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Supervised Research Students completed ...

  • Gonzalo Mardones Rivera: Protected areas and local communities in the temperate rainforest of southern Chile. (co-supervisor) 2016
  • Sanju Koirala: Involuntary displacement and resettlement in Nepal hydropower development. (co-supervisor) 2016.
  • Earthworms and soil microbes on New Zealand dairy farms: roles of organic farming, irrigation and effluent dispersal. Bonface Manono [Completed 2014]. (20% co-supervision).
  • Chris Byrch: Sustainability and business decision-making in New Zealand. [Completed 2007; Marsden Fund; lead supervisor]
  • Bobbi Schijf: EIA and decision-making. [Completed 2003].
  • Anna Johnson: Assessing the current status of public involvement in EIA in New Zealand. [Completed 2002] (Williams Evans scholarship).
  • Koneri Onorio: The institutionalisation of environmental impact assessment in the South Pacific. [Completed 2000] (NZODA scholarship).
  • Andrew Kliskey: Application of GIS methods in identifying and managing wilderness areas. [Completed 1992) (co-supervisor).

PhD supervisory panel member
  • Helen Tregidga (Accountancy, completed 2006)
  • Alex Wearing (Geography, completed 1998)
  • Robert Young (Zoology; completed 1998)
  • Geoff Wilson (Geography, completed 1991)

Master of Science / Master of Applied Science / Master of Arts Theses
  • How to decision-makers cope with uncertainty in impact assessments? Jess Gerry 2016
  • Environmental regulators and public loss of trust: the search for new responses to environmental issues. Ross Carter 2016
  • Influence of rainfall on shallow aquifers in urban areas: a case study of South Dunedin. Emma Fordyce 2013
  • Sustainable forest management in temperate forests: Tierra del Fuego. Isabel Gamondes 2013
  • Factors affecting distribution of soil cadmium in agricultural landscapes. Nicola Wells 2013
  • Sustainable forest management in temperate forests: Tierra del Fuego. Isabel Gamondes 2013
  • Methods for assessing visual impacts of wind farms: and evaluation. Matt Hoffman 2011
  • Building strategic environmental assessment into climate change adaptation strategies: the M25 motorway, SE England. Allanah Berry 2001
  • Potential for using 1000minds to capture community value preferences in impact assessment processes. Ngaio Fletcher 2008
  • Mobility of arsenic leached from CCA treated timber in vineyard soils in the Hawkes Bay region. Paul Sorenson 2007
  • Monitoring nitrification rates in winter feed paddocks with N15. Simon Cullen 2007
  • Nitrous oxide emissions from agricultural soils of different physical characteristics. Emma Stone 2007
  • Use of SEA for post-disaster reconstruction planning in the Maldives: case study of the Safe Islands Policy. M. Aslam Shakir 2006 (MA)
  • Effects of riparian vegetation on surface movement of phosphates and nitrates in agricultural soils Malcolm Frost
  • Cadmium mobility in a small catchment. Quinn McIntyre (co-superviser with Dr Carol Smith) (submitted 2004)
  • Current status of health impact assessment in New Zealand. Tracey Morgan 2002
  • Nitrates in field drain discharges as a method for monitoring land use impacts on streams and rivers. Bernard Morrison. 2001
  • Copper in vineyard soils in New Zealand. Emma Taylor 1999
  • State of the Environment Reporting among Regional Councils. Nathan Baker, 1999
  • Shelterbelt mortality from the Southland winter of 1996: a landscape ecology/GIS evaluation. Brendan Terry 1999
  • Spatial and temporal patterns of heavy metal deposition in Dunedin City. R. Bowden, 1997 (with Blair Fitzharris)
  • The influence of land use change on the availability of copper in old orchard soils. S. Harrison, 1995
  • The influence of soil physical characteristics on the response of walking tracks to trampling pressure. S. Brown, 1995
  • Assessing land condition in Central Otago using remote sensing. S. Mann, 1994 [co-supervisor]
  • Soil and vegetation patterns in a serpentinite area. A. Cross, 1993
  • Heavy metal accumulation in pasture soil from irrigation by freezing-works waste. H.G. Pearce, 1991

MPlan / MRRP Research Theses
  • Managing closed landfills in coastal areas threatened by sea level rise. Kirstyn Lindsay 2016
  • Council response to emerging cumulative impacts from permitted activities. Annette Becher 2014
  • Communities and water resource allocation in New Zealand. Erin Stagg 2014
  • Follow-up in New Zealand EIA. Chris Rendall 2010
  • The application of strategic environmental assessment in New Zealand: developing models and capacity. Paul McGimpsey 2007
  • Potential for using SEA to improve project level EIA in Pacific Island countries. Craig Barr 2006
  • Strategic environmental assessment under the Local Government Act 2002. Ursula Luhr 2005
  • Inter-organizational approaches to cumulative effects assessment of in-shore tourism trips in Fiordland Sally Dicey 2004
  • Reviewing environmental assessments: approaches and methods employed by Regional Councils. Peter Barnes 2000
  • Evaluation of the approval procedures of the Environmental Risk Management Authority. Bronwyn Archibald, 1999
  • Strategies available to planning authorities for resolving resource use conflicts in the rural- interface. Jane Bayley 1999
  • EIA in the consents process: the councils and small-scale proposals. R. Petersen, 1996-98
  • Conservation management planning: a review of theory and practice. D. Willett, 1991-2

Honours Dissertations
  • Effectiveness of riparian planting for the interception of soil phosphorus Hayley Jones 2014
  • Heavy metal contamination in soils. Josephine Burrows 2014
  • Impact of copper contamination on C:N ratios in cherry orchard soils, Central Otago. Jess Gerry 2013
  • Boron toxicity in coal waste and its effects on vegetation. Megan Bedford 2011
  • Indigenous afforestation of marginal land: role of government schemes. Sam Lang 2011
  • Invasion ecology of Hakea species in Abel Tasman National Park. Nick Prebble 2010
  • Impact of culverts on migration of native fish in catchments subject to forestry activities. Ned Wells 2010
  • Copper accumulation and soil impacts in a Roxburgh orchard. Melissa Kelly 2010
  • Evaluation of the potential for using pollen from mud bricks to reconstruct historic vegetation composition in Central Otago. Phoebe Shaw 2009
  • Soil problems with vegetation restoration on coal mine waste, Wangaloa Mine, South Otago. Genelle Slack (co-supervised, Prof. Dave Craw, Geology) 2008

(MRRP/MPLan projects and pre-2009 dissertations not listed)