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Otago Business School International fees

Please note: The tuition fees listed in the table below are an estimate only and may not represent the actual cost of a programme of study. Students are liable for any fees payable over and above the estimated amount printed.

This page lists the fees for School of Business subjects. If you can't find the subject or programme you are looking for on this page please check the fees on the other subject pages, listed below.

Key to symbols used in the table

~ Honours degree may be available, depending on the major.

* If completed in the minimum time, this programme has a workload higher than the normal equivalent full-time (EFT) course load (120 points).

** July commencement may be possible, although the duration of the qualification may be longer, or paper selection may be limited. Seek advice before applying

Qualification Annual fees 2022
(NZ$ per year)
Points Duration
Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) ~   360 3
Accounting 35,461     S1, S2 
Economics 35,461     S1, S2 
Finance 35,461     S1, S2 
Human Resource Management 35,461     S1, S2 
Information Science 36,835     S1, S2**
International Business 35,461     S1, S2 
Management 35,461     S1, S2 
Marketing 35,461     S1, S2 
Philosophy, Politics and Economics 34,291     S1, S2 
Tourism 35,461     S1, S2 
Bachelor of Entrepreneurship 35,461 360 3 S1
Bachelor of Commerce and Science (BComSc) 37,522 486 4 S1, S2**
Bachelor of Arts and Commerce (BACom) 33,706 486 4 S1, S2**
Diploma for Graduates (DipGrad) 120 1
Any subject specified as a major subject for BCom (excluding Tourism) 34,291 – 36,835 S1, S2
Sports Business 37,522 S1, S2
Tourism 35,461 S1, S2
Advertising 35,461 S1, S2
Postgraduate Diploma in Commerce (PGDipCom)   120 1
Accounting 34,161 S1, S2
Economics 34,161     S1, S2
Entrepreneurship 34,161 S1, S2
Finance 34,161     S1, S2
Information Science 39,377     S1, S2**
International Business 34,161     S1, S2
Management 34,161     S1, S2
Marketing 34,161     S1, S2
Tourism  34,161     S1, S2
Master of Accounting and Finance (MAccFin)* 51,242 180 1 S1
Master of Business Data Science (MBusDataSc)* 57,327 180 1 S1, S2**
Master of Commerce (MCom) Thesis-only fee 120 1 Anytime
Accounting 34,161    
Economics 34,161    
Finance 34,161    
Information Science 39,377      
International Business 34,161    
Management 34,161    
Marketing 34,161    
Tourism 34,161    
Master of Economics (MEcon)* 51,242 180 1 S1, S2
Master of Entrepreneurship (MEntr)* Estimated full cost of programme:
180 15 months S1, S2
Master of Finance (MFinc)* 51,242 180 1 S1, S2
Master of International Business (MIntBus)* 51,242 180 1 S1, S2**
Master of Marketing (MMart)* 51,242 180 1 S1, S2**
Master of Sustainable Business (MSusBus)* 51,242 180 1 S1
Master of Tourism (MTour)* 51,242 180 1–1.5 S1, S2**

Digital Health

Postgraduate Certificate in Digital Health (PGCertDigHeal) 21,775 60 1 part-time S1
Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Health (PGDipDigHeal) 43,549 120 1 S1

Business Administration

Master of Business Administration (MBA) 240  
On campus

Estimated full cost of programme:

  15 months Feb
Online Per paper, refer to MBA website   April, Sep
Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) 34,161 360 3 Jan

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Doctor of Philosophy 360 3 Any­time
Commerce 6,740      
Information Science 8,162