A Garlande or Chapelet of Laurell

Skelton, John

STC 22610 (=F)
Ringler 22610 and TP 366 ("Arectyng my syght ..."); also TP 68, 280, 288, 816, 1004, 1166, 1469, 1977, 2012, 2139, 2304 and 2345 (12 songs separately indexed), noted in the text in their respective positions. Ed. Dyce1.361-427; ed. Scattergood, pp. 312-58. UMI microfilm reel 19

A ryght delectable tratyse vpon a goodly garlande or chapelet of laurell
London: R. Faukes [Fakes],1523.

Composition Date: 1495-1523 [Scattergood].

Cacosinthicon ex industria Honor est benefactiue operacionis signum Aristotiles : diuerte a malo et fac bonum. pso nobilis est ille quem nobilitat sua virtus. cassianus proximus ille deo qui scit racion e tacere. cato mors vltima linea rerum horac Porcus se ingurgitat ceno et luto se immergit guarinus_veronenc. et sicut oportorium mutabis eos et m utabuntur. pso .C. Exultabuntur cor[n]ua iusti. spalmo This line and the one following are transposed in F Mille hominum species et rerum discolor vsus horace. Lautre enuoy.
sig: A[1]
¶A ryght delectable tratyse vpon a goodly Garlande or Chapelet of Laurell by mayster Skelton Poete laureat studyously dyuysed at Sheryfhotten_Castell. In þe foreste of galtres / where-in ar comprysyde many and dyuers solacyo[u]s and ryght pregnant allectyues of syngular pleasure / as more at large it doth apere in þe proces folowynge.
sig: [A1v]

Eterno mansura die dum sidera fulgent
Equora dumque tument hec laurea nostra virebit.
Hinc nostrum celebre et nomen referetur ad astra.
Vndique Skeltonis memorabitur alter adonis
sig: [A2]
ARectyng my syght towarde the zodyake.
The sygnes .xij. for to beholde a_farre
When mars retrogradant reuersyd his bak
Lorde of the yere in his orbucular
5 Put vp his sworde for he cowde make no warre
and whan lucina plenar[l]y did shyne plenarly] plenary F, M
Scorpione ascendynge degrees twyse nyne

¶In place alone then musynge in my thought
How all-thynge passyth as doth the somer flower
10 On euery halfe my reasons forthe I sought On] One F, On M
How oftyn fortune varyeth in an howre
Now clere wether forthwith a stormy showre
All-thynge compassyd no perpetuyte
But now in welthe / now in aduersyte

15 ¶So depely drownyd I was in this dumpe
Encraumpysshed so sore was my conceyte
That me to rest / I lent me to a stumpe
Of an oke / that somtyme grew full streyghte
A myghty tre and of a noble heyght
20 Whose bewte blastyd was with the boystors wynde
His leuis loste / the sappe was frome the rynde

¶Thus stode I in the frytthy forest of Galtres
Ensowkid with [s]ylt of the myry [w]ose sylt] fylt F, sylt M; wose] mose F, M
Where hartis belluyng embosyd with distres
ref.ed: 313
25 Ran on the raunge so longe that I suppose
Few men can tell where the hynde-calfe gose tell] telle now C
Faire fall that forster that so well can bate his hownde well] C omits
But of my purpose now torne we to the grownde purpose] proces C

¶Whylis I stode musynge in this medytatyon
30 In slumbrynge I fell and halfe in a slepe
sig: [A2v]
And whether it were of ymagynacyon
Or of humors superflue that often wyll crepe
In-to the brayne by drynkyng ouer depe
Or it procedyd of fatall persuacyon
35 I can not tell you what was the occasyon not tell] not wele tell C

¶But sodeynly at ones as I me aduysed
As one in a trans or in an extasy
I sawe a pauylyon wondersly disgysede
Garnysshed fresshe after my fantasy
40 Enhachyde with perle and stones preciously
The grounde engrosyd and bet with bourne golde
That passynge goodly it was to be_holde

¶Within that a prynces excellente of porte that] it C
But to recounte her ryche abylyment
45 And what estates to her did resorte
Therto am I full insuffycyent
A goddesse inmortall she dyd represente
As I harde say Dame Pallas was her name
To whome supplyed the royall quene of fame

¶The quene of Fame. To dame Pallas

50 PRynces moost pusant of hygh preemynence
Renownyd lady a_boue the sterry heuyn
sig: A3
All other transcendyng of very congruence
Madame regent of the scyence seuyn scyence] sciences M
To whos astate all noblenes most le[uen] leuen] lene F, C, le[u]en M
55 My supplycacyon to you I arrect
Where-of I beseche you to tender the effecte

¶Not vnremembered it is vnto your grace
How you gaue me a ryall commaundement you] ye M, C; a] in C
That in my courte skelton shulde haue a place
ref.ed: 314
60 Bycause that he his tyme studyously hath spent he his tyme] his tyme he C
In your seruyce: and to the accomplysshement.
Of your request: regestred is his name
Wt laureate tryumphe in the courte of fame

¶But good madame the accustome and vsage
65 Of auncient poetis ye wote full wele hath bene
Them-selfe to embesy with all there holl corage
So that there workis myght famously be sene
In figure wherof the[y] were [the] laurell grene they were the] the were they F, they were the M
But how it is skelton is wonder slake
70 And as we dare we fynde in hym grete lake grete] a M

¶For ne were onely he hath your promocyon
Out of my bokis full sone I shulde hym rase
But sith he hath tastid of the sugred pocioun
Of elyco[ni]s well: refresshid with your grace elyconis] elycoms F, Heliconis M
75 And wyll not endeuour hymselfe to purchase
The fauour of ladys with wordis electe
It is sittynge that ye must hym correct

Dame Pallas To the quene of Fame

THe sum of your purpose as we ar aduysid
Is that our seruaunt is sum-what to dull that] for that C
80 Wher in this answere for hym we haue comprisid
How ryuers rin not tyll the spryng be full
Bete a dum mouthe than a brainles scull Bete] Better M, C
sig: [A3v]
For if he gloryously publisshe his matter
Then men wyll say how he doth but flatter

85 ¶And if so hym fortune to wryte true and plaine so] C omits
As sumtyme he must vyces remorde
Then sum wyll say he hath but lyttill brayne
And how his wordes with reason wyll not accorde
Beware for wrytyng remayneth of recorde.
90 Displease not an hundreth for one mannes pleasure
Who wryteth wysely hath a grete treasure

¶Also to furnisshe better his excuse
Ouyde was bann[iss]hed for suche a skyll bannisshed] bannssihed F
And many mo whome I cowde enduce
ref.ed: 315
95 Iuuenall was thret parde for to kyll
For certayne enuectyfys: yet wrote he none ill certayne enuectyfys] that he enueiyd C
Sauynge he rubbid sum on the gall on] vpon M
It was not for hym to abyde the tryall abyde] byde C

¶In generrall wordes I say not gretely nay
100 A poete somtyme may for his pleasure taunt
Spekyng in paroblis how the fox the grey
The gander the gose: and þe hudge oliphaunt
Went with the pecok a_geyne the fesaunt
The lesarde came lepyng and sayd that he must
105 With helpe of the ram ley all in the dust

¶Yet dyuerse ther be industryous of reason ther] that C
Sum-what wolde gadder in there con[i]ecture coniecture] conuecture F, coniecture M
Of suche an endarkid chapiter sum season
How-be-it / it were harde to construe this lecture
110 Sophisticatid craftely is many a confecture
A nother manes mynde diffuse is to expounde
Yet harde is to make but sum fawt be founde

¶The quene of fame to dame Pallas.

¶Madame with fauour of your benynge sufferaunce
sig: [A4]
Unto your grace then make I this motyue
115 Where-to made ye me hym to auaunce
Unto the rowme of laureat promotyue
Or wherto shulde he haue the prerogatyue the] that C
But if he had made sum memoryall
Wherby he myght haue a name inmortall

120 ¶To pas the tyme in slowthfull ydelnes
Of your royall palace it is not the gyse
But to do sumwhat iche man doth hym dres
For how shulde Cato els be callyd wyse
But that his bokis: whiche he did deuyse
125 Recorde the same: or why is had in mynde
Plato: but for that he left wrytynge behynde that] C omits

¶For men to loke on: Aristotille also
Of phylosophers callid the princypall
Olde diogenes with other many mo
ref.ed: 316
130 Dymostenes that oratour royall
That gaue eschines suche a cordyall That] Whiche C
That banisshed was he by his proposicyoun by] through M
Ageyne whome he cowde make no contradiccyoun

Dame pallas to the quene of Fame

SOft my good syster and make there a pawse my good syster] goode my sister C
135 And was eschines: rebukid as ye say
Remembre you wel[e]broken letter: poynt wele that clause
Wherfore then rasid ye not a_way
His name: or why is it I you praye
That he to your courte is goyng and commynge
140 Sith he is slaundred for defaut of konnyng

¶The quene of fame to dame Pallas.

