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About employment in the Department of Geology

Employment requirements

You cannot work at the University unless you have one of the following:

  • NZ or Australian citizenship
  • NZ or Australian permanent residency
  • A current student or work visa that allows you to work in NZ


  • An IRD number

If you don’t have an IRD number you must apply for one, which can take a few weeks to process.

Step by step guide to casual and demonstrator employment

  1. You are offered a position by Chris Moy for demonstrating (or by another staff member for other jobs)
  2. Let Damian know which papers you are demonstrating for
  3. He will create a job contract in Casper (note: separate jobs are required for 100 level vs. 200/300 as the pay is different)
  4. Accept the job in Casper (you will get an email notification)
  5. More steps are required in Casper that you must complete within one week or you will have to start the process over again

Other things you should know

  • Please make sure you have a contract prior to starting your job
  • Time period for processing contracts is 1 week and requires that you do things. No contract = no pay
  • Separate contracts and timesheets are required for separate jobs (e.g. 100 level vs. 200/300) as the pay is different
  • Timesheets should be returned to Damian. Timesheet due dates are shown on the back of the timesheet.
  • Timesheets need to be given to Damian within 60 days of the work being done. Much more work is required for late timesheets (another form, supervisor sign off, HOD sign off) and this will significantly delay payment
  • Contracts for demonstrating usually run to the end of the year. So you should get your final timesheet in as soon as possible after the course (or exam marking) is completed so that it can be processed and paid before your contract runs out!
  • There is generally no pay for preparation time for labs. The exception is the 100 level demonstrating meeting or occasionally setting up a lab under the direction of a staff member.