threde
I threwe away for drede
The best now that I maye
Is for his soule to pray

A porta inferi
240 Good lorde haue mercy

¶Upon my sparowes soule
Wryten in my bede-roule

Au_di_ui vo_cem
Iaphet cam and Sem

ref.ed: 78
245 Ma_gni_fi_cat
Shewe me the ryght path

TO the hylles of armony
Wherfore the bordes yet cry bordes] byrdes W, Kit, M
sig: [A7v]
Of your fathers bote
250 That was sometyme a_flote
And nowe they lye and rote
Let some poetes wryte
Deucalyons flode it hyght

But as verely as ye be
255 The naturall sonnes thre
Of Noe the patryarke
That made that great arke
Wherin he had apes and owles
Beestes / byrdes / and foules
260 That if ye can fynde
Any of my sparowes kynde
God sende the soule good rest
I wolde haue yet a nest haue yet] yet haue W, Kit, M
As prety and as prest
265 As my sparowe was
But my Sparowe dyd pas
All sparowes of the wode
That were syns Noes flode
Was neuer none so good
270 Kynge Phylyp of Macedony
Had no such Phylyp as I
sig: [A8]
No no syr hardely

¶That vengeaunce I aske and crye
By way of exclamacyon
275 On all the hole nacyon
Of cattes wylde and tame
God send them sorowe and shame
That cat specyally
That slew so cruelly
280 My lytell prety sparowe
That I brought vp at Carowe

¶O cat of carlyshe kynde carlyshe] churlyshe Kit, M
The fynde was in thy mynde
ref.ed: 79
Whan thou my byrde vntwynde
285 I wold thou haddest ben blynde
The leopardes sauage
The lyons in theyr rage
Myght catche the in theyr pawes 'the'='thee'
And gnawe the in theyr iawes
290 [The] serpens of Lybany The] These K, W, Kit, M; serpens] serpentes W, Kit, M
Myght stynge the venymously
The dragones with their tonges
Might poyson thy lyuer and longes
The mantycors of the montaynes
sig: [A8v]
295 Myght fede them on thy braynes

Melanchates that hounde
That plucked Acteon to the grounde
Gaue hym his mortall wounde
Chaunged to a dere
300 The story doth appere
Was chaunged to an harte
So thou foule cat / that thou arte
The selfe same hounde
Myght the confounde
305 That his owne Lorde bote
Myght byte asondre thy throte

¶Of Inde the gredy grypes
Myght tere out all thy trypes
Of Arcady the beares
310 Might plucke away thyne eares
The wylde wolfe Lycaon
Byte a_sondre thy backe-bone
Of Ethna the brennynge hyll
That day and night brenneth styl
315 Set in thy tayle a blase
That all the world may gase
And wonder vpon the
sig: B1
From Occyan the great se
Unto the Iles of Orchady
320 From Tyllbery fery
To the playne of Salysbery
So trayterously my byrde to kyll
That neuer ought the euyll wyll

ref.ed: 80
Was neuer byrde in cage space set for ¶ before 'Was'
325 More gentle of corage
In doynge his homage
Unto his souerayne
Alas I say agayne
Deth hath departed vs twayne
330 The false cat hath the slayne
Fare-well Phyllyp adew
Our Lorde thy soule reskew
Fare-well without restore
Fare-well for euer-more

335 And it were a Iewe were] where K
It wolde make one rew
To se my sorow new
These vylanous false cattes
Were made for myse and rattes
340 And not for byrdes smale
sig: [B1v]
Alas my face waxeth pale
Tellynge this pyteyus tale
How my byrde so fayre
That was wont to repayre
345 And go in at my spayre go in] often Kit
And crepe in at my gore crepe] gape Kit
Of my gowne before
Flyckerynge with his wynges
Alas my hert it stynges
350 Remembrynge prety thynges
Alas myne hert it sleth
My Phyllyppes dolefull deth
Whan I remembre it
How pretely it wolde syt
355 Many tymes and ofte
Upon my fynger aloft
I played with him tytell-tattyll
And fed him with my spattyl
With his byll betwene my lippes
360 It was my prety Phyppes
Many a prety kusse
Had I of [his] swete musse his] this K, W, his Kit, M
And now the cause is thus
sig: [B2]
ref.ed: 81
That he is slayne me fro
365 To my great payne and wo

Of fortune / this the chaunce
Standeth on varyaunce
Oft-tyme after pleasaunce
Trouble and greuaunce
370 No man can be sure
All-way to haue pleasure
As well perceyue ye maye
How my dysport and play
From me was taken a_way
375 By Gyb our cat sauage
That in a furyous rage a] M omits
Caught Phyllyp by the head
And slew him there starke dead

Kyryeleyson Christe leyson
380 Kyrye leson.

