Speke Parott

Skelton, John

STC 22598 (=L)
Ringler 22598 and TP 1172. Brown and Robbins 2263.5. H provides lines 1-57 and 225-end; L supplies lines 58-224 (missing in H). Ed. Dyce 2.1-25; ed. Kinsman, pp. 77-95; ed. Scattergood, pp. 230-46

Here after foloweth certayne bokes, compyled by mayster Skelton
London: R. Lant for H. Tab,1545?.

Composition Date: 1521 [Scattergood].

Topographia quam habet hec auicula in deliciis psitacus a vobis aliorum nomina disco hoc per me didici dictorem cesar aue aphrosmo quia paronomasia certe ineprehensibilis aquinates Zoe ll zepsiche Non omnes capiunt verbum istud sed quibus datum est desuper Sua consequencia magni Estimatur mementi attica sane eloquencia 'ffyltyrgogon': 'r' perhaps cancelled and 'ur' added above34
folio: 133v
Lectoribus auctor rec[i]pitrecipit] recepit H opusculy huius auxesim

Crescet immensem me viuo pagina presens
Hinc mea dicetur Skeltonidis aurea [fa]ma fama] stima H
folio: 134

ref.ed: 231
My Name ys parott a Byrde of paradyse Lucanus
By nature devysed of a wonderowus kynde
Deyntely dyetyd with dyvers delycate spyce'spyce' after cancelled 'metes'
Tyll Evfrates that flodde dryvythe me in-to ynde Tigris et Eufrates vno se fonte resolunt
5 Where men of þat contre by fortune me fynde
And send me to [greate ladyes] of estate greate ladyes] grece to lordes H, greate ladyes L
Then Parot moste haue an almon or a date

A cage curyowsly carven with syluer pynne
Properly payntyd to be my couerture
10 A myrrour of glasse that I may tote þerin
These maydens full meryly with many [a] dyuers flowur a] H omits, a L
Fresshely they dresse and make swete my Bowur
Wt speke parott I pray yow full curteslye they sey
Parrett ys a goodlye byrde and a pratye popagay and] L, K, D, M omit Topographia quam habet hec auicula in deliciis

15 Wythe my Beke bente. And my lytell wanton Iye and] L, K, D, M omit
My fethyrs fresshe as ys the emerawde grene
A_bowte my necke a cerculett lyke the Ryche Rubye
My lytyll legges my fete bothe fete and clene
I am a mynyon to wayte a_pon a quene a quene] the quene L, K, D, M
20 My propyr parott my lytell pratye fole
Wt ladyes I lerne and goe with them to scole delectatur in factura sua tamen res est forma fugax

Heghe. ha. ha. parott ye can lawghe pratylye
Parott hathe not dyned of all þis long day
Lyke owur pus-catt parott can mewte and crye owur] your L, K, D, M
25 Yn latyn in Ebrue and in caldee and in] Araby and L, K, D, M
In greke tong parott can bothe speke and sey
As p[er]cius þat poete doþe reporte of me percius] precius H
Quis exped[ui]t psitaco suum Chyre expeduit] expediunt H, expediuit L, K, D, M psitacus a vobis aliorum nomina disco hoc per me didici dictorem cesar aue

Dowche frenshe of paris parot can lerne
30 Pronownsyng my purpose after my properte
Wt parlez byen parott ew parles ryen docibilem se pandit in omni Idiomate
Wt dowche with spaynyshe my tonge can agree
folio: 134v
In englysshe to god parott can [supple] supple] shewe propyrlye H, supple L, K, D, M
Cryste saue kyng herry the viijth owur Royall kyng
35 The Red Rose in honour to flowrysshe and sprynge policronitudo Basileos

Wt kateryne in_comporabyll owur Royall quene also
That pereles pomegarnat cryste saue hyr nobyll grace katerina vniversalis vicii ruina grecum est
ref.ed: 232
Parott saves habeler castylyano
Wt fidasso de cosso in turke and in trace fidasso de cosso .i habeto fidem in temet ipso
40 Vis consilii [expers] as techythe me orace expers] H omits, expers L, K, D, M
Mole Ruit sua whose dictes ar pregnaunte autoritate in_consultam Taxat hic lege Flatcum et obserua plantatum diabolum
Souentez foyz parot en sovenaunte Souentez] Souentem H, Souentez L