¶Madame your apposelle is wele inferrid
And at your auauntage quikly it is auauntage] auanuntage F
Towchid: and hard for to be barrid barrid] debarrid C
sig: [A4v]
Yet shall I answere your grace as in this
145 With your reformacion if I say a_mis
For but if your bounte did me assure
Myne argument els koude not longe endure

¶As towchyng that eschines is remembred
That he so sholde be: me semith it sittyng it] it is C
150 All-be-it grete parte he hath surrendred
Of his onour: whos dissuasyue in wrytyng
To corage demostenes was moche excitynge
In settyng out fresshely his crafty persuacyon
From whiche eschines had none euacyon

155 ¶The cause why demostenes so famously is brutid
Onely procedid for that he did outray
Eschines? whiche was not shamefully confutid
But of that famous oratour I say
Whiche passid all other: wherfore I may
160 Among my recordes suffer hym namyd
For though he were venquesshid yet was he not shamyd. For] Sithe C
As ierome in his preamble frater ambrocius
Frome that I haue sayde in no poynt doth vary
ref.ed: 317
Where-in he reporteth of the coragius Where-in] Where C
165 Wordes that were moch consolatory
By eschines rehersed: to the grete glory
Of demostenes: that was his vtter foo
Few shall ye fynde or none that wyll do so

Dame pallas to the quene of Fame

A Thanke to haue ye haue well deseruyd
170 Your mynde that can maynteyne so apparently
But a grete parte yet ye haue reseruyd But a grete parte yet] Bot yit a grete parte C
Of that most folow then conseq[u]ently consequently] conseqently F
Or els ye demeane you inordinatly
For if ye laude hym whome honour hath opprest
sig: [A5]
175 Then he that doth worste is as good as the best

¶But whome that ye fauoure I se well hath a name
Be he neuer so lytell of substaunce
And whome ye loue not / ye wyll put to shame
Ye counterwey not euynly your balaunce
180 As wele foly as wysdome oft ye do avaunce ye do] tyme ye C
For reporte ryseth many deuerse wayes For] not C
Sume be moche spokyn of for makynge of frays

¶Some haue a name for thefte and brybery
Some be called crafty that can pyke a purse pyke] kit C
185 Some men be made of for the mokery the] their M
Some carefull cokwoldes / some haue theyr wyues curs.
Some famous wetewoldis / and they be moche wurs
Some liddero[n]s / some losels / some noughty packis
Some facers / some bracers / some make great crackis some make] and sum make C

190 ¶Some dronken dastardis with their dry soules
Some sluggyssh slouyns that slepe day and nyght
Ryot and reuell be in your courte-rowlis
Maintenaunce and mischefe theis be men of myght
Extorcyon is counted with you for a knyght
195 Theis people by me haue none assignement
Yet they ryde and rinne from carlyll to kente they ryde and rinne] ryde they and ryn they C

¶But lytell or nothynge ye shall here tell ye shall] shall ye C
Of them that haue vertue by reason of cunnyng
Whiche souerenly in honoure shulde excell
ref.ed: 318
200 Men of suche maters make but mummynge but] but a C
For wysdome and sadnesse be out a_sunnyng be out] be set out M, C
And suche of my seruauntes as I haue promotyd
One faute or other in them shalbe notyd

¶Eyther they wyll say he is to wyse wyll] shall C
205 Or elles he can nought bot whan he is at scole
Proue his wytt sayth he at cardes or dyce
sig: [A5v]
And ye shall well fynde he is a very fole well fynde] fynde wele C
Twyse set hym a chare or reche hym a stol. Twyse] Twyshe M, C
To syt hym vpon / and rede iacke_a_thrummis bybille hym] C omits
210 For truly it were pyte that he sat ydle

¶The quene of Fame To dame Pallas

TO make repungnaunce agayne that ye haue sayde
Of very dwte it may not well accorde
But your benynge sufferaunce for my discharge I laid
For þat I wolde not with you fall at discorde
215 But yet I beseche your grace that good recorde good] C omits
May be brought forth suche as can be founde
With laureat tryumphe why Skelton sholde be crownde

¶For elles it were to great a derogacyon
Vnto your palas our noble courte of fame
220 That any man vnder supportacyon
With-oute deseruynge shulde haue the best game
If he to the ample encrease of his name
Can lay any werkis that he hath compylyd
I am contente that he be not exylide be] be be

225 ¶Frome the laureat senate: by force of proscripcyon
Or elles ye know well I can do no lesse
But I most bannysshe hym frome my iurydiccyon
As he that aquentyth hym with ydilnes
But if that he purpose to make a redresse
230 What he hath done let it be brought to syght
Graunt my petycyon I aske you but ryght

Dame Pallas To the quene of Fame

TO your request we be well condiscendid
Call forthe let se where is your clarionar
ref.ed: 319
To blowe a blaste with his long breth extendid
235 Eolus your trumpet that k[n]owne is so farre that] whiche C
That bararag blowyth in euery mercyall warre
sig: [A6]
Let hym blowe now that we may take a vewe a] the C
What poetis we haue at our retenewe

¶To se if skelton wyll put hym-selfe in prease wyll] dare C
240 Amonge the thickeste of all the hole rowte
Make noyse enoughe for claterars loue no peas
Let se my syster now spede you go a_boute you] C omits
Anone I sey this trumpet were founde out
And for no man hardely let hym spare
245 To blowe bararag tyll bothe his eyne stare bararag] bararag brag C

Skelton Poeta.

FOrth-with there rose amonge the thronge
A wonderfull noyse / and on euery syde
They presid in faste / some thought they were to longe
Sume were to hasty and wold no man byde
250 Some whispred some rownyd / some spake / and some cryde.
With heuy[n]ge and shouynge haue in and haue oute
Some ranne the nexte way sume ranne a_bowte

¶There was suyng to the quene of fame
He plucked hym backe / and he went a_fore
255 Nay holde thy tunge quod a nother let me haue the name
Make rowme sayd a nother ye prese all to sore
Sume sayd holde thy peas thou getest here no more
A thowsande thowsande I sawe on a plumpe
With that I harde the noyse of a trumpe

260 ¶That longe-tyme blewe a full timorous blaste
Lyke to the boryall wyndes whan they blowe
That towres / and townes / and trees downe caste
Droue clowdes to_gether lyke dryftis of snowe
The dredefull dinne droue all the rowte on a rowe
265 Some tremblid / some girnid / some gaspid / some gasid
As people halfe peuysshe or men that were masyd

¶Anone all was whyste as it were for the nonys
sig: [A6v]
And iche man stode gasyng and staryng vpon other
With that there come in wonderly at ones
ref.ed: 320
270 A murmur of mynstrels / that suche a nother
Had I neuer sene some softer some lowder
Orpheus the traciane herped meledyously
Weth amphion and other musis of archady

¶Whos heuenly armony was so passynge sure
275 So truely proporsionyd and so well did gree
So duly entunyd with euery mesure
That in the forest was none so great a tre
But that he daunced for ioye of that gle
The huge myghty okes them-selfe dyd auaunce
280 And lepe frome the hylles to lerne for to daunce

¶In-so-moche the stumpe where-to I me lente
Sterte all at ones an hundrethe fote backe
With that I sprange vp towarde the tent
Of noble dame Pallas wherof I spake
285 Where I sawe come after I wote full lytell lake
Of a thousande poetes assembled to_geder
But phebus was formest of all that cam theder

¶Of laurell-leuis a cronell on his hede
With heris encrisped yalowe as the golde encrisped] enscrisped F
290 Lamentyng daphnes whome with the darte of lede
Cupyde hath stryken so that she ne wolde
Concente to phebus to haue his herte in holde
But for to preserue her maiden_hode clene maiden hode] maydenheed M
Transformyd was she in-to the laurell grene

295 ¶Meddelyd with mur[n]ynge the moost parte of his muse murnynge] murmynge F, murning M
O thoughtfull herte was euermore his songe
Daphnes my derlynge why do you me refuse
Yet loke on me that louyd you haue so longe
Yet haue compassyon vpon my paynes stronge
sig: B[1]
300 He sange also how the tre as he did take
Betwene his armes he felt her body quake

¶Then he assurded in-to his exclamacyon his] this M
Unto Diana the goddes inmortall
O mercyles madame hard is your constellacyon
305 So close to kepe your cloyster virgynall
Enhardid adyment the sement of your wall
Alas what ayle you to be so ouerthwhart
To bannysshe pyte out of a maydens harte
ref.ed: 321

¶Why haue the goddes shewyd me this cruelte
310 Sith I contryuyd first princyples medycynable
I helpe all other of there infirmite
But now to helpe my-selfe I am not able
That profyteth all other is no-thynge profytable
Unto me / alas that herbe nor gr[e]s[se] gresse] gras F, gresse M
315 The feruent axes of loue can not represse

¶O fatall fortune what haue I offendid
Odious disdayne why raist thou me on this facyo[n]
But sith I haue lost now that I entended
And may not atteyne it by no medyacyon
320 Yet in remembraunce of daphnes transformacyon
All famous poetis ensuynge after me
Shall were a garlande of the laurell-tre

¶This sayd a great nowmber folowyd by and by
Of poetis laureat of many dyuerse nacyons
325 Parte of there names I thynke to specefye
Fyrste olde Quintiliane with his decl[am]acyons declamacyons] declynacyons F, Declamations M
Theocritus with his bucolycall relacyons
Esiodus the Icono[mi]car Iconomicar] Icononucar F, M
And homerus the fresshe historiar

330 ¶Prynce of eloquence tullius_cicero
With salusty a_geinst lucius_catelyne
sig: [B1v]
That wrote the history of iugurta also
Ouyde enshryned with the musis nyne
But blessed bacchus the pleasant god of wyne
335 Of closters engrosyd with his ruddy [flotis] flotis] droppes F, flotes M
These orators and poetes refresshed there throtis

Lucan with stacius in Achilliedos this stanza is added in M
Percius presed forth with problemes diffuse
Uirgill the mantuan with his en[e]idos eneidos] enridos M
340 I[u]uenall satirray that men makythe to muse
But blessed Bacchus the pleasant god of wyne
Of clusters engrosed with his ruddy flotes
These orators and Poetes refreshed their throtes

¶There titus_lyuius hym-selfe dyd auaunce
345 With decadis historious whiche that he mengith
With maters that amount the romayns in substaunce
Enyus that wrate of mercyall war at lengthe
ref.ed: 322
But blessyd bachus potenciall god of strengthe
Of clusters engrosid with his ruddy [flotis] flotis] droppes F, dropes M
350 Theis orators and poetis refresshed there throtis

Aulus_Gelius that noble historiar
Orace also with his new poetry
Mayster Terence the famous co[mi]car comicar] conucar F, comicar M
With plautus that wrote full many a comody full] M omits
355 But blessyd bachus was in there company
Of clusters engrosyd with his ruddy [flotis] flotis] dropis F, dropes M
Theis orators and poetis refresshed there throtis

Senek full soberly wit[h] his tragedijs with] wit F
Boyce recounfortyd with his philosophy
360 And maxymyane with his madde ditijs
How dotynge age wolde iape with yonge foly
But blessyd bachus most reuerent and holy
Of clusters engrosid with his ruddy [flotis] flotis] dropis F, dropes M
Theis orators and poetis refresshed there throtis

365 ¶There came Iohnn_bochas with his volumys grete
Quintus_curs[i]us full craftely that wrate cursius] cursus F
Of Alexander / and macrobi[u]s that did trete
Of scipions dreme what was the treu probate
But blessyd bachus that neuer man forgate
370 Of clusters engrosed with his ruddy [flotis] flotis] dropis F, dropes M
sig: [B2]
These orators and poetis refresshid ther throtis

Pogge[u]s also that famous florentine
Mustred ther amonge them with many a mad tale
With a frere of fraunce men call sir gagwyne
375 That frow[n]yd on me full angerly and pale frownyd] frowmyd F
But blessyd bachus that bote is of all bale
Of clusters engrosyd with his ruddy [flotis] flotis] dropis F, dropes M
Theis orators and poetis refresshid there throtis

Plutarke and Petrarke two famous clarkis
380 Lucilius and valerius_maximus by name
With vincencius in speculo that wrote noble warkis
Propercius and Pisandros poetis of noble fame
But blissed bachus that mastris oft doth frame
Of clusters engrosed with his ruddy [flotis] flotis] dropis F, dropes M
385 Theis notable poetis refresshid there throtis

ref.ed: 323
¶And as I thus sadly amonge them auysid
I saw Gower that first garnisshed our englysshe rude
And maister Chaucer that nobly enterprysyd
How that our englysshe myght fresshely be [ennewed] ennewed] a meude F, ennewed M
390 The monke of Bury then after them ensuyd
Dane Iohnn_lydgate theis englysshe poetis thre
As I ymagenyd repayrid vnto me

¶To_geder in armes as brethern enbrasid
There apparell farre passynge beyonde that I can tell
395 Wt diamauntis and rubis there tabers were trasid tabers] taberdes M
None so ryche stones in turkey to sell
Thei wantid nothynge but the laurell
And of there bounte they made me godely chere
In maner and forme as ye shall after here

Mayster Gower. To Skelton.

