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Dr Shinichi Nakagawa

Department of Zoology

Dr Schinichi NakagawaDr Nakagawa's main research areas are evolutionary and behavioural ecology. His three main genetics interests are:

  • Quantitative genetics
  • Population genetics
  • Molecular ecology

Shinichi uses animal models to understand phenotypic evolution, as well as molecular techniques—which are mainly used to understand mating systems. Shinichi is also interested in a range of statistical techniques in quantitative and population genetics.

Shinichi Nakagawa's profile on the Department of Zoology website

Recent publications

Knowles, S.C.L., Nakagawa, S. & Sheldon, B.C. Elevated reproductive effort increases blood parasitaemia and decreases immune function in birds: a meta-regression approach. Functional Ecology 23, 405-415 (2009).

Nakagawa, S. & Freckleton, R.P. Missing inaction: the dangers of ignoring missing data. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 23, 592-596 (2008).

Nakagawa, S., Lee, J.W., Woodward, B.K., Hatchwell, B.J. & Burke, T. Differential selection according to the degree of cheating in a status signal. Biology Letters 4, 667-669 (2008).