A Song of the Lord's Supper

"E.T." (Tilney, Emery)

STC 24078
Ringler 24078 and TP 1283. UMI microfilm reel 635. Order no. 10114

Here beginneth a song of the Lordes supper
London: W. Copland. sold by R. Stoughton,1550?.

Composition Date: 1550.

sig: A1

¶Here beginneth a song of the Lordes Supper.

O God who is worthy thy great loue to expresse
Which thou on vs hast showid or with word it inlarg
For when Sathan , with sin was like vs to oppresse
Thou sendyst thin own begotten son vs to discarg
5 Through his godli life & or the end of his viage
He ordeyned a sygne, for oure weke soules moost holsom
Wherby we shulde thynk on the loue of his personage
And remember his deathe, vntyll the tyme he comme.

Gyue attentyue eares, I hartely you desyre
10 To heare thinges profytable, leest profyt scape by
Therfore diligently to harken I you requyre
Ye wyll call it profyt, I dare well veryfy
To be inflamed with Christes loue, as with fyer heuenlye
For with goddes grace, I wyll tell you the hole som
15 Of Christes supper, assigned very necessary
For vs to remember the Lordes death tyll he com.

Dyuers vertuous namynges, hath this holy signe
Callyd the Lordes supper, in the pistle of saynt Paule
Agayn a Communion, Christes churche to conioyne
20 In charytie by a supper vniuersall
And thankes-geuyng to God, for his benefyttes all
And a wyll of synnes forgyuenes, to deaf and dom
And by this text, do thus me to your mynde to call
A remembraunce of the Lordes death, vntyll he com.

25 The Lordes supper, is Christes institution pure
In the which, breade and wyne geuen & his worde adioyned
Was geuen his body and blood, which dyd oure soules cure
Set furth now, that all they which haue a faythfull mynde
In these wordes, broke and shed for you, with a lowe kinde
30 Shall haue remission of there synnes most noysom
sig: [A1v]
And great quyetnes of conscience they shall fynde
In remembryng the Lordes death, vntyll he com.

The occasion whi Christ this supper dyd begyn
Where: the time of his deathe was com oure soules to saue
35 An-other, he knewe, we were forgetfull by syn
And that of his memory som wolde vs depraue
Therfore effectually his corps to vs he gaue
In a supper for our soules a meat most houlsom
And this is the very finall cause which he then draue
40 That we shold remember his great loue tyl he com.

The order of this supper who-soeuer do breake
Alter, peruert or, torne, otherwyse then Chryst made
He is a sismatike and doth the churche great wreake
And blindeth mens consciens and makyth faythe to fade
45 In cawlinge Christes body that very popishe trade
Making vs knele thereto lyke blind Ipocryts dom
Thus with a false sauior they do our myndes perswade
Causinge vs to forget Christes deth vntyl he com.

It sholde be orderyd as the apostels vse the same
50 Teaching before, a worthye preparacion.
That al such maye suppe, which to heare of synnes do shame
Repenting and sekinge their soules consolacion
Beleuinge to haue of al theyr synnes remyssion.
And to confyrme theyr fayth receauinge this sygne holsome
55 Euen as a wytnes, of goddes benediction.
In Chryst: rememberynge his deathe vntyll he do come.

The partakers of the supper, shold be put in mynde
To take a suere holde, of there promyse of baptysme
And to forsake the deuell, with al his workes blinde
60 With euerye false Antechryst, euen the dyuelles lymme
As the Pope: which with foule Idolles the church doth trim
Therby to make them in gods knowlege deffe and dome
sig: A2
And al to maintayn the tradicions of hym
Utterly to forget the Lordes death, tyl he come.

65 Then the minister must purge the congregacion
For euery-one, whiche lyueth in great fautes manyfest
Shold be put from the borde, by excommunication
Al such as gods word [s]lander, yrke, slake, or detest slander] flander 1550
Al wylful weake, which in blind cerymonies wyl rest
70 Ar to be refused tyl they wyshe for gods kingdome
And when they mend, to be taken in amonge the rest
For to remember the lordes death tyll he come

The receyuers also, must them-selues suerly proue
Whether they may worthely eate & drynke of the lordes cuppe
75 That is, yf with his brethren he be in pure loue.
Or yf he canne for gods glory, a bytter death suppe
Or that he do not by muche eatinge, in slothfulnes drope
Or else by great fasting, for his owne supper lost and glome
In suche case from the flocke, ye were best to ryse vp
80 Least he be gyltye of the lordes deth, tyl he come.