FOr Phy[l]yp_sparowes soule Phylyp] Phyyp K, Philip W, Kit, M
Set in our bede-rolle
Let vs now whysper
A Pater-noster

385 Lauda anima mea dominum
sig: B2v]
To wepe with me loke that ye come
All maner of byrdes in your kynd
So none be left behynde
To mornynge loke that ye fall
390 With dolorous songes funerall
Some to synge / and some to say
Some to wepe and some to pray
Euery byrde in his laye
The goldfynche / the wagtayle
395 The ianglynge Iay to rayle
The fleckyd pye to chatter
Of this dolorous mater
And Robyn_Redbrest
He shall be the preest
400 The Requiem masse to synge
Softly warbelynge Softly] Loftly M
ref.ed: 82
With helpe of the red sparow
And the chattrynge swallow
This herse for to halow
405 The larke with his longe to
The spynke and the martynet also
The shouelar with his brode bek
The doterell that folyshe pek
sig: [B3]
And also the mad coote
410 With a balde face to toote
The felde-fare and the snyte
The crowe and the kyte
The rauyn called rolfe
His playne-songe to solfe
415 The partryche / the quayle
The plouer with vs to wayle
The woodhacke that syngeth chur
Horsly as he had the mur
The lusty chauntyng nyghtyngale
420 The Popyngay to tell her tale
That toteth oft in a glasse
Shall rede the Gospell at masse
The mauys with her whystell
Shall rede there the Pystell

425 But with a large and a longe
To kepe iust playne-songe
Our chaunters shalbe the Cuckoue
The Culuer / the Stockedowue
With puwyt the Lapwyng
430 The versycles shall syng

The Better with his bumpe Better] bitter W, Kit, M
sig: [B3v]
The Crane with his trumpe
The swan of Menander
The Gose and the Gander
435 The Ducke and [the] Drake the] K, W omit; the Kit, M
Shall watche at this wake
The Pecocke so prowde
Bycause his voyce is lowde
[A]nd hath a glorious tayle And] Tnd K
440 He shall syng the Grayle
The owle that is so foule is] Kit, M omit
Must helpe vs to houle
ref.ed: 83
The heron so gaunce gaunce] gaunte W, Kit, M
And the cormoraunce cormoraunce] cormoraunte W, Kit, M
445 With the Fesaunte
And the gaglynge gaunte
And the churlysshe chowgh
The [kn]oute and the [r]owgh knoute] route K, W, rout Kit, M; rowgh] kowgh K, kough W, Kit, M
The barnacle / the bussarde
450 With the wy[l]de mallarde wylde] wynde K, wylde W, wilde Kit, M
The dyuendop to slepe The] Tthe K
The wather-hen to wepe
The pu[ff]yn / and the tele puffyn] pussyn K, puffyn W, puffin Kit, M
Money they shall dele
455 To poore folke at large
sig: [B4]
That shall be theyr charge
The semewe, and the tytmose
The wodcocke with the longe nose
The threstyl with her warblyng
460 The starlyng with her brablyng
The roke / with the ospraye
That putteth fysshes to a fraye
And the denty curlewe
With the turtyll most trew

465 At this placebo
We may not well for_go
The countrynge of the coe
The storke also
That maketh his nest
470 In chymneyes to rest
With-in those walles
No broken galles
May there abyde No] Nor Kit
Of cokoldry syde
475 Or els phylos[o]phy phylosophy] phylosphy K
Maketh a great lye

The Estryge that wyll eate
An horshowe so great
sig: [B4v]
In the stede of meate
480 Such feruent heat
His stomake [doth freat] doth freat] so great K, W, Kit, doth freat M
He can not well fly
Nor synge tunably
ref.ed: 84
Yet at abrayde
485 He hath well assayde
To solfe aboue Ela
[F]a lorell fa fa Fa] Ga K, W, Kit, Fa M
Ne quando
Male cantando
490 The best that we can
To make hym our Belman
And let hym ryng the bellys
He can do nothyng ellys

Chaunteclere our coke
495 Must tell what is of the clocke
By the astrology
That he hath naturally
Conceyued and cought
And was neuer tought
500 By Albumazer
The Astronomer
sig: [B5]
Nor by Ptholomy
Prince of Astronomy
Nor yet by Haly
505 And yet he croweth dayly
And nygh[t]ly the tydes nyghtly] nyghly K
That no man abydes
With partlot his hen
Whom now and then
510 He plucketh by the hede
Whan he doth her trede

