The Life of Saint Gregory's Mother


STC 12353
Brown and Robbins 3183.5. Ringler 12353 and TP 1623.3. "A quatrain version of the story of the Middle English Trental of St. Gregory in couplets (BR 86, 1653, 3184)" [Ringler]. Crit. ed. William A. Ringler, Jr., _Studies in Honor of DeWitt T. Starnes_, (Austin, Texas, 1967), 131-61. Variants from the two imperfect eds. listed below are taken from Ringler's ed. UMI microfilm reel 134

Here after foloweth the lyfe of saynt Gregoryes mother
London: J. Mychell,c. 1536? [STC], 1548? [Ringler].

Variant source 1: R. Pynson, 1501? (STC 12351.5). Variant source 2: W. de Worde, 1515 (STC 12352).

Composition Date: c. 1500 [Ringler].

sig: [A1]
¶Here-after foloweth the lyfe of saynt Gregoryes mother.

sig: [A1v]
SOmtyme in Rome a pope there was 'S' of 'SOmtyme' is guide letter in space set for large capital
That god loued full specyally
To rule his churche he hym chas
His named was caled Gregory
5 A mother he had in that cyte
That was full blessyd in her dede
On euery pore she had pyte
And helped all creatures at theyr nede
The deuyll at her had great dyspyte
10 And thought it shulde no lenger so be
With concupyscence and false delyght
He thought to brynge her fro that degre
She fell in syne within a whyle
And lyued in fowle voutri
15 With lust and lykynge her body to fyle
The deuyll her blynded with obstynacy
That she durste her therof neuer shryue
Lest any man shulde her bewrey
This droue forthe all her lyue
20 Whyle sekenes her toke that she shulde dye
Than had she neyther tyme ne space
Dethe her toke so sodenly
Alas this was an heuy case
The deuyll to haue suche maystery
25 Whan she was dede and layde on bere
Many was sory no wonder was
What than befell than shall ye here
Howe god dysposed for her his grace
Thoroughe prayer of saynt Gregory
30 That was so good in his leuynge
Our lorde shope her a remedy
A trentall for her that he shulde synge
sig: A2
Howe it was ordayned and founde
Take wysely hede and ye shall here
35 Saynt gregory made it with his hande
And sayd it hym-selfe in this maner

Upon a nyght I me bethought
Whan all creatures were at reste
Of marualous thinges that god had wrought
40 In euery kynde bothe man and best
Abought mydnyght a lytell before
I harde a voyce full pyteously
Alas it sayd that I was bore
My dome is gyuen full ryghtfully
45 For whyle I leuyd I had my wyll
My sone durst I neuer tell
Ryghtwysenes me demeth by skyll
That I were worthy be damned in hell
Than with that voyce vp I brayde
50 Myne harte was sore afryght
Out of a wyndowe I me layd
And there I sawe a wonder syght
A blacke cloude and a stynkynge
Full of deuyls on euery syde
55 A sowle there was in fyre brennynge
I coniured it and bade it abyde
By the vertu of god in trynyte
That made heuen erthe and hell
All ye deuyls obeye to me
60 And answere to me that I you tell
What sowle is that ye haue there
What is the cause wherfore and why
With suche paynes that ye it dere
sig: [A2v]
That god hathe bought so precyously
65 The deuyll answered anone there-tyll
And sayd the mother that the bore
She hathe this done by ryght and skyll
For false lyuynge that she had before
She semed good and false within
70 And lyued in aduoutry to her lyues ende
To no preste wolde she tell her synne
Therfore with vs shall she wende
My body agrysed my harte also
And sayd false fende that may not be
75 All Rome wyll wytnes that it is false
The dedes of marcy fulfylled she
Pore ryche and all maner men
She clad and fed her god to please
And kepte her to his commaundementes ten
80 Why shulde she than haue this dysease
Whan body and sowle departeth in twayne
Dethe came so shortely she had no space
Ones to shryue her of her synne
The whiche the deuyll her dyd enbrace
85 For drede of shame she durst not tell
Neyther to no prest open her harte
And who-so dieth in syne this wotest thou well
The paynes of hell they maye not sterte
Alas sayd Gregory that euer mannes kynde
