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CSIS Seminar presented by Mostafa Alwash

Friday, 18 May 2018

SPEAKER:  Mostafa Alwash, Department of Information Science
TITLE: Investigating value co-creation on Twitter
TIME AND DATE:  1:00 pm, Friday 18 May
VENUE:  Room G34, Owheo Building

Abstract:Mostafa Alwash photo
Values underpin consumer behaviour within markets. A product or a service offers certain values to the customer (e.g. tangible utility/benefit from consumption and intangible emotional and social benefits). In this interdisciplinary work between Information Science and Marketing we examine the nature of values propositioned by brands on Twitter and the feedback to those values from customers. Twitter, in the marketing context has been used as a two-way communication system that provides opportunities for strengthening company-customer relationship by providing opportunities for co-creation of value. This co-creation occurs through brands propositioning certain values that they perceive to be important for customers. Customers react to those value propositions thus creating a feedback loop towards the co-creation of value.

This talk will first present a value taxonomy comprising 15 value propositions obtained through a Delphi-study (using experts from the aforementioned domains) from a Twitter dataset comprising the top-10 coffee brands. Second, it will demonstrate how the taxonomy is used to unearth values propositioned by a brand and also to study value differentiation across brands. Third, using prediction techniques, we show how the same taxonomy can be used to identify values that are positively received by the customers. Our results thus provide insights into strategic decision-making of organisations on positioning brand messages that have the potential to attract positive electronic word of mouth (eWoM). Towards the end of the talk we will demonstrate the Value Analytics Toolkit (VAT) developed to showcase the utility of the tool for a brand's social media manager.