The byrde of Araby
That potencyally
May neuer dye
515 And yet there is none
But one alone
A Phenex it is
This herse that must blys
With armatycke gummes
520 That cost great sumes
The way of Thurifycation
To make a fumigation a] W, Kit, M omit
Swete of refla[yre] reflayre] reflary K, reflarye W, Kit, M
And redolent of eyre
sig: [B5v]
ref.ed: 85
525 This corse for to sence
With greate reuerence
As Patryarke or Pope
In a blacke cope
Whyles he senseth [the herse] the herse] K, W, Kit, M omit
530 He shall synge the verse
Libe /_ra me
In de la soll re
Softly bemole
For my sparowes soule
535 Plinni sheweth all
In his story naturall
What he doth fynde
Of this Phenyx kynde
Of whose incyneracyon
540 There ryseth a new creacyon
Of the same facyon
Without alteracyon
Sauyng that olde age
Is turned into corage
545 Of fresshe youth agayne
This matter trew and playne
Playne matter in-dede
sig: [B6]
Who-so lyst to rede

But for the Egle doth flye
550 Hyest in the skye
He shall be th[e] se_deane the] thye K, thy W, Kit, M
The quere to demeane
As prouost pryncypall
To teach them theyr ordynall
555 Also the noble fawcon
With the g[er]fawcon gerfawcon] grefawcon K
The tarsell-gentyll
They shall morne soft and styll
In theyr amysse of gray
560 The sacre with them shall say
Dirige for Phyllyppes soule
The goshauke shall haue a role
The queresters to controll
The lanners / and the marlyons and the] and W, Kit, M
565 Shall stand in their morning-gounes
ref.ed: 86
The hobby and the muskette
The sensers and the crosse shall fet
The kestrell in all this warke
Shall be holy-wather clarke
sig: [B6v]
570 And now the darke cloudy nyght
Chaseth a_way Phebus bryght
Taking his course to_ward the west
God sende my sparoes sole good rest

Requ[i]em eternam dona eis domine. Requiem] Requem K
575 Fa fa fa my re

A por_ta in_fe_re
Fa fa fa my my

Credo vydere bona domini.
I pray god phillip to heuen may fly

580 Domine exaudi oracionem meam
To heuen he shall from heuen he cam

Do_mi_nus vo_bis_cum
Of al good praiers god send him sum

585 Deus cui proprium est miserere et parcere

On Phillips soule haue pyte.

For [he] was a prety cocke he] she K, he W, Kit, M
And came of a gentyll stocke
And wrapt in a maidenes smocke
590 And cherysshed full dayntely
Tyll cruell fate made him to dy Tyll] Thyll K
sig: [B7]
Alas for dolefull deste[n]y desteny] destey K
But where-to shuld I
Lenger morne or crye
595 To Iupyter I call
Of heuen emperyall
That Phyllyp may fly
A_boue the starry sky
To treade the prety wren
600 That is our Ladyes hen
Amen / amen / amen.

¶Yet one thynge is behynde
That now commeth to mynde mynde] mi minde W, mi mind Kit
An Epytaphe I wold haue
605 For phyllyppes graue
ref.ed: 87
But for / I am a mayde
Tymerous / halfe afrayde
That neuer yet a_sayde
Of Elyconys well
610 Where the muses dwell
Though I can rede and spell
Recounte / reporte / and tell
Of the tales of Caunterbury
Some sad storyes / some mery
sig: [B7v]
615 As Palamon / and Arcet
Duke Theseus / and partelet
And of the wyfe of Bath
Tha[t] worketh moch scath That] Thay K, They W, Kit, That M
Whan her tale is tolde
620 Amonge huswy[u]es bolde huswyues] huswyes K
How she controlde
Her husbandes as she wolde
And them to despyse
In the homylyest wyse
625 Brynge other wyues in thought
Their husbandes to set at nought