When al myndes be cleane, the seruer must come to the borde
And be plaest in the mydest, most lyke Chrystes example
To showe them of the pascal lambe, in a short worde
And what it signyfyed, in playnnes he most tell
85 That Chryste sholde saue vs from deuil / death / sinne & hell
For that which, he made sacrifyce sweter then gomme
And wyllyth by his ordinance, vs in loue to dwel
Breking breade, to remember his death tyl he com.

Then must he sytte downe lyfting vp his eyis to heuin
90 Thankinge god the father for his benefyttes all
That to vs pore sinners hath his only sonne geuyn
Which vnto his fathers mercy dyd vs agayn call
And by his death, is become meat vnyuersal
To al soules, which therby beleue synnes remyssion
sig: [A2v]
95 Therfore the misticall body of Christ receyue ye shall
That ye may remember the Lordes deathe, tyll he com.

Then must he take bread & break it showyng Christes act
Sayeng our Lord Iesu_Christe the nyghte he was betrayed
Toke a loef of breade & when he had geuyn thankes brake it
100 All the twelue Apostels present, to whome he sayd
Take it, and eate, these his wordes ought to be wayed
This is my body which shall suffer passyon
For you do thus that on me your mynde may be layd
To remember my great loue and death tyll I com.

105 Here Christes wordes he shold expound that none vnderstand
Falsely, as som do, that Christ made his body of breade
Rather then shold with all diligence Christes wordes stande
And they shall fynde, he gaue vs that body in-dede
Whose woundes after he sufferyd on the Crosse to bleade
110 That is, the merites of his body he gaue in som
At that one tyme, for all them that of his death shold nede
And the signe caulyd his body tyll agayn he shall come.

His mystycall body in this wyse they do eate
When that soules are satisfyed or fylled by fayth sure
115 That his body redemed vs, and is our soules meate
Wherby our soules please God and liueth as saith scripture
For were not his body ours, we could not endeuour
But God hath gyuen hym vs, with his workes and wisdom
And hym-self gaue vs his body, our soules to cure
120 Yf that we do remember his death, tyll he com.

The aduersarye wyll resist and with wordes saye
How can he gyue his body? from which he can not part
Agaynst such an enemy, lo thus I will inuay
Euen as a frend, which wold me good with all his hart
125 Geueth me his body, to helpe me by all his art
Where-euer he be, my profyt he wyll se don
sig: A3
I may call his body myne, which kepes me from smarte
So shal the Lordes body be ours, when he doth com.

Then must he delyuer to them the broken breade
130 Byddyng them thinke how Chryst gaue his body for ours
The Iust, for the vniust as .S. Paule sayeth in-dede
To couer our fautes and kepe vs from al sharp shoures
And therfore commaundeth them, to pray with al there powers
Worthely to eate his body, there f[aythe] to confirme faythe] fautes 1550
135 And to him, as to god, g[i]ue prayse and honours giue] gaue 1550
Leuing a remembrance of his death, tyll he come.

Then must he retorne againe, to Chrystes wordes or text
Shewing that Christ after supper when thankes was geuin
Wrought as he dyd with the breade and toke the cuppe nexte
140 Sayinge drinke al here-of, with equal mynde and euen
This is my blode, in the newe Testament dyscryuen
Which for you and many shal be shed for synners pardon
Whose frute I wyl no more drynke, tyl with you newe in heauen
As oft as ye drynke thus, remember my death, tyl I com.

145 Here is to be wayd the text of Paul, with Chrystes vowe
Wher Chryst sayeth, this is my blod of the newe Testament
Paule semeth playne, that Chryst doth it in this wyse alowe
This same cuppe is of my blod the newe Testament
Chryst shewyd that his blod, which afterwarde he spent
150 Paul cau[l]eth the takyng of the lordes supper in some cauleth] causeth 1550
The newe Testament of his blod verament
That is, his wyll to thynke on his blod, tyll he come.

