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CSIS Seminar by Guangbing Xiao

Friday, 16 March 2018

TITLE: Driving Safety-oriented Cooperative Awareness Message Broadcast for Decentralised Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
SPEAKER: Guangbing Xiao, Department of Computer Science
TIME AND DATE: 1:00 pm, Friday 16 March
LOCATION: Owheo Building -  G34


Reliable broadcast has long been a challenging problem for wireless networks due to the unreliable and unstable wireless links. It has recently become an increasing concern for Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANETs). This concern has arisen from driving safety, as any packet loss in the safety message dissemination might cause serious vehicle crashes and fatal accidents.

Many broadcast schemes have been proposed to improve packet delivery reliability for wireless communications, but few can be adopted to the Cooperative Awareness Messages (CAMs) broadcast in VANETs. In one aspect, existing solutions always assume these distributed nodes can obtain global network information, which is quite impractical in VANETs due to the fragile wireless links and the high mobility of vehicles. In another aspect, the harsh environment in VANETs, e.g., poor wireless link qualities, short lifetime for CAMs, and easily overloaded networks, makes existing solutions fail to balance the reliability, latency and communication overhead properly. These solutions either suffer from excessive duplication at a high risk of broadcast storms or endure a low reliability with large time delay.

This talk covers some recent work on reliable and efficient CAM broadcast for decentralised VANETs. The objective is to enhance packet delivery reliability in safety message dissemination with short latency and small overhead, aiming to provide traffic awareness around vehicles and reduce driving risks on road.