A Treatise of Things Abused in the Popish Church.

Moone, Peter

STC 18055 [=O]
Ringler 18055 and TP 518. UMI microfilm reel 124

A short treatyse of certayne thinges abused in the popysh church, longe vsed
Ipswich: J. Oswen,[1548].

Variant source 1: W. Copland, 1548? (STC 18056) [=C].

Composition Date: 1548? [STC].

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A short treatyse of certayne thinges abused
In the Popysh Church, longe vsed:
But now abolyshed, to our consolation,
And Gods word auaunced, the lyght of our saluation.

Matthew .vii. Euery tree that bringeth not forth good frute shalbe hewen downe and cast into the fyre
Psalm .cxxiii Our soule is escaped euen as a byrd out of the snare of the foular / the snare is broken and we are delyuered.
Mat .xv. All plantes that my heauenly father hathe not planted shall be plucked vp by the rotes
Psal .cxviii. It is tyme (O Lorde) to laye to thyne hande, for they haue destroyed thy lawe.
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Preserue me (O god) for in the do I truste. Psalm .xv.
GRace whiche is the mercy fauor and acceptation. Apoc .i.
Of God our heauenly father, be geuen to this audience
Peace, from Iesu_Christ, our helth and satisfaction
Whiche is the true tranquilite, of a quiet conscience
5 Be ministred vnto you with a more relyced sentence
Than all tonges be able to make declaration
My intente is to declare, yf a while ye will kepe scilence
How goddes worde is florisshed, the light of our saluation

We haue bene drowned with dreames, as our forefathers haue bene Ps .106,
10 Lyuinge in wilfull ignorance, not searching for the verite
Beleuing to haue syght, whan we haue not sene
But heapinge synne vpon synne, committing iniquite
For lacke of godly knowledge, brought into captiuite Eccl .21,
So that the blind leade the blind, as Christ maketh demonstration Mat .15
15 And bothe fell in the lake, of vtter darkenes or tenebre
But now goddes word is florisshed, the light of our saluation

The shepeheardes that should fede the flocke, as Ezechiel doth say Eze .34.
And hath famysshed them for fode, wo vnto them all
That thus suffereth the shepe to perisshe, going a_stray
20 From the handes of suche blind guydes the lord doth vs call
The sicke haue they not healed, the weake haue they let fall
But churlishly and cruellye, be they had in estimation
Come away good people, from their doctrine diabolicall Apo .18.
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For now goddes word is florisshed, the light of our saluation

25 A gret colour of holines in the Popes church hath ben vsed
The which is playne wickednes, as goddes word proueth ryghte
To mainteyn the old customes, of most men now refused 4. re .17.
The verite cleane banisshed, and truth put to flight
Yf god had not bene mercyfull, all men had lost the light
30 Blynde was the cerimony, for all the sainctification
But now it is euident, to euery christen wight
How goddes word is florisshed, the light of our saluation

In the stede of goddes word we had holy bread and water
Holy palmes holy asshes, holy candles holy fyer
35 Holy bones holy stones, holy crewittes at the aulter
Holy censars holy bannars, holy crosses holy atyer
Holy wax holy pax, holy smoke holy smyer
Holy oyle holy creame, holy wyne for veneration
Holy coope holy canepy, holy reliques in the quier
40 Thus gods word could not florissh the light of our saluation

We haue had belles christened, vestimentes consecrated
Chalices anointed, high altares wasshed and halowed
Images tabernacled, dead mens bones shryned
Coniured Crosses censed, spittled and spattled
45 With turne and half-turne, the people was deceyued
Seist me or seist me not, and moche more abhominacion
Feattes of legerdemayne, by these iugglers inuented
That goddes worde shulde not florysshe, the lyght of oure saluacion.

Upon the high holy euennes, as they do them call,
50 They range all the belles a solempne noys to heare
There had we euensong: complyne, and salue with-all
Of that was song or sayd, them-selues were neuer the nere
For it was in a foren tonge, as it doth well apere 1. Cor .14
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Nother to them nor vs, was there edification
55 For it was all lippe-labor, song they neuer so cleare Esa .29.
Syldome preache they christ, to be the light of our saluation

The nexte day folowing we had matynes, with prime and howres holy
Many a deus in adiutorium, all in the latten tonge
Coniuring of holy-water, folowed then immediatly
60 Procession after ydolles, all the churche-yarde long
Hygh masse with deuout sensinges, ruffling it in priksong
Then ranne we to take holy-bread, withoute signification
These plantes be pluct vp, be they neuer so stronge Mat .15
They were not graffed on goddes worde, the light of our saluation

