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Prizes for Genetics

Genetics Top Achiever Prizes 

The Ronson Prize (awarded to 200 Level Genetics)

This prize was established in 2020 by University of Otago Genetics Mātai ira Governance Board to recognise excellence at 200 level. Professor Clive Ronson was the first Director of the Genetics Teaching Programme, and is based in the Microbiology department.

The Ann Wylie Prizes (awarded for 300 and 400 level Genetics)

In 2005, the Board of Studies for Genetics established the Ann Wylie Prizes in Genetics to encourage excellence amongst students majoring in Genetics, the prizes are named in honour of Associate Professor Ann Wylie who established the first Genetics course at the University of Otago and are awarded to the top achieving students in 300 and 400 level genetics papers. A/Prof Ann Wylie was based in the Botany Department and was one of the members featured in the Royal Society's 150th anniversary celebration "150 in 150 words". 

Past winners of the Ronson Prize for 200 level Genetics  

The Prize is awarded to the student(s) who demonstrate the best overall performance in GENE221, GENE222 and GENE223 in the one calendar year.

2022: Emma Downer
2021: Natasha Drummy
2020: Alexander van der Weerden

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Past winners of the Ann Wylie Prize for 300 level Genetics

This prize is awarded to the student with the best overall performance in three or more GENE papers (excluding GENE 360) in the one calendar year at 300-level.

2022: Natasha Drummy and Taylor Gallagher
2021: Alex van der Weerden
2020: Emily Boyle
2019: Jonika Edgecombe
2018: Janet Reid
2017: Sarah Croft
2016: Bianca Stewart, Stephanie Workman and Cassie Stylianou
2015: Shelby Taylor
2014: Emily Bridson and Andrew Harris
2013: Alexander Salis
2012: Louise Daley and Juliet Whittaker
2011: Sarah Macindoe
2010: Eleanor Middleton, Justine Anderson and Rachel Chiaroni-Clarke
2009: Stephanie Kamp
2008: Christa Murray
2007: Matthew Benton and Matthew McNeil
2006: Bianca Dobson
2005: Gabrielle Lockett and Ciska de Rijk

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Past winners of the Ann Wylie Prize for 400 level Genetics

This prize is awarded annually to the top performing Genetics Honours student(s). This is calculated based on the best overall performance in GENE 490, doubly weighted, GENE 411, GENE 412 and any one other 400-level Science paper.

2022: Alex van der Weerden
2021: Rebecca Grimwood
2020: Kieran Redpath
2019: Jacqui Perkinson
2018: Marissa la Lec
2017: Cassie Stylianou
2016: Ben Halliday
2015: Olivia Burns and Ruby White
2014: Olivia Tidswell
2013: Bryony Leeke
2012: Steven Trask
2011: Rachel Chiaroni-Clarke
2010: Adam O’Neill
2009: Julian Peat & Nathan Kenny
2008: Matthew McNeil
2007: Bianca Dobson and Rosannah McCartney
2006: Gabrielle Lockett
2005: Lucy Ebden

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