400 ¶Brother Skelton your endeuorment
So haue ye done that meretoryously
sig: [B2v]
Ye haue deseruyd to haue an enplement
In our collage aboue the sterry sky
By_cause that [ye] encrese and amplyfy ye] F omits, ye M
405 The brutid britons of brutus_albion
That welny was loste when that we were gone welny] welnere M

Poeta Skelton to Maister Gower.
This heading and the following stanza are absent in F and are added here from M

MAister Gower I haue nothyng deserued
To haue So laudabyle a commendacion
To yow thre this honor shalbe reserued
410 Arrectinge vnto your wyse examinacion
How all that I do is vnder Refformation
For only the Substance of that I entend
Is glad to please and loth to offend.

Mayster Chaucer To Skelton.

COunterwayng your besy delygence
415 Or that we beganne in the supplement
Enforcid ar we you to recompence
ref.ed: 324
Of all our hooll collage by the agreament
That we shall brynge you personally present
Of noble fame before the quenes grace
420 In whose court poynted is your place

Poeta Ske[l]ton
Skelton] Sketon F

O Noble Chaucer whos pullisshyd eloquence
Oure englysshe rude so fresshely hath set out
That bounde ar we with all deu reuerence
Wt all our strength that we can brynge about
425 To owe to yow our seruyce / and more if we mowte
But what sholde I say ye wote what I entende
Whiche glad am to please and loth to offende

Mayster Lydgate. To Skelton.

SO am I preuentid of my brethern tweyne
In rendrynge to you thankkis meritory
430 That welny no-thynge there doth remayne welny] welnere M
Wherwith to geue you my regraciatory
But that I poynt you to be prothonatory
Of fames court by all our holl assent
Auaunced by pallas to laurell preferment

Poeta Skelton answeryth

435 ¶So haue ye me far passynge my meretis extollyd
Mayster lidgate of your accustomable
sig: [B3]
Bownte / and so gloryously ye haue enrollyd
My name / I know well be_yonde that I am able
That but if my warkes therto be agreable
440 I am elles rebukyd of that I intende
Which glad am to please and lothe to offende

¶So finally when they had shewyd there deuyse
Under the forme as I sayd to_fore to_fore] before M
I made it straunge and drew bak ones or twyse
445 And euer they presed on me more and more
Tyll at the last they forcyd me sore sore] so sore M
That with them I went where they wolde me brynge
Unto the pauylyon where pallas was syttyng

ref.ed: 325
DAme Pallas commaundid that they shold me conuay
450 In-to the ryche palace of þe quene of fame
There shal he here what she wyl to hym say wyl to hym] to hym will M
When he is callid to answere to his name
A cry anone forthwith she made proclame
All orators and poetis shulde thider go before
455 Wi[th] all the prese that there was lesse and more With] wiht F

¶Forth-with I say thus wa[n]drynge in my thought wandrynge] wadrynge F
How [far] it was or elles within what howris far] F, M omit
I can not tell you / but that I was brought
In-to a palace with turrettis and towris
460 Engolerid goodly with hallis and bowris Engolerid] Engalared M
So curiously / so craftely / so connyngly wrowght
That all the worde I trowe and it were sought worde] worlde M

¶Suche a nother there coude no man fynde
Wher-of partely I purpose to expounde
465 Whyles it remanyth fresshe in my mynde
Wt turkis and grossolitis enpauyd was the grounde
Of birrall enbosid wer the pyllers rownde
Of Elephantis tethe were the palace gatis
sig: [B3v]
Enlosenged with many goodly platis

470 ¶Of golde entachid with many a precyous stone
An hundred steppis mountyng to the halle
One of iasper a nother of whalis-bone
Of dyamauntis pointed was the wall the] the rokky M
The carpettis within and tappettis of pall
475 The chambres hangid with clothes of arace
Enuawtyd with rubies the vawte was of this place

¶Thus passid we forth walkynge vnto the pretory
Where þe postis wer enbulyoned with saphiris indy-blew
Englasid glittering with many a clere-story
480 Iacinctis and smaragdis out of the florthe they grew
Unto this place all poetis there did sue
Wherin was set of fame the noble quene
All other transcendynge [the] most rychely besene the] F, M omit

¶Under a gloryous cloth of astate
485 Fret all with orient perlys of garnate
Encrownyd as empresse of all this wordly fate wordly] worldly M
So ryally / so rychely / so passyngly ornate
ref.ed: 326
It was excedyng by_yonde the commowne rate
This hous enuyrowne was a myle a_bout
490 If .xij. were let in .xij. hundreth stode without

¶Then to this lady and souerayne of this palace
Of purseuantis ther presid in with many a dyuerse tale a] M omits
Some were of poyle and sum were of trace
Of lymerik / of loreine / of spayne of portyngale
495 Frome napuls / from nauern and from rounceuall
Some from flaunders / sum from the se-coste
Some from the mayne-lande / some fro the frensche hoste

¶With how doth / e north what tydyngis in / e sowth
The west is wyndy / the est is metely wele
500 It is harde to tell of euery mannes mouthe
sig: [B4]
A slipper holde the taile is of an ele
And he haltith often that hath a kyby hele
Some shewid his salfecundight some shewid his charter salfecundight] safeconduct M; charter] chart M
Some lokyd full smothely and had a fals-quarter quarter] quart M

505 ¶With sir I pray you a lytyll tyne stande backe 'tyne': see 'tine', a. and sb. 6, OED
And lette me come in to delyuer my lettre
A nother tolde how shyppes wente to wrak
There were many wordes smaller and gretter
With I as good as thou / I_fayth and no better
510 Some came to tell treuth / some came to lye
Some c[a]me to flater / some came to spye came] come F, came M

¶There were I say of all maner of sortis
Of dertmouth / of plummouth / of portismouth also
The burgeis / and the ballyuis of the .v. portis
515 With now let me come / and now let me go
And all-tyme wandred I thus to and fro
Tyll at the last theis noble poetis thre
Unto me sayd / lo syr now ye may se

¶Of this high courte the dayly besines
520 From you most we but not longe to tary
Lo hither commyth a goodly maystres
Occupacyon famys regestary
Whiche shall be to you a sufferayne accessary
With syngular pleasurs to dryue a_way the tyme
525 And we shall se you ageyne or it be pryme
ref.ed: 327

¶When they were past and wente forth on there way
This gentilwoman that callyd was by name
Occupacyon in ryght goodly aray
Came towarde me and smylid halfe in game
530 I sawe hir smyle and I then did the same I then] than I M
With that on me she kest her goodly loke
Under her arme me-thought she hade a boke

sig: [B4v]

Occupacyoun to Skelton.

Lyke as the larke vpon the somers day
Whan titan radiant burnisshith his bemis bryght
535 Mountith on hy with her melodious lay
Of the sone-shyne engladid with the lyght
So am I supprysyd with pleasure and delyght
To se this howre now that I may say
How ye ar welcome to this court of aray

540 ¶Of your acqueintaunce I was in tymes past
Of studyous doctryne when at the port-salu
[Ye] fyrste aryuyd whan broken was your mast Ye] The F, Ye M
Of worldly trust then did I you rescu
Your storme-dryuen shyppe I repared new
545 So well entakeled what wynde that euer blowe that] so M
No stormy tempeste your barge shall ouer_throw

¶Welcome to me as hertely as herte can thynke
Welcome to me with all my hole desyre
And for my sake spare neyther pen nor ynke
550 Be well assurid I shall a_quyte your hyre
Your name recountynge be_yonde the lande of tyre
From sydony to the mount olympyan
Frome babill_towre to the hillis [C]aspian Caspian] Gaspian F, Caspian M

Skelton poeta answeryth

I Thanked her moche of her most noble offer
555 Affyaunsynge her myne hole assuraunce
For her pleasure to make a large profer
Enpryntyng her wordes in my remembraunce.
To owe her my seruyce with true perseueraunce
ref.ed: 328
Come on with me she sayd let vs not stonde
560 And with that worde she toke me by the honde
So passyd we forthe in-to the forsayd place
With suche communycacyon as came to our mynde
sig: C1
And then she sayd whylis we haue tyme and space
To walke where we lyst / let vs somwhat fynde
565 To pas the tyme with / but let vs wast no wynde
For ydle iangelers haue but lytill braine
Wordes be swordes and hard to call ageine

¶In-to a felde she brought me wyde and large
Enwallyd aboute with the stony flint
570 Strongly enbateld moche costious of charge
To walke on this walle she bed I sholde not stint
Go softly she sayd the stones be full glint
She went before and bad me take good holde
I sawe a thowsande yatis new and olde

575 ¶Then questionyd I her what thos yatis ment thos] these M
Wherto she answeryd and breuely me tolde
How from the est vnto the occident
And from the sowth vnto the north so colde
Theis yatis she sayd which that ye beholde
580 Be issuis and portis from all maner of nacyons
And seryously she shewyd me ther denominacyons

