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Aswathi Soni

PhD Candidate
Food Science

Aswathi Soni


Ext (470) 9198
Location Applied Science Building, G01

Control of Bacillus spores in food

Supervised by Professor  Indrawati Oey, Professor Phil Bremer and Associate Professor Pat Silcock.


Aswathi comes from Kerala in India. Her area of interest is Food Microbiology, specifically in shelf life study and extension. Aswathi has 6 years work experience including 5 years in the teaching of Biotechnology. Aswathi completed both her Bachelor's and Master's degree at Annamalai University, India.

Project Outline

B. cereus poses a challenge to the food industry as its spores have enhanced resistance to temperature, high pressure, UV light, and dehydration. In addition, some B. cereus strains have the ability to germinate and grow in foods held at low temperatures, which can result in the production of emetic and diarrhoeal toxins. This PhD research is investigating factors that influence the germination and resistance of spores, with the goal of developing hurdle technologies to inactivate B. cereus in heat sensitive food.


Soni, A., Oey, I., Silcock, P. and Bremer, P. (2016), "Bacillus Spores in the Food Industry: A Review on Resistance and Response to Novel Inactivation Technologies". COMPREHENSIVE REVIEWS IN FOOD SCIENCE AND FOOD SAFETY, 15: 1139–1148. doi:10.1111/1541-4337.12231