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Supporting Health and Safety Policies

Significant risk activities are managed by University policy, procedures, codes of practice, guidelines and manuals. These can be found on:

The following table provides a summary:

Generic High Risk
Policy Guidelines
Driving Safe Driving Policy Safe Driving Guidelines
Scuba Diving Scuba Diving Policy Code of Practice for Diving
Small boat activities Safe Use of Small Boat (<6m) Policy Code Of Practice for Small Boats (<6m) (PDF)
Potential for blood and body fluid exposure Blood and Body Fluid exposure policy and emergency procedures Biohazard safety manual (PDF)
Contractor Management H&S Approved Contractor Policy H&S Approved Contractor Procedure
Hazardous Substances in Laboratories HSNO-Exempt Laboratory Compliance Policy University of Otago HSNO Exempt Laboratory Manual (PDF)
Laboratory Animal Allergy (LAA) Laboratory Animal Allergy policy LAA guidelines
Working off campus Fieldwork and off campus work policy

Fieldwork and off campus guidelines (PDF)

Community and Home based fieldwork (PDF)

Pathogen exposure Staff Vaccination policy

Vaccination guidelines.

Health Surveillance Matrix (PDF)

Health Monitoring

Working at height, in confined space and hot work Permit to work system.
Stress and mental health Stress and Mental health guidelines
Uncleared biological and GMO Biological Compliance Manual
Radiation use Radiation Safety Policy Health and Safety Compliance: Radiation safety web page