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Prakash Khadka

Prakash KhadkaPrakash is a PhD student from Nepal under supervision of Dr Shyamal Das at New Zealand’s National School of Pharmacy, University of Otago. Professor Philip Hill (Department of Preventive and Social Medicine), and Dr Jack Dummer (Department of Medicine), are co-supervisers.

Inhalable Rifampicin for the treatment of Tuberculosis

"According to the WHO, Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the top 10 causes of death worldwide.

"Approaches to treat TB include a standard 6 month course of four antimicrobial drugs in combinational therapy. Among them, Rifampicin, a broad spectrum antibiotic, is used for treatment of TB through the oral route. Rifampicin is known to cause side effects such as renal impairment, haemolysis or thrombocytopenia and dose-related hepatitis, which is potentially fatal. Due to these reasons, the maximum recommended daily dose of Rifampicin is 600 mg.

"The pulmonary route can be an alternative route of high dose Rifampicin delivery in the treatment of TB and can reduce the adverse effects while achieving local effect in the alveolar macrophages. Our research is focused on development of an inhalable formulation of Rifampicin in the treatment of TB and comparison of different interventions such as oral only, inhaled only, and oral plus inhaled therapies for the treatment of TB."