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Bachelor of Business - Electronic Commerce (University of Southern Queensland
Master of Education – Educational Technologies (Monash University)

Research Title

The Transformation and Development of the Higher Education Sector in Fiji 2007-2017

PhD Start

March 1 2017

Research Summary

Charmaine's research involves the retrospective analysis of the higher education sector in Fiji, with the goal of understanding its philosophical foundation, growth, challenges and future opportunities. The analysis sets off from 2007-2017.

Sources of data for this analysis draws from key policy documents generated during this period, and interviews with key stakeholders working in the higher education sector in Fiji. The research aims to illuminate critical issues facing the higher education sector in Fiji, and the wider implications for the Pacific region. Further, this work will provide useful insights to the Fiji government, regulatory bodies, and donor organisations regarding policy impacts and strategic directions moving forward.

Research Interests

  • Higher Education
  • Strategic Planning & Innovation
  • Internationalisation of Higher Education
  • Governance
  • Policy making and implementation


Primary - Dr Vivienne Anderson
Co-supervisor - Dr Rob Wass


Kwan, C. (2018). Fiji - Teacher Education. In Karras, K.G., & Wolhuter, C.C. (Eds), International handbook of teacher education worldwide (2nd ed., Vol 1,2,3), pp. 497-511. Nicosia: HM Studies

Kwan, C. (2017). Exploring the Fiji Higher Education Sector: Establishment, Growth and Ongoing Complexities. Proceedings of the 45th Annual Conference of the Oceania Comparative and International Education Society (OCIES), 7-10 November. University of New Caledonia, Noumea

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