The blod of his Testament, is this moch to saye
His owne blod, that partayneth to his last wyl
155 Namly the blode, which he wolde to geue awaye
To saue those, which by trew fayth wolde come hym tyll
The Testament in his blode, is an-other skyll an-other] and other 1550
Euen a wylle to remember his blod and kingdome
sig: [A3v]
Whiche doutles, they shal haue in Ioye euer-more styll
160 Yf they drynke this cuppe, to mynd his death, tyl he come.

Then he must make them al drinke with repentant mind
Showing that christes blod, is for our soules the offring Showing] Sshowing 1550
To cleanse the thoughtes of our hartes from yngnorance blind
Euen that wyth hym in heauen, we myght be euer lyuinge
165 As the .xvii. of Leuyticus is afore showing
Where god sayeth / the fleshe is to porge the lyffe noysom
And the blode / is for the soules offence a clensynge
Wherfore remember ye / the lordes death tyl he come.

Then, must they al prayse the father most reuerently
170 Wyth the sonne and the holy-gost, for this there gyfte
And ordynance / to confyrme our fayth faruently
Wherby from our trust in hym we can not be lyft
Through Sathans [wyles] dryue he neuer so great a dryfte wyles] wyldes 1550
And thus we praye now, that the lordes supper is done
175 That at our next metyng, from synne we maye be ryft
Firmly to remember the lordes death tyl he come.

Here haue you the fyrst parte of this notable songe
Whiche I wolde desyer you marke / or I furder wente
A thing is harde to be remembred, that is longe
180 Therfore thinke on yt, I desier you with pure intente
And by that tyme you haue this in-to your mynde sent
I wyl shewe you the seconde parte, in a shorte some
Wherby, you maye knowe more stedfastly verament
Howe / you shall remember the lordes death tyl he come

¶The ende of the fyrst parte by .E._T.

¶The begynninge of the seconde parte of the diuision and particion with contraryes of the Lordes supper.

185 SOm there be whiche despise the popysshe sacramente
(As worthye it is for it doeth god dysshonor)
sig: [A4]
But to seke for the trueth, was neuer theyr entent
And som agayne / do the abuse so moche abhor
That by the most ryght vse, they set at al no store
190 Wherefore, the minister to teache sholde not be dome
That the text sayethe, do thus alwaye and euer-more
That ye maye styll remember my death / til I come

Somwhat of the circumstances here showed shold be
As, why it is called a supper and no dinner
195 Bycause / after supper most comenly we see
How men from there greate labor vse, to rest euer
The syttinge, the same sygnifies / and to perseuer
In rest of conscience, through Christes death most holsom
And when to Iudgement, he shal him-selfe endeuer
200 To haue an heuenly rest, after that he is come.

To constrayne, vnder payne, to knele stand or sytte
Is not mete nor yet fit, though sitting be most sure
For the strayght and strong wayght, consystith not in it
For standing, partaking, one may be good and pure
205 Be wyttinge that sytting is nerer the scrypture
To auoyd knelinge lewed of th'ancient costome
To a thing, yl-seminge, in blindnes to endure
A false god, and forbod, in mynding Christ to come.

Here the minister may make a ronning-out
210 Into the causes, partes effectes and contraries
Bycause, he wolde bring the hearers from euery dought
And that nothing may be left hyd, vnto there eyes
Saing Christ is the causer as the act it tries
Breade wine and the worde, be the hole matter in som
215 The formes be feding, which causeth our fayth to ryse
We are the end, to remember the lordes death, tyl he com

Chrystes last supper is not deuided into partes
But the matter thereof in partes we may deuyde
sig: [A4v]
Namely bred which mistically to vs aduertes
220 His owne body wich was persed on the right syde
And the wyne his blode / which ranne out of that wonde wyde
The ioyninge of these partes this error haue begon
That from the lay-men Christes misticall blod is hid
And should be except god mend it vntill Christ com.

225 The formall cause also may be pa[r]ted in twayne parted] pacted 1550
Euen into a spirituall eatyng and corporall
The corporall makes vs vse Christes supper in vaine
That is to eate without christen memoriall
And he that so vnworthly eateth or drincketh sayth Poule
230 He surely eateth and drynketh his damnacyon
Bycause he perceyues not the Lordes body at all
Nor therby remembreth the Lordes deth tyll he come.