65 With these old customes and such-lyke, god is displeased sore
As in the first of Esay , ther is demaunded playne
Who required these of you, suche thinges I do abhor Esai .1
Your Sabothes and your solempne dayes, your fastinges are in vayne
Newe holydayes and fastinges, from my hart I do disdayne
70 God saith he is wery both of you and your oblacion
He byddeth you labour in his vyne-yarde, and therin take payne
To teach the people Gods word, the light of our saluacion

Sone it is sene what paynes, in this vyneyarde they dyd take
For euery quicke sprynge that brought forthe, the frute of Gods verite
75 They cryed out on him heretike, burne him at a stake
He speaketh againste our Ceremonyes, and therfore shall he dye
Throwe suche wretches in prison, and let the caytyfes lye
And yf they be not willinge, to make their recantation
Famysh them for fode, or murther them pryuely
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80 They speake agaynste tradycions the lyght of our saluacion. Papistes make traditions the light of their saluation.

Than scourged they the simple soules / with their whyp of correction
And there-on hanged .vi. strynges, surely fastened with a lawe
This whyp was very mete, for their pestilent complection
For thorow suche tyranny, the peoples hartes were rawe,
85 Thus many faithfull membres, frome the truth dyd draw
Untyll our noble kynge, of his mercy and compassion
Brake this cruell whyp, that kept the people in awe Psa .123
And hath aduaunced Goddes worde, the lyght of our saluacion.

Bewayle doth our Balamytes, disclosynge their owne nature
90 Euen as vnshamefaste shauelynges, threteninge Christes pore shepe
Saynge, yf the sworde were on our sydes, be ye sure
As it hath bene before, than wolde ye not ones pepe
But now that ye thinke all good ordre, is layde downe to slepe
Ye make a braggynge and a boastinge of your exaltation
95 Now who but ye gospellers, that Christes flocke dothe keape
Ye teache the people gods worde, the lyght of our saluation

Thus was their handes defyled with bloud, their fingers with vnrightuousenes
Deuouringe vp the gospellers, in euery towne and citye
From their lyppes proceded lyes, their tongues aduaunced wyckednesse
100 Without respecte to the trewth, they iudge nothing treuly
Thei hatched Coccatrice-egges, as we haue sene it plainly Esa .57
And weaued spyders webbes, by their cruell consultation.
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Now he that eateth of their egges, shal not escape but dye
Or be an ennemy to the truthe / the light of our saluacion.

105 The chiefest thinge they set by / is almost fallen awaye
I meane their masking Masse, by so many Popes deuysed
For thorow it the Lordes supper, hath bene in great decay
And the right institution, blasphemously blemysshed
Thus in the Popysh churche, it hath bene longe abused
110 But now verite will haue the matter, in examinacion
He saith playnly suche abusion, shall no more be vsed
It shal be tryed by Gods worde, the light of our saluacion

This Masse as they supposed, was alone sufficient
To pacify Goddes wrathe, for our wretched mysery
115 Free forgyuenes of synnes, beinge neuer so vnpenitent
Myght be receyued at the Masse, this was their doctrine dayely
No smale tyme were we blynded, with suche Popysshe peltry
Makinge vs to paye, for the holy consecration
Lyke theues that were vnsaciat, they robbed soule and body
120 Without the feare of Goddes worde, the lyght of our saluacion.

Christ held not the bread ouer his head, it is not in the Scripture.
But brake it and deuyded it, to his Apostels all Mar .14
Christ bad them not knele to it, of this ye may be sure
Yf ye do searche the Scriptures fynde it so ye shall
125 Christ willed them to reserue it, in the memoriall
That his body for our synnes, suffred payne and passion 1. Cor .11
To pacify the fathers wrath, when we in synne do fal
Thus was he offred ones for all, the light of our saluacion He .7 .x.

Marke how blyndly we were fed, with our popysh gentylmen
130 Marke how with false doctrine, they haue bleared our eyes.
sig: [A4v]
Marke how craftely we were fedde with Phariseys leauen Mat .16
Marke also how they repyne, that gods worde sholde aryse
Marke what deuylish doctrine, these dreamers did deuise
Marke how cruell they haue bene, to Christes congregation
135 Marke howe moche they haue maynteyned, phantasyes and lyes 2. Ti .4.
Nothing regarding gods word, the light of our saluation

Of longe-tyme haue they caused vs, commyt abhomination
Robbyng god of the honor, which to hym is dewe,
By inuenting false goddes, of their Imagination Ac .7.17
140 Makyng therof a sacrifice, and yf they proue this trewe
They must confesse thei crucify, gods sonne againe a_newe
For yf their bread be Christe, by transubstanciation
Than offre they in sacrifice, this muste nedes insewe
God and man fleshe and bloude, the lyght of our saluation