My lady mastres dame phylology mastres] maystres L, maysters K, D, maisters M
Gaue me a gyfte in my neste when [I] lay I] he H, I L, K, D, M
45 To lerne all langage and hyt to speke aptlye sepenumero hec pensitans psitacus Ego ponsio
Now pandes m[o]ry wax Frantycke som m[en] sey mory] mery H, mory L, K, D, M; men] mad H, men L, K, D, M
Phronessys for frenessys may not hold her way
An almon now for parott delycatelye dreste
In Salue festa dyes to_to ys the Beste ys the] theyr doth L, K, D, their doth M aphrosmo quia paronomasia certe ineprehensibilis

50 Moderata Iuuant but to_to dothe exede
Dyscrecion ys modyr of nobyll vertues all
Myden agan'gan' over cancelled 'gayne' in grekys tonge we Rede apcius hic loquitur animus quam lingua
But Reason and wytte wantythe theyr provynciall
When wylfulnes ys vicar-generall notum addagima et exasperans
55 Hec Res acu tangitur parrott par ma foye
Tycez vous parrott tenes vous coye

Besy. besy. besy. and Besynes agayne L is copytext for lines 58-224
sig: [A3]
Que pensez voz Parrot / what meneth this besynes
Vitulus in Oreb / troubled Arons brayne
60 Melchisedeck mercyfull / made Moloc mercyles
To wyse is no vertue / to medlyng to restles
In mesure is tresure / cum sensu maturato
Ne tropo sanno / ne tropo mato.

Aram was fyred / with Caldies fyer called Ur
65 Iobab was brought vp / in the lande of Hus Iobab] Iob D, M
The lynage of Lot / toke supporte of Assur
Iereboseth is Ebrue / who lyst the cause dyscus cause] law D, M
Peace Parrot ye prate / as ye were ebrius
Howst the lyuer god / van hemrik ic seg
70 In popering grew peres / whan Parrot was an eg

What is this to purpose / ouer in a whynnymeg
Hop_Lobyn of Lowdeon / wald haue e byt of bred
The Iebet of Baldock / was made for Iack_Leg
A narrow vnfethered and witho[u]t an hed
75 A Bag[pyp]e without blowynge / standeth in no sted Bagpype] Bagbyte L, K, bagpipe D, bagpype M
ref.ed: 233
Some run to far before / some run to far behynde
Some be to churlysshe / and some be to kynde.

Ic dien / serueth for the Exstrych fether the] K, D, M omit
Ic dien / is the language of the land of Beme
80 In Affryc tongue / Byrsa is a thonge of lether
In Palestina / there is Ierusalem
Collustrum now for parot / whyte bred and swete creme
Our thomasen she doth trip / our ienet she doth shayle
Parrot hath a blacke beard / and a fayre grene tayle.

sig: [A3v]
85 Moryshe myne owne shelfe / the costermonger sayth
Fate / fate / fate / ye Irysh water-lag
In flattryng fables / men fynde but lyttyl fayth
But moueatur terra / let the world wag
Let syr wrig_wrag / wrastell with syr delarag
90 Euery man / after his maner of wayes
Pawbe une aruer / so the welche-man sayes

¶Suche shredis of sentence / strowed in the shop
Of auncyent Aristippus / and such other mo
I gader to_gyther / and close in my crop
95 Of my wanton conseyt / vnde d[e]promo depromo] do promo L, K, D, M
Dilemata docta / in pedagogio
Sacro vatum / where-of to you I breke
I pray you / let parot haue lyberte to speke

¶But ware the cat parot / ware the fals cat
100 With who is there / a mayd / nay nay / I trow
Ware ryat parrot / ware ryot / ware that
Mete / mete / for parrot / mete I say how
Thus dy[u]ers of language / by lernyng I grow
With bas me swete parrot / bas me swete swete
105 To dwell amonge ladyes / parrot is mete