90 Is so thrall for thynges of nought
And that synne shulde hym blynde
To lese the parte that god hathe bought
With bolde spirite I spake to here
And sayd thou sowle here charge I the
95 In the vertue of god that bought man dere
sig: A3
To_morow at mydday thou speke with me
In trust that god some grace wyll sende
By prayer fastynge or some almes-dede
F[ro] this Iugement the to defende Fro] For 1536
100 That for the his blode dyd blede
And tell me how it stondeth with the
If any hope be of saluacyon
And put the to rest from this degre
And saue the from thy dampnacyon
105 With that worde i[t] vanesshed me fro it] is 1536
And sorowe smote my harte full nye
I was full of care sorowe and wo
I fell downe and in poynt to dye
With greuous gronynge it toke the waye
110 There god had ordayned it to be
All nyght I kneled for it to praye
That god wolde haue of it pyte
And to saynt Peter my predycessoure
That god gaue power to lose and bynde
115 Thou graunt me to be her socoure
Some prayer for her that I myght fynde
Thus prayed I for her all that nyght
Tyll dede slepe had me take
Anone sodenly I was a_fryght
120 A voyse apered and bad be awake
Full bryght it was afore my face
In lykenes of an aungell clere
I wende god had ben in place
It was the deuyll that dyd apere
125 And sayd thou laborest all in vayne
Go take thy rest and let this be
Thou ma[y]ste neuer by reason obtayne mayste] maste 1536
sig: [A3v]
To saue the sowle in no degre
God wyll not that thou for it praye
130 Neyther for no sowle that damned is
For though thou laboure tyll domes-day
Yet shall it neuer come to blysse
Therfore praye not in this cas
For god is dysplese with the
135 She hath done so great trespas
That it may neuer forgeuen be
Whan I harde this myne harte was sore
But euer me-thought he sayd not well
For goddes marcy is moche more
140 Than harte may thynke or tonge can tell
To hym I answered full boldely thore
And sayd forsothe it is vntrewe
For god hymselfe for vs wolde dye
So fore mannes soule he dyd it rue
145 And prayed his father whan he sholde stye
Howe canste thou saye let me se
Why prayer shulde not a soule saue
God wolde no synner dampned shulde be
That wolde on his marcy craue
150 That is trewe he sayd but se what wyse
By vertue of confessyon he may be saue
But who synneth and wyll not ryse
How may he than his marcy craue
By no scrypture I can se
155 That marcy to hym shulde not be due
For who so synneth dedely dampned is he
Thou knowest well that this is trewe
Yet I sayd though it be so
That god hathe sente the one his message
sig: [A4]
160 Answere to this that I saye the to
Or elles me-thynke thou doest rage
Clarkes sayd and scrypture also
Ouer al the workes that euer god wrought
Marcy is chefe and passeth all tho
165 Answere to this yf thou can ought
For where lucyfer thrughe his pryde
Lost heuens blysse and wente to hell
There marcy hath set mankynde his tyde
Aboue all aungelles this wotest thou well
170 To this thou canst not ones say nay
Neyther al the false aungelles that there were
With that worde he wanysshed a_waye
That house rofe with hym he bare
Thunder lyghteninge there was great plente
175 Cryenge of deuylles about that place
I praye god with harte so fre
To saue me for his hyghe grace
And sende me some consolacyon
And helpe this sowle that hathe nede
180 To saue it euer frome damnacyon
For the woundes that he dyd blede
On the next morowe sone vpon daye
To saynt_Peters I went a_pace
My seruyce there for to saye
185 And met with the sowle as I had grace
I was not so sone fro my place past
My waye thether for to take
Sodenly the wether was ouer-cast
The clowdes wexed wonder blacke
190 And as I stodyed what it shulde be
A voyce I harde full pyteously
sig: [A4v]
Alas it sayd full wo is me
I knowe no meane of remedy
This cloude was blacke on euery brynke
195 Full of fyre and brymstone also
There myght no creature abyde the stynke