And though that rede haue I
Of Gawen and syr Guy
And tell can a great pece
630 Of the golden flece
How Iason it wan
Lyke a valyaunt man
Of Arturs rounde table
With his knightes commendable
635 And dame Gaynour his quene
Was somwhat wanton I wene
How syr Launcelote_de_lake
sig: [B8]
Many a spere brake
For his ladyes sake
640 Of Trystram and kynge Marke
And all the hole warke
Of bele Isold his wyfe
For whom was moch stryfe
Some say she was lyght
645 And made her husband knyght
Of the comyne hall
ref.ed: 88
That cuckoldes men call
And of syr Lybius
Named Dysconius
650 Of quater_fylz_[A]mund quater fylz Amund] quater fylz Emund K, quater fylz Amund W, Kit, quarter fylz Amunde M
And how they were sommonde
To Rome to Charlemayne
Upon a great payne
And how they rode eche one
655 On Bayarde_Mountalbon
Men se hym now and than than] then M
In the forest of Arden of] W, Kit, M omit
What though I can frame though] thought K, though W, Kit, M
The storyes by name
sig: [B8v]
660 Of Iudas_Machabeus
And of Cesar Iulious
And of the loue be_twene
Paris and vyene
And of the duke Hannyball Hannyball] of Hannyball W, M, of Hannybal Kit
665 [T]hat made the Romaynes all That] What K, W, That Kit, M
For_drede and to quake
How Scipion dyd wake
The cytye of Cartage
Which by his mercyfull rage mercyfull] vnmercifull W, vnmerciful Kit, M
670 He bete downe to the grounde
And though I can expounde
Of Hector of Troye
That was all theyr ioye
Whom Achylles slew
675 Wherfore all Troy dyd rew
And of the loue so hote
That made Troylus to dote
Upon fayre Cressyde
And what they wrote and sayd
680 And of theyr wanton wylles
Pandaer bare the bylles
From one to the other
sig: [C1]
K misnumbers as B1
His maisters loue to further
Somtyme a presyous thyng
685 An ouche or els a ryng
From her to hym agayn
Somtyme a prety chayn
ref.ed: 89
Or a bracelet of her here
Prayd Troylus for to were
690 That token for her sake
How hartely he dyd it take
And moche therof dyd make
And all that was in vayne
For she dyd but fayne
695 The story telleth playne
He coulde not optayne
Though his father were a kyng
Yet there was a thyng
That made th[e] male to wryng the] tha K
700 She made hym to syng
The song of louers lay
Musyng nyght and day
Mournyng all alone
Comfort had he none
705 For she was quyte gone
sig: [C1v]
Thus in conclusy[o]n conclusyon] conclusynn K
She brought him in abusyon
In ernest and in game
She was moch to blame
710 Disparaged is her fame
And blemysshed is her name
In maner half with shame
Troylus also hath lost
On her moch loue and cost
715 And now must kys the post
Pand[aer] that went betwene Pandaer] Pandara K, W, Kit, M
Hath won nothing I wene
But lyght for somer grene
Yet for a speciall laud
720 He is named Troylus baud
Of that name he is sure
Whyles the world shall dure

Though I remembre the fable
Of Penelope most stable
725 To her husband most trew
Yet long-tyme she ne knew
Whether he were onlyue or ded
Her wyt stood her in-sted
sig: C2
ref.ed: 90
That she was true and iust
730 For any bodely lust
To Ulixes her make
And neuer wold him forsake

Of Marcus_Marcellus
A proces I could tell vs
735 And of Anteocus
And of Iosephus
De antiquitatibus
And of Mardocheus
And of great Assuerus
740 And of Uesca his queene
Whom he forsoke with teene
And of Hester his other wyfe
With whom he ledd a plesaunt life
Of kyng Alexander
745 And of kyng Euander
And of Porcena the great
That made the romayns to s[wea]t sweat] smart K, W, Kit, M

Though I haue enrold
A thousand new and old
750 Of these historious tales
To fyll bougets and males
sig: [C2v]
With bokes that I haue red
Yet I am nothyng sped
And can but lytell skyll
755 Of Ouyd or Uirgyll
Or of Plutharke
Or Frauncys_Petrarke
Alcheus or Sapho Or] Or of Kit, M
Or such other Poetes mo
760 As Linus and Homerus
E[u]phorion and Theocritus
Anacreon and Arion
Sophocles and Philemon
Pyndarus and [S]ymonides Symonides] Dymonides K, Dimonides W, Kit, M
765 Philistion and Phorocides
These Poetes of auncyente
They ar to diffuse for me

For as I to_fore haue sayd
ref.ed: 91
I am but a yong mayd
770 And can not in effect
My style as yet direct
With englysh wordes [elect] elect] clere K, elect W, Kit, M
Our naturall tong is rude
And hard to be enneude
sig: [C3]
775 With pullysshed termes lusty
Our language is so rusty
So cankered and so full
Of frowardes and so dull
That if I wolde apply
780 To wryte ornatly ornatly] ordinately Kit, M
I wot not where to fynd
Termes to serue my mynde
Gowers englysh is olde
And of no value told told] is tolde W, Kit, M
785 His mater is worth gold
And worthy to be enrold

In Chauser I am sped
His tales I haue red
His mater is delectable
790 Solacious and commendable
His englysh well alowed
So as it is enprowed
For as it is enployd
There is no englysh voyd
795 At those dayes moch commended
And now men wold haue amended
His englyssh where-at they barke
sig: [C3v]
And mar all they warke
Chaucer that famus clerke
800 His termes were not darke
But plesaunt / easy / and playne
Ne worde he wrote in vayne

Also Iohnn_Lydgate
Wryteth after an hyer rate
805 It is dyffuse to fynde
The sentence of his mynde
Yet wryteth he in his kynd
No man that can amend
ref.ed: 92
Those maters that he hath pende
810 Yet some men fynde a faute
And say he wryteth to haute

