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Where will I stay?

Our residential colleges

You will stay at one of our residential colleges near to the University – Arana College and St Margaret's College.

Accommodation is provided from Sunday afternoon 15 January until Friday afternoon 20 January. This includes all meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), bed, bedding and towels.

If you need to stay an extra night for whatever reason we can arrange that too. (Sometimes that extra night - at a cost of $80 - saves many hundreds in airfares…)

More about Arana College

More about St Margaret's College

What do I need to bring?

Necessary clothing

Some projects and afternoon activities take place in the outdoors and in mildly rugged conditions. Some of the projects and 'snacks' take place in University of Otago laboratories where you are required to wear closed-toe shoes at all times.

Gear list

  • Bring clothing suitable for summery days and outdoor activities, but also come well prepared with warm protective clothing and footwear in case of rain or wind (or both) and cool temperatures.
  • Bring sportswear that can get dirty!
  • If you play a musical instrument, then feel free to bring it.
  • Bring a waterproof jacket, sports shoes, backpack, drink bottle.
  • Personal toiletry items, alarm clock, camera, sunglasses, sunblock, and hat.
  • You will need extra money for snack foods, free-time activities such as swimming or shopping trips to town.
  • Meals from Sunday lunch or dinner to Friday lunch are covered by your fees.

Please do not bring any unnecessary valuables or surplus clothing.

Do I have to share a room?

Nope. Each student has their own room, which comes with bed linen and two towels for the week. If you think you’ll need more than two, bring your own extras…

Do I have to share a bathroom?

Yes. There are multiple showers etc in each bathroom, and the water heating is pretty good, but you need to be considerate of others…

Can I be on the same floor as my friend?

Of course you can. It helps to let us know who your friend is early on, so when you send in your registration let us know who you’d like to room beside. On the other hand, you’ll make so many new friends in the first five minutes, it won’t be as much of a concern as you might think….

How careful is the supervision?

Obviously Hands-On at Otago is mixed, we recognise the huge responsibility we have been given to look after you. We separate boys and girls, there’s supervision on each floor from senior or postgraduate students. There are plenty of social activities which take into account the wide range of ages and interests of the students attending.