For fere therof my mynde was so
I toke myne harte all in that tyde
Whan I sawe it drewe me nye
200 I crossed my body on euery syde
And spake to it full boldely
In the vertue of god I charge the here
That toke flesshe of a vyrgyn fre
Stande there styll and come no nere
205 But that I aske thou tell it me
Why arte thou put to thys desease
That dyd so moche almes-dede
And euery creatour was redy to please
With meat and drynke them for to fede
210 That all rome of the spake
Thy lyuynge was holden so good aye
That neuer was founde in the lake
Neyther by nyght nor by daye
Therwith she groned full heuely
215 And sayd alas that I was borne
I knowe no maner of remedy
But body and soule ben lyke to be lorne
For whyles I lyued and euer had
The worldes luste all my wyll
220 In false auoutry my lyfe I lad
Thre yonge Innocentes I dyd kyll
Without baptyme they were slayne
And lost the blysse of heuen also
sig: [A5]
I were worthy endles payne
225 And for that to abyde in wo
For fere I durste it neuer saye
Nether to no preste confessed be
I was holde so perfyte aye
That euery creature sayd good by me
230 Alas she sayd that I was made
That I had neuer grace to saye
But euer in synne my lyfe thus lade
Unto the houre that I shulde dye
And dethe came so sodenly
235 I had no tyme amendes to make
I am well worthy for that foly
To endles payne my waye to take
Than was my harte heuy as lede
To se my mother in that degre
240 But sythe she knewe no better rede
On her I had great ruthe to se
Than spoke I to her with heue chere
In chrystes name here charge I the
Within ten dayes ryght here thou apere
245 In this same place and mete with me
And I my-selfe my deuoure shall do
If holy churche may put helpe in the
With the powre that god gaue therto
To Peter that pope was before me
250 The dyuel on it made spytefull noyse
Whan they shulde take them to theyr waye
And sayd all with one voyce
This false Gregorye wyll vs betraye
The sely sowle with them they lad
255 It groned full greuously and cryed sore
sig: [A5v]
With harde paynes it was bestad
My harte was heuy and wo therfore
My waye I toke to the churche a_pace
A masse to synge for her sake
260 To saynt Sebastyan that holy place
My aulter commaunded I redy to make
To masse I wente with mylde chere
And put my trust in god alone
And as he bought that soule so dere
265 That daye that he wolde here my mone
Whan I sacred our lordes body
Chryste_Iesu in fourme of brede
My blode waxed colde I wyst not why
I sawe a syght I was adrede
270 A naked body in a tome of stone
Full of woundes bledynge sore
His face all pale his colour was gone
His skyn his flesshe was all to_tore
A spere was put throughe his body
275 In euery hande a nayle was thrusted
There was no place I coude espye
But euery Ioynte was distr[e]ssed distressed] distrusshed 1536
A wrethe of thorne vpon his hede
The pryckes throughe his brayne ran
280 He loked as he had bene dede
His eyen his lyppes were all wan
His handes were crossed hym before
To se that syght myne harte was wo
Out of his harte he syghed sore
285 And sayd synfull man thou arte my fo
On the aulter he hym rest
My body for pyty on hym dyd quake
sig: [A6]
He sayd to me lo I chryst
To dye agayne for mannes sake
290 Beholde my body howe it is rente
For synfull sowles this suffred I
Mystruste me not I am thy frende
My flesshe my blode thou arte trewely
All this I suffered the to saue
295 Unkynde creature beholde and se
What myght I do more thy loue to haue
Than offer my-selfe to dye for the
For rather than a sowle were shente
Newe on a crosse I wolde it bye
300 Thus to be beten torne and rent
So moche is my loue and my mercy
With that worde he vanysshed me fro
His wordes made my har[t]e full lyght harte] harde 1536
On my knees I fell downe tho
305 And thanked [god] of that syght god] good 1536
Forthe I sange my masse to the ende
And prayed god full hartely
This sely sowle he shulde defende
And shew on it his hyghe mercy.