145 Doth not scripture say, into heauen Christ ascended Mar .16
And dwellyng not in temples, made with mannes hande Actes .7
But sat him downe for euer / vntyll the worlde be ended Heb .10.
Makinge intercession, both for free and bonde
That vnto his godly promyse, faithfully do stonde
150 This shoulde be to the Idolatres an honest reformation
To driue them from Idolatry, for feare they be fonde
Enemyes vnto gods worde, the lyght of our saluation

Christ is the bread of lyfe, which descended from the deite Ihon .6
Yf any eate of that bread, he shall lyue euermore
155 Christ alone the sonne of God maketh vs free Ihon .8
And from all our synnes, clearely doth vs restore Matt .1.
Christ for all penytent hartes, hath layd vp mercy in store
Christ dyed for our synnes, and rose for our iustification Rom .4
We beleue to fynde hym a mercyfull sauiour
160 For god hath chosen hym to be the light of our saluation

Now seing we haue Christe, to be our onely aduocate
sig: B[1]
In whom God the father, hath a speciall delight
Let vs heare him, for he alone doth inuocate Mat .3
And of our synnes cleane forgyuenes, we haue in Goddes syght 2. Pet .1.
165 What nede we than to seke helpe, at any other wyght
But euen onely in the merites, of Iesu_Christes passion Eph .1.
Bewaylinge our great mysery, desyringe daye and night
To fynde him a mercyfull God, the light of our saluacion. Heb .1.

All we haue offended and haue nede of Goddes glory Rom .3
170 No man is founde righteous, and pure in his presence
Yet thorow his sonne Christ, we be forgyuen frely
For he hath made a sacrifice, for our synnes and offence
He is our reconciler, peace-maker, and defence Heb .7.
He it is that shed his bloud, onely for our redemption
175 And wolde haue all men saued, this is his pretence
Thus are we cleansed by Christ, the light of our saluacio[n]

No small cause haue we to reioyce, yf we do consyder
How our mercyfull God, hath for his flocke prouyded
Replenyshinge vs with meat, that endureth for euer
180 I meane his eternall word, frome which we were deuided Ihon .6
By waye of persecution, abhorred and deryded
But thankes be to the lyuinge God, whiche for our consolacion
Hath ouerthrowen the ennemyes, that thus enterprysed Act .9.
To persecute the Gospell, the light of our saluacion.

185 And where we lyued in feare, to confesse the verite
By hydinge our talent, as seruauntes vnprofytable mat .25.
Now is that yoock broken, and we set at libertie Psa .113
Plenteously to publyshe, the truth without fable
Let vs therfore beware, we be not founde variable
190 But laye a sure holde to the ploughe, with harte and cogitation Luke .9
Continuinge vnto the ende, stronge stedfaste and stable 1. Cor .15

sig: [B1v]
In no wyse to renounce the truthe, the lighte of oure saluacion.

Forsake the whore of Babylon, and the marke of the beast Apo .17
Forsake her marchantes all, for they be most pestelent
195 Forsake the wares that she solde, frome the mooste to the least Apo .18.
Forsake her holynes, that she estemed excellent holynes] holy holynes O, holynes C
Forsake the deuelysh doctrine, that she dyd inuent
Forsake and flee vtterly, from her abhominacion Apo .17.
For kynges and Princes were disceyued, that to her dyd consent Apo .18.
200 Persecuting Gods worde, the light of our saluacion.

Let vs forsake all ceremonies, that to Scripture be not consonaunt
Tradicions of forefathers, wherin we haue ben lead Psal .cv
And with the lyuely worde of God, let vs now be conuersaunt
For therin shall we se, with what baggage we were fead
205 Wanderinge in the Popes lawes / forsakinge Christ oure head
Heapinge vpon our-selues, the more greatter damnacion 2. Pe .2.
Thus were Tradicions and Ceremonies, maintayned in the stede
Of Gods true and syncere worde, the light of our saluacion

Let vs earnestly therfore desire, with an harte vnfayned
210 That in all-thinge we do, God may haue the glory [1] Tim .1.1] O, C omit 1] O, C omit
Yea, and imbrace this heauenly worde, whiche we haue receyued
Not in talke / nor to receyue it as a carnall liberty
But to bringe forth the frutes of the spirit, so that therby
It maye apeare manifest, in our Godly conuersacion
215 To be a light vnto the worlde / forsakinge all iniquite
sig: B2
And to perseuer in the truth, the light of our saluacion.

