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The purpose of the handbook and its organisation

The aim of this Handbook is to provide information and guidance on all matters relating to the PhD, describing processes and regulations, identifying responsibilities and rights, and providing pointers towards good practice. It is expected that the Handbook will be consulted by students and staff alike and it is hoped that it will serve as a stimulus for orientation and induction, as well as a reference source.

The Handbook will not reproduce all of the many policy documents relating to the PhD. Instead, it will draw on those documents to provide a readable summary of those policies and a description of the practices which they govern. In many places, that description is accompanied by an explanatory commentary outlining the purpose of specific procedures.

The Handbook is divided into four parts:

  • Section A provides a general overview of the degree, its nature and the administrative processes which support it.
  • Section B deals with the many activities involved in the pursuit of the PhD itself. This section has been organised as far as possible to follow the "chronology" of a PhD from the moment when first contact is made with the University right through to graduation.
  • Section C concerns important practical issues ranging from the payment of fees, to sources of financial and other support and the mechanisms by which the University ensures that the PhD experience is of good quality.
  • Section D provides information about other services which may be of use to PhD candidates.

You will note that some of the information presented in certain sections of the Handbook also appears in other sections. This duplication is intentional so that the reader may view in one place all of the relevant information related to a particular topic.

At Otago, it is customary to refer to enrolled PhD students as "candidates". For purposes of this Handbook, however, "student" is used interchangeably with "candidate".

It is expected that the Handbook will often be read in conjunction with other handbooks, brochures and guides, produced by individual Departments, Schools and Divisions. In any cases where there are apparent discrepancies between the information contained in any of those documents and this Handbook, the reader should assume that this Handbook is correct. If in doubt, contact the Dean, Graduate Research School for advice and clarification.

The regulations for the PhD degree are available elsewhere on this website.

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