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Jono Wong


BCom (Hons) (Otago), MBA (Kellogg, Northwestern)

I am: Principal, Global Strategy & Operations, Google.

I did: Economics

Jono Wong’s Bachelor of Commerce degree in Economics at the University of Otago taught him to be a great problem solver – something he uses daily as a Principal in Google’s Global Strategy and Operations team.

“Economics provided me with a strong quantitative foundation. The discipline taught me how to frame and breakdown problems and how to think strategically.”

“When I visited Otago a couple of years ago, I met with my professors and lecturers to say ‘thank you’ for my incredible education. My training at Otago enabled me to tackle the challenges I faced in management consulting immediately after graduation, as an entrepreneur, and as a strategy practitioner today.”

Jono was born in China and immigrated to New Zealand when he was two years old. Jono’s parents later returned to China and he was raised by his grandmother.

“She spoke no English and had never left China until she travelled to New Zealand to become my full-time guardian. As a result, I relied heavily on my friends for support growing up.”

“The summer after I graduated from high school and before I attended Otago, my grandmother passed away. I became the first in my family to go to university and the first in my entire extended family to graduate with a tertiary degree. The Otago community became part of my family and I would not have made it without the support of the University and the guidance of my professors.”

“The Otago lifestyle is unique because you are in a bubble,” Jono says. “It’s not just an academic experience. You’re fully immersed in the Otago environment where you are constantly learning, exploring, socialising, and building relationships.”

Otago is also a holistic experience because of the support offered to every student.

“When I needed help, whether it was academic or career guidance, funding to pursue my dissertation, support to study on exchange at the Stockholm School of Economics, even when I needed a job, Otago came through for me.”

“It wasn’t a ‘generic knowledge dump and go’; Otago helped me create a tailored learning experience that worked for me. The support and opportunities are available, you just have to ask for help.”

“Only Otago helps you develop a strong sense of independence and provides you with an incredible level of self confidence that stays with you for the rest of your life. Whether it’s your friends, classmates, professors, or career advisors, there is a close-knit community behind you all the way.”

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