Howe the Douty Duke of Albany

Skelton, John

STC 22608 (=M)
Not in Ringler. Ed. Dyce 2.68-84

Pithy pleasaunt and profitable workes of maister Skelton. Nowe collected and newly published
London: T. Marshe,1568.

Composition Date: 1523 [Scattergood].

Howe the douty duke of Albany lyke a cowarde knyght, ran awaye shamfully with an hundred thousande tratlande scottes and faint-harted frenchemen: beside the water of. Twede .etc.
ref.ed: 359
sig: F2

Skelton Laureate. etc.

REioyse Englande
And vnderstande
These tidinges newe
Whiche be as trewe
5 As the gospell:
This duke so fell
Of Albany
So cowardly
With all his hoost
10 Of the scottyshe coost
For all theyr boost
Fledde lyke a beest.
Wherfore to ieste
Is my delyght
15 Of this cowarde knyght
And for to wright
In the dispyght
Of the scottes ranke
Of Huntley_banke
20 Of Lowdyan.
Of Locryan
sig: [F2v]
And the ragged ray
Of Galaway.

Dunbar, Dunde
25 Ye shall trowe me
False scottes are ye
Your hartes sore faynted
And so attaynted
Lyke cowardes starke
30 At the castell of warke
By the water of Twede
Ye had euill spede.
ref.ed: 360
Lyke cankerd curres
Ye loste your spurres
35 For in that fraye
Ye ranne awaye
With hey dogge hay.

For sir William_Lyle
Within shorte whyle
40 That valiaunt knyght
Putte you to flyght
By his valyaunce
Two th[o]usande of Fraunce thousande] thausande M
There he putte backe
45 To your great lacke
And vtter shame
Of your scottysshe name.

sig: [F3]
Your chefe Cheftayne
Voyde of all brayne
50 Duke of all Albany
Than shamefuly
He reculed backe
To his great lacke
Whan he herde tell
55 That my Lorde Amrell
Was comyng downe
To make hym frowne
And to make hym lowre
With the noble powre
60 Of my lorde Cardynall
As an hoost royall
After the auncient manner
With sainct Cutberdes banner
And sainct Williams also
65 Your capitayne ranne to go
To go to go to go
And brake vp all his hoost
For all his crake and bost
Lyke a cowarde knyght
70 He fledde and durst nat fyght:
He ranne awaye by night

But now must I
Your duke ascry,
ref.ed: 361
Of Albany
75 With a worde or twayne
sig: [F3v]
In sentence playne:

Ye duke so doutty
So sterne so stoutty
In shorte sentens
80 Of your pretens
What is the grounde?
Breuely and rounde
To me expounde

Or els wyll I
85 Euydently
Shewe as it is
For the cause is this
Howe ye pretende
For to defende
90 The yonge Scottyshe kyng
But ye meane a thyng
And ye coude bryng
The matter about
To putte his eyes out
95 And put hym downe
And set hys crowne
On your owne heed
Whan he were deed

Suche trechery:
100 And traytory
Is all your cast.
Thus ye haue compast
With the frenche kyng
A fals rekenyng
sig: F4
105 To enuade Englande
As I vnderstande.
But our kyng royall
Whose name ouer-all
Noble Henry the eyght
110 Shall cast a beyght
And sette suche a snare
That shall cast you in care
Bothe kyng Fraunces and the
That knowen ye shall be
ref.ed: 362
115 For the moost recrayd
Cowardes afrayd
And falsest forsworne
That euer were borne.

