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Zahra Haddadian

PhD Candidate
Food Science


Ext 9198
Location Applied Science building, G01

The impact of milk fat globule membrane structure upon enzymatic reactions on emulsion surfaces.

Supervised by Professor Phil Bremer and Dr Graham Eyres


Zahra comes from Shiraz in Iran where she completed a bachelor’s degree in food science and technology at Ramin University (Ahvaz, Iran).She later received a full scholarship to complete a master’s in Biochemical Engineering at the University Putra, Malaysia.

“Studying away from home and at an international quality university was hugely beneficial to me. I have developed advanced understanding of policy processes, writing and research skills and most importantly an ability to work independently as a postgraduate student.”

Over the course of her master’s Zahra found her real of interests lay with food science and she started looking for PhD opportunities in that area. New Zealand and the Food Science Department at the University of Otago had the right combination of academic support and magnificent natural environment to bring her here.

Project Outline

Redox reactions on emulsion surfaces from endogenous milk fat globule membrane (MGFM) enzymes.

This study investigates the relationships between the structure of the milk fat globule membrane and endogenous enzymatic activities. Extracted MFGM will be used to prepare recombined fat globules in an emulsion media, and a hard-type cheese will be made using the prepared emulsions. This study aims to expand our knowledge of the effects of MFGM structure on the volatile profile of hard cheese due to putative changes in redox enzyme activities brought about by surface structural changes.


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