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Otago Foreign Policy School 2024

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Global Health: Challenges and Responses

Global Health gained prominence during the COVID-19 pandemic as being much more central to global stability and prosperity than many people had previously realised.

Global Health can be defined as collaborative trans-national research and action to address health problems for all. It encompasses population-wide and individual-based health issues and operates across all sectors. It transcends national boundaries and requires trans-national action. It is also inter-disciplinary, engaging many specialist areas beyond traditional health disciplines, from basic science through to economics, ethics, and politics.

Global Health is a flagship area of expertise at the University of Otago, with University-wide inter-disciplinary engagement and collaborative initiatives in the Pacific, Asia and Africa, and engagement of major Global Health Funders.

Key themes of the School

  1. Global Health diplomacy, Law, Governance, and Global Institutions
  2. A Pacific perspective on Global Health
  3. Preparedness for Global Health emergencies
  4. Lessons from the history of Global Health challenges
  5. Health Nationalism, and Global equity, and major Global Health responses

Join us for three days of seminars by leading international and Otago speakers who offer a range of expertise.

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Balazs Kiglics


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