310 BUt whan it drewe to the ny[gh]t nyght] nyhgt 1536
That all creatures toke theyr rest
To saynt_peters churche I me dyght
Before the hyghe aulter I me drest
God I besought with harte fre
315 Some comforte that he myght to me sende
And swete saynt Peter myne helpe to be
That myght fro myscheue me defende
Thus it drewe ferther in the nyght
sig: [A6v]
My nature fayne wolde haue rest
320 Anone before me apered a syght
Upon the hye aulter there it fest
There came a pope in his araye
Cardynalles / bysshoppes / and prestes also
I dredde it sore whan I it saye
325 And gaue them rome by me to go
This pope called me anone hym tyll
And sayd come hether gregory vnto me
Thou shalte knowe our lordes wyll
Be not dysmayde what thou se
330 I am Peter thy predecessoure
And here be my bretherne the apostelles all
We be come the for to socoure
With pore of god that neuer shall fall
Take this scrypture of my hande
335 Oure lorde hymselfe sent it to the
All sowles to helpe out of bande
And it be done as it shulde be
And powre also to lose and bynde
In heuen and erthe at thyne owne wyll
340 And other popes out of mynde
That euer shall after in erthe dwell
And for thou laborest thy mother to saue
That yet is in heuy cas
Our lorde wyll that she haue
345 This trentall done for her trespas
A trentall is of thre tymes ten
And ten tymes thre the same also
So many masses she haue than
Her to rele[s]e out of her wo relese] relefe 1536
350 Of ten chefe festes in the yere
sig: B1
Thre masses of eche must nedes synge
With all seruyce folowynge after here
Delynge of almes and also fastynge
What feastes thes be se and take hede
355 And wysely in thy mynde them pyght
Loke on this boke here maye thou rede
Of whome they be and what is theyr myght
Thre masses of the Annuncyacyon
Whan god and man conceyued was
360 Our kynde to take for our redemcyon
Wit[h]in a mayde he chace his place Within] witin 1536
Therfor forsoth the knot was knyt
Flesshe and blode together ran
The father of heuen this maryage shyt
365 Accordyd there was bothe god and man
The seconde feast is it of chrystes Natyuyte
Whan he was borne vs all to glade
This full blessed nedes must be
For man goddes brother there was made
370 The thyrde feste is the Epyphanye
Whan thre kynges with presentes sought
Throughe Herodes landes hym to espye
To offer gyftes that they had brought
This feste is full blessed and also holy
375 Who-so hereth a masse that daye
Of soden dethe he shall not dye
Nor mysshap in no iorney
The fourthe is of our dere ladye
To the temple whan she her dyght
380 With meke harte her to puryfye
After the lawe as it was ryght
The fyfte feast is of our saluacyon
sig: [B1v]
A sowle to helpe that is in nede
It must be of his Resurrexcyon
385 A masse it is of full great mede
In the worshyp of his passyon
That suffred dethe for our sake
Who-so syngeth it with deuocyon
A sete for hym he dothe make
390 The syxte feste muste be truely
Of the gloryous Assencyon
Whan he to heuen dyd stye
To knyt the knot of our redemcyon
His owne goste downe he sent
395 Bothe wyt and wysdome vs to teche
To rule his lawe whan he was went
His chyrche to kepe and his gospel to preche
The seue[n]th masse muste be of the holy-goost seuenth] seueth 1536
That is chefe comforte of our consolacyon
400 This masse helpeth a sowle mooste
Out of payne to saluacyon
The two other feste of our lady be
Chefe meane bytwene god and man
The Assumpcyon and her Natyuyte
405 These be the [ten] festes that ye must han ten] then 1536
These make thyrty the hole trentall
Thre mas[s]es of eche feste thou must take masses] mastes 1536
A sowle from payne delyuer thou shall
If it be songe for the sowles sake
410 An oryson there it that longeth therto
At euery masse it muste be sayd nede
With good deuocyon loke it be do
It is the chefe thynge the sowle to fede

sig: B2
God that art our redemcyon
415 Salue also of mannes sowle here