And doubte not all that the heauenly father hathe not planted
He will plucke vp by the rotes, they shall no more endure Mat .15
This in his eternall worde, he hath it promysed
220 Therfore be not vnfaithfull, for his couenaunt is full sure
Heauen and earth shall perysh, this is without recure Luk .16.
But his worde shall neuer passe, by no determination
Untyll all-thinge be ended, therfore I you allure
To trust wholy in his worde, the light of our saluacion

225 Honger and thurst for righteousnesse, than shall ye be satisfyed Mar .5.
Mortify the flesh, with the dedes therof also
Let no fylthye communication, oute of youre mouthes procede Ephe .4
But as it becometh sayntes, euen so loke ye do
Blessed be he to whom synne, is not imputed to Psal .31.
230 Neither in his spirite is there founde dissimulacion
Suche shall inioye the heauenly ioyes, knowinge no kynd of woo
But haue the fruicion of Goddes sight, the lyghte of oure saluacion

And aboue all-thinge to imbrace, Gods eternall veritie
Which vnto a Christen man, there is nothing so acceptable
235 For-as-moche as in it / is contayned syncerely
The dewtie of all persons, a doctrine most profytable
And in especiall to this, we must be agreable
To loue God aboue all-thinge, this is the chief foundacion
And oure neygbours as our-selfe, thus shall we withoute fable
240 Receyue at the hande of God, the lyght of our saluacion.

sig: [B2v]
Let vs be thankefull to our God, for his etern verite
With which he hath moste plenteously endewed our noble kynge
So that amonge all his affaires, he maye set forth goddes glorye
With no lesse zeale than he hathe done, sence his first begynninge
245 I meane, Edward the sixt, ouer vs now rayninge
Right Inheritour by dissent, of this realme or dominion
That oute of his Princely harte, there maye dystyll and springe
Gods power and lyuely worde, the light of our saluacion.

Also for those good ladyes, of the same stock and lynage
250 Mary and Elyzabeth, systers vnto his grace
The heauenly Lorde endewe them, vnto their last age
Euen as their noble father dyd, all Popery to deface
And Gods eternall Testament, alway to embrace
For there-in shall they learne, by the heauenly instigation
255 To folow the frute of the spirite, and thereby to purchace
The Celestiall kyngdome, the lyght of our saluacion.

For the most honorable Councell, with my Lorde Protector
Which stryueth strongely with the enemyes of God night and daye
In his procedynges and doynges, the Lorde be his director
260 With his holy spirite also / to rule their hartes alwaye
That thorowe their spirituall laboure / all Poperye maye decaye
And vtterly banyshed the lande / with Godly reformacion
Suppressinge all false doctrine / and to set suche a staye
That Goddes worde maye increace / the lyght of our saluacion.

sig: [B3]
265 And that it may please the (O God) to illumine the spiritualtie
As Bysshoppes and all ministers / with knowledge and vnderstandinge
Of thy most blessed worde / to set it forth with synceritie
And vnfaynedly folowe / both in doctrine and lyuinge
Fedinge Christes flocke / with the worde euerlastinge
270 Not compelled thervnto / nor for hope of promocion
But for fauour which they beare to it aboue all-thinge 1. Pet .5
And thus shall Goddes worde florysshe / the lyght of oure saluacion.

Let Christ be preached the sauyour / wherein we maye trust
Rebuke euery synne / beware of Deuelysh Doctrine 1. Ti .4.
275 Double-tongued men / in no wyse be they must
Not gyuen to fylthy lucre / nor to moche wyne 1. Tim .3
But hauynge the mysterye of Faythe / in conscyence pure and cleane
And or they presume to minister in the congregacion
They ought to be well proued, this doth sainte Paule determyne
280 And then to fede vs with the truthe, the lyghte of our saluacion.

And euen as it is their dewtie, to rebuke synne
So is it our partes also, to ceace frome synne alwaye
Consyderinge Sathan was the fyrste / that dyd it begyn
Therfore be they our watchemen, as Ezechiell doth saye Eze .33.
285 Now, yf we haue a warninge, and will fully decaye
Oure owne bloude vpon oure headdes, this is withoute negacion
Rede the texte and more playnly, se it there ye maye
Thus God wolde haue all men saued, the light of our saluacion.

sig: [B3v]
And for vs pore communs also, the Lorde be our ouer_sear
290 That aboue all we maye desyre, peace and quiet rest
Both of soule and body, for that do we require
So shall we prosper in all goodnes, and God pleased best
And at the last to be with Christ, this is our request
Whiche is the head of the faithfull and Christian congregation
295 Receyuinge there a kyngdome, euer to haue rest
In ioye and blysse withoute ende, there to haue oure saluacion.
Iames .i. †Euery good gyft / and euerye perfyt gyfte is frome aboue, and commeth downe frome the father of light.
Prouerb .ii. For it is the Lorde that gyueth wysdome / out of his mouthe commeth knowledge and vnderstandinge.
Psalm .cxv. Not vnto vs (O Lord) not vnto vs, but vnto thy name gyue the prayse.
[1] Timothee .i. 1] O, C omit †To God onely / gyue the glory.

Quod, Peter_Moone.
sig: [B4]
†Imprinted at Ippyswyche by me Ihon_Oswen.
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