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How do I get to Dunedin?

The University of Otago is located right in the heart of the city, which makes getting here easy.

Travel form

All students (including those from Dunedin) are required to complete a travel form outlining their arrival and departure details.

This form will be sent to students together with the acceptance letter. This enables us to collect everyone arriving on buses and planes, and to have a rough idea when to expect those of you arriving by car.

Hands-On at Otago starts with registration from 10 am on Sunday and finishes at 1pm after lunch on Friday.

Travelling by bus

There are a number of bus services that travel from Christchurch, Central Otago and Southland or South Otago. We collect everyone travelling by bus, at your drop-off point.

Travelling by air

We collect all students from the airport when they arrive and drop them back when they leave. We have a limited number of places available at Hands-On so be careful about booking non-refundable flights before you have been accepted.

Orbit Travel in Dunedin is offering to arrange air travel bookings for students from all centres. For fare and flight details please contact:

Megan Murch
Orbit Travel
Tel 0800 322 747

The benefit of this is that Orbit will book a flight when a student applies for Hands-On at Otago, but the booking is only confirmed and paid for if/when the student is accepted in November. This allows students to get better prices for their bookings, without the risk of being left with unwanted bookings on their hands. If you would like to take advantage of this offer please fill in the flight booking section of the registration form.

Once you have been accepted for Hands-On at Otago, Orbit Travel will contact you with flight details and costs. Please note payment will be required at that time in order to confirm your booking. Travel insurance is available to cover cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances.

How do I get to Hands-On at Otago from the airport or bus station?

We meet every flight students arrive on, we meet every bus, and we deliver back to every return home flight or bus. It’s free and friendly. Don’t panic! We'll send out some of our student helpers to meet you, and they'll make sure no-one gets left behind.
Having said that, if your flight gets you to Dunedin earlier than 10 am we will pick you up and get you settled into your college, even give you lunch … that’s just the kind of people we are…

Travelling by car

Some students travel in their own cars – please contact us beforehand about parking for the week. Many families drop their young people off and pick up again afterwards, and we include a handy map in the handbook for those students who are taking part in Hands-On at Otago.