Wherfore hold me excused
If I haue not well perused
Myne englyssh halfe-abused
815 Though it be refused
In worth I shall it take
And fewer wordes make

But for my sparowes sake
Yet as a woman may
820 My wyt I shall assay
sig: [C4]
An Epytaphe to wryght
In latyne playne and lyght
Where-of the Elegy
Foloweth by and by

825 Flos volucrum formose vale
Philippe. sub isto
Marmore iam recubas
Qui mihi carus eras
Semper erunt nitido
830 Radiantia sydera celo
Impressus_que meo
Pectore semper eris
er me Laurigerum
Britanum Skeltonida vate[m] vatem] vaten K, W, Kit, M
835 Hec cecinisse licet
Ficta sub imagine texta
Cuius eris volucris
Prestanti corpore virgo
Candida Nais erat
840 Formosior ista Ioanna est
Docta corinna fuit
Sed magis ista sapit

Bien men souuient,

sig: [C4v]

¶The commendacions

BEati i[m]_ma_cu_l[a]_ti in via immaculati] inmaculuti K, immaculati W, Kit, M
845 O glo_rio_sa femi_na

ref.ed: 93
¶Now myne hole imaginacion
And studyous medytacion
Is to take this commendacyon
In this consyderacion
850 And vnder pacyent tolleracyon
Of that most goodly mayd goodly] godly W, Kit, M
That placebo hath sayd
And for her sparow prayd
In lamentable wyse

855 Now wyll I enterpryse
Thorow the grace dyuyne
Of the muses nyne
Her beautye to commende
If Arethusa wyll send
860 Me enfluence to endyte
And with my pen to wryte
If Apollo wyll promyse
Melodyously it to deuyse
His tunable harpe-stryngges
865 With armony that synges
sig: [C5]
Of Princes and of kynges
And of all pleasaunt thynges
Of lust and of delyght
Thorow his godly myght
870 To whom be the laude ascrybed
That my pen hath enbybed
With the aureat droppes
As verely my hope is
Of Thagus that golden flod
875 That passeth all erthly good all] al the W, Kit, all the M
And as that flode doth pas
Al floodes that euer was
With his golden sandes
Who-so that vnderstandes
880 Cosmography: and the stremys
And the floodes in straunge remes
Ryght so she doth excede
All other of whom we rede
Whose fame by me shall sprede
885 In-to Perce and Mede
ref.ed: 94
From brytons Albion
[T]o the towre of Babilon To] Bo K

I trust it is no shame
sig: [C5v]
And no man wyll me blame
890 Though I regester her name
In the courte of fame
For this most goodly floure
This blossome of fresshe coulour
So Iupiter me socour
895 She floryssheth new and new
In bewte and vertew
Hac claritate gemina
O gloriosa femina

etribue seruo tuo viuifica me
900 La_bi_a mea laudabunt te

BUt enforsed am I
Openly to askry
And to make an out-cri an] a K, an W, Kit, M
Against odyous enui
905 That euer-more wil ly
And say cursedly
With his ledder ey
And chekes dry
With vysage wan
910 As [s]wart as tan swart] wart K, W, Kit, swarte M
His bones crake
sig: [C6]
Leane as a rake
His gummes rusty
Are full vnlusty
915 His herte with-all
Bytter as gall
His lyuer / his longe longe] longes W, Kit, M
With anger is wronge
His serpentes tonge
920 That many one hath stonge
He frowneth euer
He laugheth neuer
Euen nor morow
But other mennes sorow
925 Causeth him to gryn
ref.ed: 95
And reioyce therin

No slepe can him catch
But euer doth watch
He is so bete
930 With malyce and frete
With angre and yre
His foule desyre
Wyll suffre no slepe
In his hed to crepe
sig: [C6v]
935 His f[o]ule semblaunt foule] feule K, W, foule Kit, M
All displ[es]aunt displesaunt] displseaunt K
Whan other ar glad
Than is he sad
Frantyke and mad
940 His tong neuer styll
For to say yll
Wrythyng and wringyng
Bytyng and styngyng
And thus this elf
945 Consumeth him-self
Him-self doth slo
With payne and wo

This fals enuy
Sayth that I
950 Use great folly great] greeat K
For to endyte
And for to wryte
And spend my tyme
In prose and ryme
955 For to expres
The noblenes
Of my maistres
sig: [C7]
That causeth me
Studious to be
960 [T]o make a relation To] Bo K
Of her commendation
And there agayne
Enuy doth complayne
And hath disdayne
965 But yet certayne
ref.ed: 96
I wyll [b]e playne be] me K, be W, Kit, M
And my style dres
To this prosses

