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  The ethics of Foreign policy  

Opening Address

Mr Simon Murdoch
Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade

other speakers and provisional topics:

Mr Richard Allen
Former US National Security Adviser (1981-82) and Senior Fellow, the Hoover Institution, Stanford University

"The US and the Ethical Challenge of Rogue Regimes"

Mr John Campbell
Policitcal Journalist, TV3, Auckland

"Morality, Media Coverage and International Conflict"

Premier Bob Carr
Premier New South Wales, Australia

Dr Campbell Craig
Department of History, University of Canterbury.

"The Re-emergent Ethical Basis of Realism in US Foreign Policy”

Professor Barry Cooper
Department of Political Science, University of Calgary, Canada

"Ethics and Foreign Policy - Contradiction or Imperative?"

Professor Jim Flynn
Department of Political Studies, University of Otago

"The America who would be king or towards a policy of moral restraint"

Mr Stephen Haigh
PhD Student, Department of Political Studies, University of Otago

Summary and Reflections

Rt Hon Justice Sir Kenneth Keith
Court of Appeal of New Zealand, Wellington

"International security and the law: is international law still relevant during conflict"

Ms Susan Lamb
The Office for the Prosecutor.
International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia. The Hague

"Pious Hope or Realist Instrument? Ethical Challenges from the Pursuit of International Criminal Justice"

Mr Gerald McGhie
Interim Director of newly formed Pacific Cooperation Foundation

"The Role of Ethics in Small State Diplomacy: the Case of New Zealand"

Assoc.Professor Chintamani Mahapatra
School of International Studies Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

"Ethical Dimensions of Indian Foreign Policy: Constraints and Dilemmas"

Professor Alfredo Rehren
Catholic University of Chilie, Santiago, Chile

"The Ethical Challenges of Political Corruption in a Globalized Political Economy"

Professor Michael Smith
Department of Politics, University of Virginia, USA

"Ethics and Foreign Policy - Contradiction or Imperative?"

Dr Andrew Stoeckel
Director, Centre for International Economics, Canberra, Australia

"The social and economic effects of trade policy"

Associate Professor Simon Tay
Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore, Singapore

"Interdependence, Community & States in ASEAN and the Asia Pacific"

Dr Nick Wheeler
Reader, Department of International Politics, University of Wales

"The Place of International Law in an Ethical Foreign Policy"

The University of Otago Foreign Policy School is widely regarded as the premier foreign affairs conference in New Zealand and attracts a strong line-up of international speakers and participants.


Salmond hall, 19 knox St, Dunedin

Dates and Times

Registration for the School will take place in the foyer of Salmond Hall from 6.15pm to 7.15pm on Friday 27 June: a light buffet meal will be served. The opening session will commence at 7.30pm. The School will close at approximately 12 noon on Monday 30 June.


To register please the PDF form below, fill out the appropriate sections and post back to us asap.

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Salmond Hall
Includes 3 nights Bed and Breakfast, Saturday and Sunday Dinner.

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Books held by the University of Otago Foreign Policy School that can be purchased.
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Hayburn, R. & Webb, B. (eds.) (1979). Economic Strategies and Foreign Policy.
University of Otago, University Extension. 182 pp. $5

Hearn, T.J. (ed.) (1982). New Zealand and Australia the Changing Relationship.
University of Otago, University Extension. 112 pp. $5

Gold, Hyam (ed.) (1984). New Zealand in the World Economy.
University of Otago, University Extension. 110 pp. $5

Trotter, Ann (ed.) (1986). New Zealand and China.
University of Otago, University Extension. 147 pp. $5

Trotter, Ann (ed.) (1987). New Zealand, Canada and the United States.
University of Otago, University Extension. 200 pp. $5

Hayburn, Ralph H.C. (ed.) (1989). New Zealand the Soviet Union and Change.
University of Otago, University Extension. 112 pp. $5

Rabel, Roberto G. (ed.) (1991). Europe Without Walls.
University of Otago, University Extension. 176 pp. $5

Rabel, Roberto G. (ed.) (1992). Latin America in a Changing World Order. University
of Otago, University Extension. 180 pp. $5

Thakur, Ramesh (ed.) (1995). The United Nations at Fifty: Retrospect and Prospect.
University of Otago Press. 334 pp. $40 [Sell to attendees for $30]

Wood, G. A. & Leland, L.S. Jr. (eds.) (1996).State and Sovereignty: Is the State in Retreat?
University of Otago Press. 256 pp. $35 [Sell to attendees for $25]

Patman, R.G. (ed.) (1997). Security in a Post-Cold War World.
McMillan Press Ltd. $60. [Sell to attendees for $50]

Patman, R.G. (ed.) (1998). Universal Human Rights?
McMillan Press Ltd. $60. [Sell to attendees for $50]

Richardson, M. (ed.) (1999).Globalisation and International Trade Liberalisation:
Continuity and Change. Edward Elgar Ltd. $100 [Sell to attendees for $90]

Rabel, R. (ed.) (2000). The American Century? In Retrospect and Prospect
Prager. [Unavailable for purchasing from the School]

Catley, B. (2001). Moving Together or Drifting Apart: NZ-Australia Relations.
Dark Horse Publishing. $29.95 [Sell to attendees for $25]

Patman, R.G. (ed.) (2002). Globalization, Civil Conflicts and the National Security State.

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