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Performance and Development Reviews (PDRs) happen every year for all eligible professional employees.

You’re eligible for the PDR if:

  • You’re a professional employee (fixed-term or permanent, including managers), and
  • You were employed on your current employment agreement, in your current position, on or before 31 July this year, and
  • You may be employed by the University on 1 February next year

More than one role

If you work in two or more distinct roles, you will have separate PDRs for each role (assuming each role meets the eligibility criteria above).

Parental leave

If you’re on parental leave, you will still participate in the PDR process (assuming you meet the eligibility criteria above). The underlying principle is that you should not be disadvantaged by taking parental leave, so your manager will assess your performance during the months you worked. Ideally, development opportunities should be discussed prior to the start of your parental leave.

Parental leave PDR guidelines (Word)

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Why we do PDRs

PDRs evaluate role performance over the previous 12 months and set development goals for the coming year.

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Relevance to shared values

The University’s shared values are:

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Curiosity
  • Community

These values are intended to guide how staff act as individuals and in teams.

They were signed off by the Vice-Chancellor’s Advisory Group (VCAG) in February 2020. Therefore, these values will be considered for the first time in the 2020 PDR process.

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PDR Policy

The University’s PDR Policy outlines the purpose, processes, and additional key information regarding the PDR process. (This policy is currently under review.)

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Further information about PDRs

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