Now Phebus me ken
970 To sharpe my pen
And lede my fyst
As hym best lyst
That I may say
Honour alway
975 Of woma[n]-kynd woman kynd] womam kynd K
Trouth doth me bynd
And loyalte
Euer to be
Their true bedell
980 To wryte and tell
sig: [C7v]
How women excell
In noblenes
As my maistres
Of whom I thynk
985 With pen and ynk
For to compyle
Some go[o]dly style goodly] godly K, goodly W, Kit, M
For this most goo[d]ly floure goodly] gooly K, goodly W, Kit, M
This blossome of fresh coloure
990 So Iupyter me socoure
She flourissheth new and new
In beaute and vertew
Hac claritate gemina
O gloriosa femina

995 Legem pone michi domin[a] in viam iustificacion[e]m tuarum domina] domine K; iustificacionem] iustificacionum K
Quemadmodum desiderat ceruus ad fontes aquarum.

¶HOw shall I report
All the goodly sort
Of her fetures clere
1000 That hath non erthly pere
Her fauour of her face
sig: [C8]
Ennewed all with grace all with] with all W, with al Kit, M
Confort / pleasure and solace
Myne hert doth so enbrace
1005 And so hath rauyshed me
ref.ed: 97
Her to behold and se
That in wordes playne
I can not me refrayne
To loke on her agayne on] to M
1010 Alas what shuld I fayne
It wer a plesaunt payne
With her aye to remayne

Her eyen gray and stepe
Causeth myne hert to lepe
1015 With her browes bent
She may well represent
Fayre Lucres as I wene
Or els fayre Polexene
Or els Caliope
1020 Or els Penolope
For this most goodly floure
This blossome of fresshe coloure
So Iupiter me socoure
She florisheth new and new
sig: [C8v]
1025 In beautye and vertew
Hac claritate gemina
O gloriosa femina

Memor esto verbi tui seruo tuo
Seruus tuus sum ego

1030 THe Indy Saphyre blew
Her vaynes doth ennew
The Orient perle so clere
The whytnesse of her lere
The lusty ruby ruddes
1035 Resemble the Rose-buddes
Her lyppes soft and mery
Emblomed lyke the chery
It were an heuenly blysse
Her sugred mouth to kysse

1040 Her beautye to augment
Dame nature hath her lent
A warte upon her cheke
Who-so lyst to seke
In her vysage a skar
1045 That semyth from a_far
ref.ed: 98
Lyke to the radyant star
All with fauour fret
sig: D[1]
So properly it is set
She is the vyolet
1050 The daysy delectable
The c[o]lumbyn commendable columbyn] calumbyn K, columbyne W, columbine Kit, M
This ielofer amyable
[For] this most goodly floure For] K, W, Kit, M omit
This blossom of fressh colour
1055 So Iupiter me succour
She florysheth new and new
In beaute and vertew
Hac claritate gemina
O gloriosa femina

1060 Bonitatem fecisti cum seruo tuo domina
Et ex precordiis sonant preconia.

ANd whan I perceyued
Her wart and conceyued
It can not be denayd
1065 But it was well conuayd
And set so womanly
And nothynge wantonly
But ryght conuenyently
And full congruently
1070 As nature cold deuyse
sig: [D1v]
In most goodly wyse
Who-so lyst beholde
It makethe louers bolde
To her to sewe for grace
1075 Her fauoure to purchase

The sker vpon her chyn
Enhached on her fayre skyn
Whyter than the swan
It wold make any man
1080 To forget deadly syn
Her fauo[u]r to wyn
For this most go[o]dly floure goodly] godly K, goodly W, Kit, M
This blossom of fressh coloure
So Iupiter me socoure
1085 She flouryssheth new and new
In beaute and vertew
ref.ed: 99
Hac claritate gemina
O gloriosa femina

Defecit in salutare tuum anima mea
1090 Quid petis filio / mater dulcissima ba ba

SOft and make no dyn
For now I wyll begyn
To h[a]ue in remembraunce haue] heue K, haue W, Kit, M
sig: [D2]
Her goodly dalyaunce
1095 And her goodly pastaunce
So sad and so demure
Behauynge her so sure
With wordes of pleasure
She wold make to the lure
1100 And any man conuert
To gyue her his hole hert
She made me sore a_mased
Upon her whan I gased
Me-thought min hert was crased
1105 My eyne were so dased
For this most goodly flour
This blossom of fressh colour This] The W, Kit, M
So Iupyter me socour
She flouryssheth new and new
1110 In beauty and vertew
Hac claritate gemina
O gloriosa femina

Quomodo dilexi legem tuam domina.
Recedant vetera noua s[u]nt omnia. sunt] sint K