Let not him that so eateth thynk that his partaking
Of Christes supper clensyth or taketh away his synne
235 Nay suerly it must be fayth that must do that thyng
The which fayth to confirme, Christe this signe dyd begyn
Euen as the signe wher Steuin sawe Christ the cloudes within
Not saued hym but strength[ed] his fayth toward gods kingdom strengthed] strength 1550
So the vse of this signe, to strength our faith doth not blind
240 Fyrmely to remembre the Lordes death, tyll he come.

Som perchaunce against this wyll make an argument
No outward thyng confyrmed fayth, but the holy-goost
The vse herof / is an outward experyment
Therfore, it confyrmes no fayth, nother lest nor most fayth] faytth 1550
245 The mater is trewe, of it / I dare bouldly bost
Yet as with instrumentes / by signes / he moues our spretes dom
Being to the weake a felt worde / lest fayth shulde be lost
To make them remember the Lordes death, tyll he com.

The spiritual eatyng is done by fayth chefly
250 After wi[c]h, a goostly refection doth flowe wich] with 1550
sig: B1
That is, he conceuyth in hym the profyt heuenly
And by worthy examinacyon, does know
The differens of this supper, from his owne, I trow
That it is not a fleshly supper, of crust or crom
255 But suche a supper, as shall hym the ryght way showe
How he shall remember the Lordes death, tyll he com.

Oftentymes christen persons, with outwarde signe
Use dayly, the spiritual etyng of Chrystes body
When spiritually as true gyftes in Christ, they inclyne
260 To abide in Christ, and in them Christ most holy
Of this etyng Iohn the sixt hath a puer story
Wher Christ, long before his last supper tought in some
Wh[i]che of his membres shuld haue in memory Whiche] Whoche 1550
That al his benyfittes be owers, vntyl he come.

265 Notwithstanding, both of eting must be kept
Namely with the mouthe, but with faythe in specyal
None of bothe, amonge Christes flocke may be oure sheperd
For of these bothe, the lordes supper is made formal
And by the sensyble tast of thinges corporall
270 Wecklinges shal fele the profit of Christes body in som
Howe he came to f[e]de and fyl our hongry soules al fede] fyde 1550
Remembering the ioye we shal haue when he doth come

The effectes of the sygnes of the new testament
Be remission of synnes and her ryghtuosnes
275 And in this, euerlasting life and permanent
And that god is plesyd with vs, to be wytnes
And that he with Chryst, dwellyth with vs, of his goodnes
To styre fayth and make charyte worke thinges holsome
And there-in to bringe Ioy of consciens with gladnes
280 And to make vs, not departe from Christ tyl he come.

Of Chrystes supper here was the diffinicion
The causes partes and the effectes be now here declaryd
sig: [B1v]
Of the most true sowen a true descripcion
Nowe restyth by hym to be showed and not be sparde
285 Errou[r]s or contraries, so thys sygne of safgard Errours] Errous 1550
Before that the ende of this songe we do come
That we maye lerne to auoyd such perylles ieberd
In remembring the lordes death vntyl he come.

Of this voyce / hoc, very many haue desputyd
290 Some, it atributinge to his body onely
And some to the blood onely / it attributyd
The fyrst / concludes Chr[y]st le[f]t no sygne of memorie Chryst] Chrst 1550; left] lest 1550
The seconde sayth, Chryst made him-selfe a new body
But I attrybutyd to nother, onely in some
295 But gether to the hole acte don openly
And to his congregat members, tyl he doth come.

¶Also / some-tyme Paul callyd it the body and blood
And sometyme agayne, he calleth it but bread and wyne
This textes of many haue ben falsly vnderstode
300 Thorowe ygnorans of fygurs in scrypture dyuyne
The fyrst is netho_nemya / where-as the sygne
Hath the name of the thing sygnifyed in my dome
By reason wherof, I may it this waye inclyne
This is my body or sygne therof tyl I come.

305 ¶These .ii. is senechdoche some part wher-in
Is taken for the hole, as here for Chrystes supper brede
Or els where-so-euer any-tyme, breade hath bin
There hath ben chrystes supper, whiche is not trew in-dede
And yf it were the very body, which dyd blede
310 To be called breade it wer but an yll costome
And a doutful fayth, at lenght in vs it wyll brede
And cause vs, take an Idol for Chryst tyll he come.