Parrot / parrot / parrot / praty popigay
With my beke I can pyke / my lyttel praty too
My delyght is solas / pleasure / dysporte and pley
Lyke a wanton whan I wyll / I rele to and froo
110 Parot ca[n] say / Ceser / aue / also
But parrot / hath no fauour to Esebon
Aboue all other byrdis / set parrot alone

sig: A4
ref.ed: 234
Ulula / Esebon / for Ieromy doth wepe
Sion is in sadnes / Rachell ruly doth loke
115 Madionita / Ietro / our moyses kepyth his shepe
Gedeon is gon / that zalmane vndertoke
Oreb et Zeb / of Iudicum rede the boke
Now Geball / Amon and Amaloch / harke / harke
Parrot pretendith / to be a bybyll-clarke

120 ¶O Esebon Esebon / to the is cum agayne
Seon the regent amorreorum
And Og that fat hog / of basan doth retayne of] or K, D, M
The crafty coistronus cana[n]eor[u]m
And assilum / whilom / refugium miseror[u]m
125 Non phanum sed prophanum / standyth in lyttyll sted
Ulula Esebon / for Iepte / is starke ded

Esebon / Marybon / wheston / next Barnet
A trym_tram for an horse-myll it were a nyse thyng
Deyntes for dammoysels / Chaffer far-fet
130 Bo_ho doth bark wel but hough_ho he rulyth the ring
From scarpary to tartary renoun therin doth spryng
With he sayd and we said ich wot now what ich wot
Quod magnus est dominus Iudas_scarioth

Tholomye / and haly were cunny[n]g and wyse
135 In the vol_vell in the quadrant and in the astroloby
To pronostycate truly the chaunce of fortunys dyse
Som trete of theyr tirykis / som of astrology
Som pseudo-propheta with Ciromancy
Yf fortune be fre[n]dly / and grace be the guyde
140 Honowre with renowne / wyll ren o[n] that syde on] of K, D, M

Monon Calon
Agaton quod parato
In greco line set to right of previous two lines with a brace

sig: [A4v]
¶Let parrot I pray you / haue ly[b]erte to prate lyberte] lyerte L
For aurea lyngua greca / ought to be magnyfyed
Yf it were cond perfytely / and after the rate
As lyngua latina / in scole-matter occupyed
145 But our grekis / theyr greke so well haue applyed
That they cannot say in greke / rydynge by the way
How hosteler / fetche my hors a botell of hay
ref.ed: 235

¶Neyther frame a silogisme / in phrisesomorum
Formaliter et grece / cum medio termino
150 Our Grekys ye walow / in the washbol argolycorum
For though ye can tell in greke what is phormio
Yet ye seke out your greke / in Capricornio
For [ye] scrape out good scrypture / and set in a gall ye] they L, K, D, M
Ye go about to amende / and ye mare all

155 ¶Some argue / secundum quid ad simpliciter
And yet he wolde be rekenyd / pro ariopagita
And some make distinctions / multipliciter
Whether ita were before non / or [n]o[n] before ita
Nether wise nor wel lernid but like herm[a]phradita hermaphradita] hermophradita L, K, D, M
160 Set sophia asyde / for euery iack_raker
And euery mad medler must now be a maker

I[n] achademia Parrot / dare no probleme kepe
For greci fari / so occupyeth the chayre
That latinum fari / may fall to rest and slepe
165 And silogisari / was drowned at sturbrydge fayre
Tryuyals / and quatryuyals / so sore now they appayre
That Parrot the Popagay / hath pytye to beholde the] that D, M
How the rest of good lernyng / is roufled vp and trold roufled] roulled D, M

sig: A5
Albertus / de modo significandi
170 And Donatus / be dryuen out of scole
Prisians hed broken / now handy_dandy
And inter didascolos / is rekened for a fole
Alexander / a gander of Menanders pole
With da causales / is cast out of the gate
175 And da racionales / dare not shew his pate.