¶They had wrytyng sum greke / sum ebrew
Some romaine letters as I vnderstode
Some were olde wryten / sum were writen new
585 Some carectis of caldy / sum frensshe was full good
But one gate specyally where-as I stode
Had grauin in it of calcydony a capytall .A.
What yate call ye this / and she sayd Anglea yate] gate M
The beldynge therof was passynge commendable
590 Wheron stode a lybbard crownyd with golde and stones
Terrible of countenaunce and passynge formydable
As quikly towchyd as it were flesshe and bones
As gastly that glaris as grimly that gronis
As fersly frownynge as he had ben fyghtyng
sig: [C1v]
595 And with his forme foote he shoke forthe this wrytyng

ref.ed: 329
Formidanda nimis Iouis vltima fulmina tollis
Vnguibus ire parat loca singula liuida curuis
Quam modo per phebes Nummos raptura celeno
Arma / lues / luctus / fel / vis / fraus barbara tellus
600 Mille modis erras odium tibi querere martis
Spreto spineto cedat sali[un]ca roseto saliunca] salimica F, saliunca M Cacosinthicon ex industria

THen I me lent and loked ouer the wall
Innumerable people presed to euery gate
Shet were the gatis thei might wel knock and cal
605 And turne home ageyne for they cam al to late
I her demaunded of them and ther astate
Forsothe quod she theys be has[k]ardis and rebawdis haskardis] hastardis F, haskardes M
Dysers / carders / tumblars with gambawdis

¶Furdrers of loue with bawdry aqueinted
610 Brainles blenkardis that blow at the cole
Fals forgers of mony for kownnage atteintid kownnage] coynnage M
Pope-holy ypocrytis as they were golde and hole
Powle-hatchettis that prate wyll at euery ale-pole wyll] well M
Ryot / reueler / railer / brybery theft
615 Wt other condycyons that well myght be left

¶Sume fayne them-selfe folys and wolde be callyd wyse
Sum medelynge spyes by craft to grope thy mynde
Sum dysdanous dawcokkis that all men dispyse
Fals flaterers that fawne the and kurris of kynde
620 That speke fayre before the and shrewdly behynde
Hither they come crowdyng to get them a name
But hailid they be homwarde with sorow and shame

¶With that I herd gunnis russhe out at ones
Bowns / bowns / bowns / that all they out-cryde
625 It made sum lympe-legged and broisid there bones
Sum were made peuysshe porisshly pynk-iyde
sig: [C2]
That euer more after by it they were aspyid
And one ther was there I wondred of his hap
For a gun-stone I say had all to_iaggid his cap to iaggid] to lagged M

630 ¶Raggid and daggid and cunnyngly cut
The blaste of the brynston blew away his brayne
Masid as a marche-hare he ran lyke a scut
And sir amonge all me-thought I saw twaine
ref.ed: 330
The one was a tumblar that afterwarde againe
635 Of a dysour a deuyl way grew a Ientilman
Pers_prater the secund tha[t] quarillis beganne that] tha F, that M

¶Wt a pellit of peuisshenes they had suche a stroke
That all þe dayes of ther lyfe shall styck by ther rybbis
Foo / foisty bawdias sum smellid of the smoke
640 I saw dyuers that were carijd away thens in cribbis
Dasyng after dotrellis lyke drunkardis that dribbis
Theis titi[u]yllis with taumpinnis wer towchid and tappid
Moche mischefe I hyght you / amonge theem ther happid

SOmetyme as it semyth when þe mone-light
645 By meanys of a grosely endarkyd clowde
Sodenly is eclipsid in the wynter night
In lyke maner of wyse a myst did vs shrowde
But wele may ye thynk I was no-thyng prowde
Of that auenturis whiche made me sore agast
650 In derkenes thus dwelt we tyll at the last

¶The clowdis gan to clere / þe myst was rarifijd
In an herber I saw brought where I was an] a an F
There birdis on the brere sange on euery syde
With alys ensandid about in compas
655 The bankis enturfid with singular solas
Enrailid with rosers and vinis engrapid
It was a new comfort of sorowis escapid

¶In the middis a coundight that coryously was cast
sig: [C2v]
With pypes of golde engusshing out stremes
660 Of cristall the clerenes theis waters far past
Enswymmyng with rochis / barbellis / and bremis
Whose skales ensilured again the son-beames this line is added in M
Englisterd: that ioyous it was to be_holde
Then furthermore aboute me my syght I reuolde

665 ¶Where I saw growyng a goodly laurell-tre
Enuerdurid with leuis contynually grene
Aboue in the top a byrde of araby
Men call a phenix: her wynges bytwene
She bet vp a fyre with the sparkis full kene
670 With braunches and bowghis of the swete olyue
Whos flagraunt flower was chefe preseruatyue Oliua speciosa in campis

ref.ed: 331
¶Ageynst all infeccyons with cancour enflamyd cancour] rancour M
Ageynst all baratows broisiours of olde
It passid all bawmys that euer were namyd
675 Or gummis of saby so derely that be solde Quam excellentiam virtutis in oliua.
There blew in that gardynge a soft piplyng colde
Enbrethyng of zepherus with his pleasant wynde
All frutis [and] flowris grew there in there kynde and] F omits, and M

¶Dryades there daunsid vpon that goodly soile
680 Wit[h] the nyne muses pierides by name with] wit F
Phillis and testalus ther tressis with oyle
Were newly enbybid: and rownd a_bout the same
Grene tre of laurell moche solacyous game
They made / with chapellettes and garlandes grene
685 And formest of all dame flora the quene

¶Of somer: so formally she fotid the daunce
There cintheus sat twynklyng vpon his harpe-stringis
And iopas his instrument did auaunce
The poemis and storis auncient inbryngis
690 Of athlas astrology and many noble thyngis
Of wandryng of the mone / the course of the sun
sig: [C3]
Of men and of bestis and where-of they begone

¶What thynge occasionyd the showris of rayne
Of fyre elementar in his supreme spere
695 And of that pole artike whiche doth remayne
Behynde the taile of vrsa so clere
Of pliades he prechid with ther drowsy chere
Immoysturid with mislyng and ay droppyng dry
And where the two tr[i]ons a man shold a_spy trions] troons F, trions M

700 ¶And of the winter days that hy them so fast
And of the wynter nyghtes that tary so longe
And of the somer days so longe that doth last
And of their shorte nyghtes / he browght in his songe
How wronge was no ryght / and ryght was no wronge
705 There was counteryng of carollis in meter and verse and] and in M
So many: that longe it were to reherse

Occupacyon. To Skelton.

HOw say ye: is this after your appetite
ref.ed: 332
May this contente you and your mirry mynde
Here dwellith pleasure with lust and delyte
710 Contynuall comfort here ye may fynde
Of welth and solace no-thynge left be_hynde
All-thynge conuenable here is cont[ry]uyd conuenable] conuenably M; contryuyd] contyruyd F
Where-with your spiritis may be reuyuid

Poeta Skelton answeryth.

QUestionles no dowte of that ye say
715 Iupiter hym-selfe this lyfe myght endure
This ioy excedith all wordly sport and play wordly] worldly M
Paradyce / this place is of syngular pleasure
O wele were hym that herof myght be sure
And here to inhabite / and ay for to dwell
720 But goodly maystres one thynge ye me tell

sig: [C3v]

Occupacyon. To Skelton.

OF your demawnd shew me the content
What it is and where-vpon it standis
And if there be in it any-thyng ment
Wherof the answere restyth in my handis
725 It shall be losyd ful sone out of the bandis
Of sc[r]upulus dout: wherfore your mynde discharge scrupulus] scupulus F, scrupulus M
And of your wyll the plainnes shew at large

Poeta Skelton answeryth.

I Thanke you goodly maystres to me most benynge
Yt of your bounte so well haue me assurid
730 But my request is not so great a thynge
That I ne force what though it be discurid
I am not woundid but that I may be cured
I am not ladyn of liddyrnes wi[th] lumpis with] wiht F
As dasid doterdis that dreme in their dumpis

Occupacyon. To Skelton

735 NOwe what ye mene I trow I coniect
Gog gyue you good yere ye make me to smyle Gog] God M
ref.ed: 333
Now b[y] your faith is not this th'effect by] be F, by M
Of your questyon ye make all this whyle
To vnderstande who dwellyth in yone pile yone] yonder C
740 And what blunderar is yonder that playth didil_diddil
He fyndith fals mesuris out of his fonde fiddill fals mesuris out] owght fals mesuris C

Interpolata / que industriosum Postulant interpretem / satira in vatis aduersarium.

Tressis agasonis species prior: altera daui,
Aucupium culicis limis dum torquet ocellum.
Concipit / aligeras / rapit / [ap]petit / aspice muscas appetit] opetit F
745 Maia queque fouet: fouet aut que iuppiter aut que
Frigida / saturnus / sol / mars venus algida luna Nota Alchimiam et .7. metalla.
sig: [C4]
Si tibi contingat verbo aut committere scripto
Quam sibi mox tacita sudant precordia culpa.
Hinc ruit in flammas: stimula[n]s hunc vrget et illum stimulans] stimulas F
750 Inuocat ad rixas / vanos tamen excitat ignes
Labra mouens tacitus / rumpantur vt ilia Codro

17. 4. 7. 2. 17. 5. 18.
18. 19. 1. 19. 8. 5. 12.