O ye wretched scottes
120 Ye puaunt pyspottes
It shalbe your lottes
To be knytte vp with knottes
Of halters and ropes
About your traytours throtes:

125 O scottes pariured
Vnhaply vred
Ye may be assured
Your falshod discured
It is, and shal be.
130 From the scottish se
Vnto Gabione
For ye be false echone
sig: [F4v]
False and false agayne
Neuer true nor playne
135 But flery, flatter and fayne
And euer to remayne
In wretched beggary
And maungy misery
In lousy lothsumnesse
140 And scabbed scorffynesse
And in abhominacion
Of all maner of nacion
Nacion moost in hate
Proude and poore of state:

145 Twyt scot go kepe thy den
Mell nat wyth Englyshe-men
Thou dyd nothyng but barke
At the castell of warke:

Twyt scot yet agayne ones
150 We shall breke thy bones
And hang you vpon polles
And byrne you all to colles
With twyt scot, twyt scot twyt
Walke scot go begge a byt
ref.ed: 363
155 Of brede, at ylke mannes hecke
The fynde scot breke thy necke
Twyt scot agayne I saye
Twyt scot of Galaway
Twyt scot, shake th[e] dogge hay the] thy M
sig: [F5]
160 Twyt scot thou ran away
We set nat a flye

By your duke of Albany
We set nat a prane
By suche a dronken drane
165 We set nat a myght
By suche a cowarde knyght
Suche a proude palyarde
Suche a skyrgaliarde
Suche a starke cowarde
170 Suche a proude pultrowne
Suche a foule Coystrowne
Suche a doutty dagswayne
Sende him to F[r]aunce agayne Fraunce] Faunce M
To bring with hym more brayne
175 From kynge Fraunces of Frauns
God sende them bothe myschauns:

Ye scottes all the rable
Ye shall neuer be hable
With vs for to compare
180 What though ye stampe and stare
God sende you sorow and care

With vs whan-euer ye mell
Yet we bear away the bell
Whan ye cankerd knaues
185 Must crepe in-to your caues
Your heedes for to hyde
For ye dare nat abyde.

sig: [F5v]
Sir duke of Albany
Right inconuenyently
190 Ye rage and ye raue
And your worshyp depraue
Nat lyke duke Hamylcar
With the Romayns that made war
Nor lyke his sonne Hanyball
195 Nor lyke duke Hasdruball
ref.ed: 364
Of Cartage in Aphrike
Yet somwhat ye be lyke
In some of their condicions
And their false sedycions
200 And their dealyng double
And their weywarde trouble:
But yet they were bolde
And manly manyfolde
Their enemyes to assayle
205 In playn felde and battayle.

But ye and your hoost
Full of bragge and boost
And full of waste-wynde
Howe ye wyll beres bynde
210 And the deuill downe dynge
Yet ye dare do nothynge
But lepe away lyke frogges
And hyde you vnder logges
Lyke pygges and lyke hogges
215 And lyke maungy dogges.
sig: [F6]
What an army were ye?
Or what actyuyte?
Is in you beggars braules
Full of scabbes and scaules:
220 Of vermyne and of lyce
and of all maner vyce.

Syr duke: nay syr ducke
Syr drake of the lake: sir ducke
Of the donghyll, for small lucke
225 Ye haue in feates of warre
Ye make nought but ye marre
Ye are a fals entrusar
And a fals abusar
And an vntrewe knyght
230 Thou hast to lytell myght
Agaynst Englande to fyght
Thou art a graceles wyght
To put thy-selfe to flyght
A vengeaunce and dispight
235 On the must nedes lyght
That durst nat byde the sight
ref.ed: 365
Of my lorde amrell
Of chiualry the well
Of knighthode the floure
240 In euery marciall shoure
The noble erle of Surrey
That put the in suche fray
Thou durst no felde derayne
sig: [F6v]
Nor no batayle mayntayne
245 Against our st[r]onge captaine stronge] stonge M
But thou ran home agayne
For feare thou shoulde be slayne
Lyke a scottyshe keteryng
That durst abyde no reknyng
250 Thy herte wolde nat serue the
The fynde of hell mot sterue the.