As thou chase also the lande of promyssyon
Before all other to be borne there
And suffered dethe in that holy lande
To paye our raunsome amendes to make
420 Delyuer the sowle from the dyuels hande
And to thy mercy lorde thou it take
And as thou wolde therin dye
And halowed it with thy precyous blode
Delyuer it lorde frome penury
425 That blessed land that is so good
By the hyghe vertue of thy grace
The people that leueth nat in the
Tourne theyr hartes and gyue them space
That they may sone amendyd be
430 And all that leue in the
Thou socour them for thy lordly mercy
And of vs haue m[ar]cy and pyte marcy] mracy 1536
In the houre whan we shall dye
The whiche reygneth with the father dere
435 With the holy goste that grace dothe sende
By all the worldes that euer were
Or euer shall without ende
Now how thou shalt synge this trental then
Take now thou good hede for euermore
440 Whan a feste cometh of these the[n]
Faste ye muste the euen before
Brede and water holde the therto
None other mete loke thou take
Placebo and Dirige loke thou say also
445 Shryue the clene and redy make
sig: [B2v]
The nexte morowe thy masse to synge
W[i]th all seruyce of the day With] Weth 1536
Seuen psalmes with the letany say fastinge
And commendacyon yf thou maye
450 Forgette not the orison goynge before
In euery masse of this trentall
It is chefe salue of the sore
Loke euery daye thou saye it all
Within seuen dayes two masses nedes more
455 Of the same feste must be
And all other seruyce say it before
As thou dydest in euery degre
A peny in almes thou must dele
To some pore man that it nedes
460 That it maye stande to thy sowle-hele
For it is chefe of all good dedes
This rule thou kepe at euery masse
If thou wylte brynge a sowle from blame
Do this wysely more and lasse
465 And teche all other to do the same
Farewell Gregory I parte the fro
Be stedfast in mynde nyght and daye
Temtacyon of the fendes thou shalt se so
To let the of thy purpose yf they maye they] thou 1501
470 Whan he was gone and this lyght past
My harte was colde my body afryght
There was no comforte but in god to trast
I toke me to his marcy all that longe nyght

THan it befell vpon the nexte day
475 Ryght in the mornynge-tyde mornynge] morowe 1501
To scala_celi I toke the waye scala_celi] ara_cely 1501; the] my 1501
sig: B3
And prayed to god to be my gyde
The dyuell at me had great spyte
He thought my purpose for to let
480 With false collusyons hym to quyte
The good dede I was on set
For whan I shulde my masse begynne
A maruelous thynge appered than
Deuyls of helle came rynnynge in
485 In lykenes of myne owne men
And sayd alas that they were bor[ne] copytext or microfilm defective
What doest thou nowe here this t[yde]
Thy ho[u]sholde / thy treasoure / all [is g]one housholde] hossholde 1536
Thy men be spylte on euery syde
490 Thy place is on fyre thy people spyllen
Come saue this myschefe or all is shente
Leue this purpose tourne home agayne
Or all thy lyue-dayes thou shalte repent
I was a_frayd nere out of my mynde a_frayd nere out of my] aferde nere out of 1501
495 They semed my seruauntes and my men
In very lykenes of mannes kynde
They appered before myne eyen
To rome I retourned with carefull chere
And prayed saynt Peter myne helpe to be
500 I loked aboute yf peryll were
All-thynge I founde in prosperyte
Than thanked I god with all my myght
And thought it was the deuyls dede
To the churche I tourned agayne full ryght
505 This holy trentall there to spede
The tyde of daye it was nere past
These false fendes dyd me betraye
My purpose to spyll was all there cast
sig: [B3v]
That for the sowle I shulde not praye I] 1501 omits
510 I crossyd my brest and to the aulter yede
And sayd my masse as I shulde do
With gostly fode the sowle to fede
With all thynges that longeth therto
Thus I procedyd by and by
515 Whyles ten dayes were at an ende
I was glad the tyme drewe nye
