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Cashill Tims - PPE
Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws - Graduate programme, Dentons Kensington Swan.

Choosing just one subject to study was never on the cards for Cashill Tims, who graduated recently with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) and a Bachelor of Laws.

“I saw PPE as a perfect way to combine my interest in humanities and economics, while also being complementary to my law studies. The interdisciplinary nature of PPE helped me learn skills that were transferable across all three branches of the subject, giving me a deeper understanding and alternative perspective to each part, and preparing me to work in a much wider range of jobs than if I had studied only one of the three.”

“Being across the three departments and experiencing the different styles of lecturing was interesting too,” he says.

“A huge benefit of studying PPE is the amount of freedom when it comes to selecting the papers and general theme of the subject, which allowed me to shape my degree in a way that was unique to me and my specific interests. There is even the possibility of taking papers outside the three subjects if they fit within the general theme of the PPE degree.”

During his studies, Cashill took a semester of politics and philosophy papers on exchange at Dalhousie University in Canada, and also worked at the Dunedin City Council as part of a humanities internship that counted towards his PPE subject. He was later offered a part-time job with the council, which has led to further career opportunities.

“I’ve just begun my first job in a graduate position at a law firm in Wellington. I believe my PPE qualification certainly helped with securing this role.”