HIs name for to know if that ye lyst
Enuyous_rancour truely he hight
Be ware of hym I warne you for and ye wist and] if M
755 How daungerous it were to stande in his lyght were to stande in his lyght] is to stop up his sight C
Ye wolde not dele with hym thowgh that ye myght though] thought M, thowth C
For by his deuellysshe drift and graceles prouision
An hole reame he is able to set at deuysion

¶For when he spekyth fayrest then thynketh he moost yll
760 Full gloryously can he glose thy mynde for to fele
He wyll set men a_feightynge and s[y]t hym-selfe styll set men a feightynge] stir men to brawlyng C; syt] set F, syt M
And smerke lyke a smythy-kur [at] sperkes of steile at] os F, at M
[H]e can neuer leue warke whylis it is wele He] Ie F
To tell all his towchis it were to grete wonder
765 The deuyll of hell and he be seldome a_sonder

THus talkyng we went forth in at a postern-gate forth] C omits
Turnyng on þe ryght hande by [a] windyng-stayre a] F omits, a M
She brought me to a goodly chaumber of astate to] into C
Where the noble cowntes of Surrey in a chayre
ref.ed: 334
770 Sat honorably / to whome did repaire
Of ladys [a beue] with all dew reuerence a beue] aboue F, a Beuy M
Syt downe fayre ladys and do your diligence

¶Come forth Ientylwomen I pray you she sayd
I haue contryuyd for you a goodly warke
775 And who can worke beste now shall be a_sayde
A cronell of lawrell with verduris light and darke
sig: [C4v]
I haue deuysyd for Skelton my clerke
For to his seruyce I haue suche regarde
That of our bownte we wyll hym rewarde

780 ¶For of all ladyes he hath the library
Ther names recountyng in þe court of fame
Of all gentylwomen he hath the sc[r]uteny scruteny] scuteny F, scruteny M
In fames court reportynge the same
For yet of women he neuer sayd shame
785 But if they were counterfettes that women them call
That list of there lewdnesse with hym for to brall

¶With that the tappettis and carpettis were layd
Where-on theis ladys softly myght rest
The saumpler to sow on the lacis to enbraid
790 To weue in the stoule sume were full preste
Wt slaijs / with tauellis / with hedellis well drest
The frame was browght forth with his weuyng-pin
God geue them good spede there warke to begin

¶Sume to enbrowder put them in prese
795 Well gydyng ther glowtonn to kepe streit theyr sylk ther] the C
Sum pirlyng of goldde theyr worke to encrese
Wt fingers smale and handis whyte as mylk whyte] as white M
With reche me that skane of tewly sylk
And wynde me that botowme of such an hew an] a C
800 Grene / rede / tawny / whyte / purpill and blew whyte] whyght blak C

¶Of broken warkis wrought many a goodly thyng
In castyng / in turnynge / in florisshyng of flowris
With burris rowth and bottons surffillyng
In nedill-wark raysyng byrdis in bowris byrdis in bowris] bothe birddis and bowres C
805 With vertu enbesid all tymes and howris
And truly of theyr bownte thus were they bent
To worke me this chapelet by goode aduysemente

ref.ed: 335
sig: D[1]

Occupacyon. To Skelton.

BEholde and se in your aduertysement
How theis ladys and gentylwomen all
810 For your pleasure do there endeuourment
And for your sake how fast to warke they fall.
To your remembraunce wherfore ye must call
In goodly wordes plesauntly comprysid
That for them some goodly conseyt be deuysid

815 ¶With proper captacyons of beneuolence
Ornatly pullysshid after your faculte
Sith ye must nedis afforce it by pretence
Of your professyoun vnto vmanyte
Commensyng your proces after there degre
820 To iche of them rendryng thankis commendable
With sentence fructuous and termes couenable

Poeta Skelton answeryth.

AUaunsynge my-selfe sum thanke to deserue
I me determynyd for to sharpe my pen
Deuoutly arrectyng my prayer to mynerue
825 She to vowche_safe me to informe and ken
To mercury also hertely prayed I then
Me to supporte to helpe and to assist
To gyde and to gouerne my dredfull tremlyng fist

¶As a mariner that amasid is in a stormy rage amasid] masid C
830 Hardly be_stad and driuen is to hope and] C omits
Of that the tempe[st]ous wynde wyll a_swage tempestous] tempeous F, tempestous M, tempestuows C
In trust wherof comforte his hart doth grope
From the anker he kuttyth the gabyll-rope
Committyth all to god and lettyth his shyp ryde
835 So I beseke ihesu now to be my gyde

sig: [D1v]

¶To the ryght noble countes of Surrey

¶After all duly ordred obeisaunce =Ringler TP 68
In humble wyse as lowly as I may
Unto you madame I make reco[nu]saunce reconusaunce] recounsaunce F
My lyfe endurynge I shall both wryte and say
ref.ed: 336
840 Recount / reporte / reherse with-out delay
The passynge bounte of your noble astate
Of honour and worshyp which hath the formar date

¶Lyke to argyua by iust resemblaunce
The noble wyfe of polimites kynge
845 Prudent rebecca of whome remembraunce
The byble makith / with whos chast lyuynge
Your nobl[e] demenour is counterwayng noble] noblr F
Whos passynge bounte / and ryght noble astate
Of honour and worship it hath the formar date

850 ¶The noble pamphila quene of þe grekis londe
Habillimentis royall founde out industriously
Thamer also wrought with her goodly honde
Many diuisis passynge curyously
Whome ye represent and exemplify
855 Whos passynge bounte and ryght noble astate
Of honour and worship it hath the formar date

¶As dame thamarys whiche toke the kyng of perce
Cirus by name as wrytith the story
Dame agrippina also I may reherse
860 Of ientyll corage the p[er]fight m[e]mory perfight] profight F
So shall your name endure perpetually
Whos passyng bounte and ryght noble astate
Of honour and worship it hath the formar date

¶To my lady elisabeth_howarde

¶To be your remembrauncer madame I am bounde =Ringler TP 2012
865 Lyke to aryna maydenly of porte
sig: [D2]
Of vertu and konnyng the well and perfight grounde and] C omits
Whome dame nature as wele I may reporte
Hath fresshely enbewtid with many a goodly sorte
Of womanly feturis / whos florysshyng tender age
870 Is lusty to loke on plesaunte demure and sage

¶Goodly creisseid: fayrer than polexene
For to enuyue pandarus appetite
Troilus I trowe if that he had you sene
In you he wolde haue set his hole delight
875 Of all your bewte I suffyce not to wryght
ref.ed: 337
But as I sayd your florisshinge tender age
Is lusty to loke on plesaunt demure and sage

¶To my lady mirriell_howarde

MI litell lady I may not leue behinde =Ringler TP 1166
But to do you seruyce nedis now I must to do you] do her C
880 Beninge curteyse of ientyll harte and mynde
Whom fortune and fate playnly haue discust.
Longe to enioy plesure delyght and lust
The enbuddid blossoms of roses rede of hew The enbuddid blossoms of] Enbuddid blossome with C
With lillis whyte your bewte doth renewe With lillis] The lylly C

885 ¶Compare you I may to cidippes the mayd
That of aconcyus whan she founde the byll
In her bosome / lorde how she was afrayd how] C omits
The ruddy shamefastnes in her vysage fyll
Whiche maner of abasshement became her not yll
890 Right so madame the roses redde of hew
With lillys whyte your bewte dothe renewe

¶To my lady ann_dakers of the sowth

ZEuxes that enpicturid fare elene the quene =Ringler TP 2345
You to deuyse his crafte were to seke
And if apelles your countenaunce had sene
895 Of porturature which was the famous greke
sig: [D2v]
He coude not deuyse the lest poynt of your cheke
Princes of yowth and flowre of goodly porte
Vertu / conyng / solace / pleasure / comforte

¶Paregall in honour vnto penolepe
900 That for her trowth is in remembraunce had
Fayre dijanira surm[o]wntynge in bewte surmowntynge] surmewntynge F
Demure diana womanly and sad
Whos lusty lokis make heuy hartis glad
Princes of youth and flowre of goodly porte
905 Vertu / connyng / solace / pleasure / comforte

¶To mastres margery_wentworthe.
¶With margerain ientyll
The flowre of goodly_hede
ref.ed: 338
Enbrowdred þe mantill
Is of your maydenh[e]de maydenhede] maydenhode F

910 ¶Plainly I can not glose. =Ringler TP 1469
Ye be as I deuyne
The praty primrose
The goodly columbyne.

¶With margerain iantill
915 The flowre of goodly_hede
Enbrawderyd the mantyll
Is of yowre maydenhede

¶Benynge corteise and meke
Wt wordes well deuysid
920 In you who list to seke
Be vertus well comprysid

¶With margerain iantill
The flowre of goodlyhede
Enbrawderid the mantill
925 Is of yowr maydenhede

¶To mastres margaret_tylney.

I you assure =Ringler TP 816
Ful wel I know
My besy cure
To yow I owe
930 Humbly and low
Commendynge me
To yowre bownte

¶As machareus
Fayre canace
935 So I / iwys
Endeuoure me
Yowr name to se
It be enrolde
Writtin with golde

940 Phedra ye may
Wele represent
Intentyfe ay
ref.ed: 339
And dylygent
No tyme myspent
sig: [D3]
945 Wherfore delyght
I haue to whryght

¶Of margarite
Perle orient
L[o]de-sterre of lyght Lodesterre] Lede sterre F
950 Moche relucent
Madame regent
I may you call
Of vertuows all

¶To maystres Iane_blenner_haiset.

¶What though my penne / wax faynt =Ringler TP 2139
955 and hath smale lust to paint
Yet shall there [be] no restraynt be] F, M omit
Cause me to cese
Amonge this prese
For to encrese
960 Yowre goodly name

¶I wyll my-selfe applye
Trust me ententifly
Yow for to stellyfye
And so obserue.
965 That ye ne swarue
For to deserue.
Inmortall fame Inmortall] The courte of C

¶Sith mistres iane_haiset
Smale flowres helpt to sett
970 In my goodly chapelet
Therfore I render of her the memory.
Vnto þe legend of fare laodomi

¶To maystres Isabell_pennell

¶By saynt mary my lady =Ringler TP 288
Your mammy and your dady
975 Brought forth a godely babi

ref.ed: 340
¶My mayden Isabell
Reflaring rosabell
The flagrant camamell

¶The ruddy rosary
980 The souerayne rosemary
The praty strawbery

¶The columbyne þe nepte
The ieloffer well set
The propre vyolet

985 ¶Envwyd your colowre your] her C
Is lyke the dasy flowre
After the aprill showre

¶Sterre of the morow gray
The blossom on the spray
990 The fresshest flowre of may.