Plaut[us] in his comedies / a chyld shall now reherse Plautus] Plautsi L, K, D, M
And medyll with Quintylyan / in his decla[m]acyons declamacyons] declaracyons L, declaracions K, declarations D, M
That pety Caton / can scantly construe a verse
With Aueto / in Greco / and such solempne salutacyons
180 Can skantly the te[n]sis / of his [c]oniugacyo[n]s coniugacyons] eoniugacyons L
Settyng theyr myndys / so moche of eloquens
That of theyr scole-maters / lost is the hole sentens

Now a nutmeg / a nutmeg / cum gariopholo
For parrot to pyke vpon / his brayne for to stable
185 Swete synamum styckis / and pleris cum m[u]sco
ref.ed: 236
In Paradyce / that place of pleasure perdurable
The progeny of parrottis / were fayre and fauorable
Nowe in valle ebron / parrot is fayne to fede
Cristecrosse / and saynt Nycholas / parrot be your good spede

190 The myrrour that I tote in / quasi diaphonum
Uel quasi speculum / in Enigmate
Elen[cti]cum / or ells / E[nth]imematicum Elencticum] Elencum L, K, D, M; Enthimematicum] Emtimematicum L, K, Emtimaticum D, M
For logicions to loke on / somwhat sophistice
Retoricyons and oratours / in freshe humanyte
195 Support parrot / I pray you with your suffrage ornate
Of confuse tantum / auoydynge the chekmate

sig: [A5v]
¶But of that supposicyon / that callyd is arte
Confuse distr[y]b[u]tyue / as Parrot hath deuysed distrybutyue] distrubytyue L
Let euery man / after his merit / take his parte
200 For in this processe / Parrot nothing hath s[u]rmysed
No matter pretendyd / nor nothyng enterprysed
But that metaphora / alegoria with-all
Shall be his protectyon / his pauys and his wall

For parot is no churlish Chowgh / nor no flekyd pye
205 Parrot is no pendugum / that men call a carlyng
Parrot is no woodecocke / nor no butterfly
Parrot is no stameryng stare / that men call a starlyng
But Parot is my owne dere harte / and my dere derling my dere] my D, M
Melpomene that fayre mayde / she burneshed his beke
210 I pray you let Parrot / haue lyberte to speke

Parrot / is a fayre byrd for a lady
God of his goodnes / him framed and wrought
When Parrot is ded / [he] dothe not putrefy he] she L, K, D, M
Ye all-thyng mortall shall torne vnto nought
215 Except mannes soule / that Chryst so dere bought
That neuer may dye / nor neuer dye shall
Make moche of parrot / the popegay ryall the] that K, D, M

¶For that pereles prynce / that parrot dyd create
He made you of nothynge / by his magistye
220 Poynt well this probleme / that parrot doth prate
And remembre amonge / how parrot and ye
Shall lepe from this lyfe / as mery as we be
Pompe / pryde / honour / ryches and worldly lust
Parrot sayth playnly / shall tourne all to d[u]st H is copytext for lines 225-end

ref.ed: 237
folio: 134v
225 Thus parott dothe pray yow with herte moste ten[d]yr tendyr] tentyr H
To Rekyn with thys Recule [now] and hyt to Remembyr now] H omits, now L, K, nowe D, M

Psitacius Ecce cano nec sunt mea carmina pheb[o] phebo] phebe H
Digna scio tamen est plena camena deo

Secondum Skeltonida famigeratum
230 In periorum [ca]thalogo Numeratum cathalago] Thalago H, Cathalago L, K, D, M

Itaque consolamyni [inuicem]inuicem] H omits, inuicem L, K, D, M in verbis isti[s .etc.]istis .etc.] istibus H, istis .etc. L, K, istis D, M

Candidi lectores callide callete Vestrum fouetefouete] seuete, D, M; .etc.] D, M omit / psitacum .etc. added in L, K, D, M

folio: 135

Hic occurrat memorie phamphilus de amore galathee

Speke parotte I pray yow for maryes saake
Whate mone he made when pamphylus loste hys make


My propir besse
My praty besse
235 Turne ons agayne to me In ista cantelena ore stilla plena abiectis frangibulis
For slepyste þu besse
Or wakeste thow besse
Myne herte hyt ys with the et eperit

My deysy delectabyll
240 My prymerose commendabyll
My vyolet amyabyll
My ioye in_explicabill quit queritis tot capita tot census

Nowe torne agayne to me
I wylbe ferme and stabyll
245 And to yow seruyceabyll
And also prophytabyll
Yf ye be agreabyll
My propyr Besse line added right margin
To turne a_gayne to me

