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Room 2S12, Arts 1 (Burns) Building
Tel +64 3 479 8641

Academic qualifications

1995: PhD (ANU)
1988: MA (Tas)
1981: DipHum (La Trobe)
1979: GDipMusStud (PCAE)
1978: BA (La Trobe)

Research interests

Associate Professor Alexander Trapeznik teaches courses in Russian History, World History and Public History. His research interests include the role of revolutionary ideology, social and political movements and class conflict in nineteenth and twentieth century Russia. In relation to New Cold War History his work in this area seeks to reinterpret the Comintern's position in an international and national context. Finally, in the burgeoning field of Public History he is particularly interested in historical and cultural heritage management issues in New Zealand.

Alex's latest book, "Dunedin's Warehouse Precinct" is now available. Dunedin's warehouse district is a newly rediscovered treasure and this richly illustrated, freely downloadable e-book explores the history of this fascinating part of Dunedin.

Courses taught

Research profile

  • Associate Editor (History) New Zealand Slavonic Journal
  • Editorial Advisory Board Public History Review


Trapeznik, A. (2023). A new zeal for history: Public history in New Zealand. Public History Review, 30, 79-88. doi: 10.5130/phrj.v30i0.8380

Trapeznik, A. (2022). Dismissing the staff: Domestic servants and a historic house in Dunedin, New Zealand. Journal of New Zealand Studies, 34, 36-48. doi: 10.26686/jnzs.iNS34.7668

Trapeznik, A. (2020). 'The madding wheeles of brazen chariots rag'd; dire was the noise': Motoring and the environment in New Zealand before the second world war. International Review of Environmental History, 6(1), 31-49. doi: 10.22459/IREH.06.01.2020.02

Trapeznik, A., & Cummins, N. (2019, October). HUMS301/401 internship practicum. Verbal presentation at the Teaching and Learning Symposium: Pride in the Humanities, Dunedin, New Zealand.

Trapeznik, A. (2019). "To make the crooked straight": The Crippled Children Society in southern New Zealand, 1935-2007. Journal of New Zealand Studies, 28, 98-115. doi: 10.26686/jnzs.v0iNS28.5423

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