¶Maydenly demure
Of womanhode the lure
Wherfore I make you sure I make you sure] I yow assure C

¶It were an heuenly helth
995 It were an endeles welth
A lyfe for god hym-selfe

¶To here this nightingale
Amonge þe byrdes smale
Warbelynge in the vale
1000 Dug / dug / Iug / Iug.
Good yere and good luk
Wt chuk / chuk / chuk / chuk.

sig: [D3v]

¶To maystres margaret_Hussey

¶Mirry margaret
As mydsomer flowre
1005 Ientill as fawcoun
Or hawke of the towre

¶Wt solace and gladnes =Ringler TP 2304
Moche mirthe and no madnes
ref.ed: 341
All good and no badnes
1010 So ioyously
So maydenly
So womanly
Her demenyng
In euery-thynge
1015 Far / far passynge
That I can endyght
Or suffyce to wryght
Of mirry margarete
As mydsomer flowre
1020 Ientyll as fawcoun
Or hawke of the towre

¶As pacient and as styll
And as full of good wyll
As fayre Isaphill fayre] the fayre C
1025 Colyaunder
Swete pomaunder
Good cassaunder
Stedfast of thought
Wele made / wele wrought
1030 Far may be sought
Erst that ye can fynde that] than C
So corteise so kynde
As mirry margarete
This midsomer flowre This] The C
1035 Ientyll as fawcoun
Or hawke of the towre

¶To mastres Geretrude_statham

Though ye wer hard-hertyd =Ringler TP 1977
And I with you thwartid
With wordes that smartid
1040 Yet nowe doutles ye geue me cause
This line is set out as two lines in F
To wryte of you this goodli clause
Maistres geretrude
With womanhode endude
Wt vertu well renwde

1045 ¶I wyll that ye shall be
In all benyngnyte
ref.ed: 342
Lyke to dame pasiphe
For nowe dowtles ye geue me cause
This line is set out as two lines in F
To wryte of yow this goodly clause
1050 Maistres geretrude
With womanhode endude
With vertu well renude

¶Partly by your councell.
Garnisshed with lawrell
1055 Was my fresshe coronell
Wherfore doutles ye geue me cause
This line is set out as two lines in F
To wryte of you this goodly clause
Maistres geretrude
With womanhode endude
sig: [D4]
1060 With vertu well renude

¶To maystres Isabell_knyght

BUt if I sholde aquyte your kyndnes =Ringler TP 280
Els saye ye myght
That in me were grete blyndnes
I for to be so myndles
1065 And cowde not wryght
Of Isabell_knyght

¶It is not my custome nor my gyse
To leue be_hynde
Her that is bothe womanly and wyse womanly] maydenly C
1070 And specyally which glad was to deuyse
The menes to fynde
To please my mynde

¶In helpyng to warke my laurell grene
With sylke and golde
1075 Galathea the made well besene
Was neuer halfe so fayre as I wene
Whiche was extolde
A thowsande-folde

¶By maro the mantuan prudent
1080 Who list to rede
But and I had leyser competent
I coude shew you suche a presedent you] C omits
ref.ed: 343
In very dede
Howe ye excede

Occupacyon. To Skelton.

1085 ¶With_drawe your hande the tyme passis fast
Set on your hede this laurell whiche is wrought
Here you not eolus for you blowyth a blaste you] ye C
I dare wele saye that ye and I be sought
Make no delay for now ye must be brought
1090 Before my ladys grace the quene of fame
Where ye must breuely answere to your name

sig: [D4v]

Skelton Poeta.

CAstyng my syght the chambre aboute
To se how duly ich thyng in ordre was
Towarde / e dore as we were comyng oute
1095 I sawe maister newton sit with his compas
His plummet / his pensell / his spectacles [of] glas of] with F, M
Dyuysynge in pycture by his industrious wit
Of my laurell the proces euery whitte

¶Forthwith vpon this as it were in a thought
1100 Gower / Chawcer / Lydgate theis thre
Before remembred me curteisly brought me curteisly] kurteisly me C
In-to that place where-as they left me
Where all the sayd poetis sat in there degre
But when they sawe my lawrell rychely w[r]ought wrought] whought F
1105 All other besyde were counterfete they thought All ... counterfete] that they ware were counterfettis C

¶In comparyson of that whiche I ware
Sume praysed the perle some the stones bryght
Wele was hym that there-vpon myght stare
Of this warke they had so great delyght
1110 The silke the golde the flowris fresshe to syght
They seyd my lawrell was the goodlyest
That euer they saw / and wrought it was the best

¶In her astate there sat the noble quene
Of fame / perceyuynge how that I was cum
1115 She wonderyd me-thou[g]ht at my laurell grene me thought] me thouhht F
ref.ed: 344
She loked hawtly and gaue on me a glum
There was amonge them no worde then but mum There] Thhere F; amonge them no worde] not a worde amonge them C
For eche man herkynde what she wolde to me say wolde to me] to me wold C
Wherof in substaunce I brought this away

¶The quene of fame To S[k]elton
Skelton] Selton F

1120 ¶My frende sith ye ar before [us] here present us] hus F
To answere vnto this noble audyence
sig: E[1]
Of that shalbe resonde you ye must be content you] M omits
And for-asmoche as by the hy pretence
That ye haue now by the preemynence by the] thorow C
1125 Of laureat triumphe: your place is here reseruyd triumphe] promocioun C
We wyll vnderstande how ye haue it deseruyd

Skelton poeta to the quene of fame

Ryght high and myghty princes of astate
In famous glory all other transcendyng
Of your bounte the accustomable rate
1130 Hath bene full often and yet is entendyng
To all [that to] reason is condiscendyng that to] tho that F, that to M
But if hastyue credence by mayntenance of myght
Fortune to stande betwene you and the lyght

¶But suche euydence I thynke for to enduce for to] for me to C
1135 And so largely to lay for myne indempnite
That I trust to make myne excuse
Of what charge so-euer ye lay ageinst me
For of my bokis parte ye shall se
Whiche in your recordes I know well be enrolde
1140 And so occupacyon your regester me tolde

¶Forth-with she commaundid I shulde take my place
Caliope poynted me where I shulde sit
With that oc[c]upacioun presid in a_pace occupacioun] octupacioun F
Be mirry she sayd be not aferde a whit
1145 Your discharge here vnder myne arme is it
So then commaundid she was vpon this
To shew her boke: and she sayd here it is
ref.ed: 345

¶The quene of fame to occupacioun.

YOwre boke of remembrauns we will now that ye rede boke] bokes F, boke M
If ony recordis in noumbyr can be founde
1150 What skelton hath compilid and wryton in-dede
Rehersyng by ordre and what is the grownde
sig: [E1v]
Let se now for hym how ye can expounde
For in owr courte ye wote wele his name can not ryse
But if he wryte oftenner than ones or twyse

Skelton Poeta.

1155 ¶With that of the boke losende were the claspis
The margent was illumynid all with golden railles
And byse: enpicturid with gressoppes and waspis
Wt butterfllyis and fresshe pecoke taylis
Enflorid with flowris and slymy snaylis
1160 Enuyuid picturis well towchid and quikly
It wolde haue made a man hole þat had be ryght sekely

¶To be_holde how it was garnysshyd and bounde
Encouerde ouer with golde of tissew fyne
The claspis and bullyons were worth a thousande pounde
1165 Wt balassis and charbuncles the borders did shyne
With aurum musicum euery other lyne
Was wrytin: and so she did her spede
Occupacyoun inmediatly to rede

Occupacyoun redith and expoundyth sum parte of Skeltons bokes and baladis with ditis of plesure in-asmoche as it were to longe a proces to reherse all by name þat he hath compylyd.etc.

OF your oratour and poete laureate
1170 Of Englande his workis here they begynne
In primis the boke of honorous astate
Item the boke how men shulde fle synne
Item royall demenaunce worshyp to wyn[n]e wynne] wyne F
Item the boke to speke well or be styll
1175 Item to lerne you [t]o dye when ye wyll to] do F, to M Honor est benefactiue operacionis signum Aristotiles : diuerte a malo et fac bonum. pso nobilis est ille quem nobilitat sua virtus. cassianus proximus ille deo qui scit racion e tacere. cato mors vltima linea rerum horac

¶Of vertu also the souerayne enterlude
The boke of þe rosiar: prince arturis creacyoun
ref.ed: 346
The false fayth that now goth which dayly is renude virtuti omnia parent salust: Nusquam tuta fides. virgilius .
sig: [E2]
Item his diologgis of ymagynacyoun
1180 Item a[u]tomedon of loues meditacyoun automedon] antomedon F, M, C
Item new gramer in englysshe compylyd
Item bowche of courte where drede was be_gyled res est solliciti plena timoris amor. Ouid Si vacet vsus quem penes. etc Horace:

¶His commedy achademios callyd by name
Of tullis familiars the translacyoun
1185 Item good aduysement that brainles doth blame
The recule ageinst gaguyne of the frenshe nacyoun
Item the popi[n]gay that hath in commendacyoun
Ladyes and gentylwomen suche as deseruyd
And suche as be counterfettis they be reseruyd Non est timor dei ante oculos eorum. spalmo. concedat laurea lingue. Tullius Fac cum consilio et in eternum non peccabis Salamon

1190 ¶And of soueraynte a noble pamphelet
And of magnyfycence a notable mater
How cownterfet_cowntenaunce of the new get
Wt crafty_conueyaunce dothe smater and flater
And cloked_collucyoun is brought in to clater
1195 Wt courtely_abusyoun: who pryntith it wele in mynde
Moche dowblenes of the worlde therin he may fynde Non mihi sit modulo rustica papilio. Uates / Dominare in virtute tua. pso. mag nificauit eum in conspectu / regum. sapienc. Fugere pudor verumque fidesque In quorum subiere locum fraudesque dolique. Insidieque et / vis et amor. scileratus habendi. ouid.

¶Of manerly margery maystres mylke_and_ale margery maystres] maistres Margery M
To her he wrote many maters of myrthe
Yet thoughe [I] say it ther_by lyith a tale I] ye F, I M
1200 For margery wynshed and breke her hinder girth
Lor[de] how she made moche of her gentyll birth Lorde] Lor F, Lorde M
Wt gingirly go gingerly her tayle was made of hay
Go she neuer so gingirly her honesty is gone a_way Filia babilonis misera. Psalmo.

¶Harde to make ought of that is nakid nought De nihilo nihil fit. Aristotiles
1205 This fustiane maistres and this giggisse gase
Wonder is to wryte what wrenchis she wrowght
To face out her foly with a midsomer mase
Wt pitche she patchid her pitcher shuld not crase
It may wele ryme but shroudly it doth accorde
1210 To pyke out honesty of suche a potshorde Le plus displeysant pleiser puent.

sig: [E2v]

Patet per versus.

Hinc puer hic natus: vir coniugis hinc spoliatus
Iure thori: est: fetus deli de sanguine cretus
Hinc magis extollo quod erit puer alter apollo
Si queris qualis: meretrix castissima talis Nota.

