Remapping Cinema, Remaking History

27 to 30 November 2008

University of Otago
Dunedin, New Zealand.

We are pleased to announce Remapping Cinema, Remaking History, the forthcoming XIVth Biennial Conference of the Film and History Association of Australia and New Zealand, which will be held at the University of Otago between the 27th and 30th of November 2008. The conference will be jointly sponsored by the University of Otago's Research Network on Cultures, and Identities in Film, Media and Literature, and by the University of Otago's Department of Media, Film and Communication Studies. Additional support comes from the Department of Anthropology, Gender and Sociology, the Department of Languages and Cultures, Wallflower Press, the New Zealand Film Archive (NZFA), and the National Film and Sound Archive (NFSA).

The Film and History Conference is held every two years and is an opportunity for international scholars, archivists, and filmmakers to present their thoughts on recent debates and events in the fields of: film history, history and film, national and transnational cinemas, film theory, film practice, and the importance of cinema to specific communities.

The organising committee has put out a call for papers and has confirmed plenary speakers.

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