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Tobias Langlotz

Tobias Langlotz imageDipl. Mediensys. wiss. (BU Weimar), Dr. techn. (TU Graz)
Associate Professor

Room 7.13, Otago Business School
Tel +64 3 479 8096

Background and interests

I am an Associate Professor in mobile systems and HCI and I run together with Professor Holger Regenbrecht the HCI group at the University of Otago. I was previously a senior research at the Institute for Computer Graphics and Vision (Graz University of Technology, Austria) where I also obtained my PhD.

My main research interest is location-based mobile interfaces, where I work at the intersection of HCI, Computer Graphics, Computer Vision and Pervasive Computing. Previous to my work on mobile devices, I worked in the field of Spatial Augmented Reality and Holographic displays. My research methodology is both bottom-up (build and evaluating technology and interfaces) and top-down (application-driven). Over the years, I was involved in various academic and industrial projects as well as I am an active member within an international research community.

Note to students: The University of Otago is a great place to study, offers a very good research environment, and I do my best in offering interesting thesis topics and good supervision. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in working with me (Interns/Master/PhD) but make clear why you want to work with me and what experience you have on Mobile Systems/HCI. I also have a good overview about funding opportunities and scholarship options. Please also check our group page for more information:
HCI group at the University of Otago

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My teaching responsibilities include general topics in information science, programming for mobile devices and in particular mobile HCI and visual interfaces. In 2017 I am the paper coordinator for INFO203 - Human-Computer Interaction and User Experience - which is being offered for the first time; INFO351 - Special Topic: Human-Computer Interaction, also offered for the first time.

In 2015 and 2016, I was involved in:

  • TELE 303 Mobile Systems
  • TELE 404 Mobile Systems
  • INFO 221 Application Software Development
  • INFO 213 Business ICT Strategy
  • INFO 340 Interactive System Design (now offered as INFO351)
  • INFO 350 Special Topic – Mixed Reality Systems
  • INFO 410 Multimedia User Experience – Theory and Practice
  • INFO 470 Special Topic - Mobile interface/Mixed Reality Systems
  • BSNS 106 Information and Communication in Organisations

I further offer several projects and thesis options in the domain of mobile computing and HCI. Please contact me for a list of topics or come to my office for a chat.

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  • INFO 203 Human-Computer Interaction and User Experience
  • INFO 305 Pervasive Computing and Interactive Technologies
  • INFO 410 Multimedia User Experience – Theory and Practice
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I am the recipient of a Supervisor Award.

Currently supervising

  • Jacob Young
  • Matthew Cook
  • Jonathan Sutton

Currently co-supervising

  • Jonny Collins
  • Chris Heinrich
  • Lewis Baker
  • Stuart Duncan
  • Tanh Tran

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Professional Duties

Member of International Program Committees/Reviewer:

Journal and book reviews:

  • IEEE Transactions of Computer Graphics and Visualization
  • IEEE Transactions on Multimedia
  • Elsevier Computer & Graphics Journal
  • Computer Graphics Forum
  • Springer Virtual Reality Journal
  • Springer Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing
  • IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications

Member of International Program Committees/Reviewer:

  • IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (Program Committee, Poster Chair, Workshop Organizer, Reviewer) 
  • IEEE Virtual Reality (Program Committee, Reviewer)
  • ACM Advances in Visual Interfaces (Associate Chair, Reviewer) 
  • ACM CHI (Reviewer)
  • ACM MobileHCI (Workshop Organizer, Reviewer)
  • ACM International Conference on Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces (Reviewer)
  • ACM International Symposium on Mobile Graphics and Games (Program Committee, Reviewer)
  • ACM Siggraph Asia (Reviewer)
  • ACM Virtual Reality Software and Technology (Reviewer)
  • ACM OZCHI (Program Committee, Reviewer)
  • ACM Advances in Computer Entertainment (Reviewer)
  • Graphical Interfaces (Reviewer)
  • Joint Virtual Reality Conference (Reviewer)
  • Mobile Games Workshop at International Conference on Entertainment Computing (Program Reviewer)