1215 Et relis et ralis? et reliqualis
ref.ed: 347
A good herynge of thes olde talis
Fynde no mo suche fro wanflete to walis

Et reliqua. omelia de diuersis tractatibus

OF my ladys grace at the contemplacyoun
Owt of frenshe in-to englysshe prose
1220 Of mannes lyfe the peregrynacioun Apostolus. non habemus hic ciuitatem manentem sed futuram perquerimus.
He did translate / enterprete and disclose
The tratyse of the triumphis of the rede rose
Where-in many storis ar breuely contayned
That vnremembred longe-tyme remayned Notat bellum cornubiense quod in campistribus et in patencioribus vastisque solitudinibus prope Grenewiche gestum est.
1225 The duke of yorkis creauncer whan skelton was
Now henry the .viij. kyng of englonde
A tratyse he deuysid and browght it to pas
Callid speculum principis to bere in his honde
Therin to rede and to vnderstande
1230 All the demenour of princely astate
To be our kyng of god preordinate Erudemini qui i[u]dicatis terram. pso.

¶Also the tunnynge of elinour_rummyng
Wt colyn_clowt / iohnn_iue / with ioforth_iack
To make suche trifels it asketh sum konnyng
1235 In honest myrth parde requyreth no lack Quis stabit mecum aduersus operantes iniquitatem. pso:
The whyte apperyth the better for the black
And after conueyauns as the world goos
It is no foly to vse the walshemannys hoos Arrident melius seria picta iocis. In fabulis isopi
The vmblis of venyson / the botell of wyne
1240 To fayre maistres anne that shuld haue be sent Implentur veteris bacchi pinguisque ferine. virgilius
sig: [E3]
He wrate therof many a praty lyne
Where it became and whether it went
And how that it was wantonly spent
The balade also of the mustarde tarte
1245 Suche problemis to paynt it longyth to his arte Aut prodesse volunt aut delectare poete Horace:

¶Of one adame_all_a_knaue late dede and gone
Dormiat in pace / lyke a dormows
He wrate an epitaph for his graue-stone
Wt wordes deuoute and sentence agerdows
1250 For he was euer ageynst goddis hows
All his delight was to braule a[n]d to barke
Ageynst holy chyrche the preste and the clarke Adam adam vbi es. genesis / Resp vbi nulla requies vbi nullus ordo sed sempiternus horror inhabitat. Iob

ref.ed: 348
¶Of phillip_sparow the lamentable fate
The dolefull desteny and the carefull chaunce
1255 Dyuysed by skelton after the funerall rate
Yet sum there be there-with that take greuaunce
And grudge ther-at with frownyng countenaunce
But what of that: hard it is to please all men
Who list amende it let hym set to his penne Etenim passer inuenit sibi domum. spalmo.

1260 ¶For the gyse now-a-days
Of sum iang[e]lyng iays iangelyng] iangrlyng F
Is to discommende
Yt they can not amende
Though they wolde spende
1265 All the wittis they haue

¶What ayle them to depraue
Phillippe_sparows graue
His dirige: her commendacioun
Can be no derogacyoun
1270 But myrth and consolacyoun
Made by protestacyoun
No man to myscontent
With phillippis enteremente

¶Alas that goodly mayd
1275 Why shulde she be afrayd
Why shulde she take shame
That her goodly name
Honorably reportid
Shulde be set and sortyd
1280 To be matriculate
With ladyes of astate

¶I coniure þe phillip_sparow
By hercules that hell did harow
And with a venomows arow
1285 Slew of the epidawris
sig: [E3v]
One of the centawris

¶Or onocentauris
Or hippocentaurus
By whos myght and maine
1290 An hart was slayne
Wt hornnis twayne
Of glitteryng golde
ref.ed: 349
And the apples of golde
Of hesperides with_holde
1295 And with a dragon kepte
That neuer-more slepte
By merciall strength
He wan at length

¶And slew gerione
1300 With thre bodys in one
With myghty corrage
Adauntid the rage
Of a lyon sauage.
Of diomedis stabyll
1305 He brought out a rabyll
Of coursers and rounsis
Wit[h] lepes and bounsis with] wit F

¶And with myghty luggyng
Wrastelynge and tuggyng
1310 He pluckid the bull
By the hornid scull
And offred to cornucopia
And so forthe per cetera

¶Also by hecates powre powre] bowre M
1315 In plutos gastly towre

¶By the vgly eumenides.
Yt neuer haue rest nor ease

¶By the venemows serpent
That in hell is neuer brente
1320 In ler[n]a the grekis fen
That was engendred then

¶By chemeras flamys
And all the dedely namys
Of infernall posty infernall] infernalll F
1325 Where soulis fry and rosty

¶By the stigiall flode
And the stremes wode
Of cochitos bottumles well
By the feryman of hell

1330 Caron with his berde hore
That rowyth with a rude ore
And with his frownsid fortop.
Gydith his bote with a prop

ref.ed: 350
¶I coniure phillippe and call
1335 In þe name of kyng saull
Primo regum expres
He bad the phitones
To witche-craft her to dres
And by her abusiouns
1340 And damnable illusiouns
Of meruelous conclusiouns.
And by her supersticiouns
Of wonderfull condiciouns Of] And M
She raysed vp in that stede
1345 Samuell that was dede

¶But whether it were so
He were idem in numero
The selfe-same samuell
How-be-it to saull he did tell
sig: [E4]
1350 The phillisti[n]is shulde hym askry phillistinis] phillistimis F
And the next day he shulde dye
I wyll m[y]-selfe discharge my selfe] me selfe F
To letterd men at large

¶But phillip I coniure the
1355 Now by theys names thre
Diana in the woddis grene
Luna that so bryght doth shene
Proserpina in hell
That thou shortely tell
1360 And shew now vnto me
What the cause may be
Of this p[er]plexyte perplexyte] proplexyte F, perplexite M

Inferias phillippe tuas scroupe pulcra Iohanna
Instanter pe[t]iit: cur nostri carminis illam petiit] peciit F
1365 Nunc pudet: est sero: minor est: infamia vero Phillyppe answeryth.

THen such that haue disdaynyd
And of this worke complaynyd
I pray god they be paynyd
No wors [than] is contaynyd than] and F, than M
1370 In verses two or thre
That folowe as ye may se

Luride cur liuor volucris pia funera damnas
Talia te rapiant rapiunt que fata volucrem.
Est tamen inuidia mors tibi continua

ref.ed: 351
1375 THe gruntyng [and the] groynninge [of the] gronnyng swyne and the] a F, and the M; of the] F omits, of the M
Also the mur[n]yng of the mapely-rote murnyng] murmyng F, Mournyng M
How the grene couerlet sufferd grete pine
Whan the flye-net was set for to catche a cote
Strake one with a birdbolt to the hart-rote
1380 Also a deuoute prayer to moyses hornis
Metrifyde merely / medelyd with s[c]or[n]is scornis] stormis F, scornes M Porcus se ingurgitat ceno et luto se immergit guarinus_veronenc. et sicut oportorium mutabis eos et m utabuntur. pso .C. Exultabuntur cor[n]ua iusti. spalmo

sig: [E4v]
¶Of paiauntis that were played in ioyows_garde
He wrate of a muse throw a mud wall
How a do cam trippyng in at the rere-warde
1385 But lorde how the parker was wroth with-all Tanquam parieti inclinato et macerie depulse spalmo.
And of castell_aungell the fenestrall
Glittryng and glistryng and gloryously glasid
It made sum mens eyn: dasild and dasid Militat omnis amans et habet sua castra cupido. ouid.

¶The repete of the recule of rosamundis bowre
1390 Of his pleasaunt paine there and his glad distres Introduxit me in cubuculum suum. cant.
In plantynge and pluckynge a propre ieloffer-flowre
But how it was sum were to recheles
Not-withst[a]ndynge it is remedeles withstandynge] withstnndynge F
What myght she say: what myght he do therto
1395 Though iak sayd nay: yet mok there loste her sho Os fatue ebullit stultitiam. cant.

¶How than lyke a man he wan the barbican
With a sawte of solace at the longe last Audaces fortuna iuuat. Uirgilius
The colour dedely swarte blo and wan
Of exione h[is] l[i]mbis dede and past his limbis] her lambis F, her lambe is M
1400 The cheke and the nek but a shorte cast
In fortunis fauour euer to endure
No man lyuyng he sayth can be sure nescia me[n]s hominum sortis / fatique futuri. Uirgilius

¶How dame minerua first found þe olyue tre: she red Oleeque minerua inuentrix. georgicorum.
And plantid it there where neuer before was none: vnshred it there where] yet wher M
1405 An hynde vnhurt hit by casuelte: not bled
Recouerd whan the forster was gone: and sped
The hertis of the herd began for to grone: and fled
The howndes began to yerne and to quest: and dred
Wt litell besynes standith moche rest: in bed Atque agmina cerui puluerulenta glomerant. eneid .4.

1410 ¶His epitomis of the myller and his ioly make due molantes in pistrino vno assumetur altera relinquetur. isaias
How her ble was bryght as blossom on the spray
A wanton wenche and wele coude bake a cake
The myllar was loth to be out of the way Foris vasta /
ref.ed: 352
sig: F1
But yet for all that be as be may bit eum timor. et intus prauor. pso.
1415 Whether he rode to swa[ff]hamm or to some swaffhamm] swasshamm F, M
The millar durst not leue his wyfe at home
Wt wofully arayd and shamefully betrayd wofully] wofuflly F, wofully M
Of his makyng deuoute medytacyons
Vexilla regis he deuysid to be displayd
1420 Wt sacris solempniis and other contemplacyouns Opera que ego facio ipsa perhibent testimonium de me In euang .etc.
That in them comprisid consyderacyons
Thus passyth he the tyme both nyght and day
Sumtyme with sadnes sumtyme with play

¶Though galiene and diascorides
1425 With ipocras and mayster auycen
By there phesik doth many a man ease Honora medicum propter necessitatem creauit eum altissimus .etc.
And though albumasar can / e enforme and ken
What constellacions ar good or bad for men Superiores laciones influunt in corpora / subiecta et disposita .etc.
Yet whan the rayne rayneth and / e gose wynkith
1430 Lytill wotith / e goslyng what / e gose thynkith Nota.

¶He is not wyse ageyne / e streme that stryuith
Dun is in / e myre dame reche me my spur
Ne[des] must he rin that the deuyll dryuit[h] Nedes] Nededes F; dryuith] dryuit FThis line and the one following are transposed in F

When the stede is stolyn spar the stable-dur Spectatum admisse risuz teneatis amor Horace.
1435 A ientyll hownde shulde neuer play the kur
It is sone aspyed where the thorne prikkith
And wele wotith the cat whos berde she likkith ¶Nota.