I trustyd her state for to amend
The next daye in the mornynge
In the twylyght or it were day
520 A lytell before the sonne-rysynge
I went alone my Matans to say
Within a whyle my blode wexed colde
A spryte came rennynge me besyde
Lyke a chylde of t[w]o yere olde two] tho 1536
525 I spake to it and bad it a_byde
In the vertu of Crystes holy name
What creature I saye thou be
Stande here styll and make no grame
Tyll I haue tolde my wyll to the
530 Anone it tourned and sayd to me
I am the sowle that thou labourest fore
Grace shall I haue thoroughe laboure of the thoroughe laboure 1536] thorough the loboure 1501
Blessed be the houre that thou were borne borne] bore 1501
God hath take me to his marcy
535 By the vertue of this trentall I shall haue
The blysse of heuen perpetually
Fro damnacyon now am I saue
Now do thy deuocyon for chrystes sake deuocyon] deuocyons 1501
I may no lenger abyde here
540 Gyue me leue my waye to take
sig: [B4]
My kepers come they nyghe me nere
Beware she sayd they wyll the noye
Auoyde the place and let them passe
Thus sone it vanysshed fro my Ioye
545 I se no more where it was
I rose and was ryght sore agaste
I wyst not well where to abyde
The wether anone was ouer_caste
Deuylles cryed anone on euery syde
550 With a loude voyce they cryed all
Out alas we lese our praye
This false Gregory quyte [w]e shall we] she 1536, we 1501
Within shorte tyme yf that we maye
I was a_ferde my body dyd quake
555 It thundred and lyghtened spytuosly
For fere I durste [n]o waye take
I trowed my-selfe that tyme to dye
My sowle I put in goddes wyll
I crossed my body on euery syde
560 Whyle all were done I stode there styll
And let it passe and ouer_slyde
Sone after anone the wether ceased
The sone appered and shone full bryght
Than my comfort fast encreased
565 Home I went with all my myght
And thanked god and our lady
And saynt Peter that was so good
That me preserued so specyally
From the perell that I in stode

570 THis passyd forthe many a daye
What befell than shall ye here
sig: [B4v]
The fende thought he wolde assay
To lese all I dyd this yere
In the feast of wytsontyde
575 The thre masses of the trentall
The false fende had aspyed
They profyte the sowle moste of all
With false sleyghtes and subtylte
Me to let was all his caste
580 In the chapell wherin was he
The false fende [in] he ran faste in] 1536 omits, in 1501
Euen as I was boune to masse
In lykenes of a naked man
Full of woundes bledynge sore was
585 He cryed on hym and sayd alas than
Helpe me nowe for I am lorne
There is no remedy in this case
I was aferde whan I hym se
Great people came in euery place
590 And sayd false traytour thy dethe is dyght
This is no place the for to hyde
With dagers drawen and swerdes bryght
To sle hym they were about in that tyde
Myne harte agrysed whan I sawe it thus
595 For mannes slaughter I was in fere
To them I went a great pase went] whent 1536
And sayd syrs what do ye here
I charge you auoyde out of this place
And make no debate here
600 They swore by hym that all hathe wrought
Out of this place we wyll not stere
Tyll he be dede that we haue sought
He shall neuer haue other ende in faye
sig: C1
I sawe remedy in that case nought
605 I was af[er]de and drede alwaye aferde] afrede 1536
Lest they wolde suspende the place
Me to let as for that daye
Anone it fell in my mynde thus
It was the fendes collucyon aye
610 Some sleyght or subtylyte for to fynde
Tyll tyme of the daye were all done
The holy trentall to let blynde
The soule to haue in theyr daunger sone
Before the aulter I set me
615 And sayd to them in this manere
In the vertue of hym that dyed on tre
Ye false deuyls I saye to you here
Out of this place fast fle
That neuer after ye me afraye
620 The deuyll thought aspyed was he
They vanysshed with sorow and care away care] carey 1536
They made a noyse and loude they cryed
The chaple stepell with them they bare
