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Final Submission and Access to the Thesis

Once the examination process is complete, the candidate will be notified of the final result. Should the result be to award the Master’s degree, the candidate will be required to:

• forward two hard bound copies of the final version of the thesis:
• to Student Records in the Clocktower Building on the Dunedin Campus
• for candidates in the University of Otago, Christchurch to the Manager, Academic Programmes, in the Dean’s Department
• for candidates in the University of Otago, Wellington to the Postgraduate Liaison Officer in the Postgraduate Office.

Note that the cost of the two hard-bound copies will be met by the University provided that the thesis is submitted within 1.5 years of full-time Master’s research study. If eligible, the candidate should obtain an order form from the Doctoral Office ( to cover the printing and binding costs of the two hardbound copies of the thesis.

• complete a standard Author Declaration Form to be bound into the front of one of the submitted hard bound theses. A copy of this form is available from:; and

• submit an electronic copy (e-thesis) of the final thesis to the Library (see The candidate must ensure the level of access they assign during their e-thesis submission matches that indicated on the completed Author Declaration Form.

Embargo of Thesis

In situations where the thesis contains sensitive material or has been funded or helped by external research grants, or has publications pending, it may be necessary for the completed thesis to be placed under an embargo, with access restricted for a period of time. This may also be necessary for intellectual property reasons. Restricted access will be permitted only in the most exceptional circumstances and requires the permission of the Dean of the Graduate Research School. In the first instance the candidate, with the support of their primary supervisor and Head of Department, or the primary supervisor with the support of the Head of Department, should apply for an embargo in writing explaining in detail the reason for the embargo and indicating the time frame of the embargo. A thesis is normally embargoed for a period of one year but this can be extended or reduced as required. Applications should be forwarded to the Dean, Graduate Research School ( for processing, whereby a special Library Declaration Form is produced and signed off by the Dean, the divisional Pro-Vice-Chancellor and the candidate.


To have your degree conferred, you must apply to graduate either in person or in absentia at the appropriate ceremony online via e:Vision

Once the exact opening date for applications has been confirmed for each round of ceremonies, these will be published in the Opening and Closing Dates section of the Graduation webpages,

In order to be eligible to apply to graduate, you must have submitted your thesis for examination. For all Master’s candidates we strongly recommend applying to graduate in the group of graduation ceremonies after the group of ceremonies immediately following your submission. For example, if you submit in December, we recommend that you apply in the following year for the August ceremony, rather than a May ceremony. Statistics show, while not impossible, it is doubtful that you will meet requirements and deadlines to graduate at a ceremony immediately following submission of your thesis for examination. Graduating in the next set of ceremonies is also not guaranteed, but it is much more likely.

It is each student’s responsibility to ensure that they apply for a place in the ceremony allocated to their discipline before the closing date for that ceremony. As there is a limit to the number of people who can graduate in person at each ceremony; the closing date may be brought forward if this limit is reached before the closing date. Please apply promptly to avoid disappointment.

There is no limit to the number of people who can graduate in absentia, but your application must be received by the closing date.

You must submit two hard-bound copies of your thesis to the Student Records Office at least five weeks prior to the date of the ceremony that you have been accepted into, as well as an electronic copy of your thesis to OUR Archive,

For the exact date that your hard-bounds and e-thesis are due, please contact either your Divisional Office or the Graduation Office. Alternatively, this information can be viewed on the Graduation Office webpage

If you are having your thesis hard bound through the Uniprint ( it may take up to ten working days to be ready for collection.

The academic dress for Masters’ graduates of the University of Otago consists of a black gown, a black hood lined with silk using the colours specified for that degree (see the University Calendar under Academic Dress) and a black trencher.