250 Alas I am dysdayned
And as a man halfe-maymed
My harte is so sore payned
ref.ed: 238
I pray the besse vnfayned
Yet com a_gayne to me maro / malo me galathea petit lascima puella Et fugit ad salices et cetera

255 Be loue I am constreyned
To be with yow Retayned
Hyt wyll not be Refrayned
I pray yow be Reclaymed
My propyr Besse line added right margin
260 And torne agayne to me

Qu[o]d parot thy popagay Royall Quod] Quid H
Marcialis cecinit carmen fit michi scutum
Est michi lasciua pagina vita proba

folio: 135v


Now kusse me parot kus me kus kus
Goddes blissyng lyght on thy lytyll swete mvsse

265 Vita et anima [Zoe ke psiche] Zoe ke psiche] zoell zepsiche H, zoelzepsiche L, K, D, M
Concumb[unt] grece non est hic sermo pudicus Concumbunt] concumbince H, Concumbunt L, Concubunt K, D, M

[Ergo] Ergo] H omits, Ergo L, K, D, M
Attica d[ic]tamina sunt plumbi lamina dictamina] dutamina H, dictamina L, K, D, M
Ve[l] spurea vitulamina a_vertat hec vrania Vel] Ve H, Vel L, K, D, M Sua consequencia magni Estimatur mementi attica sane eloquencia

Amen amen
Amen amen
270 And sette [to] a d to] H omits, to L, K, D, M
And then hyt ys amend
Owur new-founde a.b.c. cum ceteris paribus

Candidi lectores calide call[et]e callete] callige H Vestrum fouete psitacum

Lenuoy primere

Go litell quayre namyd the popagay
Home to Resorte Ierobesethe perswade
275 For the cliffes of scaloppe they Rore wellaway
ref.ed: 239
And the Sandes of [C]efas begyn to waste and fade Cefas] Tefas H
For Replicacion Restles þat he of late þer made
Now neptune and Eolus ar agreed of lyclyhod
For tytus at dover abydythe in the Rode

280 Lucina she wadythe among the watry floddes
And the cokkes begyn to crowe agayne the day
Le tonsan de Iason is lodgid among the shrowdes
Of argus Revengyd Recover when he may
Lyacon of libyk and lydy hathe cawghte hys pray
285 Goe lytyll quayre pray them þat yow be_holde
In there remembraunce ye may be Inrolde

folio: 136
Yet some folys say ye arre furnysshyd with knakkes say ye] say that ye H
That hang to_gedyr as fethyrs in the wynde
But lewdlye ar they lettyrd þat your lernyng lackys
290 Barkyng and whyning lyke churlysshe currys of kynde
For whoo lokythe wyselye in your warkys may fynde
Muche frutefull mater. But now for your defence
Agayne all remordes arme yow with paciens


Ipse sagax eque ceu verax nuncius ito
295 Merda puros mal desires
Penultimo die octobris / 33o

Secunde Lenuoy

Passe forthe parotte towardes some passengere
Require hym to convey yow ovyr the salte fome
Addressyng your-selfe lyke a sadde messengere
To owur soleyne seigneour Sadoke desire hym to cum home
300 Makyng hys pylgrimage by nostre_dame_de_crome
For Ierico and Ierssey shall mete to_gethyr as sone
As he to exployte the man owte of þe mone

Wt porpose and graundepose he may fede hym fatte
Thowghe he pampyr not hys paunche with þe grete seall
305 We haue longyd and lokyd long-tyme for that
Whyche cawsythe pore suters haue many a hongry mele
As presydent and Regente he Rulythe every-deall
Now pas furthe good parott owur lorde be your s[t]ede stede] spede H
In þs your Iourney to prospere and spede

ref.ed: 240
310 And thowe sum dysdayne yow and sey how ye prate
And howe your poemys arre Barayne of polyshed Eloquens
There is none þat your name woll abbrogate
Then nodypollys and gramatolys of smalle Intellygens
To Rude ys there reason to reche to your 'your' over cancelled 'there' sentence
315 Suche malyncoly mastyvys and mangye curre dogges
Ar mete for a swyne-herde to hunte after hogges


folio: 136v
Psita[ce] perge volans fatuorum tela retundas Psitace perge] psitago perage H
Merda puros / mall desers
Portugues. / In diebus nouembris 34'34': '4' added after cancelled '3'

