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Are you almost ready to submit your thesis? If you're frantically trying to finish your thesis, you may not have had time to think about all those last minute details – where do you go to hand it in? How many copies do you need to print? And most importantly, when do you get that celebratory chocolate fish?

The Doctoral section of the Doctoral and Scholarships Office is happy to answer any questions on the following information.

Preparing for Submission of Your Thesis

Refer to the University of Otago Library's Subject Guides page when preparing your thesis for admission.

You need to be enrolled in the semester that you submit your thesis.

Make sure to notify your department/supervisor around a month prior to submission in order for the nomination of examiners for your thesis to be obtained and approved.

We advise using Uniprint for the soft binding of your thesis. This can be done using either fast back binding or spiral binding.

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Soft-Bound Thesis Submission for Examination

You will need to submit four soft-bound copies of your thesis. These can be double sided, however single sided is preferable, size permitting. Make sure to include one signed in pen thesis submission declaration form handed in separately, not bound into the thesis. A photocopied or scanned declaration is acceptable as long as the signature is hand written not typed.

Select and download the Thesis Submission Declaration form.

Theses should NOT be submitted direct to academic departments but to the following staff:

  • for candidates in Dunedin – at the reception desk in the St David II building located opposite the Visitor Centre, and next to the Centre for Innovation on St David St. Theses for examination will be accepted here by appointment only: to book, students should email After checking the candidate's enrolment details, a member of Student Administration will either confirm the appointment or advise what needs to be completed before submission of soft-bounds can be accepted.
  • for candidates in the Christchurch School of Medicine and Health Sciences – to the Manager, Academic Programmes, in the Dean’s Department
  • for candidates in the Wellington School of Medicine and Health Sciences – to the Postgraduate Liaison Officer in the Postgraduate Office.

Soft-bound thesis FAQs

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After Submission

Email contact after submission from the Doctoral Office will be to your student email address. You will need to forward your emails if you wish them to go to a different email address.

Any postal contact after submission will be to the postal address supplied on the declaration. You will need to advise us of any change to this address.

The Doctoral Administrators ( in the Doctoral and Scholarships Office handle all enquiries regarding the progress of your examination after submission.

Visit The Examination Process page for more details on the structure of the examination process.

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Preparing for Hard-Bound Submission

Once the Doctoral and Scholarships Office is advised by your examination convener that you have completed all amendments to your thesis, (what we term the final sign-off), we will formally write to you advising that you can proceed with production of the two copies of your hard-bound thesis. You are advised not to begin production until you receive this letter or have verbal or email confirmation from your convener to proceed with hard-binding.

Hard-bound thesis FAQs

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Payment for Hard-Binding

If you are eligible to have two hard-bound copies of your thesis paid for by the University, you will have been advised in the letter sent to you regarding production of your hard-bound thesis. If you wish to check your eligibility please contact the Doctoral Administrators ( We advise obtaining a printing/binding order through the Doctoral Office and taking this Uniprint to produce your hard bound thesis at no cost to you. If you are having your thesis bound elsewhere, keep your original receipts and submit these along with your bank account details to the Scholarships Administrators ( for reimbursement.

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Hard-Bound Thesis Submission

Submission of your two hard-bound theses with author declaration form is to be made to the Doctoral and Scholarships Office.

If you are a Christchurch campus student submission is to the Department of the Dean, Manager of Academic Programmes. If you are a Wellington campus student submission is to the Postgraduate Office and the Postgraduate Liaison Officer.

We must receive with the two hard-bound copies of your thesis one author declaration form signed by both you and your primary supervisor. This should be bound into the thesis before the title page, a photocopied or scanned declaration is acceptable as long as the signature is hand written not typed.

Select and download the Author Declaration form.

Hard-bound thesis FAQs

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E-Thesis Submission

A digital copy of your thesis is deposited by you into OUR Archive.

This must be an exact replica of the corrected thesis that was accepted for your degree - this is the version that was bound. Either PDF or word processed versions are acceptable.

Find out more about E-Thesis submission on the University of Otago Library Subject Guides pages.

Deposit your E-Thesis direct in the Otago University Research Archive.

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