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Setya Budi Muhammad Abduh

PhD Candidate
Food Science

Abduh Setya Profile Photo


Ext (470) 5753
Location AppSci, 108

Employment of Pulse Electric Field on the Extraction of Polysaccharide from Plant Origin Materials

Supervised by  Professor Indrawati Oey, and Dr Mei Peng


Abduh is from Indonesia, completing his Bachelor degree in Animal Products Processing Technology at Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia, before continuing with his Master's in Food Science and Technology at the same University.

He went on to complete another MSc in Environmental Protection and Agricultural Food Production at the University of Hohenheim, Germany. His research thesis topic was dealing with the inactivation of bacterial spores in batch and continuous heating systems.

He is at the University of Otago to take another journey with his PhD, choosing the University of Otago for it's wide range  of interesting research topics relevant to his background.

On completion, he will return to Indonesia to resume his work at a university.

Project Outline

  • Investigate how PEF works in the extraction of polysaccharides compared to other conventional solvent extraction.
  • Investigate the functionality of the polysaccharides extracted by means of Pulse Electric Field.
  • Characterise the polysaccharides extracted by Pulse Electric Field.
  • Characterise the product that is prepared from polysaccharides extracted by means of Pulse Elctric