Le dereyn lenveoy

Prepayre yow parrot breuely your passage to take
320 Of mercury vndyr the trynall aspecte
And sadlye salute owur solen syre sydrake
And shewe hym þat all the world dothe coniecte
How the maters he mellis in com to small effecte
For he wantythe of hys wyttes þat all wold Rule alone
325 Hyt ys no lytyll Bordon to bere a grete mylle-stone

To Bryng all the see in-to a cheryston-pytte
To nombyr all the sterrys in the fyrmament
To Rule ix realmes by one mannes wytte
To suche thynges ympossybyll Reason cannot consente
330 Muche money men sey there madly he hathe spente
Parott ye may prate thys vndyr protestacion
Was neuyr suche a senatour syn crystes Incarnacion

Wherfor he may now come a_gayne as he wente
Non sine postica sanna as I trowe
335 From calys to dovyr to caunterbury in kente
To make Reconyng in the Resseyte how Robyn loste hys bowe
To sowe corne in the see-sande þer wyll no crope growe
Thow ye be tauntyd parotte with tonges attayntyd
Yet your problemes ar preignaunte and with loyalte acquayntyd


340 I properans parrot[e] malas sic coripe linguas parrote] parrot H
M[e]rda puros mall desires merda] morda H
Pertigues 15'15': original '0' cancelled after '15' Kalendis decembris
ref.ed: 241
folio: 137

Dysticon miserabill

Altior heu cedro crudelior heu leopardo 'alcior' added above blotted 'Altior'
Heu vitulus bubali fit dominus priami

vnde species priami est digna imperio

Non annis licet et priamus sed honore voceris
345 Dum foueas vitulum Rex Regeris britonum
Rex Regeris non ipse Regis Rex inclit[e] calle inclite] inclita H
Subde tibi vitulum ne fatuet nimium
God amend all
That all amend may
350 Amen quod parott
The Royall popagay
Kalend[is]kalendis] kalend H decembris 34

Lenvoy Royall

Go propyr parotte my popagay
That lordes and ladies thys pamflett may behold
Wt notable clerkes supply to them I pray
355 Your Rudenes to pardon and also þat they wolde
Vouchesafe to defend yow agayne the Brawlyng scolde
Callyd detraxion Encankryd with envye
Whose tong ys attayntyd with slaundrys obliqui

For trowthe in parabyll ye wantonlye pronounce
360 Langagys diuers yet vndyr þat dothe Reste
Maters more precious then'then' added above line the Ryche Iacounce
Diamounde or Rubye or balas of the beste
Or Eyndye sapher with oryente p[er]lys dreste perlys] prelys H
Wherfor your remord[ers] ar madde or else starke blynde remorders] remordes H
365 Yow to remorde erste or they know your mynde

folio: 137v
I v[olit]ans parrotte tuam moderare minervam volitans] vtilans H
Vix tua percipient qui tua teque legent

hyperbaton] hyberbato H

Psitacus h[eu] notus seu perciu[s] est puto notus heu] hi H; percius] perciuus H
ref.ed: 242
Nec reor est nec erit licet est erit [undique notus] undique notus] H omits
370 Maledite soyte bouche malheurewse

Laucture de parott

O my parrot. o vnice dilecte votorum meorum omnis lapis lapis preciosus oper[i]mentum operimentum] opermentum H tuum


Sicut aron populumque
Sic bubali vitulus
Sic bubali vitulus
Sic bubali vitulus

375 Thus myche parott hathe opynlye expreste
Let se who dare make vp the Reste

Le popagay sen va complayndr[e]
complayndre] complayndra H

Helas I lamente the dull abusyd brayne
The enfatuate fantasies the wytles wylfulnes
Of on and hothyr at me that haue dysdayne
380 Som sey they cannot my parables expresse
Som sey I Rayle att Ryott Recheles
Some say but lityll and thynke more in there thowghte
How thys prosses I prate of. hyt ys not all for nowghte

folio: 138
O causeles cowardes o hartles hardynes
385 O manles manhod enfayntyd all with fere
O connyng clergye. where ys your Redynes
To practise or postyll thys prosses here and there
For drede ye darre not medyll with suche gere
Or elles ye pynche curtesy trulye as I trowe
390 Whyche of yow fyrste dare boldlye plucke the crowe

