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Geography seminars 2019

Time and location


Wednesdays 4pm


Semester One: Richardson 5S3 unless otherwise indicated
Semester Two: Richardson 5N4 unless otherwise indicated

Semester One

6 March 2019 Associate Professor Yolanda van Heezik
(Zoology Dpt, Otago University)
Some kind of nature – values, restoration and ecosystem function
27 March 2019 Emma Burns
(Curator Natural History, Otago Museum)
Unlocking Museum Collection Data
10 April 2019 Dr Ben Anderson
(Centre for Sustainability, Otago Uni & University of Southampton, UK)
Spatial microsimulation as a way to generate small-area electricity demand profiles: Why, how and where have we got to?
17 April 2019 Dr Jonathan Bennie
(University of Exeter, UK)
Artificial light at night – nocturnal lightscapes and their effects on wildlife
1 May 2019 Associate Professor Robert Huish
(Dalhousie University, Canada)
The Elephant in the Room: Cancer in Africa, Apathy everywhere else
8 May 2019 Dr James Scott
(Geology, Otago University)
What lies beneath? Formation and stabilisation of Zealandia, Earth’s 8th continent
15 May 2019 Dr Sander Paul Zwanenburg
(Information Science, Otago University)
Anticipating, avoiding, and alleviating measurement error: A synthesis of the literature with practical recommendations
22 May 2019 Geography Postgraduates
Swati Shah: "Log kya kahenge" (what people will say): Experiences of the intending parents in Indian surrogacy
Xiaobin Hua: Compositional and phenological shifts in New Zealand's indigenous grasslands
29 May 2019 Associate Professor Angela Wanhalla
(History, Otago University)
Global War and Indigenous Home Fronts, 1939–45
25 June 2019

Dr Dawn Hoogeveen
(University of Northern British Columbia, Canada)
Dr Sophie Bond 
(Geography, Otago)

Ocean imaginaries: new frontiers or a collective commons?

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Semester Two

10 July 2019

Dr Stephanie Coen
(University of Nottingham, UK)

Gendering place, gendering health: Everyday environments and the (re)production of health inequities

22 July  2019

Joint seminar with Geology and Marine Science
Dr Joshu Mountjoy

(National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research)

Preconditioning and triggering dynamics of subaqueous landslides. Observations from New Zealand’s active landscape
24 July 2019PhD proposals
Jule Barth: Power, knowledge, and community: climate change engagement in South Dunedin
Kyle Matthews: Being and doing: crossing boundaries in the research of activist communities
21 August 2019Associate Professor Karen Nairn
(College of Education, Otago University)
Living in and out of time: young people’s activism in Aotearoa
4 September 2019Dr Crystal Filep
(Wellington City Council)
Panoptical peripherality: unveiling traces of life in New Zealand prisons
25 September 2019Professor Joanne Sharp
(University of St Andrews, UK)
Postcolonial Tanzania, the Dar School and Afro-futurist geopolitical imaginations
2 October 2019Momtaj Bintay Khalil
(University of Technology, Sydney)
Female contribution to grassroots innovation for climate change adaptation in Bangladesh
9 October 2019PhD proposals
Sophie Horton: Generation and evolution of shore-platform morphology
Duc Nguyen: Wind flow and sediment transport through coastal foredune notches
Alison Floyd: Narratives of place and evolving geography of the West Coast, New Zealand

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