1115 ANd to amende her tale
Whan she lyst to auale
sig: [D2v]
And with her fyngers smale
And handes soft as sylke
Whyter than the mylke the] Kit, M omit
1120 That are so quyckely vayned
Wher-wyth my hand she strayne[d] strayned] strayne K
Lorde how I was payned
Unneth I me refrayned
How she me had reclaymed
1125 And me to her retayned
Enbrasynge there-with-all
Her go[o]dly myddell small goodly] godly K, goodly W, Kit, M
ref.ed: 100
With sydes longe and streyte
To tell you what conceyte
1130 I had than in a tryce
The matter were to nyse
And yet there was no vyce
Nor yet no vyllany
But only fantasy
1135 For this most go[o]dly floure goodly] godly K, goodly W, Kit, M
Th[is] blossom of fressh coloure This] The K, W, Kit, M
So Iupiter me succoure
She floryssheth new and new
In beaute and vertew
sig: [D3]
1140 Hac claritate gemina
O gloriosa femina

Iniquos odio habui
Non calumnientur me superbi.

BUt where-to shulde I note
1145 How often dyd I tote
Upon her prety fote
It raysed myne hert-rote
To se her treade the grounde
With heles short and rounde
1150 She is playnly expresse
Egeria the goddesse
And lyke to her image
Emportured with corage
A louers pylgrimage
1155 Ther is no beest sauage
Ne no tyger so wood
But she wolde chaunge his mood
Such relucent grace
Is formed in her face
1160 For this most goodly floure
This blossome of fressh coloure
So Iupiter me succour
sig: [D3v]
She flouryssheth new and new
In beaute and vertew
1165 Hac claritate gemina
O gloriosa femina

Mirabilia testimonia tua
Sicut nouelle plantat[i]ones in iuuentute sua plantationes] plantatones K

ref.ed: 101
[S]O goodly as she dresses
1170 So prope[r]ly she presses properly] propeeyly K, properly W, Kit, M
The bryght golden tresses
Of her heer so fyne
Lyke Phebus beames shyne

Wherto shuld I disclose
1175 The garterynge of her hose
It is for to suppose
How that she can were
Gorgiously her gere
Her fresshe habylementes
1180 With other implementes
To serue for all ententes
Lyke dame flora quene
Of lusty somer grene
For this [m]ost goodly floure For] Kit, M omit
1185 This blossom of fressh coloure
sig: [D4]
So Iupiter me soco[u]re
She florisheth new and new
In beautye and vertew
Hac claritate gemina
1190 O gloriosa femina

Clamaui in toto co[r]de exaudi me corde] code K
Misericordia tua magna est super me

Her kyrtell so goodly lased
And vnder that is brased
1195 Such pleasures that I may pleasures] plasures K, pleasures W, Kit, M
Neyther wryte nor say
Yet though I wryte not with ynke
No man can let me thynke
For thought hath lyberte
1200 Thought is franke and fre
To thynke a mery thought
It cost me lytell nor nought nor] or W, Kit, M
Wolde god myne homely style
Were pu[l]lysshed with the fyle pullysshed] publysshed K, pullyshed W, pollished Kit, M
1205 Of Ciceros eloquence
To prase her excellence
For this most goodly floure For this] The Kit, M
Th[i]s blossome of fressh coloure This] Thus K
sig: [D4v]
So Iupiter me succoure
ref.ed: 102
1210 She flouryssheth new and new
In beaute and vertew
Hac claritate gemina
O gloriosa femina

Principes persecuti sunt me gratis
1215 Omnibus consideratis.
Paradisus voluptatis.
Hec virgo est dulcissima

My pen it is vnable
My h[an]d it is vnstable hand] hnad K
1220 My reson rude and dull
To prayse her at the full
Goodly maystres Iane
Sobre / demure Dyane
Iane this maystres hyght
1225 The lode-stare of delyght
Dame Uenus of all pleasure
The well of worldly treasure
She doth excede and pas
In prudence dame Pallas
1230 [For] this most goodly floure For] K, W, Kit, M omit; this] the W, Kit, M
This blossome of fresshe colour
So Iupiter me socoure
sig: [D5]
She floryssheth new and new
In beaute and vertew
1235 Hac claritate gemina.
O gloriosa femina.

