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Geology alumni 2021

Francesco CappuccioFrancesco Cappuccio


PhD topic: Fracture characterisation and structural and chemical correlations in drilled rock cores by means of automated image analysis, CT scan, and multifractals 
Supervisors: Virginia Toy, Steven Mills (Computer Science)

Joanna Cooper smJoanna Cooper


PhD topic: Investigating water-mass mixing across the Sub-tropical Front east of the South Island using seismic oceanography.
Supervisors: Andrew Gorman, Ross Vennell (Marine Science)

Amber CosteAmber Coste


PhD topic: Describing several specimens of fossil “tusked” New Zealand dolphins and investigating their teeth.
Supervisors: Ewan Fordyce, Carolina Loch (Dentistry)

Jamie Cudby thumbnailJamie Cudby

New Zealand

BSc(Hons) Topic: Exploring the relationship between gold, arsenic and lichen at the Come-in-Time Shear Zone, Central Otago
Supervisor: James Scott

Lucy DavidLucy_David_2020_image

Papua New Guinea

MSc topic: Geochemical characterization and mobilization of arsenic and heavy metals of surface waters associated with Nenthorn historic gold mine, Otago, New Zealand
Supervisors: Candace Martin, Mike Palin, Doug MacKenzie

Harry Davies ImageHarry Davies


MSc topic: Expanding the Footprint of Mesothermal Gold: Trace Elements in Sulphides
Supervisors: Mike Palin, Doug MacKenzie

Sheng Fan (Van)Sheng Fan (Van)


PhD topic: Natural Ice Microstructure.
Supervisors: Dave Prior, Christina Hulbe and Heather Purdie

Jonathan GriffinJonathan Griffin


PhD topic: Earthquake recurrence in low seismicity regions
Supervisors:  Mark Stirling, Ting Wang, Matt Gerstenberger (GNS)

Stephanie JuniorStephanie Junior


PhD topic: Analyzing gold in the mantle, petrological and geochemical studies of New Zealand peridotites.
Supervisor: James Scott

Kaeli Lalor ImageMikaeli Lalor

New Zealand

MSc topic: High-resolution lacustrine records of late Holocene climate change from southern New Zealand
Supervisor: Chris Moy

Orion Marshall

Orion_Marshall_imageNew Zealand

BSc(Hons) Topic: Xenotime in Westland, New Zealand
Supervisor: James Scott

Moyna Mueller smMoyna Mueller


PhD topic: Palaeontology, Hector’s dolphin,  comparative flipper anatomy, morphology and taxonomy
Supervisors: Ewan Fordyce, Jo Stanton, (Anatomy and Structural Biology), Steve Dawson (Marine Science)

Marshall PalmerMarshall Palmer

New Zealand

PhD topic: Geochemical characterization and in-situ dating of various scheelite deposits within the South Island of New Zealand
Supervisor: James Scott

Risa_Rezki_cropped imageRisa Rezki Permatasari


Supervisor: Andrew Gorman
MSc Topic: Numerical Modelling of Groundwater Flow in the South Dunedin using Gravity Data

Lachie ScarsbrookLachie Scarsbrook

New Zealand

MSc topic: Does size matter? Using osteology and ancient DNA to infer impacts of human colonization on Duvaucel’s gecko (Hoplodactylus duvaucelii)
Supervisors: Ewan Fordyce, Nic Rawlence (Zoology)

Yilun ShaoYilun Shao


PhD topic: Rheological processes in the upper mantle under the South Island of New Zealand
Supervisors: Dave Prior, James Scott, Martin Reyners (GNS Science)

Rilee ThomasRilee Thomas

New Zealand

MSc topic: The effects of solute chemistry of ice on ice deformation behaviour
Supervisor: Dave Prior, Gemma Kerr

Yuval YagolnitzerYuval Yagolnitzer

Israel, New Zealand

MSc topic: The Pigroot Duality, an experimental analysis of the Pigroot phonolite
Supervisor: Marco Brenna