I sange masse to the ende vnhyed
625 In peas and concyence of rest thare
The soule to god I dyd commende
Enterely besechynge hym of grace
And this sowle fro payne to defende
In blysse of heuen grauntynge a place

630 ANd this yere was come to ende
That the trentall was nyghe done
I prayed to god some token me to sende
And for his mar[c]y to here my bone marcy] marry 1536
Some comforte of the sowle to here
sig: [C1v]
635 Howe it stode and in what degre
And yf the tyme were ought nere
That she from payne delyuered shulde be
The nyght before that I shulde synge
The last masse of the trentall
640 A voyce I harde and sawe nothynge
To me it spake with voyce small
Awake it sayd and to me attende
Of thy mother thou louest so dere
Nowe is the trentall at an ende
645 Meruaylous thynges thou shalte here
I am he sayd the good aungell
Thynke vpon what I say the
Tydynges trewe I the tell
The tyme is come quyte shall she be
650 Anone as thou haste thy deuoure done
And songe the masse of the Natyuyte
Of her thou shalte here full sone
She shall come this waye by the
Anone sodenly vpon a brayde
655 If thou her aungell be
Why woldes thou suffer her thus arayde
And let her in this maner dye
Thou was not fryndely in thy kepynge
That to the was take so specyally
660 Thou lettest her perysshe in her endynge
Thou dydest not thy deuore truely
For without the she dyd ryght nought
Thou were a feble frynde at nede
To lese the ymage that god had wrought
665 Howe canste thou excuse the in this ded
Yes he sayd wylt thou se howe
sig: C2
In her creacyon fyrst of all
Innocency I kepte her she myght not bowe
Neyther in no wyse to hym fall
670 But whan dyscrecyon dyd her shewe
Our lorde sent wyt her to teche
All badnes her to eschewe
And gaue her frewell to be her leche
To chose eyther good or bad
675 Bothe were put to her eleccyon
Wysdome ynoughe also she had
To kepe her sowle frome dampnacyon
Yet I sayd all this maye be
That fre eleccyon was in her wyll
680 Howe canst thou excuse thy parte let se
But thou was cause that she dyd yll
If thou haddest thy parte do
And closed aboute her harte with drede
And thyne helpe therto
685 She shulde neuer haue done this dede
Grace he sayd was chefe of all
That she lacked without doute
But conscyence tolde her she dyd fall
It was nought she yede aboute
690 He is most chefe of our accuse
Apechynge her bothe day and nyght
And sayd this rode dyd she refuse
And wolde not repent whyle she myght
In good dedes dyd I her wrappe
695 And made her do almes-dedes and fast
And kepe her alway fro mysshap
In hope that she wolde tourne at the last
The deuyll at the last had her betrapped
sig: [C2v]
And broght her to myschefe
700 And led her euery fote that she stepped
In trust of grace she wolde amende
Thus was I busy her to saue
And kepte her euer from all wo
She myght no more of me craue
705 I dyd my deuoure ynoughe therto
I asked hym than where he had be
Syth she dyed and made her ende
With her contynually than sayd he
Fro great paynes her to defende
710 And nowe it is almoste past ouer
I must agayne to her gyde to her gyde] to be hir gyde 1501
The tyme me draweth wonder nere
Farwell I may no lenger abyde
Than was I glad as foule of day
715 In all the hast that I myght fynde
To ende this trentall without delay
That no faute were of my parte behynde
That daye than there was I styll
Within the churche in my prayer
720 And there abode our lordes wyll
In hope of [her] that I myght here her] 1536 omits, hir 1501
Thus it drewe almost to eue
I thought my-selfe it was best
With some fode my body to releue
725 And sone after to take my rest
Whan I had supped I rose full ryght
Into a garden me to rome
Tyll it were fayre in twylyght
And tyme almost to take myne home
730 As I loked into the eest
sig: C3
A great sonne-beme ther I sawe
Longe whyle there dyd it last
And sodenly anone it dyd withdrawe
Therewith myne harte began to glad