Errors agaynst the supper, there be full many
As to saye, the popysshe masse is ther[_to] equall ther_to] ther which 1550
sig: B2
315 Callyng it the lordes supper which is a greate lye
For in no porcion trulye they gre at al
But in comparyson hereof, is beastiall
Both of quicke and deade for the faultes that they haue don
And oblacion or sacrifice, they it calle
320 Forgettynge Chryst, offring ons for al, tyll he come.

¶Contrary to the supper it is to deny
That vnder breade and wyne to vs is mynistred
The pure body and blode, of Iesu which dyd dye
That our soules, by his body and blod myght be fed
325 For in this his supper, he gaue to vs in-dede
His selfe-same bodye that he ment syn to consume
The sure trust whereof truly is our soules brede
Wherefore, we ought to giue thankes to him tyl he come.

Here is to be marked that geuen vnder breade and wyne
330 Is not as muche to saye, as breade is Chrystes body
Or wyne chrystes blod, nay we do it not so defyne
But geuen vnder, is as muche to saye verely
As when-so-euer you do thus which belefe truely
You fele in your conscience, chrystes promyssion
335 That as wel for you, as for them that were him by
He gaue him-selfe to be remembryd tyl he come.

That breade is the body, or the body is in breade
Shal men haue resoned, with wordes supersticius
Of the presence of chrystes body and bloud so redde
340 And of what facion, or howe bigge to dyscus
They haue, not bin a_shamed lyke foles pernicius
To the fayth of christ for vs a stay most holsome
Forgettinge christes ascenssion, so maruelos
Into the ryght hande of the father / tyl he com.

345 For suche cause, the Cataphrigians dyd wring out
Childrens blod of a yere ol, through many smale pricke
sig: [B2v]
Which they dyd mix with flower to bringe there mynde about[e] letter broken
Trustynge that in that breade, there was a bodye quicke
Thus they made the lordes supper with theyr folyshe tricke
350 And they did set vp a false body, in Christes rome
Wast any meruel then though in soule they were sycke
Whyche vtterly forget chrystes death before he come

Theyr acte, is lyke the wychecraft of one Pope Gregory
Which bounde the fynde in the host lyke a man to pere
355 Al to illude the good Emperour the .iiii. Henry
But when of his pu[r]pose, he was neuer the nere purpose] pupose 1550
He began to vex and chafe, fret, stompe, stare, and swere
And axed the fynd, whi? to hym he was not buxum
To whome he sayd, where fayth is: I cannot be there
360 Happy be the myndful of Chrystes death tyl he com.

To put or take from the lordes supper is errore
To approche to the supper, with-out al reuerence
(By outwarde preparacions, god settes no store)
To deny that suche as lyue in incontinence
365 Are to be put from the Lorde, and banishid from thence
To saye this supper without fayth in hart holsom
Iustifieth b[y] errors, ful of maleuolence by] be 1550
In wyllyng vs, to forget Chrystes death, tyl he come

¶Here, ye knowe the occasio[n] of Chrystes supper
370 And the names of the same, to you be explicate
The dyfinition, to you we dyd vtter
The appostolical order, to you we delate
The dew proffe, in scrypture you maye inuestygate
Of Chryste geuyng his body, the intencion
375 With the agrement of Paules text, with Christes alterate
We showid / and a thankes-geuing for it, til he com.

For the seconde part of our songe, we haue nombryd
The office of the minister, Chrystes flocke teachinge
sig: B3
The causes also, together we haue gethered
380 And why Chrystes flocke, this supper, oft, shuld be eating
Bycause Chrystes churche is lyke a fysher repletyng
His shyppe, with al kinde of fyshe: where-of bad be som
That the weake maye taste ioye, and the stoborne thretening
To be cast out into fyer, w[h]en the lorde doth come. when] wen 1550

385 Of the effectes of this supper, also ye haue harde
How comfortyng they be to worthy receyuers
And to other / howe greuos and full of iubarde
Ye maye knowe by Iudas, and suche-lyke deceuers
Which receue the deuel, by there yl endeuers
390 Of contrarys also, you haue harde a great som
Where-in you spye the yl workes of vnbeleuers
Fouly defoyling Christes supper / before he come.

