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Health and Safety Planning, Legislation and Risk and Hazard Management

To successfully implement a rehabilitation management system, we need to have a thorough and holistic planning process. This process needs to establish objectives, targets and measures for success.

3.1 Health and Safety Risk and Hazard Management

  • Risk management is outlined in the University Risk Management Framework and includes a risk matrix. This risk matrix has been incorporated into Vault which is University of Otago's online Health and Safety management system, and hazards are risk assessed based on this matrix.

  • The Risk Register expands on the management of health and safety risks and hazards in more detail. The risk register includes the likely impact of risks, causes and risk rating as well as the policies and procedures that have been developed to manage these high risks. The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA) also requires the documentation of a hazard register and associated controls. 

  • Risk control strategies and hazard management processes are recorded in Vault. Training is provided by the Health and Safety team for the recording and management of risks and hazards. The Vault system allows all staff, students, contractors and visitors to the University of Otago campuses to report any health and safety related event on site.

    More information about the University of Otago Vault System can be found on the Departmental Health & Safety Officers (DHSOs) page.

3.2 Legal and Other Requirements in Health and Safety

University of Otago maintains a documented set of procedures that include legal requirements that are directly applicable to the activities, products or services, including relevant relationships with contractors or suppliers.  The Health and Safety Compliance team revises legislative requirements annually and provides submissions on proposed legislative changes where appropriate.

3.3 Health and Safety Objectives and Targets


These are established annually to meet the University of Otago’s Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Policy. Objectives are the overall goals for OHS performance identified in the OHS policy and provide the University with the means to evaluate its OHS performance. The Operational Health and Safety Committee sets a range of objectives and targets based on the risk profile, legislative changes, corporate requirements, annual health and safety review, analysis of health and safety events and investigations, and recommendations from Health and Safety Compliance team.  The Operational Health and Safety Committee recommends the objectives to the VC for authorisation, which informs the annual health and safety plan. 

The detailed requirements are described in the document: Objectives and Targets Procedure

Performance Indicators - monitoring of the health and safety objectives is achieved by:

  • Measurement of performance indicators
  • Quarterly meetings of the Operational Health and Safety Committee
  • Annual review of performance through the annual audit and Vault reports
  • Quarterly compliance reports to the Safety, compliance committee
  • Annual report to Senior Leadership Team and Council

3.4 Occupational Health and Safety Management Plans

The OHS Strategic and Operational Business Plan  is developed by the Health and Safety Team and sets the governance and health and safety systems improvements and deliverables over the year.

Departments/Divisions are required to establish a local plan to support the achievement of these objectives.

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