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Student profiles


Gener Delos Santos

 I’m involved in helping to maintain and set up occupational medical support in various industrial sectors.

Lindsay Robertson thumbnail

Lindsay Robertson

After completing the Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health (DPH), Lindsay decided to stay on to complete her master's in Public Health and a PhD.


Rachael Holloway

 Distance learning meant I could study at night, and when my son had an afternoon nap I could get a little bit of reading done.

Amir-Bastani thumb

Amir Bastani

I chose the Faculty of Law at the University of Otago for my PhD, as it is one of the few places I know of with an ideal research center...

Anne Burston thumbnail

Anne Burston

I chose to pursue postgraduate study to improve my qualifications for future work overseas.

Aaron Hapuku thumbnail

Aaron Hapuku

“I really wanted to combine my passion for hauora Māori and public health with sound academic qualifications that can make that passion a career."

Hayden Holmes thumb

Hayden Holmes

Hayden Holmes, former Air Force corporal in logistics, BCom in economics University of Otago, and now forging a new career in the health sector, says he is really enjoying his Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health.

Peter Murray thumbnail

Peter Murray

Peter Murray is a medical doctor who is currently undertaking his specialist training with the New Zealand College of Public Health Medicine.

Ruth Cunningham thumbnail

Ruth Cunningham

Ruth Cunningham’s doctorate, with funding from an HRC clinical fellowship, is focusing on the unanswered question of what happens when someone with severe mental illness then develops cancer?

Lisa Reynodls thumbnail

Lisa Reynolds

A Bachelor of Science graduate, Lisa works as an administrator and studied part-time to complete the Postgraduate Certificate in Public Health. 

Skye Kimura Thumbnail

Skye Kimura

“I always knew I wanted to work in advocacy or something in the area of creating change and I started working in public health early on.”

Amy Proudfoot thumb

Amy Proudfoot

"I enjoyed the mix of papers and while not all the compulsory papers would have been my preferred options, I found them really beneficial".

Tawini White thumbnail

Tawini White

Tawini White is studying regional language variations for her Master's degree.

Catherine Willett thumbnail

Catherine Willett

Podiatrist Catherine Willett jumped straight into postgraduate studies in 2005 after her undergraduate degree, tackling a Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Medicine at Otago.


Deirdre Anderson

I hope to work with elite athletes and find ways of helping them become faster and stronger.

Terri Caulcutt thumbnail

Terri Caulcutt

“This programme allows social workers to undertake further studies with a distinctly social work emphasis”

Russell Blakelock Thumb

Russell Blakelock

Russell Blakelock believes Otago’s Distance Learning programme offers him the flexibility he needs, as well as a sense of community that he also believes to be important.

Gianna Leoni thumbnail

Gianna Leoni

Gianna Leoni is researching attitudes towards te reo in Government departments.

Del Carlini Thumbnail

Del Carlini

The core question of Del’s thesis is what enhances the ability of an armed force to adapt during conflict and what slows, disrupts or hinders that ability.

Chan Won Lee thumbnail

Chan Won Lee

Chan Won Lee is studying for a Master of Business Data Science at the University of Otago.

Thomas Brew_thumb

Tom Brew

"My time at Otago fostered my interest in cancer genetics research." 

Gabriella Brown thumbnail

Gabriella Lindberg

PhD student, Gabriella Lindberg, is part of a team working on the difficult task of printing large, viable pieces of cartilage to ultimately be used as replacement tissue in human surgery.

Jaye Moors thumbnail

Jaye Moors

Most new students expect challenges in their first year at University, but Jaye Moors had the added pressure of acclimatising to Dunedin’s climate after moving from Samoa.


Nuno Hermiterio

 Being independent and in charge of my own time is a good thing when studying by distance learning.

Amirah Osama - Zoology thumbnail

Amirah Osama

Amirah Osama's interest in zoology was sparked after taking part in a Hands-On at Otago course as a senior in high school.

Jazmine Cassidy - Law thumbnail

Jazmine Cassidy

A Bachelor of Laws is a great toolbox degree that can lead to a world of opportunities, says Otago graduate Jazmine Cassidy.

Jack Wynne - Info Science thumbnail

Jack Wynne

Despite studying a little bit of everything at high school, Jack Wynne eventually enrolled with the University of Otago’s Department of Information Science. He knew he was interested in how technology was used in society and in business, and because the department stood out from the same courses available at other New Zealand universities, he settled in Dunedin.

Laura Marwick - English thumbnail

Laura Marwick

It was “practically inevitable” that Laura Marwick would choose to study English.

Rachel Malden - Economics thumbnail

Rachel Malden

For Rachel Malden, coming to the University of Otago wasn’t the easiest choice, but it turned out to be the right one.