No man hath harde
Of suche a cowarde
And such a mad ymage
255 Caried in a cage:
As it were a cotage
Or of suche a mawment
Caryed in a tent
In a tent: nay nay
260 But in a mountayne gay
Lyke a great hill:
For a wyndmil
Therin to couche styll
That no man hym kyll
265 As it were a gote
In a shepe-cote
About hym a parke
Of a madde warke
Men call it a toyle
270 Therin like a royle
Sir Dunkan ye dared
And thus ye prepared
Youre carkas to kepe
sig: [F7]
Lyke a sely shepe
275 A shepe of Cottyswolde
From rayne and from colde
ref.ed: 366
And from raynning of rappes
And such after-clappes
Thus in your cowardly castell
280 Ye decte you to dwell
Suche a captayne of [h]ors hors] fors M
It made no great fors
If that ye had tane
Your last deedly bane
285 With a gon-stone
To make you to grone
But hyde the sir Topias
Nowe into the castell of Bas
And lurke there lyke an as
290 With some scotyshe [l]as las] as M
With dugges dugges dugges
I shrewe thy scottishe lugges
Thy munpynnys and thy crag
For thou can not but brag
295 Lyke a scottyshe hag
A_due nowe sir wrig_wrag
A_due sir dalyrag

Thy mellyng is but mockyng
Thou mayst giue vp thy cocking
300 Gyue it vp. And cry creke
Lyke an huddy-peke:

sig: [F7v]
Wherto shuld I more speke
Of suche a farly freke
Of suche an horne-keke
305 Of suche an bolde captayne
That dare nat turne agayne
Nor durst nat crak a worde
Nor durst nat drawe his swerde
Agaynst the lyon white
310 But ran away quyte
He ran away by nyght
In the owle-flyght
Lyke a cowarde knyght
A_due cowarde a_due
315 Fals knight and mooste vntrue
I render the fals rebelle
To the flingande fende of helle.

ref.ed: 367
Harke yet sir duke a worde
In ernest or in borde
320 What haue ye villayn forged?
And virulently dysgorged
As though ye wolde parbrake
Your auauns to make
With wordes enbosed
325 Vngraciously engrosed
Howe ye wyll vndertake
Our royall kyng to make
His owne realme to forsake
Suche lewde langage ye spake:

sig: [F8]
330 Sir Dunkan in the deuill waye
Be well ware what ye say.
Ye saye that he and ye
Whyche he and ye? let se
Ye meane Fraunces french kyng
335 Shulde bring about that thing
I say thou lewde lurdayne
That neyther of you twayne
So hardy nor so bolde
His countenaunce to beholde
340 If our moost royall Harry
Lyst with you to varry
Full soone ye should miscary
For ye durst nat tarry
With hym to stryue a stownde
345 If he on you but frounde
Nat for a thousande poun[de] pounde] pouned M
Ye durst byde on the grounde
Ye wolde ryn away rounde
And cowardly tourne your backes
350 For all your comly crackes
And for feare par case
To loke hym in the face
Ye wolde defoyle the place
And ryn your way apace
355 Thoughe I trym you thys trace
With englyshe somwhat base
Yet sau[e] voster grace saue] saua M
sig: [F8v]
Therby I shall purchace
ref.ed: 368
No displesaunt rewarde
360 If ye wele can regarde
Your cankarde cowardnesse
And your shamfull doublenesse.

¶Are ye nat frantyke madde?
And wretchedly bestadde
365 To rayle agaynst his grace
That shall bring you full bace
And set you in suche case
That bytwene you twayne
There shalbe drawen a trayne
370 That shalbe to your payne
To flye ye shalbe fayne
And neuer tourne agayne:

What wold Fraunces our friar?
Be suche a false lyar
375 So madde a cordylar
So madde a murmurar
Ye muse somwhat to far
All out of ioynt ye iar
God let you neuer thriue
380 Wene ye daucockes to driue
Our kyng, out of his reme
Ge heme ranke scot ge heme
With fonde Fraunces french kyng
Our mayster shall you brynge
sig: G[1]
385 I trust to lowe estate
And mate you with chek-mate:

Your braynes are ydell
It is time for you to brydell
And pype in a quibyble
390 For it is impossible
For you to bring about
Our kyng for to dryue out
Of this his realme royall
And lande imperiall
395 So noble a prince as he
In all actyuite
Of hardy merciall actes
Fortunate in all his faytes:

ref.ed: 369
And nowe I wyll me dresse
400 His valiaunce to expresse
Though insufficient am I
His grace to magnify
And laude equiualently
Howe-be-it loyally
405 After myne allegyaunce
My pen I will auaunce
To extoll his noble grace
In spyght of thy cowardes face
In spyght of kyng Fraunces
410 Deuoyde of all nobles
Deuoyde of good corage
Deuoyde of wysdome sage
sig: [G1v]
Mad: frantyke, and sauage
Thus he dothe disparage
415 His blode with fonde dotage:

A prince to play the page
It is a rechelesse rage
And a lunatyke ouerage
What though my stile be rude?
420 With trouthe it is ennewde
Trouth ought to be rescude
Trouthe should nat be subdude

But nowe will I expounde
What noblenesse dothe abounde
425 And what honour is founde
And what vertues be resydent
In our royall regent
Our perelesse president
Our kyng most excellent:

430 In merciall prowes
Lyke vnto Hercules
In prudence and wysdom
Lyke vnto Salamon
In his goodly person
435 Lyke vnto Absolon
In loyalte and foy
Lyke to Ector of Troy
And his glory to incres
ref.ed: 370
Lyke to Scipiades
sig: G2
440 In royal mageste
Lyke vnto Ptholome
Lyke to duke Iosue
And the valiaunt Machube:

That if I wolde reporte
445 All the roiall sorte
Of his nobilyte
His magnanymyte
His animosite
His fr[u]galite frugalite] fragalite M
450 His lyberalite
His affabilite
His humanyte
His stabilite
His humilite
455 His benignite
His royall dignyte.
My lernyng is to small
For to recount them all.

What losels than are ye
460 Lyke cowardes as ye be
To rayle on his astate
With wordes inordinate.

He rules his cominalte
With all benignite
465 His noble baronage
He putteth them in corage
sig: [G2v]
To exployte dedes of armys
To the domage and harmys
Of suche as be his foos
470 Where-euer he rydes or goos
His subiectes he dothe supporte
Maintayne them with comforte
Of his moste princely porte
As all men can reporte:

475 Than ye be a knappishe sorte
Et faitez a luy grant torte
With your enbosed iawes
ref.ed: 371
To rayle on hym lyke dawes
The fende scrache out your mawes:

480 All his subiectes and he
Moost louyngly agre
With hole hart and true mynde
They fynde his grace so kynde
Wherwith he dothe them bynde
485 At all houres to be redy
With hym to lyue and dye
And to spende their hart-blode
Their bodyes and their gode
With hym, in all dystresse
490 Alway in redynesse.
To assyst his noble grace
In spyght of thy cowardes face
Moost false attaynted traytour
And false forsworne faytour.

sig: G3
495 Auaunte cowarde recrayed
Thy pride shalbe alayd
With sir Fraunces of Fraunce
We shall pype you a daunce
Shall tourne you to myschauns:

500 I rede you loke about
For ye shalbe driuen out
Of your lande in shorte space
We will so folowe in the chace
That ye shall haue no grace
505 For to tourne your face
And thus sainct George to borowe
Ye shall haue shame and sorowe.


GO lytell quayre quickly
Shew them that shall you rede
How that ye are lykely
Ouer all the world[e] to sprede: worlde] worlds M

5 The fals Scottes for dred
With the duke of Albany,
Beside the water of Twede
They fledde full cowardly.

ref.ed: 372
Though your englishe be rude
10 Barreyne of eloquence
Yet breuely to conclude
Grounded is your sentence
sig: [G3v]
On trouthe, vnder defence
Of all trewe englyshemen
15 This mater to credence
That I wrate with my pen.
Skelton Laureat: obsequious et loyall.
To my lorde Cardynals right noble grace.etc.


GO lytell quayre apace
In moost humble wyse
Before his noble grace
That caused you to deuise
5 This lytel enterprise
And hym moost lowly pray
In his mynde to comprise
Those wordes his grace dyd saye
Of an ammas gray.

Ie, Foy enterment En sa bone grace.