735 I hopyd some tydynges to here that nyght
I kneled downe and prayer made
And thanked god of that syght
Within a whyle there came a lyght
As far as I myght wel se
740 Therwith the fyrmament wexte all bryght
I marueled greatly what it myght be
So it encresed more and more
And drewe to me a good spede
I sawe it come and drede it sore
745 I wayted a place and thether yede
There to abyde what-so-euer befell
To se some ende of that syght
A spirite it was that wyste I well
It hasted to me with all the myght
750 It was an aungell that came in hast
And sayd Gregory thou shalte se
Thyne owne mother be not agast
How she standeth and in what degre
Therwith meued was my mode
755 I loked aboute on euery syde
Anone the lyght before me stode
The bryghtnes therof I myght not abyde
The sowle in the myddes therof was pyght
The good aungell stode hyr besyde
760 My sperites were rauesshed with that syght
I taryed to se what wolde betyde
She spake to me full myldely
sig: [C3v]
And sayd sone blessed thou be
That euer I bare the in my body
765 Thou haste brought me to this degre
Without ende to be in ioye abydynge
And well is hym that euer was bore
That maye for hym this trentall do synge
For it profyteth a sowle more
770 Than any other erthely thynge
Therfore for chrystes sake fonde
Let prestes synge soules sauynge
And he that wyll vnderstonde
Moche good shall [to] them be hauynge to them be hauynge] them behauynge 1536, to them be hauynge 1501
775 For many is the sowle that there is lore
For faute of socore and releuynge
Full sore they shall abye therfore
That haue theyr goodes in theyr kepynge
And curse the howre and allso the day
780 The mother them bare the father them gate
With deuyls of hell shall be there playe
That suffereth a sowle to lye in that state suffereth a sowle to lye] suffreth a soule to lay 1501, suffred a soule to lye 1515
For he is false and eke vnkynde
That leueth a sowle in damnacyon
785 And with his owne good may it vnbynde
And brynge it to saluacyon
For chrystes sake preche it aboute it] it 1501, this 1515
And tell the people of this peryll
For they that be in faute without doute
790 There is no remedy they shall to hell
Without ende there dwell shall they
In fyer and brymstone for theyr dede ] theyr 1501, that 1515
Full dere they shall that good abye
And haue that rewarde for theyr mede
sig: [C4]
795 Farewell nowe and haue my blessynge
Take this in mynde and be of good chere
Tyme is come of our departynge
I maye no longer abyde here
The cloudes opened on euery syde
800 Aungelles fro heuen downe were sent
With myrthe and melody she vp styed
All aboue the sterres in the fyrmament
To the blysse of heuen without ende ende] ende is 1536, ende 1501
Where myrthe and ioye without ende [is] ende is] ende 1536, end is 1501, 1515
805 Suche messangers our lorde her sende
Her sorowe and care for to lys
Whan I had this syght sene
It was well drawen in-to the nyght
I was ryght glad and also fayne
810 That god had shewed me that syght
To bed I wente and toke my reste
As goddes wyll was I shulde do
And there bethought me what was the best
All other sowles to brynge fro wo
815 I called all the clarkes of that citye
And ordeyned this trentall to be in mynde
And all prestes in eche degre
And gaue them power to lose and bynde
To helpe all sowles that had nede
820 That lay in paynes that were full sore
The blesse of heuen to haue [for] theyr mede for] 1536 omits, for 1501
Chryste graunt them all that same blysse thore
That helpeth any sowle heuen to wynne
Of all good praers that they not mysse
825 Whan body and sowle shall parte atwayne atwayne] a_twynne 1515
This trentall wryten in thre langages
sig: [C4v]
In laten / frenche and englysse eke
In scala_celi who wyll it se scala_celi] Ara_celi 1501
In the southe-syde he maye it seke
830 God bryng vs to the blysse that euer shalbe

¶Enprynted at London By Iohnn_Mychell