¶Knowing that hereby Chrystes loue towarde vs is showid
I admonysh, that yf thou eate it but as bread
395 It shal helpe no more then brede, bycause thou art lewed
But shal hurt the, forgettinge Christes loue and death in-ded
Therfore receyue chryst with thy mynd, thy soule to fede
Before thou take with the mouth as a thyng that is done
So shalt thou perseue, that chryste is thy frynde at nede
400 Yf thou loue thy bretherne for his loue tyl he come

Why it shal hurt eaten but as brede I wyl tel
One ought not to eate the lordes supper as his owne
With-out consydering the vse, whiche is not well
Christ scorged from the temple, as it is wel knowen
405 The marchauntes, for the blasphemy that they had blowne
In cauling it gods house, whiche with thinges vnholsom
They had stufte: and goddes ordinance ouer_throne
So wyl he do those that forget him: when he doth com

A meruelos thing it is, that any bouldly dorst
410 Presume to take awaye or turne this supper pure
sig: [B3v]
Knowinge that those mynisters be helde a_corst
Yf a master commaunde thinges thus to be in vre
And the seruau[n]t torne them: you wolde thinke I am sure
He stode in his conceite, to haue a better wysdome
415 Then his master: and could wyslyer do the cure
But such wysdom shal be naught, when the lord dothe come.

Suche godly ordinaunce perteyning to conscience
No christen magistrate ought torne: but rather shold
With al his power of swerde, be thereto a defence
420 And it abused, redust to the pristine state ould
Although the styffe neckes take neuer so stronge a houlde
Then wyl god giue him this answer for his wysdom
A pesable day shalt thou haue, o kinge, be bould
For that thou defendest my memory, tyl I come.

425 O most worthi supper, what grace woldest thou encreace
Among vs forgetful men, in mynding Chrystes loue
Yea what Charyte concord vnite and peace
Yf thy trewe institucion we hadde, our hartes to moue
It wold teache vs, one an-others proffet to approue
430 So it wold not be plesant, by his gracis houlsom
Only for the soule, but also to oure behoue
Proffytable for our bodies[:] tyl Chryst com. :] ? 1550

O dificile hardnes, to bring this matter to pas
Through the obdurate blindnes of the owld papistri
435 No doute, it is beyonde the strength of mannes compas
But, O god, helpe our magistrates to destroy
That pestelent cage of fowle birdes, and wycked fry
Let them (o God) wyth michaells strength them consume
That euen ouer fowle sprites, they maye haue victory
440 To deffend the lordes memory, tyl he come.

O heuenly supper of the to speke I wold end
But I can not, whyle that thy worthines is met
sig: [B4]
With my feruentnes, though al my brethe I shold spend
Considering thy facillyte very great
445 Most easly woldest thou bring, and in our myndes set
That corps of Chryst, of whome al faythful are become
The mother, with Mary a virgen most mel
And so in most godly workes beare chryst, tyl he com.

Euen al that do the wyl of my father, sayth chryste
450 Be vnto me, bothe bryther, sister, and mother
Here-by we may se that christes body doth consyst
In trewe godlines of good men and here no other
The which to increse [in] loue betwene brother and brother in] and 1550
Chryst gaue vs this signe of his body most holsom
455 And grace also to receaue (I dare say forther)
His mystical body remembring him to come.

¶Seing this vse tornith men into Chrystes nature
Euen as some meates alters mannes dysposition
We maye calle it Chrystes body and therof be sure
460 Which makes vs Chrystes, by faythful inquisition
Of o[u]r oulde synnes, to make mortificacion
Therfore, o God for thi most fatherly wysdome
Now send it, for thy flockes glorificacion
That they may remember thy kindnes tyl christe come.

465 ¶Now that our kinge Edward maye rule godly we pray
And for quene Caterine, in [her] good state so vertuos her] here 1550
Which my lorde protector to deffend night and daye
King Edward the sixt from al enimise traytors
God make the hole councell in scrypture prosperos
470 That they may suppres antechristes faynid kingdome
As god helping they wyl sprede the wyll of Iesus
To stablishe, the remembrance of Chrystes deth, tyl he come.

Finis quot .E._T.
¶Imprynted at London by Wylliam_Copland. and are to be solde by Robert_Stoughton dwelling wythin Ludgat at the [sygne of the bisshopes miter]lower margin trimmed