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Exceptional PhD theses in the Division of Health Sciences (2007)

Ahmad Anjomshoaa

Thesis title: Prognostic significance of a gene proliferation signature in colorectal cancer
Primary Supervisor: Professor Anthony Reeve

For more information on Ahmad Anjomshoaa's work, please contact the Department of Biochemistry by emailing

Sharon Gardiner

Thesis title: Pharmacogenetics, drug metabolism and clinical practice
Primary supervisor: Professor Evan Begg

To learn more about Sharon's research please contact the Medicine Department at University of Otago, Christchurch by emailing

Paul Johnston

Thesis title: Molecular characterisation of Chromatin Introgressed from Hordeum Bulbosum L. into Hordeum vulgare L.
Primary Supervisor: Associate Professor Kevin Farnden

For more information on Paul's work, please contact the Department of Biochemistry by emailing

Rosalina Richards

Thesis title: Factors influencing physical activity participation during adolescence and young adulthood
Primary Supervisor: Dr Anthony Reeder

For more information on Rosalina Richards' work, please contact the Department of Preventive and Social Medicine emailing

Dr Andrew Smith

Thesis title: Exhaled nitric oxide measurements in the diagnosis and management of asthma
Primary Supervisor: Professor Robyn Taylor

For more information on Dr Andrew Smith's work, please contact the Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences by emailing

Callum Smits

Thesis title: Structures of the pro-survival protein A1 in comples with BH3-domain peptides
Primary Supervisor: Dr Catherine Day

For more information on Callum Smits' work, please contact the Department of Biochemistry by emailing

Alexandra Vranyac-Tramoundanas

Thesis title: Domoic acid-induced cardiac damage: an in vitro and in vivo investigation
Primary Supervisor: Dr Ivan Sammut

For more information on Alexandra Vranyac-Tramoundanas' work, please contact the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology by emailing

Axel Zeitler

Thesis title: Physical characterisation of pharmaceutical solids by Terahertz pulsed spectroscopy and imaging
Primary supervisor, Professor Thomas Rades

To learn more about Axel's research please contact the School of Pharmacy by emailing