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Completing a Job Evaluation request

There are several components to a Job Evaluation request. Getting all the relevant documentation completed and approved will speed up the process.

Preparing a Job Description for evaluation

Job Descriptions must be written in the Job Description Template (in the 'Get it Done' bar). The University is in the process of changing to set Job Descriptions. If the position appears in the Support Services Review Job Description website then it is not possible to change the job description:

Even if the role is not listed here, it is important to reflect the new Support Services Review structure.  When preparing a Job Description for evaluation you should ensure that the Job Description is clear on the budgetary responsibilities of the position including the signing authority. What is the delegated Financial Authority? What is the size of typical decision?

Please ensure you state the number of staff (FTE) the position supervises (if applicable).

 Please note: Job descriptions are regarded as public information by the University. Both the Job Description and the associated level will normally be published when advertising a vacancy.

The specific objectives and tasks that an individual is expected to meet when undertaking a role are set within their Performance & Development Review (PDR), and are private to the holder (i.e. incumbent) of a position and their manager(s).

Job Analysis Questionnaire

A Job Analysis Questionnaire provides broader context for the position and is important in providing a comprehensive evaluation. If you are preparing a Job Analysis Questionnaire for a new position, anticipate the positon being performed by someone fully competent in the role.

A Job Analysis Questionnaire will be required for Management Band evaluation or re-evaluation, this is to be completed by the incumbent (if possible) and the manager of the position being evaluated.

Job Analysis Questionnaire

How to request a Job Evaluation

To request the evaluation of a new position:
1. Complete the Job Evaluation Form (this ensures a fast return)
2. Prepare the Job Description using the template provided (if this position is based on an already existing Job Description, please advise which one)
3. Include an organisational chart
4. You may provide further information by completing the Job Analysis Questionnaire
5. Email all the above documents to the Job Evaluation Committee Secretary at

Following the Committee meeting, the Head of Department (and if appropriate the supervisor and incumbent) will be informed of the final level. If a change in salary results, placement will be as per the University Remuneration Policy.

Approval of Job Evaluation requests

The Job Evaluation Form needs to be used when you request the evaluation of a position. The form gives the Head of Department the responsibility to decide whether the position needs to be re-evaluated. If the position is essentially the same and none of the Job Evaluation Criteria are likely to be affected, then the position does not need to be re-evaluated.

Some Divisions require that Job Evaluation requests go through the Division/School office, while others only require the signature of the Head of Department.

Division Job descriptions approved by:
Commerce Divisional Office
Health Sciences Divisional Office
Divisional Office
Sciences Divisional Office
Academic Services
Director's Office
Operations Chief Operating Officer's Office/Director's Office
Library Corporate Services
International Office of the PVC
Research Director's Office
Financial Services Divisional Office

Appealing a Job Evaluation

A Head of Department or Dean or the job holder may appeal within one month of the date of written notification from Human Resources communicating the decision of the evaluation of a position where the Job Description used for the evaluation was inaccurate or insufficient.

The result of an appeal could give rise to either no change in the level or a change to a higher or lower level.

These should be sent to the Committee Secretary, email