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Ali Clarke

Research Fellow
University of Otago 150th Anniversary HistoryClarke_Ali 186

Tel: 027 7176462

Academic Qualifications

Ph.D. 2003 University of Otago
P.G.Dip.Arts 1999 University of Otago
B.A. 1997 Massey University




Born to a Changing World: Childbirth in Nineteenth-Century New Zealand (Wellington: Bridget Williams Books, 2012).

A Living Tradition: A Centennial History of Knox College, Dunedin (Dunedin: Knox College, 2009).

Holiday Seasons: Christmas, New Year and Easter in Nineteenth-Century New Zealand (Auckland: Auckland University Press, 2007).

Book chapters

“Popular piety, the sacraments and Calvinism in colonial New Zealand,” in Murray Rae, Peter Matheson and Brett Knowles, eds., Calvin: The Man and the Legacy (Adelaide: ATF, 2014), 189-212.

“Researching the history of popular religion in New Zealand,” in Geoff Troughton and Hugh Morrison, eds., The Spirit of the Past: Essays on Christianity in New Zealand History (Wellington: Victoria University Press, 2011), 55-68.

“‘Tinged with Christian sentiment’: popular religion and the Otago colonists, 1850-1900,” in John Stenhouse and Antony Wood, eds., Christianity, Modernity and Culture: New Perspectives of New Zealand History (Adelaide: ATF, 2005), 103-131.

“Communities celebrating landscapes: harvest festivities in nineteenth-century Otago,” in Tony Ballantyne and Judith A. Bennett, eds., Landscape/Community: Perspectives from New Zealand History (Dunedin, University of Otago Press, 2005), 103-116.

“A godly rhythm: keeping the sabbath in Otago, 1870-1890,” in John Stenhouse and Jane Thomson, eds., Building God’s Own Country: Historical Essays on Religions in New Zealand (Dunedin: University of Otago Press, 2004), 46-59.

“A photograph, a feeding bottle, and the tragedies of colonial family life,” in Annabel Cooper, Lachy Paterson and Angela Wanhalla, eds., The Lives of Colonial Objects (Dunedin: Otago University Press, 2015), 98-103.

Journal articles

"All at sea: childbirth on nineteenth-century migrant voyages to New Zealand," New Zealand Journal of History 50 (2016), 13-29

“Calendars, cemeteries and the evolution of colonial culture,” Journal of New Zealand Studies 12 (2011), 125-136.

“Heavenly visions: Otago colonists’ concepts of the afterlife,” Journal of Religious History 30 (2006): 2-17.

“‘Days of Heaven on Earth’: Presbyterian communion seasons in nineteenth-century Otago,” Journal of Religious History 26 (2002): 274-297. Winner of the Bruce Mansfield Award for the best article published in the Journal of Religious History, 2002-2003.

“‘With one accord rejoice on this glad day’: celebrating the monarchy in nineteenth-century Otago,” New Zealand Journal of History 36 (2002): 137-160.

“Churchgoing in New Zealand, 1874-1926: how ‘mediocre’ was it?” New Zealand Journal of History 47 (2013), 106-135.