¶With marione_clarione sol lucerne
Graund iuir: of this frenshe prouerbe olde
1440 How men were wonte for to discerne
By candelmes day what wedder shuld holde Lumen ad reuelacionem gencium. pso. .Clxxv.
But marione_clarione was caught with a colde colde a colde colde] a colde colde anglice a cokwolde F, a colde M
and all ouercast with cloudis vnkynde
This goodly flowre with stormis was vntwynde

sig: [F1v]
1445 This ieloffer ientyll / this rose this lylly-flowre Uelut rosa vel lilium O pulcherrima mulierium .etc Cantat ecclesia.
This prime-rose pereles / this propre vyolet
This columbyne clere and fresshest of coloure This line and the one following are transposed in F, M
This delycate dasy / this strawbery pretely set
Wt frowarde frostis alas was all to_fret
1450 But who may haue a more vngra[c]yous lyfe a] M omits; vngracyous] vngraryous F
Than a chyldis birde and a knauis wyfe

ref.ed: 353
¶Thynke what ye wyll
Of this wanton byll
By mary_gipcy
1455 Quod scripsi scripsi Notate verba signate misteria. Gregori.

Uxor tua sicut vitis
Habetis in custodiam
Custodite sicut scitis
Secundum lucam .etc.

1460 ¶Of the bone-homs of a_shrige besyde barkamstede
That goodly place to skelton moost kynde
Where the sank-royall is crystes blode so rede
Where-vpon he metrefyde after his mynde
A pleasaunter place than a_shrige is harde were to fynde were] where F, were M
1465 As skelton rehersith with wordes few and playne
In his disti[ch]on made on verses twaine distichon] distincyon F, Distichon M

Fraximus in cli[u]o: frondetque viret sine viro.
Non est sub diuo: similis sine flumine viuo. ¶Nota: Penuriam aque / nam canes ibi. hauriunt ex puteo altissimo

¶The nacyoun of folys he left not behynde
1470 Item apollo that whirllid vp his chare
That made sum to [snurre] and snuf in the wynde snurre] surt F, snurre M
It made them to skip to stampe and to stare
Whiche if they be happy haue cause to be ware
In ryming and raylyng with hym for to mell
1475 For drede and he lerne them there A.B.C. to spell Stultorum infinitus est numerus .etc. ecclesia Factum est cum apollo esset corinthi. actus apostolorum Stimules sub pectore vertit apollo. Uirgilius

Poeta Skelton.

WIth that I stode vp halfe sodenly a_frayd
Suppleyng to fame I besought her grace
And that it wolde please her full tenderly I prayd
Owt of her bokis apollo to rase
sig: [F2]
1480 Nay sir she sayd: what so in this place
Of our noble courte is ones spoken owte
It must nedes after rin all the worlde a_boute Fama repleta malis per virilis euolat alis .etc.

God wote theis wordes made me full sad
And when that I sawe it wolde no better be
1485 But that my peticyon wolde not be had
What shulde I do but take it in gre
For by iuppiter and his high mageste
ref.ed: 354
I did what I cowde to scrape out the scrollis scrape] scarpe M
Apollo to rase out of her ragman-rollis Ego quidem suz pauli ego apollo. corum.

1490 ¶Now here-of it erkith me lenger to wryte
To occupacyon I wyll agayne resorte Malo me galathea petit lasci[u]a puella. virgilius.
Whiche red[d]e on still as it cam to her syght redde] rede F, redde M
Rendrynge my deuisis I made in disporte
Of the mayden of kent callid counforte
1495 Of louers testamentis and of there wanton wyllis
And how iollas louyd goodly phillis Nec si muneribus certes concedet iollas .2. bucol..

Diodorus_siculus of my translacyon
Out of fresshe latine in-to owre englysshe playne
R[e]countyng commoditis of many a straunge nacyon Recountyng] Rcountyng F Mille hominum species et rerum discolor vsus horace.

1500 Who redyth it ones wolde rede it agayne
Sex volumis engrosid to_gether it doth containe
But when of the laurell she made rehersall
All orators and poetis with other grete and smale

¶A thowsande thowsande I trow to my dome
1505 Triumpha triumpha they cryid all aboute Millia millium et decies millies centena millia .etc. apocalipsis. Uite senatum laureati possident. ecclesiastica. Cauite.
Of trumpettis and clariouns the noyse went to rome
The starry heuyn me-thought shoke with the showte
The grownde gronid and tremblid þe noyse was so stowte
The quene of fame commaundid shett fast þe boke
1510 And ther-with sodenly out of my dreme I woke dreme] slepe M

sig: [F2v]
¶My mynde of the grete din was somdele amasid
I wypid myne eyne for to make them clere
Then to the heuyn sperycall vpwarde I gasid
Where I saw Ianus with his double chere
1515 Makynge his almanak for the new yere
He turnyd his tirikkis his voluell ran fast
Good luk this new yere the olde yere is past

Meus tibi sit consulta petis: sic consule menti
Emula sit iani retro speculetur et ante Uates.

Skeltonis] Skeltonts F; alloquitur] alloquium F, alloquitur M
alloqui[tur] Librum suum.

ITe britannorum lux: O radiosa britannum
Carmina nostra pium vestrum celebrate catullum .

Dicite Skeltonis Vester adonis erat.

ref.ed: 355
Dicite Skeltonis Vester homerus erat.

5 Barbara cum lactio pariter iam currite versu.
Et licet est verbo pars maxima texta britanno. britanno] britannno F

Non magis incompta: Nostra thalya patet.

Est magis inculta: Nec mea caliope.

Nec vos peniteat liuoris tela subire.
10 Nec vos peniteat rabiem tolerare caninam.

Nam maro dissimiles Non tulit ille minas.

Immunis nec enim Musa nasonis erat.
sig: [F3]


GO litill quaire
Demene you faire
Take no dispare
Though I you wrate
5 After this rate.
In engly[ss]he letter englysshe] englyflhe F

¶So moche the better
Welcome shall ye
To sum men be
10 For latin warkis
Be good for clerkis

¶Yet now and then
Sum latin men
May happely loke
15 Vpon your boke
And so procede.
In you to rede
That so in-dede
Your fame may sprede
20 In length and brede

¶But then I drede then] that M
Ye shall haue nede. Ye] You M
You for to spede
To harnnes bryght
25 By force of myght
Ageyne enuy
And obloquy
And wote ye why

¶Not for to fyght
ref.ed: 356
30 Ageyne dispyght
Nor to derayne
Batayle agayne
Scornfull disdayne
Nor for to chyde
35 Nor for to hyde
You cowardly

¶But curteisly
That I haue pende.
For to deffend
40 Vnder the banner
Of all good manner
Vnder proteccyon
Of sad correccyon
With toleracyon
45 And supportacyon
Of reformacyon
If th[e]y can spy they] thy F, they M
Any worde defacid
50 That myght be rasid

¶Els ye shall pray
Them that ye may
Contynew still
With there good wyll
sig: [F3v]

Ad serenissimam maiestatem regiam, pariter cum domi[n]o Cardinali legato a latere honorificatissimo .etc.
This heading and the following 16 lines of verse are missing in F and supplied from M

Perge liber, celebrem pronus regem Venerar
Henricum octauum, resonans sua praemia laudis.
Cardineum dominum pariter Venerando salutes,
Legatum a latere et fiat memor ipse precare,
5 Prebende, quam promiset mihi credere quondam.
Meque suum referas pignus sperare salutis
Inter spemque metum.

Twene hope and drede
My lyfe I lede
10 But of my spede
Small sekernes. line set to right of stanza
ref.ed: 357

Howe-be-it I rede
Both worde and dede
Should be agrede
15 In noblenes. line set to right of stanza
Or els .andc.

Admonet Skeltonis: omnes arbores dare locum viridi lauro Iuxta genus suum.

FRaxinus in siluis: altis In montibus Orn[us]. Ornus] Orni F, ornus M
Populus in fluuiis Abies patulissima Fagus.
Lenta Salix platanus pinguis ficulnea ficus
Glandifera et Quercus / pirus / esculus ardua pinus.
5 Balsamus exudans: oleaster / oliua minerue.
Iunip[e]rus Buxus: lentiscus cuspide lenta. Iuniperus] Iunipirus F
Botrigera et domino vitis gratissima Baccho
Ilex et sterilis / labrusta perosa colonis
Mollibus exudans frag[r]ancia thura Sabeis. fragrancia] fragancia F
10 Thus: redolens arabis pariter notissima mirrha
Et vos o corili fragiles: Humilesque mirice.
Et vos o Cedri redolentes vos quoque mirti.
Arboris omne genus viridi concedite Lauro.

Prennees En gre [The Laurelle] The Laurelle] F omits, The Laurelle M
sig: [F4]

En parl[e]ment
parlement] parlament F, Parlement M
A Paris.

IUstice est morte
Et veryte sommielle
Droit et raison
Sont alez aux pardon[s] pardons] pardonn F, pardons M

5 ¶Lez deux premiers
Nul ne les resuelle
Et lez derniers
Sount corrumpus par dons.

¶Out of frenshe in-to latyn.

Abstulit atra dies astream : Cana fides sed
10 Sompno pressa iacet: Ius iter arripuit.

Et secum racio proficiscens limite longo
Nemo duas primas euigilare para

ref.ed: 358
Atque duo postrema ab[s]unt. et [mun]era tantum absunt] abiunt F, absunt M; munera] numera F, M
Impediunt: nequiunt quod remeare domum.

¶Owt of latyne in-to Englysshe.

15 Iustyce now is dede =Ringler TP 1004
Trowth with a drowsy hede
As heuy as the lede
Is layd down to slepe
And takith no kepe takith] bidythe M

20 ¶and ryght is ouer the fallows ouer the fallows] euer fallow M
Gone to seke hallows
Wt reason to_gether
No man can tell whether

¶No man wyll vndertake
25 The first twayne to wake

¶And the twayne last
Be with_holde so fast
Wt mony as men sayne
They can not come agayne
A grant tort
Foy dort.
sig: [F4v]
¶Here endith a ryght delectable tratyse vpon a goodly garlonde or chapelet of laurell dyuysed by mayster Skelton Poete laureat.
¶Inpryntyd by me Rycharde_faukes dwelly[n]gdwellyng] dwellydg F in duram_rent or els in Powlis chyrche-yarde at the sygne o f the A.B.C. The yere of our lorde god .M.CCCCC.xxiij. The .iij. day of Octobre.