The Skye is clowdy. the coste is nothyng clere
Tytan hathe truste vp hys tressys of fyne golde
Iupyter for Saturne darre make no Royall chere
Lyacon lawghyth there-att and berythe hym more bolde
395 Racell Rulye ragged she is like to cache colde
ref.ed: 243
Moloc that mawmett. there darre no man with_say
The Reste of suche Reconyng may make a fowle fraye

Dixit qd parrott the Royall popagay Cest chose maleheurese que mall bouche


Iupiter. vt nit[i]do deu[s] est veneratus olimpo nitido] nitudo H; deus] deuus H
400 Hic coliturque deu[s] deus] deuus H
Sunt data thura Ioui 'Ioui' after cancelled 'capit' rutilo solio residenti
C[u]m'com' after cancelled 'Iupiter' Ioue thura capit cum] com H
Iupiter astrorum rector dominusque [pol]orum polorum] populorum H
Anglica sceptra regit


405 I compas the conveyaunce vnto the capitall
Of owur clerke cleros. whythyr thydyr. and why not hethyr
For passe_a_pase apase ys gone to cache a molle
Over scarpary mala vy monsyre cy_and_sliddyr
Whate sequele shall folow when pendugims mete to_gethyr
410 Speke parotte my swete byrde. and ye shall haue a date
Of frantycknes and folysshnes whyche ys the grett state


Difficille hit ys to ansswere thys demaunde
folio: 138v
Yet aftyr the sagacite of a popagay
Frantiknes dothe Rule and all-thyng commaunde
415 Wylfulnes and braynles. no[w] Rule all the Raye now] no H
Agayne Frentike_frenesy. There dar no man sey nay
For Frantiknes and wylfulnes and Braynles ensembyll
The nebbis of a lyon. they make to trete and trembyll

To Iumbyll to Stombyll to tumbyll down lyke folys
420 To lowre to droupe to knele to stowpe and to play cowche-quale
To fysshe afore the nette and to drawe polys
He make them to bere Babylles and to bere a lowe sayle
He caryeth a kyng in hys sleve. yf all the worlde fayle
He facithe owte at a Flusshe. with shewe take all
425 Of pope Iulius. cardys. he ys chefe cardynall

ref.ed: 244
He tryhumfythe he trumpythe he turnythe all vp and downe turnythe] turnynthe H
Wt skyre-galyard prowde palyard vaunte-parler ye prate
Hys woluys-hede wanne bloo as lede gapythe over the crowne
Hyt ys to fere. leste he wolde were the garland on hys pate
430 Paregall with all prynces. farre passyng hys Estate
For of owur regente the Regiment he hathe ex qua vi
Patet per versus qd Ex vi bolte harvi

Now galathea lett parrot I pray yow haue hys date
Yett dates now ar deynte and wax verye scante
435 For grocers were grugyd at and groynyd at but late
Grete reysons with resons be now reprobitante
For Reysons ar no resons. but resons currant
Ryn god Rynne devyll. Yet the date of owur lord
And the date of the devyll dothe Shurewlye accord

440 Dixit qd parrott the popagay Royall

'Galathea' above cancelled word, probably 'parrotte'

Nowe parott my swete byrde speke owte yet'yet' added above line'So many many' cancelled above line ons agayn 'So many many' cancelled above line
Sette asyde all sophy[sm]s. and speke now trew and playne sophysms] sophyns H


folio: 139
So many Morall maters and so lytell vsyd many] many many H
So myche newe makyng. and so madd tyme spente
445 So myche translac[i]on in-to englyshe confused translacion] translacon H
So myche nobyll prechyng. and so lytell amendment
So myche consultacion almoste to none entente
So myche provision and so lytell wytte at nede
Syns dewcalyons flodde there can no clerkes Rede

