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Current postgraduate students and opportunities for postgraduate study with Virginia Toy

Attention prospective students

BSc(Hons) Projects for 2017: Experimental Pseudotachylytes: friction melts that were generated during high-velocity rotary shear experiments on SHIVA, Rome (two projects)

Current students

  • Francesco Cappuccio - Fracture characterisation and structural and chemical correlations in drilled rock cores by means of automated image analysis, CT scan, and multifractals (PhD) 2017–

Past students

  • Risa Matsumura – Characterising the internal structure of major fault zones, using samples from outcrops and boreholes from the Alpine Fault Zone, New Zealand (PhD 2020)
  • Katrina Sauer – Influence of fluids and microstructural heterogeneities on the rheological behaviour of large-scale continental faults: Insights from the Alpine Fault mylonite zone, New Zealand (PhD 2020)
  • Loren Mathewson – Alpine Fault fluid composition and transport in proximity to the fault, using analyses of out-crop samples and gases entrained in drill fluids (MSc 2020)
  • Bernhard Schuck (with GFZ Potsdam) – Geomechanical and petrological characterisation of exposed slip zones, Alpine Fault, New Zealand (PhD 2019)
  • Soltice Morrison – An EBSD-based study of stress, strain, and vein formation in mylonitic rocks of the Alpine Fault (BSc(Hons) 2018)
  • Martina Kirilova – Deformation processes along the Alpine Fault. (PhD) 2018
  • Astrid Vetrhus (with University of Oslo) – Earthquake-generated landslides in the Southern Alps (MSc) 2017
  • Jack Williams – Characterisation of fractures in fault damage zones (PhD) submitted 2017
  • Katherine Emma Kluge – Electrical properties of schist and mylonite from the South Island, New Zealand: Exploring the source of the Southern Alps anomalous conductor (MSc) submitted 2017
  • Vivienne Bryner – Communicating the sciences of disaster risk reduction: stories surrounding the Canterbury Earthquakes (PhD) 2016
  • Tom Czertowicz – Tectono-metamorphic evolution of the Anita Shear Zone, NW Fiordland (PhD) 2016
  • Genevieve Coffey – Sedimentology and neo-tectonics of the Cascade River, South-Westland, NZ (MSc) 2014
  • Chris Webster – Grain Size Analysis of Cataclasites within the Otago Schist (MSc) 2015
  • Carolyn Boulton (with University of Canterbury) – Shallow coseismic fault rocks of the Alpine Fault (PhD) 2014
  • Eric Stewart (external advisor; based at Texas A&M University) – Tectonic setting of deformation within the Dun Mountain Ophiolite, focusing on the Red Hills section (PhD) 2015
  • Andy Cross – A study of the interplay between brittle and ductile processes on the Alpine Fault Zone, New Zealand, and implications for the seismic cycle (PhD) 2014
  • Zoe Reid-Lindroos – Microstructures developed during creep deformation of olivine and quartz: An investigation of the relationship between shape preferred orientation and crystallographic preferred orientation (MSc) 2014
  • Matt Sagar – Geology, petrology and thermochronology of the Glenroy Complex and adjacent plutons, SE Nelson (PhD) 2013
  • Marco BilliaStrain weakening visco-plasticity in quartzofeldspathic mylonites: A petrological, microstructural and numerical modelling stuy of the Alpine Fault Zone, New Zealand (PhD) - 2013
  • Nicolas Barth A Tectono-Geomorphic Study of the Alpine Fault, New Zealand (PhD) 2013
  • Hannah ScottCataclastic Processes within the Alpine Fault Zone (MSc) 2012
  • Charlotte Buxton-Blue – The interplay of chemical and mechanical processes during development of serpentinised fault zones (BSc(Hons)) 2011
  • Jens-Eric Lund-Snee – Fault mapping and characterisation near Docherty’s Creek, New Zealand. (Fullbright Fellow / COP) 2011
  • Eddie Dempsey (with University of Liverpool) – Along-strike variations in mechanics of the Alpine Fault mylonites (PhD). 2008-2010.
  • Luke Easterbrook-ClarkeThe Alpine Fault Zone along the Waitangi-taona River, West Coast, New Zealand (MSc). 2008-2010.
  • Sam Ritchie – Comparative study of pseudotachylytes in footwall, hangingwall and fault core on the Central Alpine Fault zone - (BSc(Hons)). 2009.
  • Zoe Reid-Lindroos – Variation in vein chemistries and textures in mylonites along strike of the Alpine Fault (BSc(Hons)). 2010.