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Fiona Nyhof

Professional Practice Fellow

BHSc (Otago) MCApSc (Otago)

Fiona Nyhof


Tel +64 3 479 4193 Ext 4193
Location Archway West 1.05

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Fiona Nyhof is a food product development specialist. As a Professional Practice Fellow, she is engaged in the day to day management of food industry consultancy projects for industry clients through mentoring industry sponsored student projects (via FOSC 311). Fiona also contributes to undergraduate courses as a lecturer.

Fiona’s expertise is based on many years food industry experience as a development technologist, plant manager and consultant. Her work involved product development, manufacturing and quality management for products ranging from dry mixes, sauces, jams, pickles, and vegetable products to further processed meat products. Working in the Food Science Department today as a product development consultant and as an educator enables Fiona to maintain an awareness of current food industry best practices, food regulations and technological changes.

Fiona has a passion for teaching and learning and actively takes part in food science outreach programmes. Fiona is a fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Food Science and Technology (FNZIFST) and an active local branch member involved with the organising Careers Advisory seminars for our students and judging for the Aurora Otago Science Fair.

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Course Co-Convenor

Contributor to

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Research Kiwifruit and Orange

Fiona’s research interests are in co-ordinating and managing confidential food product development projects that rely on an interdisciplinary and team work approach. 

For more information on the food product developmebt projects

Our product development research aims to deliver effective client solutions by application of:

  • Systematic approaches to the product development process
  • Consumer research and sensory science methodologies for consumer insights
  • Scientific knowledge of formulation, composition, nutritional value and functional properties
  • Effective technological solutions for processing, preservation and safety
  • Stability testing for understanding quality, estimation of shelf life
  • HACCP and quality management systems to validate and document product quality and safety specifications to meet regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Effective package designs, enhance shelf life, labelling and food regulations

Recent student project sponsors

  • Heinz Watties
  • Barker’s of Geraldine
  • NZ Natural Juice Company
  • NZ Honey Specialties
  • Harraways
  • Frodoco

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