450 So lytyll dyscressyon. and so myche Reasonyng
So myche hardy_dardy. and so lytell manlynes
So prodigall expence. and so shamfull Reconyng
So gorgyous garmentes. and so myche wrechydnese
So myche portlye pride. with pursys penyles
455 So myche spente before. and so myche vnpayd behynde
Syns dewcalyons flodde. there can no clerkes fynde

So myche forcastyng. and so farre an after-dele
So myche poletyke pratyng. and so lytell stondythe in stede
ref.ed: 245
So lytell secretnese. and so myche grete councell
460 So manye bolde Barons. there hertes as dull as lede
So many nobyll Bodyes. vndyr on dawys hedd
So Royall a kyng. as Reynythe vppon vs all
Syns dewcalions flodde. was nevyr sene nor shall

So many complayntes. and so smalle redresse
465 So myche callying on. and so smalle takyng hede
So myche losse of merchaundyse. and so remedyles
So lytell care for the comynweall. and so myche nede
So myche dowȜtfull daunger. and so lytell drede
So myche pride of prelattes. so cruell and so kene
470 Syns dewcalyons flodde. I trowe was nevyr sene

So many thevys hangyd. and thevys never-the-lesse
So myche prisonment. ffor matyrs not worth an hawe
So myche papers weryng. for Ryghte a smalle exesse
So myche pelory-paIauntes. vndyr colowur of good lawe
475 So myche towrnyng on the cooke-stole for euery guy-gaw
So myche mokkyshe makyng of statutes of array
Syns dewcalyons flodde. was nevyr I dar sey

folio: 139v
So braynles caluys-hedes. so many shepis-taylys
So Bolde a Braggyng bocher. and flesshe sold so dere
480 So many plucte partryches and'and' after cancelled 'partryches' so fatte quaylles
So mangye a mastyfe curre. the grete grey-houndes pere
So Bygge a Bulke of Brow-auntlers cabagyd þat yere
So many swannes dede. and so small revell
Syns dewcalyons flodde. I trow no man can tell

485 So many trusys takyn. and so lytyll p[er]fyte trowþe perfyte] profyte H
So myche bely-Ioye. and so wastefull banketyng
So pynchyng and sparyng. and so lytell profyte-growthe
So many howgye howsys Byldyng. and so small howse-holdysuperscript-ng
Suche statutes a_pon diettes suche pyllyng and pollyng
490 So ys all-thyng wrowghte wylfully withowte reson and skylle
Syns dewcalyons flodde the world was never so yll the world] the world the world H

So many vacabondes. so many beggers bolde
So myche decay of monesteries and of relygious places
So hote hatered agaynste the chyrche and cheryte so colde
495 So myche of my lordes grace and in hym no grace ys
So many holow hartes. and so dowbyll faces
ref.ed: 246
So myche sayntuary-brekyng. and preuylegidde barrydd
Syns dewcalyons flodde. was nevyr sene nor lyerd

So myche Raggyd Ryghte. of a Rammes-horne
500 So rygorous Revelyng. in a prelate specially
So bold and so Braggyng. and was so baselye borne
So lordlye of hys lokes. and so dysdayneslye
So fatte a magott bred of a flesshe-flye
Was nevyr suche a ffylty go[r]gon nor suche an epycure ffylty gorgon] ffyltyrgogon H'ffyltyrgogon': 'r' perhaps cancelled and 'ur' added above

505 Syn dewcalyons flodde. I make'make' after cancelled 'had' the faste and sure

So myche preuye wachyng in cold wynters nyghtes
So myche serchyng of loselles. and ys hym-selfe so lewde
So myche coniurac[i]ons. for Elvyshe myday-sprettes coniuracions] coniuracons H
So many bullys of pardon puplysshyd and shewyd
510 So myche crossyng and blyssyng and hym all be_shrewde
Suche pollaxis and pyllers. suche mvlys trapte with gold
Sens dewcalyons flodde. in no cronycle ys told

Dixit qd parrot
folio: 140
Crescet in im[m]ensem me viuo psitacus iste immensem] imnensem H
Hinc mea dicetur skeltonidis inclita fama

Quod Skelton lawryat Orator Regius