REquiem eter[n]am dona eis domine
Wt this psalme / Domine probasti me.
Shall sayle ouer the see
1240 With tibi domine commendamus
On pylgrimage to saynt Iamys pilgrimage] pilgrimages M
For shrympes / and for pranys
And for stalk[yng]e cranys stalkynge] stalke K, stalking W, stalkynge Kit, M
And where my pen hath offendyd
1245 I pray you it may be amendyd
By discrete consyderacyon
Of your wyse reformacyon
I haue not offended I trust
If it be sadly dyscust
ref.ed: 103
1250 It were no gentle gyse
This treatyse to despyse
Because I haue wrytten and sayd
Honour of this fayre mayd
Wherefore shulde I be blamed
1255 That I Iane haue named haue] M omits
sig: [D5v]
And famously proclamed
She is worthy to be enrolde
With letters of golde
Car elle vault
PEr me Laurigerum Britonum Skeltonida [v]atem vatem] latem K, W, Kit, M
Lau[d]ibus eximiis merito / hec redimita puella est Laudibus] Laubibus K
Formosam [cecini] qua non formosior vlla est cecini] pocecini K, W, Kit, M
Formosam po[t]ius / quam commendaret Homerus potius] pocius K
5 Sic iuuat interdum r[i]gidos recreare labores rigidos] regidos K
Nec minus hoc titulo tersa minerua. mea est.
Rien que playsere.

¶Thus endeth the boke of Philip_sparow / and her foloweth an addicyon made by maister Skelton

sig: [D6]
THe gyse now-a-dayes
Of some ianglynge iayes
Is to discommende
That they cannot amend
5 Though they wold spend
All the wyttes they haue

What ayle them to depraue
Phillip_sparowes graue
His dirige: her commendacyon
10 Can be no derogacyon
But myrth and consolacyon
Made by protestacyon
No man to myscontent
With Phillyppes enterement

15 Alas that goodly mayd
Why shuld she be afrayde
Why shuld she take shame
That her goodly name
Honorably reported
20 Sholde be set and sorted
ref.ed: 104
To be matriculate
With ladyes of estate

I coniure the Phillip_sparow
sig: [D6v]
By Hercules that hell dyd harow
25 And with a venemous arow
Slew of the Epidaures
One of the Centaures

Or onocentaures
Or hipocentaur[e]s hipocentaures] hipocentaurius K, W, Kit, M
30 By whose myght and mayne
An hart was slayne
With hornes twayne
Of glytteryng gold
And the appels of gold
35 Of Hesperides withhold
And with a dragon kept
That neuer-more slept
By marcyall strength
He wan at lenght

40 And slew Gerion
With thre bodyes in one
With myghty corage
A[d]aunted the rage Adaunted] Anaunted K, Auaunted W, Kit, M
Of a lyon sauage
45 Of Dyomedes stable
He brought out a rable
sig: [D7]
Of coursers and rounses
With leapes and bounses

And with myghty luggyng
50 Wrestlyng and tuggyng
He plucked the bull
By the horned skull
And offred to Cornucopia
And so forth per cetera

55 Also by Ecates bower
In Plut[o]s gastly tower Plutos] Plutus K, W, Kit, M

By the vgly Eumenides
That neuer haue rest nor ease

By the venemous serpent
60 That in hell is neuer brent
ref.ed: 105
In Lerna the Grekes fen
That was engendred then

By Chemeras flames
And all the dedly names
65 Of infernall posty
Where soules frye and rousty

By the stygyall flood
And the streames wood
Of Cocitus botumles well

sig: [D7v]
70 By the feryman of hell
Caron with his beerd hore
That roweth with a rude [ore] ore] eor K
And with his [frownsid] fore-top frownsid] K, W, Kit, M omit
Gydeth his bote with a prope

75 I coniure Phylyp and call
In the name of kyng Saul
Primo regum expresse
He [b]ad the Phitonesse bad] had K, W, Kit, M
To wytch-craft her to dresse
80 And by her abusyons
And dampnable illusyons
Of marueylus conclusyons
And by her supersticyons
And wonderfull condityons
85 She raysed vp in that stede
Samuell that was dede

But whether it were so
He were / idem in numero
The selfe-same Samuell
90 How-be-it to Saull dyd he tell
The Philistinis shuld hym ascry
And the next day he shuld dye
sig: [D8]
I wyll my-selfe dyscharge
To lettred men at large

95 But Phylyp I coniure the
Now by these names thre
Diana in the woodes grene
Luna that so bryght doth shyne
Procerpina in hell
100 That thou shortly tell
ref.ed: 106
And shew now vnto me
What the cause may be
Of this perplexite

Infer[ias] Philippe [tuas] Scroupe pulchra Iohanna Inferias] Infera K, W, Kit, Inferia M; tuas] K, W, Kit, M omit
105 Instanter petiit / cur nostri carminis illam
Nunc pudet / est sero / minor est infamia vero

Than suche as haue disdayned
And of this worke complayned
I pray god they be payned
110 No worse than is contayned
In verses two or thre
That folowe as you may se you] ye W, Kit, M

Luride cur liuor volucris pia funera damnas
Talia te rapiant / rapiunt que fata volucrem
115 Est tamen inuidia mors tibi continua.
¶Prynted at Lo[n]don at the poultry by Rychard_Kele.
sig: [D8v]